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FFTT (TT Proj. members)

Post by FloatingMagikarp on 11/8/2009, 2:45 pm

For those of you on here who have signed up on Obi's (aka obiwan456's site),
don't forget to include this on your profile:

((( Official TT Proj. '09 Member )))

so that he'll be able to tell the people from our groups apart.
-Also, if anything new comes up over there, feel free to post it on this topic.


Obi's site: http://fightforteentitans.webs.com/

Leader (2008-09)-I may return around January 2010.
Best Wishes to Everyone, and an endless thanks
from your's truly. -Karp

TT Proj. Blogspot: http://savetheteentitans.blogspot.com/

Current Representatives: Rianna Lauren, germany411, the crazykid3649
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