One Shot Stories

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One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 3/31/2014, 10:43 am

So I started writing one shot stories, mainly about DC characters meeting with OC's, but I am going to do other short stories as well. I'm aiming to be very visual, very artsy if possible. I'd love some feedback, but I think this is for testing and practice. 

This first one spawned from a conversation with Mame, to see what Bruce would do if he had met with Mame, her OC since she never had in the roleplays.

My Hero-

He couldn't do it.

Blood copiously spilled from the dead body to his boots, eyes wide, only one word could escape from him.


The word shook with adrenaline coursing through his veins. The blonde teen, lithe and blushing from embarrassment could only manage to explain to the towering figure the only reason she had stabbed the now limp corpse under her feet. She held her hands behind her back to try to feebly hide the enormous knife dangling between her fingers.

"I just wanted your attention..."

That was rational enough. How else is one to get the attention of such a busy man on such short notice? You couldn't. Not without explosives or some way to broadcast your intentions Live on GCN Action News. Not that the girl had access to either of those at her immediate disposal.

The Legend couldn't fathom the young girl's answer. This entire chase had been because she wanted his attention? He diagnosed she couldn't be reasoned with, yet if this is what she wanted, she hadn't bolted out of sight yet. To continue the conversation wouldn't be worth his time. The shock still hasn't settled in, he had to take a literal step back as she continued to blush expecting something from him. She was acting as if she had stolen a cookie from the cookie jar as she sways back and forth. Head cocked to the side, fighting a smile.

"Do you like it?"

The cadaver was nothing but a bloody mess, the face had been carved off, cavities from stab wounds pooled in the still warm liquid, and he was hogtied. How long did he struggle until he died? It was the only thing he could focus on. The blonde smiled, he liked it. She could tell.

Unhooking her hands, the small girl revealed the blade as the sharpness of the reflecting light pierced through the darkness. She let out a battle cry, if not for herself, but to warn her idol, raised the knife above her head and charged at the dark figure. His hand shot out and grabbed her knife hand, twisting it out of her grasp, she yelped in the sharp and sudden pain. Using the momentum of her swipe, he turned her around and dropped to the floor, using her own arm to gag the teen.

Choking, her eyes rolled into her skull. Gasping for air, she clawed at the Legend's cowl in a feeble attempt to break free. He was twice her weight and she was on the verge of passing out. She wasn't going to let him without getting the final word out.

"Thank you, Batman."

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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 3/31/2014, 10:59 am

I just wrote this one right now, wanting to surround my own OC in DC's rich universe yet keep it subtle until the very end. My backwards magic character is incapacitated and can't use his powers to figure out just what's happening. I think I just wanted to keep you guessing. Something I can't do in comic form.


A haze washed over Arthur's eyes, he tried to get up and realized he couldn't. He felt uncomfortable. Uncomfortable everywhere. He looked up and saw a girl tied down to a pole in front of him, she had a ball-gag in her mouth. Arthur thought it strange until he realized he was slobbering over a ball-gag of his own. Assessing the situation he tried to mumble some nonsense to her, anything to wake her up. He tried shooting his feet out to kick her but, it wasn't any use. She was too far in front of him. Looking around, he saw boxes, more poles, probably used to keep other captives at bay, but the room was relatively small.

Who was the girl in front of him? An odd skin pigment, strangest one he's ever seen at least, but she was beautiful, sitting there unconscious, and unaware. Though it hardly mattered. Arthur tried to remember the last thing that had happened, he didn't remember there being a girl involved. He remembered there being goons, and an office building. Were they still in the same building? Thinking back farther than that, Arthur remembered that there had been suspicious activity going on with some strange company. White something. Something White. He felt that it had hardly mattered now.

He tried to get her up again by struggling with his bonds, and making as much noise as he could. If only he wasn't gagged, he could cast a spell to free them both. Whoever did this knew he was a backwards magician.

Was the girl in front of him one as well? That or they just wanted her to stay quiet, but Arthur couldn't help but wonder. Her attire wasn't normal, it was the oddest mix of clothing, he couldn't see any logic of practicality in the way she dressed. It was sort of weird. Creepy even.

Arthur began stamping his foot, enough to make a louder sound, he struggled to find some answers, not that any of them would get answered by her, but maybe they could do something to break free. Dazed and bobbing her head, this was the first movement he saw from the girl, his eyebrows raised in excitement, Arthur continued to spit mumbled words and stamp his foot to get her up. Then footsteps. Lots of them. Not just his own.

"Well, well, well…"

A set of double doors split opened that Arthur had not seen before, bright light flooded the room, and out stepped several men in suits, the one in the middle was different, strange, he couldn't tell all his features because of the light, but he had a bad feeling about this.

"You supers think you run this town, don't you?"

His voice was harsh, like he had trouble talking, or he had something lodged in his neck.

"You guys think you can bust into my op unnoticed? You think you can mess with The Great White Shark?!"

Where did he hear that name before? At any rate, the girl in front of him was now coming to, thanks to Great White's screaming.

"I'm a business man, not a super villain, if you want to go bop some insane unitard wearing freaks in the head, you've got the wrong guy. I'm not going to let you off the hook, oh no, when competition digs into you, there's only one thing to do…"

He was pacing around his tied victims, he then stooped low to meet Arthur eye to eye.

"You gotta play dirty."

He said standing straight again, he waved his hand which clearly only had several fingers on it.

"Take the boy in the back and shoot him. I'll deal with the girl later."

The Great White Shark ordered turning around and walking towards the door. The men unshackled Arthur's bonds and he didn't take any chances. He shot up and tried to fight his way out of the two goons that unhooked him. He saw the girl eye him with an angry sharp look, he managed to unbuckle the ball-gag before he got tackled by a thug in the back. The Great White Shark pulled out a 9mm, "What the hell is going on?!"

Arthur knew he couldn't take these guys by himself, the girl mumbled urgently to him, as the goons kicked Arthur to submission. He needed to cast a spell quickly; he reached out to her and yelled with all his might.

"Esaeler reh sdnob!"

The girl, rose from her bonds, the ball-gag fell from her mouth, her eyes turned white, then began glowing brighter, and brighter, it was almost blinding. She lift her hands as an energy spilled forth from them, her entire body was soon consumed by it. Arthur watched in awe, just as everyone else in the room had been. Then, she spoke:

"Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!"



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/1/2014, 10:23 am

Face off-

He looked like a complete dork. Who was he trying to scare? His yellow and green costume looked ridiculous, as he shouted with a thick Scottish accent at Zero. 

"Y'think you've got it all figured out, y'do?" The man had three large bags of unmarked bills in one hand, and pounded his chest with his free hand. 

"Just exactly who are you supposed to be?" Zero asked loudly, turning to face him. The bank didn't exactly stop with it's annoyingly loud alarms and flashes of lights. 

"They call me Mirror Master. M'not the first t'go by this name, neither. N'eye can see it in yer eyes y'don't exactly fear th'goofy getup, n'eye don't blame ya."

Zero took a step back, and touched his goggles in confusion. "How can you see my eyes…?"

"Mirrors, reflections, kinda m'thing." Mirror Master said rather nonchalantly, he even had the gall to look at his fingernails as if it weren't a big deal. "Seriously tho, if y'think y'can take me, I'll give ye points fer nads, but nads ain't gunna stop me."

"We'll see about that. Drop the bags." Zero said, his fists burned a bright red. 

"Oh no, don't go scare'n m'off with yer glow sticks." Mirror Master sarcastically panicked, smiling. 

"Alright, you asked for it." 

Zero released his energy, shooting a hole through Mirror Master's chest and punching through the wall behind him. Zero took a surprised step back again as he first thought he killed him, then he thought it was strange that Mirror Master was still standing. 

"Please, laddie. I deal with the Flash n'a regular basis." The voice came from behind, as Zero turned around right before he was gun whipped to the floor. "N'ya think y'had it all figured out."

Grunting and trying to regain his stature, Zero stood up, looking back at where he shot then back to where Mirror Master now was. "I'll give y'a chance t'run n'be on yer way." He warned. 

"Okay, so you can have holographic projections.." Zero stated, the villain only continued to beam at him, not confirming, not denying, not saying anything. "Looks like I'll just have to attack everywhere."

Mirror Master was the one who took a step back this time. An eyebrow raised, he was even a little shocked. A little. Zero released a wave of energy encompassing the bank, a loud pop, and then nothing. Bright lights dashed across the room and leveled the room. Debris, glass, pots and plants, dollar bills, papers, and dust began resting as Zero looked around. 

At first he didn't see Mirror Master anywhere. Then, he was all Zero could see. 

"Y'don't have anything figured out, m'lad." Mirror Master laughed, taking up all of Zero's vision. 

Zero ripped off his goggles in fear, his eyes burned, he had to get out of there. He blasted off through the hole in the wall he made earlier and was completely gone. 

A hand came out of the discarded goggles and eventually, the rest of Mirror Master. 

"Tha' wasn't too hard." He said to himself cracking his neck bones. "Jump City ain't tha' scary of a place." He smiled throwing the bag of money over his back and strolling out the front doors.



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/2/2014, 4:15 pm

Okay, so I think I've decided I'm going to make this a daily thing, if people read it or not.  


It was raining. Her fist balled up Rhode's fiery hair and lifted her from the ground. She was shorter than Rhode, but the assassin still managed. Rhode squirmed and struggled, she grabbed onto her arms trying to pry Lady Shiva's fist open. 

"Pathetic." She spat, then repeatedly pounding her freehand into Rhode's face, who then attempted to protect herself from the oncoming barrage of jabs. "Here I thought the Birds of Prey would send a more formidable advisory, not some female counterpart of a stronger metahuman." Rhode's feet met the ground for only a second, and it was only for Shiva to send a swift uppercut. 

Landing on her back, Rhode coughed from the impact and tried to scramble back to her feet. She looked underwhelmed. Unimpressed. She hadn't landed a single punch on Shiva yet. "Are you quite finished yet?" Rhode only kept breathing heavily, one eye closed from being too bruised.  

"Rhode, I know what I'm talking about; get out of there while you still can! You're looking at the most deadly woman on the planet!" The voice in her ear chirped. 

She didn't respond to Oracle 's warnings, instead, Rhode winded up her fist and charged at the inky haired woman again. She was stronger than Shiva, more durable, she was even faster than her, Rhode didn't understand it. Throwing her punch, Shiva merely sidestepped the punch and grabbed Rhode's forearm and bicep, using her momentum, she tossed her back once again. This time stepping on her neck with her heel. Gasping for air, Rhode continued to struggle under Shiva's boot. 

In the Clocktower all, Oracle could hear was Rhode choking and gasping. "Rhode! Rhode?! What are you doing? She's going to kill you!" Oracle's fingers were shaking, her voice cracked, and her brain went into panic mode. She began typing furiously on her keyboard, her screens came to life, government symbols went up, then away, a satellite image appeared. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. Zoom again. The image was being projected several moments in delay, like it really mattered. Covering her mouth from her dropped jaw, Oracle could only watch, "Oh god." She whispered.  Her fingers met her keyboard once again. 

She could feel her teeth wiggle. That's the strangest sensation. Her teeth were always perfect, she lived under water for most of her life, and they were never a problem. Ever. So this was new. Rhode grasped Shiva's foot with both hands and lifted them off her neck. 

"You have the will of a warrior." Lady Shiva remarked more as an observation than a compliment, she continued to grunt as she pushed her foot off. Shiva slowly drew her sword, "Though will doesn't get you anywhere, when you're outmatched. Of course, " She said raising her sword above her head. 

"You talk too much."

A jet of water blasted Shiva in the back and knocked her against the opposing wall, screaming in agony. Rhode smiled, getting up at her own leisure. She was no doubt burning her skin off her hands with the water pressure.

"I don't know much of magic, but I hydrokenisis has always been a favorite." Rhode said keeping the pressure on, "Guess I was just lucky it was a rainy night. You don't give me enough credit, Oracle." It was about time a change of tactics was in order. 

Then something fell out of her pocket, it was too noticeable to be nothing. Before Rhode realized what it was, it was too late. She was enveloped in light, her sensitive ears were pounding, she had a flashbang. Blinking twice, she saw nothing but white. Rhode took a step back and felt a searing pain in her stomach. Slowly shapes were coming to. The pain moved through her stomach and pierced her back. Rhode's hands moved toward the pain in her gut to feel something that wasn't supposed to be there. Eyes widening, she felt the hilt of Shiva's sword pressing up against her belly. 
Shiva rested her foot on Rhode's chest and kicked her off of her sword. Rhode lay there for a moment, sucking in air through teeth frantically, she could feel the blood spill from her stomach and down her fingers, her crumpled frame tried to go over where she went wrong. The first thing that came to mind was that Oracle was right.

As Lady Shiva turned to walk away, another loud deafening sound blasted Rhode's eardrums. Then it happened again. It calmed her down. She felt arms pick her up and carry her away. The sound of a helicopter wasn't far away. The helicopter's blades cutting the midnight air grew louder, and louder. Rhode opened her eyes to see a black bird decal on metal walls that belonged to a helicopter. A black hawk decal. She looked up to see who had rescued her, though she already knew. 

"You're going to be alright, just relax. I need a medic here!"

Rhode reached up to her savior, 

"I said: relax."

"Thanks Dinah…"

Black Canary looked down at Rhode, she smiled. "You shouldn't thank me." She said making way for the medics. "You should thank her."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/3/2014, 9:56 pm


"What do you know!?" Scarface barked at poor Arnold Wesker. He continued yelling at him, slapping the ventriloquist across the head, cursing at his stupidity. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was just making a suggestion!" Arnold whimpered as he took another blow from the puppet. 

An exasperated sigh left Mark Hoppis, a thug for hire. His arms crossed, musing over the scene unfolding before him. He tried to picture this whole thing out on paper, just to assure himself how ridiculous it it was. There it was, a grown man, yelling at himself and beating himself over the head with a wooden doll. "Hey, Mark." A whisper came from his right, not wanting to interrupt Mr. Scarface. 

"Yeeaah, what do you want, noobie?" Mark asked, annoyed by the newcomer, he dragged his voice not trying to be quiet about this at all. It was just another one of Arnold's outbursts. He was waiting for Scarface to get into the meat of his plan. This happened every time. Ever. Time. 

"How long do these meetings usually last?" He asked, still whispering rather timidly, the newcomer seemed somewhat frightened. He had pictured Scarface to be a little taller. 

"You're nothing but a big dummy!"

Mark rolled his eyes. "Should take half an hour… it doesn't." He smirked matter of factly. He knew the others weren't impressed either. Mark also knew that the noobie will grow into the same shoes the rest of the brotherhood eventually. He'd be the one telling the new guys to just shut up and get use to it. 

"Foster." He said sticking his hand out. 

"I know who you are. You're Bug's little brother." Mark replied, not bothering to shake Foster's hand. The room drooled over and Scarface finally stopped yelling. 

"As I was saying, before this Dummy interrupted me, we reduce the chance of the Bat getting the drop on us by keeping everything on the down low. Everyone memorize the plans for tomorrow's hit. Don't take any pictures, don't write it down, memorize it. I'm taking it down tonight. Bug, you're going to watch over your little brother. If he's as good as you say he is, I'll consider him for bigger hits in the future. If we pull this one just right, you should each walk away with a hundred thou easy."

Then a voice came from outside, it was loud, obnoxious, and mechanized. "A hundred thou?! Gimmie a cut of that!" The double doors blasted open, out stepped a man standing well over six feet high in a yellow armor plated suit. "Or y'know, one mill for the head of that cabbage patch doll y'got there!" The man pointed a large gun at Scarface. 

"Oh my…"

Scarface's goons pulled out their guns and aimed at the mechanized man. 

"Who the hell does this guy think he is?"

"The guy who's going to get rich from smearing your face against my boot. Two-Face sends his regards." Cassisus said, powering his gun up, the weapon lighting up and humming loudly. 

"Heheh… ahhahahah.… AHAHAHAHA!!!" 

"What's so funny?!" Cassius demanded. 

"You think Two-Face has the scratch to pay you? News flash, unicorn, he's trying to flip Falcone's bank too. Looks like he just figured out they got the shipment of the unmarked bills. He's using you like a puppet, killing me to get rid of competition then he's going to off you." Scarface barked at Cassius. 

"What?! You're the puppet you stupid little-… you can't prove that!" Cassius said lowering his gun. 

"Sure I can, if he was serious about paying you, he would have done it in two's. He's only paying you one million?" 

Cassius thought about it for a moment. Scarface turned to Arnold and whispered to him, "What're you waiting for, dummy? Do it!" He urged. "Oh my, I forgot, please forgive me, Mr. Scarface." He whispered back reaching for his back pocket, and revealed a small detonator. 

Bug put his arm on Arnold's and shook his head. 

"Duhhh boss, that's not a good idea…" Bug said to Arnold, his large figure shadowing over the Ventriloquist. 

"What do you know, Bug? Back off!" Scarface threatened. "Boss…" he said eyeing Arnold. 

"C'mon, dummy! Do it!"

"Sorry, Bug."

Before Arnold could depress his finger, Bug chopped it out of his hand. "Robin, now!" Bug ordered. "Right, Batman!" Foster pipped up. 

"What's going on here?!" Cassius asked as Foster tossed a birdarang into Cassius' gun before he could react. The goons were in shock and opened fire, Bug grabbed Scarface out of Arnold's hands and pushed him away from the gunfire. 

Cassius pulled the trigger to his gun without realizing birdarangs had been lodged inside of it, it backfired causing a small explosion and he dropped to his knees holding his burning hand, he dropped the gun. Robin tore off his mask as did Batman after securing Albert. 

Cassius could hear the sounds of gunfire and the screams of the goons, not that he cared, he only thought it annoying since he couldn't drown them out and he could focus on finding out if his hand was still attached to his arm. Cassius soon felt a great force push him to his back. When the smoke cleared he saw Batman with his foot resting on his chest, the doll was in his right hand. Robin had his fists against his hips, eyes narrowed. 

"What're y'doing?" Cassius asked "I'm on your side, all I was going to do was break his toy!"

"If you think this is just a toy," Batman said raising Scarface up, "then you're the dummy."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/4/2014, 8:55 pm

Power Struggle-

Three men in a bar talked with drinks in hand, the burly figures boasted their accomplishments around the circle table, underneath a hung light in the middle of the bar as the beer maid came around to refill their pitcher. 

"I'm just saying, pendejõs, I can beat any one of you guys, you'll drop cold right here on the bar floor. Even without the aid of venom."

"I don't know about that, Bane. I mean, you're strong, but without your venom, you're nothing." Mammoth remarked looking down at his drink. 

"Smish you all!"
"Shut up, Blockbuster."
"I strongest here. You all phony." Blockbuster said pounding his chest. 

"How much do you want to bet I can take you both on? Right here? Right now? I can knock you out cold without breaking a sweat! I can drive you through that wall with no problem!" Bane retorted pounding on the table. 

"Please don't…" the timid bartender behind the safety of his counter asked politely to the beasts at the table. 

"Hey Earnie, you just be glad you get a cut from our last job! Now shut up and bring over another pitcher!" Bane barked at him. The bartender sighed and filled another pitcher. It wasn't like he had a choice in the matter. 

"Look, Bane. You had to resort to the venom to get away from the heat. I didn't have to resort to no drugs to do that." Mammoth commented on their heist. 

"All! You! Weak! I stringest!!"

"Shut up, Blockbuster!" Bane and Mammoth yelled at him in unison. 

"I once took on Cyborg by myself. And that guy's a machine!"

"So what, putã? I once fought Superman! I beat him too!"

"You did not."

"Did too, got a scar on my knuckles punching the daylights outta him."

"Masked man liar!"

"Oh yeah? What's the toughest you fought?"

"Batman! Me smish him!"

"We all fought Batman, he's not that tough."

"So why haven't you ever killed him?"


The table quieted down, the men had their arms crossed, and they still continued to eye each other. 

"You know how we can settle this score?" A feminine voice came from behind. The men turned their heads and a brunette with a sword dangling from her belt, wearing a blazing red corset, draped in white cloth walked up to the table and pulled up a chair. "We could have a wrestling of arms." The Amazonian known as Androdameia, smiled, resting an arm on the table. "Who's first?"

The villains looked at her, she was serious! They looked at each other. Laughed and then they realized they couldn't stop. Glowing red and feeling hot around the collar, Androdameia slammed her fist against the table so hard it made their drinks jump. 

"Do not mock me for my femininity! I'm stronger than I appear." Androdameia yelled at the laughing men. 

"I'm sorry toots, but you better leave before you break a nail!" Mammoth snickered. 

"My nails do not need clipping!" She yelled angrily at him, which only made the men laugh harder. Their drinks spilled to the floor and the pitcher rolled over. Androdameia sat there, arms crossed. She wasn't leaving. Grimacing at the men, starring them down, they soon began to realize this. 

"Alright, senõrita, humor me. Take on Mammoth." Bane said, lending him the stage. 

Androdameia readied her arm as did Mammoth. 

"On the count of three. One… two… three!"


Androdameia's arm rested over Mammoth's like it was nothing. The men's jaws dropped. 

"Wait, hold on. I wasn't ready." Mammoth retorted, as he began to blush bright red. They readied their arms again.

"On the count of three. One… two… three!"


"Argh!!" Mammoth screamed in sudden pain, as his arm met the table for a second time. His biceps felt a burn and he quickly withdrew his hand from the table. 

"Ahahahah!! You got beat by little girl! Mammoth weak!!" Blockbuster laughed, holding in his gut. 

"Then why do you not take me, big man?" Androdameia asked, a sly look spreading across her face. 


"You heard her putã, you're next!" Bane said giving him room. 

"Okay, at the count of three…" Androdameia said locking arms with Blockbuster. 

"One… two…" 

Blockbuster tried too soon to surprise her. His arm tensed up, Androdameia's eyes narrowed, looking at her opponent struggle to bring her arm down. 


Androdameia sneered at Blockbuster, who withdrew his arm from the table. If no one was looking before, everyone in the bar had their eyes on the circle table in the middle of the bar now. 

"Alright, back off you guys. Let me show you what a real man is capable of!" Bane said pushing Blockbuster out of the seat. 

The two locked arms, "At the count of three," Bane starred her down,"one…" Androdameia didn't blink, "two…" she felt his hand squeezing hers, "three!"


As Bane's arm slammed against the table it left an indent where his arm use to be. Bane smiled, "Hold on." He said, reaching for a peculiar device on his arm. "I wasn't ready."

When he flipped the switch, his veins began glowing a bright green, he began to bulge and mutate right in front of her. The still determined look at Androdameia's stone cold face never wavered. 

"Alright…" Bane said, now twice his original size. "On the count of three…" he said grasping Androdameia's hand, then squeezing as hard as he could. She felt the bones inside her fist touch, her eyes squeezed about as much as Bane was crushing her hand. "One…" Androdameia began whimpering in agony, she kept straining her arm, "two…" Tears were forming around her eyes, heavy breathing, she began to feel weak, and hopeless. "Three!"

Bane shifted his weight, and his chair shot out as he stood up, Androdameia held. Her entire body was shaking as she too shot up from her seat. Her eyes opened wide and she grunted and threw her body into it. The feeling of illegitimacy left her. 


Androdameia's arm brought Bane's down on the table, then split it in two.

Bane threw a punch, Androdameia ducked and drew her sword, the blade cut across the beast's arm up to the tube that supplied his venom. Mammoth threw a punch at the Amazonian, who quickly dodged spinning  around his arm as it made contact with Bane's face. The hilt pounded against Mammoth's skull and he quickly dropped to the floor, but not soon after Blockbuster tackled the warrior to the ground. Androdameia turned underneath the monster as he raised his arms to pound into her. She kicked between his legs as hard as she could and Blockbuster dropped to his knees. Screaming in pain. Androdameia scrambled to her feet and used her elbow to knock out the giant. 

 Panting heavily, she tried to slow down her breathing. Her body trembled as she looked around. Several of the patrons had their phones out, still recording. Earnie was hiding behind the counter. Androdameia admired her work, she wanted to put a frame around them. She winced as she made her way to the counter of the bar. Straddling a stool, she planted her butt and leaned over, dropping some coins on the bar. Earnie looked up at the Amazonian. 

"Two, please."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/6/2014, 6:00 pm

Dying Wish-

The sawed off shotgun was aimed at the teller's head, the man in the ski mask behind the barrel seemed more nervous than the woman stuffing the bags he had thrown at her with cash. Everyone in the bank had been pushed to the side and away from their desks. Bystanders rolled their eyes impatiently as did everyone in the bank. Who did this guy think he was? He was all by himself, the alarms were blaring, and not only were the police showing up in the next few minutes, this wasn't any ordinary bank. This was Metropolis National.

The teller finished up and tossed the bag over to the shaking man, and crossed her arms, the look on her face asked: Are we done here? Police sirens could be heard in the distance. 

"Back door, where's the back door?" He demanded cocking his 12 gauge. The teller pointed to a hallway on the right, the man quickly dashed out through the hallway and kicked the double-doors out to the alley way. It wasn't just soon after that he found himself being smashed against something. His heart jumped as he felt his feet being lifted into the air, it was the big guy. 

"Are you insane?" Superman asked. 
"Trust me, you have no idea." The man replied, his voice shaking and cracking.

Soaring high above the sky, Superman placed the man on the nearest sky scraper and crossed his arms. 

"Alright, talk." Superman said, crossing his arms. 

The man opened up his gun, "Look," he said "no bullets. I didn't want to hurt no one. I didn't even take the money bag on my way out. I just wanted your attention."

This managed to raise the Kryptonian's eyebrow. 

"I'm a single father with a sick kid, I don't got the dough to keep him alive, and he's been in bed for months. I don't know how much longer he's got to live. I can't afford to send him back to the hospital, my insurance is shot, and I'm in debt. It's all my fault too, I thought I could get him back into the ward if I gambled what little I had and now it's even worse. My son, he… he idolizes you. I thought if maybe I could get you to visit him he could at least die happy, y'know? I didn't know how else to get in contact with you. It's not like you have some Super Hero Hotline or Bat symbol… you just sort of come and go. And you're like a god amongst men." The man, now crying, ripped off his ski mask he continued to stutter and stammer. "I just don't know, man. I just want my kid to be happy for once in his life. I was never there for him." Dropping to his knees, he shook his head. "I understand if you don't want to, I get it if I end up in a cell tonight. I just don't have anything else to lose."

Superman eyed the man, his wide chest raised as he took a deep breath. 

"What's your name?"
"Simms, Andrew Simms."
"And your son's name?"
"Take me to him."

A dark bedroom, the door opened quietly, as Andrew walked into his son's room. He knelt down next to Mikey and gently shook him awake. "Mikey, Mikey I have someone special for you to meet." 

Mikey looked around as the door opened wider to reveal the Man of Steel standing in his hallway. Breathless, he covered his mouth, as Superman approached him. His eyes welled up and threw his arms around him as soon as he was able. "You came! Just like my dad said you would!"

"Would you like to go up Mikey? See the city from my point of view?"

Mikey wipes away his tears and nodded. 

A few days later, Alfred Pennyworth brought Superman a cup of tea and biscuits, the Batcave was such a lonely place, but he understood why Bruce needed it. "He died in my arms, Bruce. We were flying around the city and he just closed his eyes. I could barely look his father in the eye."

"You can't save everyone, Clark." Bruce said not really paying attention, and instead typing away on his supercomputer.

"I know I can't, but every night when I go to sleep, I actively choose not to be out there, saving people when they could really use it, when they could really use Superman." He said having a staring contest at his cup of herbal tea. 

"I know. I do the same." Batman responded, still with the matter of fact tone in his voice. 

"No, you don't understand-"
"I understand, Clark." Bruce said turning his chair to face him and lowering his cowl. 

"I use to come home every morning thinking I helped the city out, then when I flipped on the radio I would hear of rapists, murders, and robberies that I didn't get to, but I didn't let that stop me. You shouldn't let this stop you either." Bruce stood up and walked over to him, resting a reassuring hand over his shoulder. 

"You're better than this, Clark." He said sympathizing with him. He looked up at Bruce, knowing he could feel his pain. "You're Superman."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/13/2014, 10:00 am


"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…" voices washed over the girl as she slowly opened her eyes, a tall man's back faced her. He wore a burlap mask and straw poked out through the pores. Everyone in Gotham knew him as The Scarecrow, and he was doing… something. She couldn't tell what. "No… no, no, no, no, no. No." Another voice, it was unfamiliar, and the girl's head ached, her wrists burned from the rope that bound her. She rest her head back and closed her eyes, still listening in on their conversation. 

"The eggs! You're forgetting the eggs, Jonathan!"
"That's not how you bake a cake. Who ever heard of eggs in a cake? That would taste nasty!"
"Trust me, there are eggs in cakes."
"Not any cake, I've ever tasted."
"That's because the eggs are baked into the cake!"
"That's absurd, Jervis!" 

The girl kept her eyes closed and let her mind wander for a bit. She thought what it must be like being in their shoes. They kept babbling about and arguing, it annoyed her, she sat up as best as she could and adjusted her glasses. 

"Eggs go in the batter." She said. The two stopped what they were doing for a moment. The Mad Hatter laughed, "See? Alice is right, eggs go in the batter."

"Eggs don't go in cakes. Plus her names not Alice, she's not even blonde."
"The real Alice didn't have blonde hair, it was black."
"That girl's hair isn't black either, Jervis, you're out of your mind."
"Some would call me Mad."
"I don't care what have you, if you put eggs in that cake, I'm not eating it."
"Fine, I'll just share my cake with Alice!"
"Her name's not Alice!"

"Ugh." The girl sighed in disappointment. This was ridiculous. Here she thought all this time that these criminals were dangerous threats. They bickered and argued and it was getting on her nerves. She couldn't stand their back and forth and longer, but she didn't have a choice. 

Almost an hour later, they finished baking their cake. The girl had dozed off here and there, The Mad Hatter walked up to her with a blue and white dress. 

"Put this on, Alice. We're late for an important date." He said smiling at her, head cocked. 

"Kind of hard to do it with my hands tied." The girl said raising her hands up to show him. 

"Oh, silly me. Of course-…"
"Don't do that Jervis, don't make her put on the stupid dress!"
"But she must! She must!!"
"No, Jervis. She doesn't have to, now let's just eat the cake already!"
"You don't understand, without the dress she's nothing! Nothing!"
"Well, dress her yourself! If you screw this up we could both die!"
"Oh alright, Jonathan, you win!"

"Wait what?" The girl asked as The Mad Hatter approached her, she tried to back up but she couldn't any further. The Mad Hatter grabbed her hips as she tried to kick him off, he was short and stalky, but he was fast and he took her kicks like it was nothing. Eventually he slipped her pants down below her waist and vested her pants. 

"Jon, keep her still while I unbutton her shirt." The Mad Hatter ordered, heavily breathing as he grabbed her shirt at first trying to be gentle, when the girl started screaming, he began ripped the shirt top down, the buttons popped off. "Stand back, I'm going to gas her." Scarecrow said, still trying to keep her bare legs still. 

Then without warning Scarecrow let go of the girl's legs and screamed in pain. Wide eyed the girl, tried to stop and catch her breath as The Mad Hatter did stop to look at his partner fall to the floor. 

"What's wrong?" Mad Hatter asked, then the girl took advantage of the distraction and kicked Mad Hatter in the jaw. The teen then tried to break free, from her bonds. It was just then when she heard a loud crunch behind her, a slam of meat pounding on meat; it was him.

"Where are the other girls, Tetch?" He asked. Scarecrow was just getting up as he pulled the batarang lodges in his shoulder. Only for the Dark Knight to throw another one into his forearm. The howls of pain filled the room as he dropped to the floor again. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." Mad Hatter replied nervously. The girl felt the floorboards jump as Batman pounded into The Hatter, you could hear the wind being knocked out of him. She couldn't help but stare. 

"Lie to me again, and you're going to be hanging upside down off the Wayne Enterprises building." He warned, his voice was like a growl over gravestones. 

"I-I don't understand-… how did you-…"
"Ophiocordyceps unilaterali, a mind controlling fungus. It's all in the cake. An import was recently recorded on your online records, no doubt you've been feeding them drugs to get the kidnapped girls to do your bidding."
"They-… they're not here."
"G-Gotham City Dump, they couldn't take it, they all died."

There was a pause, the girl wasn't sure what was going on, but she was sure that whatever it was, her life had just been saved. His arm raised up slowly, then pounded into Mad Hatter's head, effectively knocking him out. Just when the Scarecrow got back up, Batman had turned to him. 

"A-ha!" Scarecrow screamed spraying a gas into Batman's face, who stood there, seeming to be unaffected by it. "What?" A confused beat passed, then the Caped Crusader punched his face and the Scarecrow's body fell cold against the wooden floors. 

Approaching the half naked teen, Batman leaned over to free her from the ropes. Then he looked at her as if he recognized who he just saved. She, embarrassed and almost fawning, looked away. 

"You're the commissioner's daughter." He said. 

"Yeah." The red head replied.



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/22/2014, 3:21 pm

Boiling Point-

The man in the black gimp suit rested his flamethrower over his shoulder. The men and women in looked over to him as he made his entrance, silence fell over the strip club. "You guys have something that I want." He announced after the big boss ordered to kill the music, the lights were turned on, and men took cover behind tables, sporting automatics. 

"What do y'want, bug?" The big boss asked approaching the man with the black suit getup. 

"I want Maroni." He replied. 

The mobsters looked at each other and laughed, some of them popping behind their cover, almost as if he wasn't a threat. 

"Listen, bug, you better turn your sorry ass around before you end up with a bullet in your chest. He's not here, and prancing around in your PJ's won't intimidate us." The Boss said, crossing his arms, a look of amusement spread across his face. 

"Where is he?" The suited man asked. 

"Why do y'want with him anyway? Y'want him to spank you? Heck, I could do that!" The Boss laughed along with his other mobsters. 

The suited man sighed, and brought his free hand over his forehead. "A wise man once said, if you can't them see the light, make them feel the heat." Without moving his flamethrower from over his shoulder, without even looking, he pulled the trigger. A spit of flame shot out towards the drapes, and the flames crawled to the ceiling. His finger still on the trigger he swung the shooting gun over to stabilize it front of him. The mobsters began to scatter as the flames roared over them and popped open the alcohol bottles. The man in the flame retardant suit shot at the ground, at the bar, at anything that moved, until the club was all clear of life, either ran out the door or fell victim to the fire's call. He ran his hand across the licking flames, they sent shivers down his spine. 

Just then, a door behind him kicked open and there stood a lurking figure, being masked by smoke and fire. "Who goes there?" He asked pointing his flamethrower at the door. 

"You should know when to quit while you're ahead. Playing with fire could get you burned." Said the man stepping through the doorway, a handgun built to shoot flames in his hand pointing at his target. The man in the black suit recognized this figure, he was the infamous Heat Wave. 

"I've already been burned." The man said, taking off a glove to reveal that his entire hand has been scarred from burns. Heatwave smirked, his gun still locked on his target. 

"So it's true, what they say about the Firefly." Heat Wave began, "90% of your body is completely covered in burns, you must be sloppy."

"Yeah? And what are you doing in Gotham? Flash too much for you?"

"I'm not like that, Firefly, I quit that life. I'm sick you see. You're just a psychopath." Heatwave said, his gun still trained on him. The fire cracked and smacked as the wooden pillars began to warp and wither. The flames danced about the two's feet, it wasn't helping either of their moods. 

"So, how is this going down?" Firefly asked, just then pointing his flamethrower in Heat Wave's general direction, who shrugged off the threat. 

"It seems to me that I'll be taking you in." Heat Wave replied, to which, Firefly scoffed. "So that's it then? You just think you can amend for everything you've done by playing the hero?" He asked. 

"It's not about amendment. I'm not doing what's right for atonement, I'm doing it to shut creeps like you out. I've looked into the abyss." Heat Wave answered, his finger ever so slightly squeezing his trigger. 

"Sorry, Heat Wave. I've got my own agenda. I can't waste any more time chatting it up with you." Firefly cocked his head and blasted Heat Wave with his flamethrower. The flames engulfed Heat Wave, Firefly adjusted the dial to let more gas loose on the man in the white suit. A smile crept along Firefly's face under his mask, as he didn't want to leave anything left of Heat Wave, he wanted a smoldering pile of melted rubber and ash. Then, he saw something in his stream of flames move. "What?! Impossible!" Firefly said taking a step back. 

"The Flash can move faster than the speed of light, yet his suit doesn't even feel the heat of the friction. My fire can melt his shoes." Heat Wave said aiming his gun at Firefly. "Stop and really think about that for a second." Firefly's finger was still squeezing on his trigger as the fire danced around Heat Wave, then Heat Wave pulled on his trigger. 

A jet stream of fire boomed at Firefly and melted his flamethrower in his hands his suit began to stick to his body, and Firefly could feel his skin fusing with his suit, the fire then blew his gastank off and his jetpack exploded. What was left of Firefly was on his knees, Heat Wave stopped, and held his gun at an upright position. 

"You should have quit while you were ahead."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 4/25/2014, 11:55 am


Signs of a struggle, she suffered for hours before the victim died. In walked the Police Captain in with a lit pipe, "What do you think?" He asked taking a puff. "I think it's bad." The Dark Knight simply responded. "Why's her face frozen like that?" He asked bending down to take a look at her pale white pigment. The Batman bent over and took in a whiff, "ODed on a form of Nitrous oxide." He concluded, standing upright. "What's that do?" Gordon asked taking another puff. "It's laughing gas."

The Captain smirked, "Hrm, you think it's the same guy who poisoned patients in Blackgate? Gaurds were laughing when we got there. Would be a hell of a coincedence." He remarked. "I don't believe in coincedence." Batman replied scrapping the floorboards with a small knife and guiding the dust into a small test tube. "What do you think he's doing?" Gordon asked looking about the room. "I think he's testing." Batman said, looking at what he gathered in his test tube at eye level. "And?" Gordon asked again, holding his hands in his coat pockets. "And I think he's done."

"Testing for what? You think he plans on doing something drastic?" he inquired crossing his arms and taking another puff. "All signs point to it. I've been investigating the ACE Chemical Plant in the Narrows." Batman explained. "That place where you chased that Red Hood character a few months back?" The captain questioned as he lifted the bed sheets to see the what kind of blood stained the fabrics. "I have reason to believe they're one in the same." Batman said turning the victim's head and inspecting her thoroughly. "So, what did you find at the ACE?"

"They're closing down. The Red Hood's spill compromised the chemicals and they were sent out to aerospace technology companies as well as big time labrotories like S.T.A.R. and Lexcorp. Even Wayne Enterprises recieved a batch from ACE Chemicals. That caused them problems financially, and now they're getting sued for all they're worth... supposedly." Batman said opening the eyelids. "I don't believe that's possible. I think an outside source did it for revenge." The Captain confusiedly eyed Batman. "What makes you think that?"

"I have my sources. It reminds me of the last case we worked." Batman muttered turning her face to the other side. "The one where the kid committed the double homicide?" Gordon recalled.

"He killed both of his dogs first to see if it would work, then decided to use a stronger dose when he killed both of his parents. He used drano. Slipped it in their coffee when they were on their way to work. By the time they tasted something funny it was too late." Batman explained, "What do you think he's going to do?" Gordon asked merely looking at him through the corner of his eye.

This was a harder question to answer than it was to ask. "I don't know." Batman admitted. "Although, I would stick to bottled water if I were you." This only made Gordon raise an eyebrow. "You think he's going to poison the water plant? What proof do you have?" Batman was silent, he stood up from the victim again, while he still waited for an answer.

Gordon only starred at the lurking figure as he opened the window to the small apartment. "We'll keep in touch, Captain." he said leaping out into the night. Taking another puff, Detective Bullock walked into the room with a toothpick between his teeth. "Y'know that'll kil ya." He mumbled walking about the crime scene and poking at the dead broad on the floor with the tip of his shoe. "Everything will in this town, Bullock. Everything will."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 5/2/2014, 10:07 am

Two in One-

There was an explosion down town. Everyone was talking about it. Off The Late Maroni's Italian Resturant that was run by his son who got caught in the fires and died with the store. They served good meatballs. "Two in one." The Dark Knight said as a manila folder flopped onto the plain stainless steel table, pictures and papers spilling out. Franko looked at the pictures of a dead body caught in flames. "Cute." He muttered as if human life was just a fly on the wall.

"You've been after Maroni's Son for years." The looming figure informed, "You kill his son and take out what was left of Sal. Want to convince me otherwise?" Batman asked, his figure hiding behind his cape. "Well let's see here. I've been here for the last eight years serving three life time sentences, and you've been out there doing who knows what, god knows where. They don't even give me the papers anymore cause they think I'm going to do something with the rubber bands. I ain't no MacGyver, but I don't think anyone can kill someone with a rubber band." The only Falcone left of their kingdom standing, sat back, leaning in his chair. "Who else could have done it?" Batman interrogated.

"Santy Clause, have you checked him out?" Franko asked, not missing a beat. "Can I get back to my cell now? I'm missing my show. Called the Sopranos. Ever heard of it?" Batman shot up from his chair and pounded on the table between them, it made Franko's cool composure break as he backed away, throwing his hands up in defense. "Give me a solid lead." He growed at the mobster.

"Look, Batman, you're wasting your time." Franko said recovering from his initial shock, "I don't know anything about this, the only thing you managed to do was to be the bearer of good news. So for that, I thank you."

Leaving empty handed was never a good option, but sometimes it was for the best to close out the obvious in a case like this. The Batman decided to revisit the old grounds. It was late, it was dark, moonlight beamed through the cracks and the collapsing roof. The fire had begun in the kitchen, crawled through behind the bar and exploded the wines and other assorted alcohol. It was a veritable death trap. No one saw the flames coming until it was too late. Thankfully, no one died. No one, except Maroni. Odd. Batman crouched down where Maroni had died, it was somewhere in the kitchen. If the fire had started in the kitchen wouldn't he have put the fire out before it could reach the bar? He rubbed his fingers across the ground, it was sticky, still warm, and it smelled like almonds. Could be anything. Could be everything.

He ran his hands down the grill, grease built up against the Dark Knight's gloves, it had been on when he died. That seemed to be the only normal thing. Was there a gas leak? Pulling the grill from out of the wall he inspected the piping. It did have charring and rust, but nothing suspicious. Batman looked back at where Maroni had died, skid marks from the heels of his shoes were somehow visible. Did he die next to the grill? Or was he dragged next to the grill? It was a set up for disaster. What other enemies does Maroni have? He had a hunch, but he didn't want to believe it. He had to visit Gordon first. Or at least his desk.

Inside of Gordon's office, Batman flipped through file cabnets looking for Maroni's name. Holding the flashlight between his teeth, he peered through the M cabnet. Mabuse, Madam Zodiac, Magpie, Maroni, Maxie Zeus... He picked at Maroni's profile and flipped it open, eyes scanning Maroni's informaiton, until something caught his eye. "There we go." He mumbled with the flashlight still in his mouth. Batman closed the file cabnet and held Maroni's file under his arm. He had several other places to visit before he could confirm all of his suspicions.

Inside the morgue of Leslie Thompkins, Batman took the liberty to pull out the burnt remains of the dead mob leader. He was the third illigitimate son of Sal Maroni, or so the tag seemed to say that was wrapped around his toe. Batman sniffed what was left of the body, the bittery almond smell was stronger. The clipboard outside the dead man's door had results and charts. Chemical balances, the entire autopsy was detailed out, as if Leslie had expected for him to show up without her knowing. He looked up to the camera and nodded to it, then zipped the bodybag back up and pushed the tray into the cell. He was sure to take a picture of Leslie's results before departing.

She was asleep, everyone in the manor was, comfortable, silent, tucked away. It was so late in the night, it was early, the sun was about half an hour to rise, but now was the time. The ominous figure stood over her, "Darleen Maroni." he said to her, the woman's eyes slowly opened up, still in a daze she wasn't sure what she was looking at. When her eyes had began coming to, and the shapes began to form, she almost screamed as she backed away and pulled the covers over her as if it'll make the man go away.

"Darleen. You killed your husband." Batman stated when the woman began to calm down, and collect her sense. Though, Batman wanted her to be scared. Her reaction was proper, and it would only advance his means. "Y-you don't have-.." She stuttered about when she was interrupted "On the contrary." He said pulling the files from under his cape.

"Property insurance. The entire restaurant is covered on everything. Fire damage, explosions, even rain and water. You knew you'd make a fortune off of it. Still, I had to wonder why you killed your husband. Then I looked through his files. Life insurance. He's probably more covered than the restaurant was seven fold, since his networth is probably one of the highest in Gotham's crime scene."

"I didn't kill him-.. the fire-..!"

"You tried to hide his poisoning with the fire. It was a two in one. If I hadn't been here you may have gotten away with it. Unfortunately for you, cyanide has a disticnt smell of bitter almonds when put under heat."

She looked at him as if to say 'how is this happening?' The look of regret had crushed her soul. It was proper, and he had seen this look a thousand times before.

"You could have lived a comfortable life. Now, you'll have to share one next to Falcone."



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Re: One Shot Stories

Post by Vandal on 10/23/2014, 11:44 am

Mystery of the Triple Shot Suicide-

This was going to keep her up all night. The magazine was missing three bullets, the victim was shot twice in the back and once in the head. Barbara's forensic's scan? The victim's own finger prints. She leaned back in her chair, and groaned, throwing her hands up in defeat. She just wanted to crawl into bed and forget about the case, but Bruce was depending on her. He was working on another case that had to do with missing children or something of the other. Bruce has always been like that, she liked to call it a blind spot.

"Alright," Barbara yawned, stretching, before hunching over her computer monitor again, "let's take it from the top." Examining the evidence in the screen, it had to have been a homicide. There was clear evidence that pointed to a killer, for the first, it's pretty damn hard to shoot yourself in the back. Twice in fact. But there was a sign of forced entrance. In his own apartment? Why would this guy kick his own door in? There was only so little she could do from the pictures she took, she would have to go back to the scene of the crime. Pushing back from her desk and grabbing her mask, and stuffing it in a red tote bag. Slipping on some pants, a shirt, and a jacket over her costume, Barbara Gordon walked downstairs. Her father, the captain of the Police force was sitting on the couch in front of television, watching late night programming.

"Where are you going so late at night?"
"I left some books at Grayson's. Science finals tomorrow. Totally slipped my mind."
"Alright, come back soon. Don't want you to end up spending the night there."
"You never know, dad! I could end up on one of your Teen Mom shows." Barbara smiled and closed the door behind her.

Driving into the city, Barbara parked her blue Volkswagen beetle in a public parking garage, reclined her seat back and took several deep breaths. Resting her hand over her sweating forehead, she wiped the droplets out of her brow and began to strip down to her suit.

Between 43rd and Snyder Ave, the apartment complex stood tall, Batgirl broke into 15D. The lights were out, the window broken, the cool wind blowing fabric in an ominous fashion. Ducking beneath police tape, Batgirl drew her flashlight on spots that were marked by the police. Messy. Checking the floorboards, she noticed dried dirt. Maybe she could find out where the assailant came from if she tested what kind of soil it was, but the mixture of blood was going make that difficult to prove.

The next thing she found was gunpowder dispersed from the shells, he had to have been attacked, instead of suicide. The point where he was shot as opposed to where the gunpowder landed was too far apart to be at point blank range. Batgirl decided to sneak around the house to see just who this person is. Pictures, drivers license, all his pay stubs from his work, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The police reported that nothing was missing, they concluded it wasn't a robbery... or was it? Batgirl peered at a large file cabinet and checked all the doors, they were all locked. Either the murderer really did want to just kill this man, or he locked the doors. Did he have the key? She checked the locks, finding a feint amount of dirt. Same as the floor boards, possibly? Batgirl popped the cabinet open and fingered through the files. It struck her like a crowbar to the head. She knew what happened. Smiling to herself, she picked a file and quietly walked out the apartment building.

A large man held a butcher's knife and cut into a fish about as large as his arm. The kitchen of his house was dank, like the rest of his living quarters. "Brian Kane." A voice cut through the darkness. The man looked up, eye raised. "Not a really good alias, all things considered. But you're easy enough to find. By now you should figure that you'd be more careful with the dirt you walk in. " Batgirl stepped out of the shadows and tossed the file she found to his feet. "You also missed one."

"What are you talking about, Bat?" Brian asked, turning to her, the knife still in his hand.

"You killed Henry Vernon. Henry was working for Don 'The Butcher' Barone. He was keeping track of all of his ins and outs in Gotham's human trafficking circuit, it wasn't until he decided to bribe The Butcher that he was going to go to the police about the information on his latest market on children, Barone couldn't have that. So, he hired you to kill him. That file is of one of the missing children. There's twenty-three other cases identical to this one that a friend of mine was working on, and The Butcher's handy work is all over it. If you look closely, you're listed as a contact. Brian Kane."

"You have no proof I killed him. Fingerprints don't match, do they?" Brian asked, his ridged stance not calming down.

"There's different kinds of soil, you know. The kind of soil I found at the scene of the crime is only located in this part of Gotham… this kind of soil is ideal for water retention, and results in slower draining. When it gets dry, it gets heavy and compact, like this, also known as clay."

The man sneered at her, then lunged at Batgirl, the knife in his hand merging into his arm to form a cleaver. Batgirl ducked and shot forward, and sliding out of the kitchen. His arm turned into a hammer, bringing it down on the frame of the wall where Batgirl had been.

"Still can't prove anything, Batgirl!"
"Give up, Karlo. Police are already on their way!"

Clayface stepped out into the halls, where Batgirl tried to duck back out of sight to hide from the bubbling creature. "C'mon out an' fight me lil' bat!" He shouted, slowly stomping through the corridor, and shaking the foundations.

Finding herself in the bathroom, she held her breath in the darkness and closed her eyes, if Clayface was lucky enough to pass by, she would have to make a move and fast. Batgirl began to plot out an escape route, and a form of incapacitating him. Too late, his glowing yellow eyes fell over Batgirl's frame. She let out a short squeal in complete shock before Clayface shot his arm into the bathroom; wrapping his arm around her shoulders, preventing her from moving her arms from her sides. Crushing her with hundreds of pounds of pressure, Batgirl felt faint, she could feel the blood pump slower in her veins and build up. Every time she took a breath it was shorter and fewer in between. To make matters worse, Clayface was raising her up, above his head, then swiftly smashed her against the sink. She felt the marble crack, and bottles and cups scattered onto the bathroom floor. Coughing, dizzy, her head pounding, she tried to work her hands to her utility belt, but he was already raising her body up again. She heard another crack, and wetness splash across her reddening face, he smashed her body against toilet, cracking the ceramic bowl in half. The sound of water being drained from the toilet hissed against the walls. Blood began to pour down the side of her face. Clayface said something to her as she was raised to his eyelevel once again, she couldn't exactly make it out, but whatever he said didn't matter. Batgirl had a grasp on her utility belt, anything would have worked as a distraction. What she had grabbed was her grapnel, she had to think fast, the oxygen was being cut off from her brain. She shot it without thinking clearly, yet thinking instinctively. The grapnel got caught in some pipes around the toilet, and as she was being raised for a third time, Batgirl yanked on her line, popping the pipes open, spraying water on her assailant.

Clayface's grip on her loosened, he wailed and tried to cover himself, dropping Batgirl, her body pounding against to the tile floor. More coughing, she gasped for the sweetness of air, almost forgetting how to breathe. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she scrambled to the bathtub and kicked the shower head faucet open, cold water began to rush out the open hole in the wall. Landing in the tub, she tossed a freeze grenade behind her at the clay monster and shielded herself with her cape. A beat past, eyes still closed, water still tapping against her cape, Batgirl peeked out to see the frozen man statue that was Clayface. She exhaled a sigh of relief as she relaxed herself against the tub for a brief moment. Hearing the sirens in the distance, she decided to climb out.

About an hour later, Batgirl found herself resting against an air conditioner vent atop a building that could or could not have been Wayne Pharmaceuticals, she wasn't sure, but she sure didn't care. Despite the fact that the big guy wanted to meet her there. Hearing footsteps grow near her, she opened one eye-lid to make sure it wasn't some pesky security guard, when it wasn't her eye involuntarily closed again. "Evening boss." She smiled.

"Good work, tonight."
"We tracked all the missing children. They should arrive at their respective homes tomorrow morning."
"Good to hear."
"Are you hurt bad?"
"I'll live."

There was a few moments of silence between the two, Batman stood as usual, he looked out to the city, almost as if he was fond of the view. It was like a reminder of what they were fighting for.

"You know, you don't have to do this." Batman said to her.

Batgirl opened her eyes, looking at the defined skyline, she smiled to herself, a sense of satisfaction came over her.

"I know," she told him. "I want to."



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Re: One Shot Stories

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