The Darkest of Knights

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Re: The Darkest of Knights

Post by Vandal on 1/26/2011, 9:28 pm

Dick Grayson wrote:

August 7, 2032. Dark Knight Chronicles

Alice Barbara Grayson, the name that came to my lovely wife in a dream, was born today, where had the nine months gone off to? It seems as if so much has happened in so little time. Babs expressed to me that she already misses her pregnant belly. I find that hard to believe, but she wants another child, told me she'll allow a boy this time. I don't think it's for her to decide, but I still nod my head and agree with her. Barbara did have a rough time during her pregnancy. She wanted so badly to join me on our ventures in the night, but told me the only reason she didn't come was because she never designed a Pregnant Batgirl Suit. Somehow, I find myself believing that. Images creep into my head that I can't really get out. Barbara did, on the other hand, use her free time to help set up Batman Incorporated along with Alice, who had been crippled by the Joker. Barbara tells me she wants our children to live normal lives. Lives where getting crippled or beaten half to death by a crowbar is an impossibility. I agree, though I won't let Batman get in the way of my children, Batman will never die. I can't stand the fact that Nicole even was harmed. I come to see her as a grown woman every day that passes. My daughter. And she has begun to see Babs as a mother. 

We began sending Nicole to public school, we believe that it's good for her social life, to make friends that aren't my brother in law. Damian doesn't show any signs of giving up Nicole although she is my daughter in law, he doesn't mind dating his niece. Nicole doesn't mind dating her uncle in law either. Babs was the one who over-thought that. Not me. Nicole told me she might want to move to Jump City one day. I don't have a problem with that. The Titans are there. Raven told me they will always be there. Even if it is just Cyborb, Red Robin, and herself. 

Damian has been working hard with me on Batman Incorporated since day one, and I have to hand it to him, he's been doing such a good job at training the new recruits and setting programs up, that I'm making him co-founder along with Barbara and Alice who had a hand in building the foundations for Batman Inc. Damian really does plan on staying with the family business. From the looks of it he doesn't want to. He told me he won't let me "soil the name of our Father." I like how he said "our" and not "my", it shows that he thinks of me as a brother. He's warming up to me. He's warming up to everyone. 

Harvey Dent is back to his usual business in Wayne Enterprises, being an Arkham Patient before he developed a new security system for Arkham that is full proof. He examined every breakout there ever was in Arkham, predicted future breakouts, and he used Wayne Technology to help secure Arkham Island for good. Anyone serving a life sentence will serve their full term. Millions came in, and millions more will keep coming in. Dent tells me that with him focused on Wayne Enterprises and no longer living as the creature of the night, he will make the company far greater that Bruce ever could have done. Business as Dent told me: "It's a'boomin'."

Alice... Poor girl. She's gotten rather bitter and isn't comfortable to be around these days. She doesn't blame anyone for what happened that night, she just feels depressed that she can no longer use her legs. She's so young too. Not as young as Babs when she was crippled, but young nonetheless. She often shuts down when someone approaches her, she's become shy and less talkative. She actually insisted in moving out of Wayne Manor because she feels that she has just become a nuisance to tend to. Wintergreen emphatically expressed that it was no trouble at all, but still, she found a wheelchair friendly apartment to live at. She found a job at a public speaking academy. She teaches people how to overcome their fears, and often uses analogies of her escapades as a hero. I've been to every single one. They're rather uplifting. As of late I've been attempting to convince her to take up the mantel of Oracle, but she refused. What's more depressing was that I had got her a new car for Christmas the day her old car was thrashed by Metallo. Barbara and I are planning to get her a house, not as bait or something to warm her up to the idea of being Oracle, but just because we can see how miserable she is.

Her best friend, Karmy, has recently married an officer named Robert Bay, I only know this because I found them indecent, and mimicking scenes from the Animal Planet channel on our bed the other night. Karmy used to live at Wayne Manor for a time, she stayed with us because Alice was there, and we would, at times, find her sleeping at the foot of our bed. She must have gotten some ideas at the time, I'm sure. Alice told me they're living in Alaska and she gets infrequent visits from Karmy. Alice tells me she has been toning her eccentric mood swings and overall behavior. I believe that Robert has been affecting her in ways no one else could have, and I'm not just talking about sex, I assume they talk in between sessions, maybe he's been talking some logic in her. Or it could be the other way. Maybe Bay is the one losing his mind. I can't say for sure. Jason Bard tells me he's a reasonable guy, and I can trust Bard's word. He recently moved up to Metropolis with his fiancée, TV's Alaska Flowers. From what I hear, they're a happy couple. Out of jobs, but a happy couple. Anyway, Last time I saw Karmy, she seemed to be a whole lot calmer. Probably fishing in Alaska and letting them back in the water. I believe she made a business out of her powerful glue, selling bottles of G.O.D. (Glue of Doom) at the ports and harbors of Alaska. 

My first apprentice, Matthew Roper, or more widely known as Zero, got married to his one true love, Tiffany Manti, who is also pregnant and expecting in a couple of weeks. Its a boy, but they refuse to tell me a name. They seem to have a knack for surprises. They also moved to Metropolis, we plan to visit them for the baby shower when their child is born. I believe they just moved into a large house at the edge of Metropolis and have become close friends with the Man of Steel. Zero has actually been on several team ups with Superman; as Damian once said: "crime doesn't stand a chance." I think I heard some news about The Solar Tower become a base hideout for a new organization or superhero squad, but they're only rumors and Zero mentioned it once. If anything is going to happen with The Solar Tower, it's not going to be for a long time. But it would be a smart move to hide in plain sight. That's what we're doing with Batman Inc. Right beneath the main Wayne Enterprise building is a massive Batcave, bigger than any other Batcave previously built, this stretches across half of the city of Gotham. It has seven layers, with all of the exits leading to sectors of the city where crime is most prominent. Business is a'boomin'. And for once in years, The Gotham City Streets are quiet. 

Sarah Roper has been deeply involved in politics recently. She's been getting a lot of news coverage because of her extreme views. She's running for public office, and she already has a lot on her plate. Sarah brought up the case against President Huxtable of the corruption that was going on in the government. Having first hand experience in destroying a WMD known as the Earthquake Generator, she was able to provide sufficient evidence to impeach the President. Something that has never been done in US History by a single person. She fights for metahumans, Justice, Honor, and Truth. Hypothetically speaking, if she were to run for president, she would have my vote. I believe in Sarah Roper. 

Donovan Roper, or Cassius, had been assembling a secret special tactics and rescue service team for the last several months known as SHARP. I have no idea what the acronym stands for, but if we can help the organization in any way, The Bats will be behind them. 

Another couple that married and are expecting soon are John and Jane Blake. They moved to where Jane was born and had been secluded there for a while. No one really knows what's going on with them; only that they're expecting. 

I myself have been making some visits to Arkham Asylum for check ups on some of the inmates. But only one that really draws my attention: Mame. She frequently asks about my promise I made about Slade; truth be told I can't find him. Every time Babs zeroes in on his location he's gone. Karmy told me that Slade had given up on crime. As hard as I find that to be, she might be right. It seems extremely out of character for him, but the more time that passes by the more I have to come to terms that Slade quit. I check Mame's physical, she's becoming healthier everyday, but she is mentally deteriorating. She often talks of rape and murder. I do my best to help her, but I'm thinking it's not a good idea anymore. Last week, she called me daddy. I told her straightforward that I wasn't her father, she seemed to use the term too loosely. Nonchalantly too. Though my talking sessions have grown farther and farther apart, I'm liking the changes I'm seeing in Arkham as new security is being installed. Mame hasn't showed any progress of getting any better. It disappoints me. She's so young. She's ruining her entire life. It feels like something I could have prevented if I had known about Auguste from the start. Is it fair that her mother was a drunk drug dealing whore? Abusive? Though I can't blame her mother for Mame's doings. To be honest Nicole would have grown up a good kid either way. Nicole shares similar origins to mine. Auguste, she murdered her own father. Back nine months ago, on the top of the airplane platform, I had wished to end Mame right then and there. To kill her for the graveyards she filled. I wanted to rip her beating heart out of her chest because of the horror she created in that one night. I felt like it because I was frankly enraged that she did all of this under my nose. I confessed to her that I wanted to kill her, she only laughed and told me I should have. That made me realize something. Bruce also wanted to kill Joker. In one of his journals, he expressed his honest hatred for The Sadistic Murdering Filth. There are Dark Corners in all of us. No matter how good you think you are, or how much good you do, you cannot avoid the evil nature that defines us as human. When we deny the evil within ourselves, we dehumanize ourselves, and we deprive ourselves not only of our own destiny but of any possibility of dealing with the evil of others. Mame has helped me see the evil I have, the evil I must resist. She showed me what it takes to continue being Batman. The Darkest of Knights. 

-Dick J. Grayson


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