That Guy With The Glasses (16+ >.>)

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That Guy With The Glasses (16+ >.>)

Post by Raevien on 11/20/2009, 7:19 pm

Yeah, there's an age warning because despite how dang epic this site is, there's a lot of really...bad language and innuendo and whatnot crud on there. So, if you're "under age", don't go there. *shakes finger in motherly fashion* >:l

But for those of you who don't know of, shame on you. It's possibly my favorite review site ever. >3> I visit it on a daily basis and rewatch stuff all the time. There're plenty of blogs and reviews and stuff to check out, but I'll give you some of my daily favorites.

This epic dude reviews BAD comics. >3>! He's a lot more 'tame' than Nostalgia Critic, so, those with sensitive ears would probably be better off watching his reviews. His reviews are from newest to oldest, so, you might wanna start on the second page in order to get all of his on-going jokes....such as: I AM A MAN!!! (From the Superman: At Earth's End review)

Nostalgia Critic
This guy reviews BAD movies. He's a lot And doesn't really avoid any sort of joke. However, if you can handle all that stuff, then you'll find him absolutely hilarious. Just like Linkara, his reviews are also newest to oldest.

Nostalgia Chick
N. Chick isn't much different than NC, but, she reviews bad movies as well. She's a bit more tame than he is, but, still a lot mouthier than Linkara.

Those are the ones that are updated the most frequently (they try to get a new video out at least once every two weeks), but there are SEVERAL other reviewers on the site. I know there are some game reviewers and whatnot, but, I've never watched any of them.

So, hope you guys enjoy. I know I do. x] Aaaand with said enjoyment, hopefully some of you guys will start using the ongoing jokes on a regular basis...'cause I do and I often find myself surrounded by people who have NO idea what I'm talking about. So. HA. Now you've all been exposed. >:l

My work here is done.
*goes off to pack for weekend trip*

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Re: That Guy With The Glasses (16+ >.>)

Post by RustleXer on 4/30/2010, 8:29 pm

lol i love guy with the glasses! makes funny vids Smile


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