A nagging idea

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A nagging idea

Post by SnowFallsSlow on 1/18/2010, 9:36 pm

Yay!! First new topic by yours truly!

Well, I'm attempting to write twenty-six stories on Fanfiction.net.

I currently have five:

(TT) Ambiguous: Some things are better vague; people are truer when anonymous. Who’s to say that heroes are any different? Isn’t that what they plead for, normalcy, obscurity? Tiny, little sentences that could be about anyone. T for a few suggestive sentences.

(TT) Confiscated: He looked up, the bright light making him wince. “Lemme go…” She grabbed his cheek, shaking his head in a mock-caring way. “Sorry sweetheart, but you’ve been confiscated.” Rated T for later chapters.

(TT) Heroes Don't Always Win: While stopping a bank robbery, something awful happened. Now, Robin has a chance to make up for something he's convinced is his fault. But what if the supposed victim wants nothing to do with him? Robin, can't you see that heroes don't always win?

(TT) Miscellaneous: Because, sometimes, not everything fits just right. Bits and pieces, snips and snatches of our favorite heroes. Previously "Free."

(HP) What He Doesn't Know: ...hurts me. Just a short poem about love. Nothing much.

Because I'm not so sure it's obvious, I'm trying to write one story for each letter of the alphabet. So, I already have A, C, H, M, and W.

I have several questions for you.

1) Is this a stupid idea? I haven't seen it done before, but that could be for good reason.
2) For those of you who have read my stuff, do you think I could pull it off without becoming repetitive/predictable?
and 3) I already have some titles for the other letters, and I wanted to know if you have a plot that might work for the title or an idea that might work better than one of the ones I already have.

So, here goes:

B: "Being Choosers."

E: "Enough"

F: "Fragmented." Another collection of one-shots, but under a different fandom.

I: "Impossible"

J: "Jukebox." A collection of, not songfics, but one-shots inspired by one or two lines in a song.

P: "Phobia." Without fear, it isn't bravery. It's just suicidal. A quick look into the fears of one (or more) of the Titans.

X: "Xenophobia"

That's what I've got right now. If I should break this post up into multiple threads, tell me. Smile
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Re: A nagging idea

Post by Music_Hero2779 on 1/18/2010, 10:16 pm

I like it, bu I enjoy all good creative ideas. =D

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Re: A nagging idea

Post by Rinisa on 3/29/2010, 9:12 pm

They're all great ideas, if you ask me. Phobia, Jukebox and Xenophobic (Sorry Xeno xD) seem pretty interesting, too.

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Re: A nagging idea

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