New titans: The lost days

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Re: New titans: The lost days

Post by Guest on 3/15/2012, 7:58 pm

The Mysterious one
Name: Jane Gray

Alias: Luna
Age: 15

Strengths /Powers
-Shadow Manipulation

-Full moons: Whenever there's a full moon, she is filled with more energy than usual.

-Cannot control her abilities
-Tonitrophobia - She is afraid of thunder
-Low Self-asteem

Hair: Short black silver
Eye: Blue eyes
Skin: White
Height: 5’5”

Uniform: A black and white designed leotard with a black cloak and calf high boots


A witty, quite shy girl. She is very fierce though when it comes to her friends or personal issues or if you just annoy her too much she’ll just snap. Despite all this; Jane is very down on herself and sees herself in negative ways. She's very independent and too herself.

Biography/Life Story

When she was 12 a man name Blagden, (who was an assistant to a demon) tricked her and offered Jane to the demon. Jane was set upon a curse from the demon and was suppose to be tied/enslaved with him, but she refused and he killed her family. Jane managed to run away, bumping to a man the name of Lance Kin. He took her and brought her away from Sermon in defense for the girl. After a few years, he died of an illness and Jane was set to adventure and defeating Sermon. Only little did she know, that he’d send another apprentice; John. Jane became fascinated by him and grew feelings towards, but were crushing hen she found out he was the son of Blagden’s and was only tricking her nonetheless. Jane ran off to Jump City, running into a team and somehow joining after an attempt of capturing a thief.


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Re: New titans: The lost days

Post by redeagle321 on 3/16/2012, 9:59 am

Looks good, welcome aboard! I think all we need now are sheets from Karms and Abby.

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