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Icegal's Fanfic

Post by Music_Hero2779 on 1/15/2010, 6:21 pm

This is a work in progress so bare with me...

The Titans had just returned from Tokyo. Beast Boy and Cyborg were already playing video games, and Raven was reading in her room. Robin had just finished unpacking and was going to ask Starfire about what happened in Tokyo. ‘What happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo… right?’ He thought as he reached her room.
Just as he was about to knock, the Titans alarm went off. Meeting in the living room Robin checked the computer. “It’s Dr.Light, Titans Go!” They all ran off but Beast Boy stayed and called to them, “But we just got back!” Still he fallowed.
When the Titans got to the scene, they were surprised to find that Dr.Light was already being arrested. “Well that was quick! Who got him?” Cyborg asked thinking that the others had just finished before he got there in the T-Car.
“Not us.” Raven said as the cops pulled away. She put her hood up and turned back to the others.
“Is there another hero in our city?” Starfire asked landing next to Robin, who moved away ever so slightly. “Did someone take over for us while we were on our travels?”
“Not take over, just passing through.” A girl with a yellow sun dress giggled and glided towards them. “Hello, I am Summer Breeze! Call me Summer. While you were gone me and my… um… sisters just handled things!” She flew to Starfire and shook her hand, along with everyone else’s. “You must be the Titans!“ She took her hand back, because Raven didn’t seem to like handshakes. “Welcome back! How was Japan? Saw you all getting medals on TV, congrats!” She continued talking until another girl came from behind her and cut in.
“Air-Head, shut up will ya?” She had a cloak like Raven’s only it was cut off at her knees, well scorched off at her knees, and orange. Fiery, amber eyes looked out at the titans. Cyborg felt like his arms and legs would melt off because her eyes seemed to burn through everything. A dark skinned girl dress in a green cameo skirt and black tank top came over and glanced at the Titans. A lily came out of her tight bun of hair. The titans noticed that it kept changing colors.
“Who the heck are you guys?” Beast Boy asked totally freaking out. He had just realized that all the girls looked like Terra, (except their hair and eye color, and the girl in cameo’s skin) “Really? You all look like… like…” He stopped himself for he couldn’t go on.
“Like who?” Summer got in his face, “Who? Who! Tell us!” She started to shake him when dark energy came around her and flung her away from him. Immediately the girls went into an attack stance. The Titans did the same. All of them were ready for an all out brawl. That’s when another girl came over to them. She was a Cyborg with black metal and a icy blue robotic eye. Her human side was pale skinned with blue hair and a sky blue human eye. Standing in between the two groups she looked at them all. Looking at the girls she shook her head. They backed down, so did the Titans.
Robin then tried to make a peaceful gesture, “Why don’t we call a time out on all this? We aren’t the bad guys-”
“Neither are we! We’ve been taking care of this city!” The girl with the orange cape said taking off her hood.
Still Robin continued, “So why don’t we all just stop for a second, and clear this up? Tell us, who are you guys?”
The girl in cameo looked him right in the eyes, “We are the Element Keepers. We roam the land stopping evil and protecting the world from most natural disasters. FYI the elements. I am Forester. Orange over there is Blazer. Tetchy is Chills, and no use for her heroine name, you’ve met Summer. Now what about you people? And greenie, who did ya say we look like?”
Robin made the introductions and the teams sort of paired off. Cyborg and Chills started to talk about cyber tech. Starfire and Summer got gossiping, and Raven and Blazer had a chat with the words, ’Hey’ and ‘Whatever…’ While Forester, Beast Boy and Robin stayed together to chat.
“Start talking Beast Boy,” Forester urged.
“Well we had a member on our team for awhile, who could control-” Starfire and Summer’s laughter interrupted him, once they settled down again he continued. “-rocks and the Earth. She looked like you guys and her name was Terra.”
“Do you know her?” Robin asked, unsure to trust these girls.
“Know her? She was part of our team. We’ve been looking for her ever sense she lost control! Where is she?”
Robin turned to Beast Boy who didn’t move, speak, or even blink. Thankfully for him the communicators went off. The H.I.V.E five were robbing a bank. “Titans! Trouble!” Robin shouted and they were off. “Keepers, move out!” Forester ran next to Robin, “Mind if we join you? If you say no-” Blazer came next to them and said, “I’ll scorch ya!” She looked dead serious and took off, shooting fire out of her hands to make her fly.
At the bank See-more was checking out his loot. The others were to and they were about to make a clean get away when he was hit with a star bolt. Mammoth saw this and dropped his cash. “Guess who’s back?” Cyborg taunted as he went after Mammoth. Mammoth quickly had him pinned, but suddenly feel frozen. He really was. “What’s going on?!?” He struggled to move. Chiller walked up behind Cyborg and nodded to him. She gave Mammoth a cold stare.
“Take this zubbermuttens!” Gismo shouted and got on her back. He tried to hack her. When he thought he had it, a shock went through his gear. “Ah! You gave me a virus!”
Meanwhile Billy Numerous split and surrounded Beast Boy and Blazer. “Though I hate preppy people, and their prep-assemblies, I think I’ll get fired up for this one!” She threw off her cloak and as it hit the ground her body became pure orange and yellow flames.
To be continued...(having writer's block 2 DX)

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Re: Icegal's Fanfic

Post by Fishing4Infinity on 1/16/2010, 2:20 pm

Oooo i love it so far Icy! Keep up the good work!

*waits in anticipation for the next chapter*
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