The Joker's Gamble

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The Joker's Gamble

Post by Vandal on 12/4/2011, 3:43 am

Alright, so I had this idea for a while now and recently I was inspired by reading several books and articles about graphic novels to finally get around to writing this. Yes, I was in fact planning on writing this but never really got around to it. Forgive me as everyone seems to be out of character, I just wanted to see the ending play out in my head. It's nearly 4 in the morning for me right now and I've been writing it for only an hour. Still, the reason I'm posting this is to get feedback, see how I can improve on the characters portrayed in this little short story. If anything, this is a rough draft. So please, your input will help me write a better story so I can finally draw this comic out!

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Joker's Gamble.

“Do you know why-… I smile all the time?” The Joker asked cocking his head upward to Batman, his fists sore from pounding into The Joker’s face. “Because you’re a deranged murderous psychopath, whose morals had been twisted and bent to no return.” Batman stated. Joker’s wrists were bleeding from how tight the flexi-cuffs that bound him to furniture in the dank and musky room. Light shed on his perverse smile, “It’s because…” he said trying to speak through collapsed lungs, “happiness is the best form of revenge.” He chuckled softly as best as he could. Batman was silent. He was waiting for Gordon and his men to arrive so they could take him away. Normally, Batman would take him to Arkham Asylum himself, but today was different. He felt that if he had been left alone with Joker for too long he might crack. Secretly of course, he would never let anyone know. “How do you figure that?” Batman asked, partly because he wanted to get another piece of the puzzle that was The Joker’s mind. “Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone having a good fucking life.”

“You seem to have a life envious of.” Batman remarked, subtly pointing out the Joker’s multitude of broken bones, internal bleeding, and his bleeding wrists tied down in the most awkward position thanks to his broken elbows. “It doesn’t matter if you of all people… wouldn’t trade your life for my life for the world… I can tell you’re not a very happy… person. Me? I’m always smiling. And you know it’s genuine, because I’m always having such a good time with you. Hoo hoo!” Joker said still smiling. “Think about it, really. Out of the two of us, who’s the more chipper? Who actually having a good time in nights like these?”

Batman eyed silently at the Joker. Only a couple of more minutes. He could just leave him here for Gordon to pick him up. He knew where the Joker was. There was no need to be here. And The Joker was getting to him. He knew it. “C’mon, Bats, you know it’s true.” Deep down, the part Batman was ignoring, he knew what Joker was saying actually made sense. “That doesn’t matter, happiness is subjective.” Batman replied, “And you’re happy? Hahahaha, that’s gold! Really, Batsy, you’re avoiding me.” Joker laughed weakly. “I have reason to. Anything you say has no pattern, just like your modus operandi.” Batman sternly said, the folds in his cape tightening from him clenching his fists. “Yes, I do have an MO. Kill lots of people. Try to kill more people than the last time I killed people. Kill people in more creative ways than the last time. Leave you puzzled with little hints. See if you can catch me before I reach a new record. And I can’t tell you how happy routine makes me. I have lots of fun doing it. And I’m guessing I have a smidgen more fun than you judging by how angry you always seem when you finally do catch me. Heheheh…”

Silence. The Dark Knight had finally made up his mind after considering his options. He turned to the window and opened it, getting in position to leap out into the December night.

“Say, why don’t you let me out of these bat-cuffs before you leave?” Joker asked.

“You’re not in the position of making demands.” Batman said, only turning his head to him. “Oh, c’mon! It’s not like I’ll be making a great escape in my condition!” Joker enticed. “No.” He replied. “Batman… I thought you think everything through before you make decisions. I mean think about the options. What happens if you let me go? I don’t get hospitalized at Arkham, and I’m left alone, no contacts, Harley is still held there so she can’t bust out by tonight and give me a hand. Leave me here, Gordon and his men pick me up, hospitalize me back to full breaky-out-of-Arkham self again and…. I breaky out of Arkham so we can have another run for your money.” Joker said, still grinning cheek to cheek. “I let you go, you heal your self and you don’t even have to break out of Arkham to start more mayhem.”

“I know you’ll never kill me. But won’t you let me kill myself?”
“That will make you happy?”
“So very happy, Bats.”
“I’m not in the mood for giving you favors right now.”
“I only killed four people-“
“You’ve killed hundreds.”
“tonight, Batman. I only killed four people tonight. You should let me finish. No one likes someone who interrupts all the time.”
“You of all people-“
“Urine is sterile, you can drink it—see how annoying that is?”
“Again, who’s happier in this conversation, you or me? I’m having a blast, while you still have your panties in a bunch. Well, I’m only guessing you have panties on since you wear your briefs outside your tights. Hahah!”
“You’re not going anywhere.”
“Oh Bats. I’m going to get nursed to full health! Deep down in that rodent brain of yours, you know it’s one of the only logical things to do. If you want to look tomorrow for a brighter Gotham, you will let me go. You won’t see me ever again.”

He was in no position to kill; he barely had the ability to walk. Batman sneered. He hated himself at this moment. He thought he would always hate himself. Joker, laying down, wrists tied behind his back to a grand piano, blood dripping from his smile. That goddamned smile. Batman approached the piano and kicked in the leg Joker was tied to, the piano gave in and nearly crushed the Joker. His hands were still tied together, but slowly, the Joker stood up. “Catch you around Bats.” He smiled. “No you won’t.” Batman replied. He chuckled to himself as he walked out the door and down the hall.

Batman stood there, he stood there for what seemed to be forever until his weak footsteps could no longer be heard. Eventually, several other footsteps could be heard running in. Gordon had his handgun out and up and fashioned a bulletproof vest. The GCPD saw Batman, the broken piano, and bloodstains around the room. “Batman! What-... what happened?” Gordon asked, his tense stance fading, and returning his gun back to his hip, scratching the back of his head. Batman looked over to Gordon as if he just noticed him walk in the room.

“He got away.”


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Re: The Joker's Gamble

Post by archiesangel on 12/4/2011, 10:35 pm

Got me interested :3 My only suggestion is to make the dialogue a bit clearer, at parts I wasn't sure who was talking otherwise it's very good!

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