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    1/7/2015, 10:48 pm
    Message by Vandal - Gotham City Forums
    So we decided to migrate.

    This is our new forum. If you want to, I'd love to have you apart of our new community that we're building.

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    1/12/2012, 9:59 pm
    Message by Tizmael - Mission Street RP
    Me and Mercy wanted to come to you again with another concept for why these meta's are revolting. I kinda wanted to ask your advice on this because you're very good at finding plot holes, but you're also pretty good at fixing them. So we came up with another idea and I wanted to bring it to you.

    Somewhere along the line this town had some incident with a powerful meta (20 years or so, not that long ago) that put a stigma on Metas. So they are not well trusted in this city. Kinda treated like Black peope or homosexuals like in X-Men.

    There is a political advocate for Metas in this city that Mercy and I have compared to Martin Luther King Jr. Tension between Metas and the police or just the citizens has been around for a long time but there has never been a significant incident till this RP that would have envoked a riot. Then I was thinking, to start this RP, something like a Devil's Night could happen and said political advocate could be killed by the dominant gang in this city. We wanted to avoid the police until later. This could envoke a sort of blood fued, we were thinking there could be some really charismatic nut job meta who pretty much makes a mob of Metas and goes on a riot/killing spree. Possibly having been plotting to kill the Meta Advocate for a while for an excuse to start killing folk.

    The police get involved and a bit of descrimination happens, only fueling the riots and it starts turning into a massacre. Now the problem we were having other than any problems we haven't noticed so far that you might, is why would a elite group of heavily armored covert mercs be sent to this city? What makes it so special? That's where I was hoping you might help us. If this is kinda out of the way troublesome I'm sorry but I had the idea to bring it to you and Mercy keeps asking me if I have, so now I have :3


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