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Re: Concept Generation Feedback.

Post by FloatingMagikarp on 10/4/2009, 1:00 pm

TheDeceiverGod wrote:
Mercy wrote:
Rianna Lauren wrote:Awesome plot there, dude! Seriously! :D

Although.. Just a little suggestion.. Maybe we should focus on the Titans first? XD idk it just seems good if we put the Titans in on our first comic.. Without OCs yet. Maybe on our second comic. I'm suggesting this because I'm reminded that we need to impress the TT crew about our Fanbase. So we show them the really REALLY good comic of ours (which we are going to make, hopefully) to them and show support. How them we're serious. I like your plot, truly do! Just need to focus on the "impress the crew" thing for now.
...just an opinion, though. XD

Agreed, Titans first. OC's later, like maybe after the first several comics or so we can introduce them..

Seconded, I merely felt like sharing.

PS: Out of curiosity, I don't suppose any of you have any ideas for how Areaus could show up so I could finally make a fan fiction out of this.
Or how many of you would be interested in hearing my ideas for the sequel two seasons?
well, Areaus is a "magical" being right? -as in having great magic powers that is.
he could have always used that magic, such as escaping through a dimensional rift of some sort.
- when it comes to magic, a person can get as creative as they want since well, magic is magic, right?
surely he could have shown up using it somehow.

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