Musical: Some Things Never Change

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Chapter Twenty-Four: I'll be a Hero

Post by Guest on 11/13/2008, 11:06 pm

Garfield was still on his knees unable to get a grip on himself. Slade got away, with Terra. “It’s all my fault.” he muttered weakly. “I should’ve watched out for her.”

The Titans, who were all standing a little ways behind him, were trying to work out where that Spider-ship had gone.

“Poor Beast Boy.” said Starfire. “He looks more sorry than the Pink and Blue Worp-Worp, that has lost is’ favorite Bongthor.”

(Don’t you just hate it when you can’t understand the language.)

“Robin… will he be alright?” she asked.

“Yes… he will be.” Robin answered. “We’ll find Slade, and get her back.” He then asked Raven and Cyborg for a progress report, and the results were not good.

Gizmo and Slade had built that ship so perfectly that Cyborg’s scanners couldn’t trace it… and Raven couldn’t make telekinetic contact with the ship because something was blocking her from seeing it clearly.

Garfield couldn’t take anymore of this. He lost her once before, and he wasn’t about to lose her again. He shot himself straight up “Then I’ll go find her myself.” he said deeply.

“Uh-hu… and just how are you going to do that?” Raven asked. Garfield stared his angry eyes straight at her face. “The traditional way; Look!” and then he stomped off.

The titans all exchanged looks of concern, and then despite her dumb question, Raven floated up to him fast. “Beast Boy, don’t be silly. You can’t do this by yourself.”

Garfield stopped dead in his tracks with his head throbbing in anger. He turned to face her. “Look… first of all: I told you to stop calling me Beast Boy.” he said to her. “And who else do I have to turn to? You tell me that, Raven!”

Raven kept as calm as she could. “You can turn to us.” she said. “We can help you. We want to help you.”

“Help?” Garfield snapped. “Oh, you want to help me? Well why should I let you guys help me anyway? I’ve helped you guys plenty of times in the past, and what did I get from it?”

“I’ll tell you what I got, I got nothing. Zip! Zilch! Maybe a pat on the back, or a “Hey great job kid.” No, I didn’t get any respect from any of you. Not even from my jokes even if they weren’t funny.”

Raven was speechless. He had never before spoken to her this seriously and angrily. “We just want to help you.”

Garfield sighed heavily to himself and rather than telling her to just Bug-off. “I… I’ll think about it.” was all he said, and he left.

Later on…

Garfield went home and quickly began to pull out his books and his tools, and his Manimal outfit. “I may not know where the are… or if I can beat them.” he said to himself. “But I’ve still got my ingenious-brains, and my animal abilities too.”

He cracked his knuckles, and opened up his books, and began tinkering with his suit to repair and alter it “I don’t care what it takes. I’ll find that ship somehow, and I’ll get her out of there!”

(Music cue)

All week… he worked hard making all kinds of alternations and repairs to his suit, and he even began mixing up some formula’s in school to help him on his upcoming quest, and all through it, he always had Terra on his mind.

-I’ll give you love, keep you close to me.
No one in the world will ever hurt you.
I swear that nothing will tear us apart.
When trouble comes I won’t desert you.

(Garfield working in school)

-I’ll be a hero. I’ll be your Robin Hood.
I’ll be a Lancelot, the way I said I would.
I’ll be a hero, I’ll be your Ivanhoe.
With love as my sword so have no fear…

Oh I’ll be…
Yes, I’ll be a hero.
I’ll be a hero.

(Terra being shocked)

-I’ll give you hope, keep you safe and free.
When you need a song, I’ll be there to play it.
Let someone rump you, and I’ll take the blow.
When the dragon comes, I’ll go and slay it.

-I’ll be a hero. I’ll be your Robin Hood.
I’ll be a Lancelot, the way I said I would.
I’ll be a hero, I’ll be your Ivanhoe.
With love as my sword so have no fear…

Oh I’ll be…
Yes, I’ll be a hero.
I’ll be a hero.

(Work completed)

With love as my sword so have no fear…
Oh I’ll be…Yes, I’ll be a hero.

Garfield had many things to deal with that weak. And the first of which was his Manimal suit now altered.

With some tinkering, he was able make his cape switch to a pair of glider wings. He also attached was able to buy some equipment and with a little more tinkering, and his secretly making Rocket Fuel in school he built himself a jet pack to wear on his back.

With his cape able to change into wings, and the pack, this would allow him to fly. OF course he still had his grappling-shots on his gauntlets only now they were built on thick chains instead of high tensioned lines, and could extend twice as far.

His battle-helmet, fully repaired. which was now had new Rhino horn in the front for more power.

He also knew that he would end up in some pretty tight battle up there. So he repaired his gadgets, and he even made something a little extra special for the green animals. IT was kept inside a tiny capsule in his belt, but he had to be careful with it…

His plan was very risky and it had to meet certain conditions. Not to mention he would only have one shot. So he would have to use it EXACTLY at the right moment, because he wouldn’t have a second try.

Finally, on Saturday late in the night he decided it was time to go for it. So he changed into The New Manimal and was about ready to leave, when he suddenly gazed at Stafire’s gift again.

He thought that since this would be a real dangerous setting for him, and he might not make it out, he decided to open it. He gently untied the ribbon, and slowly opened up the box…

There… sitting on a soft piece of felt was a Teen Titans Communicator. The very one he gave up when he quit the team. He argued with himself and decided to take it along. “Who knows… maybe I’ll need all the help I can get after all.”

With all that, he hopped up to the window. Then he launched his grappling lines over to the next building on an angle pointing upwards. Then he carefully positioned himself and grabbed a cord on his jet pack.

In a small “click” he line gave him one heck of a yank out the window, up into the air. Then he pulled the cord, his capes changed into wings and his rocket pack fired carrying him up higher into the night sky.

“All right… it works.” he cried for joy.

Watch out Slade, you’ve got company coming your way.

He knew he couldn’t detect the ship, but that wasn’t his plan…

Using a couple more pieces of Terra’s hair, found on his tuxedo. He built a creature detection unit: A handheld device that could guide him to Terra’s location by tracking her DNA and the waves of her powers… and so he was off.


The Military forces had detected an unidentified in the skies high above Gotham. “Sir, you may want to look at this.” said a Cadet.

The Commander looked at the radar. “What is it, son?”

“I don’t know sir… we just tracked it.” replied the Cadet. “It’s measuring a great length and with sir. Roughly to the size of half of a hundred-room mansion.”

Suddenly, it began to change course. “Sir… it… its moving. Now it’s changed direction again, Sir.”

The Commander didn’t like the looks of this. All signs weren’t able to determine if it was a U.F.O, but they were able to determine it was gigantic rock. Large enough to wipe out all of Gotham city.

The forces began to launch a full-scale assault against the object. Missiles were loaded onto ramps and fired, but as they radars tracked them down, each and every missile seemed to vanish off the screen before it reached the target.

“The missiles… they were remote detonated.”

“Remote detonated… that’s impossible!”

Actually it wasn’t impossible…

The giant rock was no ordinary rock. Underneath all of that stone and Earth was Slade’s Spider-Ship.

He had used Terra’s power to cover the ship with layers and layers of Earth, and with Gizmo’s tinkering, the whole thing was now one colossal flying booby-trap.

Gizmo was having fun using his radio-waves to detonate the missiles before they hit the rock. “Heh-heh… suckers!” he taunted.

Slade couldn’t agree more with him. “Those poor undermined fools.” he hissed.

He looked over into the tube, where Terra was hanging unconscious inside. “With your help child… the city will soon be mine.”

Suddenly, the alarm sounded. “Something’s coming towards us from behind.” said Jinx. She clicked on the screen and they saw Manimal soaring through the air.

“Ahh yes…” Slade hissed. “I really expected him a little later… but I suppose we can still give him a proper welcoming.” he motioned to the trio. “You all know what to do?”

Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth nodded. “Don’t worry boss… we’ll get him.” Mammoth said.


Garfield had been flying around for hours and hours, and his jet pack wouldn’t hold up much longer, but finally he found exactly what he was looking for.

The signals from his tracker were coming from inside the huge floating rock ahead of him. “I’ve only got enough left to reach it.” he muttered to himself. “I think I’m going to need a little help.”

He landed safely on the top of the rock, and sure was a huge drop, 50,000 feet down below. Luckily his helmet made it easier to breath.

He changed his wings back into a cape, and took off his now empty Rocket-pack as it was weighing him down a bit, but before headed in… he got out his Titan-Communicator, drilled it into the rock, and activated it’s alert signal.

“I just hope they can get here.” he said to himself.


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Chapter Twenty-Five: The VERY LONG cave

Post by Guest on 11/13/2008, 11:15 pm

The Titans had received the signal from Beast Boy’s communicator, but none of them couldn’t understand it. “The signal’s coming through okay… but its coming from just the empty sky.”

“That’s impossible.” said Raven. “He can’t just be calling from the sky like that.”

“Girl’s got a point.” said Cyborg. “Whatever he’s transmitting from, it’s totally undetectable.”

“Or it is perhaps a trap of great lethal cunning awaiting our arrival to assure our demise.” added Starfire.

Robin knew they had a point, but regardless, they had to take the chance that maybe Beast Boy had found Slade’s ship. “We’ve got to check this out.” He said. “Get the T-Ship ready for launch.”

“I’m on it.” said Cyborg.

Starfire looked out the window, up at the sky. “Friend… I wish to know if you are alright.” she said softly.


Garfield looked around. “There’s got to be a way in, somewhere.” he said to himself. Then he got his answer as a big trap door opened up from under his feet.

He slid right down a long, tricky slide, and he landed with a thud at the bottom. “Dude… as awesome as that was, I don’t think I want to do that again.” he muttered.

He looked around. He didn’t seem to be at the Spider-Ship yet, but in fact a massive cave consisting of many corridors, and pathways, as if it were built by an ant colony.

Anyone who was anyone could get lost, but Garfield still had his tracer. It would still guide him to where Terra was. “Better make sure the Titans will know where to go.” he said.

Using some pebbles he found on the floor, he drew some arrows marking the way to g, unaware that he was being followed.

Mammoth, Jinx, and Gizmo were hiding in the shadows near the entrance point, and they decided to sabotage his little scheme. They either rubbed out the arrows, and then re-drew them pointing the wrong way, or drew several other arrows pointing in several different directions.

“Hee, hee, hee. I’d like to see the titans get out of this.” Gizmo sniggered softly.

Garfield continued to follow his scanner. It felt as though he had been walking for miles, and miles, and the signal didn’t seem to be getting any stronger, but he wasn’t giving up. Terra was depending on him.

“Got to keep going.” he groaned tiredly. “If anything happens to her I’ll never forgive myself. I just got to find her.”

(Music cue)

(Shots of when Terra, and Beast Boy first met)

(Terra’s thoughts)

-Is there anyone…
Anyone to guide me?
Is there anyone…
Willing to stand beside me?

(Terra as Slade’s assistant crushing the Titans)

(Garfield’s thoughts)

-Is there…just one heart,
I can be a-part of?
Is there… anyone,
Who won’t turn me away?

(Terra turning to stone)


Who is waiting to say.

(Terra and Beast Boy at THINGS CHANGE!)

I want you. (I want you)
To stay here (To stay here)
Forever… and Ever!!

(Beast Boy painfully changes into Garfield)

(Terra’s thoughts)

-Is there anyone…
who will let me love them?

(Manimal getting beat up)

(Garfield’s thoughts)

-Is my searching done?
Please care, anyone!

(Terra and Garfield dancing at the prom)

(Terra’s thoughts)

-Is there Anyone?!

(Garfield’s thoughts)

-Is there Anyone?!


-Is there Anyone?!

(They share a kiss)


-Is there… ANYONE?!

The signal began to get stronger, and Garfield knew he was getting closer.

Suddenly, his foot seemed to step down onto a floor switch. “Uh-Oh. Please tell me I didn’t just do what I think I did?!”

He looked around him, and indeed… he just set off a big hoard of traps that seemed to stretch all down the long hallway.

He began to run like crazy with his leopard speed.

The First Obstacle: Was a wall of spikes zooming right towards him from behind. Which he was barley able to outrun.

Second: Lots of arrows and quills flying out from the walls, he just behaved like a monkey and evaded them all.

Third: A Large trap opened wide before him leading to a heavy drop 50,000 feet down below. Nothing too good for his amazing jumps, and his grappling lines.

Fourth: Huge rock-walls, acting as crushers lay ahead, but he used the horns on his helmet to blow his way right through them.

And finally… Slade’s Robo-minions, but he was ready for them too. “Out of my way, dudes!” he snarled as he tossed his Porcupine-quills clean through their chests and shorting them out.

“That’ll teach them to mess with The Manimal.”

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of clapping. He turned around and saw Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth. “Smooth move, kid.” Manimal joked.

“If only we didn’t have to get you, we’d ask you to join us.” added Jinx. “The Hive Academy would be grateful to have you.”

Garfield growled. “I’d never join you, dudes.” he snapped. “Now I came here for Terra, so hand her over, now!”

“Yeah? Well we don’t feel like it… so there!” Gizmo snapped and he stuck out his tongue blew him a raspberry. This angered Garfield more.

“I’m warring you, dudes… don’t make me any madder than I already am.”

“Yeah, yeah… whatever.” mocked Jinx. “Less yaking, and more attacking!”

Garfield wasn’t hoping to do this, but he seemed to have no choice. “Bring it on!”


The T-ship was nearing it’s target, after following the signal from Beast Boy’s communicator.

“Whoa! Check out the size of that thing.” cried Cyborg. “It’s being enough to use us for a lifeboat.”

After a bit more gazing and tracking the signal. “Lets set it down over there.” said Robin.

They set the ship down to a site on the rock just a little ways from where the communicator was still beeping, but they didn’t dare leave the ship. From that high altitude the air was too thin to breath.

“Okay we’re here now.” Raven grumbled, “Now what?” Raven said.

“Yes… I wish to know how we get in.” said Starfire.


Slade had seen the Titans land, and was well prepared for their arrival. “You want a way in, do you? Well… as you are guests…”

He clicked on a switch.

Back outside, the Titans still hadn’t departed the ship, and suddenly they felt a bit of rumbling coming from the very ground they stood on.

“What’s happening?” cried Robin.

“I thought you’d know.” said Cyborg.

The ship suddenly began to sink down, down, down, as it was standing directly on a lift platform. They went, deeper, and deeper, until they ended up in a small hangar bay.

“Swell.” Raven said. “Looks like we got our way in.”

“Perhaps we shall disembark to find Beast Boy?” Starfire asked.

Cyborg check his scanners, and it was safe to breathe. Robin gave them the go ahead, but they had to be careful. Obviously Slade knew they were coming.

They exited the hanger and found themselves in the cave-maze. “Man, Slade’s not taking anything too lightly.” said Cyborg. “These tunnels all together go on for at least a mile.”

“But how are we going to find out which way Beast Boy went?” asked Raven. “Even I can’t tell which way goes where.”

Starfire gazed around, and suddenly, “Friends… I have something to show you.” she called. The Titans moved towards her to find she had found an arrow drawn onto the floor.

“It looks like Beast Boy was here.” said Robin. “He must’ve drawn this to help us find the way. Good work, Starfire.”

Starfire smiled, and then the titans began to move… unaware that they had just fallen for a big one.

They went up one way, and down another. They went sideways, and they went slantways, but they didn’t feel like they were getting anywhere.

“It feels like were going in circles.” said Cyborg. Then they found another arrow, and three other ones drawn right by it. “Awe, man! We are going in circles!”

The Titans really felt stupid. All this time they had been mislead by what was obviously a set up. “What do we do now?” asked Raven. “How are we supposed to get out of this maze?”

A brief silence followed… when suddenly they heard a faint yelp echoing through the tunnels. It was Garfield.

“Beast Boy!” Robin snapped. “TITANS MOVE… FOLLOW THAT SOUND!!” and they were off like lightning.


Garfield had been battling with the trio for quite a while now. It was hard enough to face them in a battle area he wasn’t too familiar with.

What with all the different rock formations and closed-areas, making it hard for him to dodge or use his weapons.

But battle the green animals was even tougher. For each one he defeated, the trio unleashed another, and another. Finally, he had used up all his weapons, except for his little secret weapon… which he was still not able to use then.

Now he was barely able to stand and keep his balance. “Got to… keep… going!” he muttered. “Got to… find… Terra!”

Suddenly, he had an idea. It was a long shot, but if it worked, it just may lead him to Terra. So… he collapsed onto the floor.

The trio slapped high-fives, and exchanged compliments.


“Oh, stop it, it was you.”

“Do we rock, or what?”

Mammoth then picked up Garfield and carried him over his shoulder. “Let’s go, punk.”

His playing dead act was working. Now they would take him straight to Terra, and Slade, but he didn’t like what he heard them say about the Titans, and they way they had sabotaged his guiding arrows.

“Those guys are as good as lost.” said Mammoth.

“Yeah… but what if they do get to us?” asked Jinx.

Gizmo whispered to them what their plan was. Sadly, Garfield couldn’t hear them, but even though it was entirely against all odds, if they were planning what he hoped for then maybe he’d be able to make things work after all.

“It’s all up to the Titans now.” he thought to himself. “Come on dudes. I know you can do this.”


The scream didn’t seem to help either. They had just been going in random directions. Now the Titans were even more lost than before.

“That’s it man!” Cyborg snarled. “I can’t take this anymore. This isn’t getting us anywhere!”

Starfire really felt beat-up. “I feel as if I have been wandering these endless hallways for years, and years.” she cried.

“We can’t stop now.” Robin said. “Beast Boy and Terra need us now. We have to help them.”

Cyborg glared angrily at him. “But how are we even supposed to get to him?” he asked. “We’ve been walking around in circles. We’re never going to find him like this.”

Raven couldn’t take much more of this. “Then we’ll just make our way through.” she said. “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” and by using her power she blew a hole clean through the wall creating a new passageway.

The other Titans all looked at each with big smiles. “Good thinking Raven.” Robin said. “Titans… Blow these walls down!”

They kept on going straight forward in a straight line, blowing more and more walls down guaranteed not to end them up going in circles. They would defiantly be able to get to where they needed to go…

But would they get there in time to stand a fighting chance?


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Chapter Twenty-Six: We fight together

Post by Guest on 11/13/2008, 11:20 pm

Still playing dead, Garfield could tell he was being brought into the Spider-ship, which was located in the very core of the rock.

Keeping his act, he pretended t o be all groggy, and weak as he felt his Helmet being pulled off. “Wake up, young boy.” Slade hissed. “No, you’re not dead… just exhausted.”

Garfield opened his eyes. “Slade.” he growled weakly.

“Yes, Beast Boy.” Slade replied. “Or should I just call you Garfield, as you so wish to be known as?”

Garfield resisted the urge to lunge at him, if he wanted to keep up his act. “Where’s Terra?” he said. “What have you done with her?”

“Ah, yes.” Slade said. He snapped his fingers and lights in the back clicked on revealing Terra still wired up and incased in the glass tube. She was barley awake herself. “Gar…field.” she cried.


Slade nodded his head. “You both are such amazing creatures.” he said. “Her with the power to move rocks, and Earth and you with your animal abilities, and ingenious brain.”

“We’re nothing like you.” Garfield said.

“Yeah… you’re… nothing but a villain and a scoundrel.” added Terra

Slade remained silent for a moment. “Well… at least we are honest with ourselves.” he hissed. “Unfortunately my friends, you see, in the real world, we all have our problems. Our desires. Our… fondest wishes.”

“And mine is to control Gotham city.”

He went on explaining that he had already blackmailed the helpless city down below to either make him the new ruler of the city, and all its inhabitance would serve him.

As they denied him, he threatened to take the large rock he had made around the ship, and drop it onto the city like a meteor, and Garfield knew as the object was about the size of a huge mansion… it would obliterate the whole town and everything else in it’s path.

“You’ve got to be bluffing.” cried Terra. “There’s no way you can do that.”

Slade simply sniggered. “Oh, but I can… and to prove I’m not bluffing, observe this example of what will happen to your city.” he hissed, and he motioned for Gizmo to press on a switch.

“FIRE!!” he cried.

Then the video screen showed the image of a smaller rock zooming at an incredible speed, and striking down in the city of Paris, France.

POW!! The Meteor stuck the town and wiped it all out in a giant shockwave of ground eruptions. Terra screamed and shut her eyes tight. Slade then motioned for Gizmo to turn it off.

Terra opened her eyes to find the Trio laughing at her. “Well, actually…” Slade said. “That was merely footage from the movie (Armageddon) but the real impact would do exactly just that.”

Terra shook her head vigorously. “No… you can’t! I won’t let do this.”

Slade just moved toward the tube. “Ah, but child… you underestimate.” he hissed. “You’re powers as well as this ship are moving the rock. There fore, it is you who shall be attacking the city, not I.”

Garfield felt his blood churn when he fiddled with the controls and shocked her some more, but he had to resist the urge to run and help her or everything would be ruined, luckily for him…

SMASH!! At that very moment, the Titans had smashed through the wall.

“What? How’d they get here?” snapped Mammoth.

“Never mind that… let’s get them!” snapped Jinx.

They leapt up from their seats, and Slade called forth his entire hoard of Robo-minions.

The Titans were completely surrounded, but they weren’t willing to back down. “TITANS, GO!!” cried Robin.

Garfield even dropped his act, and leapt up into action. “I’ll help you!” he called. “LET’S GET BUSY!!” and the fight was on.

(Music Cue) (go to 0:25)

-There's a man who leads a life of danger.
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger.
With every move he makes,
Another chance he takes.
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret Agent Man.
Secret Agent Man.
They've given you a number.
And taken away your name.

Robin threw his Bomber-disks at the Robots stopping them in their tracks, and Starfire used her Star-bolts and knocked them out cold.

Cyborg and Raven dealt with more of the Robots.

“BO-YAH!!” cried Cyborg as he fired his sonic-cannon. “Have a nice trip… see you next fall!”

Raven even shorted out the rest of them with her magic waves. “Got to love it!”

-Beware the pretty faces that you find.
A pretty face can hide an evil mind.
Oh be careful what you say,
Or you'll give yourself away,
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret Agent Man.
Secret Agent Man.
They've given you a number.
And taken away your name.

Garfield, recaptured his helmet, and began to do battle with the trio. He had to save Terra, and that was what gave him the edge he needed to crush them all flat.

Swinging on the Riviera one day.
Lying in a the Bombay alley next day.
Oh no you let the wrong word slip,
While kissing persuasive lips
Odds are he wont live to see tomorrow

Secret Agent Man.
Secret Agent Man.
They've given you a number
And taken away your name.

With the robots knocked out, and the trio down flat, Garfield leapt over to the tube and gave it a huge smash with his fist shattering the glass.

Slade growled and ran over to try and stop him, only to be ambushed by the rest of the Titans allowing Garfield to continue with his rescue.

He detached Terra from all the wires and manacles that bound her, and helped her out of the remains of the tube. “Come on, Terra.” he said to her. “You’ll be safe now.”

Terra opened her eyes to see she was in Garfield’s arms. “It’s… it’s you… you came back for me.”

Garfield winked at her. “And I’ do it again, and many times more.”

The Titans walked over to stand with them. “Give it up, Slade.” Robin sneered.

“No where to run now.” added Cyborg.

But Slade actually had one last trick up his sleeve. “Whom has who, Titans.” And he quickly hit a switch which caused the ship to tilt and start crashing down towards the city below.

Apparently, Slade had absorbed enough of Terra’s power to work the controls without her. “In five minutes this rock will crash and destroy the city below, and all of you with it.”

“And what about you?!” snapped Raven.

“Might a cowering creature such as yourself go down with your ship?” added Starfire.

Suddenly, Slade just fell over… and shut down. Robin lappet over and saw that it was only another one of Slade’s Alias robots…. It wasn’t really him at all. “No!” Robin snapped. “I was so sure we had him this time!”

The ship began to tip really hard now as it gained speed. “Cyborg! Quick… try and get the ship moving! We can’t let it hit the ground.”

Cyborg tried everything he could, but the controls were strange to him. “Man I can’t figure it out.” he cried. “These wires must do hundreds of things.”

He tried all he could, but only ended up making things worse, now the rock was heading towards the city even faster.

Down in the city, the Air Raid Sirens were whirring, warning the city that danger was coming. Everyone looked up at the sky and saw the rock coming straight for them, and there was no time or place to run.

Back on the ship

Terra wasn’t able to pull the Rock off it’s course, because she still too weak from all the pain she had endured, and Raven’s power wasn’t strong enough either.

Starfire suggested they try and divert the rocks descent so it would splash down into the water, but Garfield warned her that the Rock was so big, the splash would cause a huge tidal wave that would still wipe out the city.

“Cyborg… it’s up to you now!” cried Robin.

“I’m trying! I’M TRYING!!”

One minute until the crash. “Oh, get out of the way already!” Garfield growled as he threw off his helmet and pushed Cyborg aside. “Now lets see…”

He began fiddling with the wires and computers, and speaking in quick computer words.

“Okay… disconnect the powers in the main computer base…”

45 seconds…

“Reprogram the configuration… reset the PW…”

30 seconds…

“Unlock the wave-links, and deform the circuit breaker…”

15 seconds!! At this point, the Titans, and the people in the city below were bracing themselves hard for the end.

10… 9… 8… 7…

Garfield panicked as he continued his work. “Input the pass codes!! Jettison some cargo!!”



3…2… 1--

He quickly leapt up and pounded on the controls, and the ship, along with Terra’s stored powers made a hard curve, barley missing the buildings below, and soared back up into the sky, and missing the city entirely.

Everyone in town looked up to see the Rock headed further away from them all, ad they all began to cheer.

The Titans were also cheering madly as well. Thanks to Garfield’s smarts, the town was safe, however the victory cheer was cut short.

Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth had awakened from their knock-out. “You creeps have asked for it.” growled Jinx.

“We’re going to come at you with everything we got!!” added Gizmo.

“Say your prayers!” Mammoth added.

They grabbed all the capsules they had and released every single animal they could fit into the room, and sent the rest of them throughout the ship.

“Anyone have any ideas of what to do?” Cyborg asked.

“I believe we are far outnumbered.” cried Starfire. “Therefore, I wish to leave!”

“Nobody’s going anywhere!” growled Jinx.

“Slade couldn’t get rid of you, but we will.” snapped Gizmo.

“So who wants to go first?” growled Mammoth.

The Titans stood their ground, not knowing what to do. There was no way they could fight off all those animals.

“Speak up, runts!” growled Mammoth. “Who’s going first?”

Outside the story

Copy-Cat knew they couldn’t fight off all the animals. “So… tell me… I wish to know…” he asked nervously. “Who was it that went first?”

Beast Boy smiled mischievously. “I went first.”


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Chapter Twenty-Seven: For you Terra

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Copy-Cat wasn’t sure he heard Beast Boy correctly. “You were the one to go first?” he asked. “Why would you wish to be first to be attacked?”

Beast Boy smiled again. “Ahh… but I didn’t say was I was going first.” he said. “Nope, I had something else in mind.”

Back to the Story

The trio was growing rather impatient, and all the animals were getting really hungry. “Well… speak up!” growled Mammoth. “Who wants to go first?”

Still no response from the Titans, and then Garfield stepped up. “You three do.” he said.

Everyone was confused, and then Garfield told them that he had been waiting for them to release every single animal from his Beast Boy DNA. “Which means now is the perfect time to use my little secret weapon.”

He reached into his belt and pulled out two flasks. Everyone gawked at him nervously, trying to figure out what he was about to do as they saw him reach in and pull out a black wavy orb.

Everyone stared sweating, and chattering, at the object, and then… in swift move. Garfield Slammed the Capsule down on the ground!

POOF!! WHESH!! Smoke blew everywhere, and then all was silent. Nothing seemed to be happening.

“Yo’ man… what’s the deal?” asked Cyborg.

“I wish to no the meaning of this weapon of yours?” added Starfire.

Garfield didn’t understand it. “Come on… work… work!!” he grumbled.

The trio just stared at each other with a look of disgust on their faces. Gizmo armed his ray gun. “You’ll be first!” he growled as he armed it. (Go to 8:05 and play to 9:16)

Terra dashed over towards him with tears of desperation in her eyes. “NO, GARFIELD NO!!” she cried. Garfield held her in his arms as Gizmo Pulled the trigger.


“NO!!” the Titans all cried.

But the blast suddenly just stopped right where it was in mid air, only about a centimeter from hitting Garfield’s face, and then the most amazing, yet unusual of things happened things.

The ray was being pulled backwards in a small drat of wind, and it got sucked down into one of the flasks where it vanished.

Suddenly, the wind started getting stronger as Starfire, and Terra’s hair began flowing in the wind, as well as Garfield, Raven, and Robin’s capes.

The trio also didn’t feel so good as the looked down at their hands.

“What’s going on here?” Cyborg asked nervously.

The whole ship began to rumble softly, and then IT HAPPENED!!

“LOOK OUT!!” Garfield cried. Everyone began screaming as the animals came crashing through the walls in a HUGE TORNADO!!

“WHAT IS THIS!!” cried Robin

“WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” added Starfire.

The animals began flying everywhere, growling, and roaring, and squealing as their molecular structures began to break up in the gusts.

Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth suddenly began to feel themselves getting sucked up by another tornado. They tried to hold tight, but it didn’t work, and up they went!

“EVERYBODY HANG ON TIGHT!!!” screamed Garfield. Terra held onto him tight, and the Titans held on as well as the tornados kept blowing.

Garfield’s little weapon had broken down the structures of the animals and began sucking them all up into the first flask, while Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth were being shrunken down to size and throw them into the other flask.

The tornados kept on going, until they settled down enough inside the flasks, so Garfield could run over and place to strong stoppers in the lids of the flasks.

“Like I said…” he panted. “Don’t mess with the Manimal.”

“Why you little genius you.” Cyborg said giving him a noogie.

Robin gave him a big thumb way up. “Way to go.” he said as he walked over to pick up the flasks. They would be able to send the DNA back to Von-Richter, and get the trio over to the police.

Starfire thought they looked kind of cute being so tiny, and trying t o break out from the flask, but Garfield took the precaution of taking the unbreakable glass. They wouldn’t be able to get out unless they were let out.

Suddenly… the ship began to tilt and quiver again. “Now what’s happening?” asked Raven.

Garfield dashed to the controls. “Awe, no!!” he cried. “The ship’s going out of control!” he cried. “And the fuel’s running low!”

His little tornado stunt may have saved them all, but in the process it really damaged the interiors of the cave, and the whole thing was hurdling all over.

Even if Garfield got it under control, which he couldn’t as the controls were fried a little, the ship was almost out of fuel. There wasn’t enough power to get the rock far enough from the city to set it anywhere safely.

“What are we going to do?!” cried Terra.

“There’s nothing we can do!” cried Robin.

Garfield checked what was left of the computers, and there was one way to stop the rock, but it wasn’t going to be easy as it required… well… a big risk, possibly a sacrifice even.

“We can use the T-Ship.” he said. Everyone exchanged looks of confusion. “Trust me, I have an idea.” replied Garfield.

The Titans, eager to find out what he had in mind, decided to go along with his plan. Even Terra was in with them. So they followed Garfield, through a shortcut he had found which lead them all back to the hanger-bay where the T-Ship was still in one piece.

The Titans all leapt up into their respective cockpits, accept for Garfield and Terra as the last one wasn’t big enough to carry them both in. “What are we going to do?” Terra asked. “There’s no way the both of us can fit in through there.”

“And what’s you plan anyways?” asked Robin.

“Trust me.” Garfield said. “Now release the hanger and then get the injector-tube on my pod ready through that hole in the ceiling.” he called.

Robin wasn’t rightly sure what he was doing anymore, but he and the Titans did as was instructed. The ship went back outside and fired it’s engines. It positioned itself carefully over the hole, and lowered down the elevator-tube.

“Okay Beast Boy, we’re ready.” Robin said.

Garfield, not bother to correct him about his name again, didn’t answer back on his communicator. He even seemed a little said, and so did Terra.

While the Titans had dealt with the ship, Garfield explained to Terra what his plans were…

He was going to use the lasts of the ships fuel to fly the rock far up, up into the sky, and then… and then, the rock would high enough in the air to be blown up into pieces small enough to vaporize harmlessly in their descent.

“But… how can we blow the rock?” Terra asked. “I don’t think the T-ship has enough power to do that, and I still haven’t regained control of my powers yet.”

Garfield nodded sadly. “Yeah… I know.” he said softly with his head hanging a little low.

“So then, how are we going to destroy the rock?” Terra asked.

Garfield looked up slowly. “Like this…” he said and he swiftly grabbed a hold of Terra.

“Hey!!” she squealed. “What are you--”

Garfield then showed her he had recovered one of Gizmo’s remotes that was linked to the Ship’s Self-Destruct system. One touch of the red button and the whole thing would go up one mighty Big-Bang!

Terra now understood what was going on, but before she could say anything, Garfield got out his Titans communicator. “If I don’t make it… give this to Robin!” he told her as he stuffed it into her outfit.

(Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to the movie ARMAGEDDON. I’m just borrowing some really good plotting)

“MAKE SURE ROBIN GETS IT!!” and he shoved her into the tube. “Get in there!!” snapped the doors shut, and jammed them so they couldn’t open again.

This was almost just like when Terra turned herself into stone. She did it to save him, the Titans, and the whole city. Now with a mixture of fear and bravery in his eyes, he stood there with his cape flying in the drafts by the holes in the walls and ceiling.

“It’s my turn now!”

Terra got herself together in a huge haste. “GARFIELD… GRAFIRELD!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!” she screamed as she got up and pounded on the glass. “I SHOULD BE DOING THIS, LET ME OUT OF HERE!!”

She was speaking on the fact that it was her powers that made the rock and everything else that put the town in danger. She felt that she was the one who should stay behind and destroy it, but Garfield shook his head. “No it isn’t, Terra, it was never your fault.”

Terra’s eyes widened. Tears began to pour down her face as he looked directly into her eyes. “Terra... you sacrificed yourself once to save everyone, and I lost you” he said. “Then you came back, but I lost you all over, again.”

His words were staring to pierce Terra’s, already, breaking heart. “Terra… all I ever wanted was to be with you, and have you by my side.” He went on. “so If I don’t make it out of this… I want you know… that I did this not for the Titans, not for the city…”

“I’m doing this… for you.” he placed his hand directly on the glass where hers was.

Terra’s tears were falling in earnest now. Streaking down her face, splashing on the floor, and staining her outfit. “Garfield.” she sobbed.

He let go of the glass, and hit the Up-switch. “Good luck, Terra...”

“Garfield, No!!”

“I love you, baby!”

The tube started to go up and Terra was on her knees crying madly now as she pounded on the glass. “GARFIELD… I LOVE YOU!! DON’T GO… NO, YOU CAN’T… GARFIELD, NO… PLEASE!!”

“My love.”



Up in the T-ship…

The Titans looked back into the center-cockpit and found Terra, alone, and in tears. “What happened?” Robin asked.

One look into Terra tearful eyes was enough to tell them everything. Raven shuttered in anger and sadness. “That crazy, stubborn, little--”

(Music cue)

Garfield looked around him, and he couldn’t help but shead a tear as he placed his helmet back on. “Some hero I turned out to be.”

(Shorter version)


-This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

-Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes...again

-This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

-It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end.

Outside of the story

“You wished to sacrifice yourself to save everyone?” Copy-Cat asked. “Only a true hero would have done such a thing.”

“Trust me…” Beast Boy said as he began playing his Keyboard, on piano mode, and started a song. “I felt like anything but a hero.”

He quickly snapped himself out of it, and continued on with the rest of the story, of how he managed to get out alive.


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Chapter Twenty-Eight: No more Changes

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Garfield had no need to head back to the main control room, as he already had programmed the ship’s motors to carry the rock high enough, but before he could actually set off the explosion he had just one more thing to do…

So using one of Slade’s communicators he found, he adjusted the frequencies, and took off his helmet again. “Titans, do you copy? This is Garfield Logan.”

The Titans, preparing the T-ship for break-away received the signal through the mini-monitor screens on their control consoles.

“Beast Boy?”


“Yo’ man.”



Garfield smiled. “Hey, guys. What’s up?” he said. “Look, uh…” he paused. “You probably know what’s going to happen right now, right?”

Robin nodded. “Yeah, we know.” he said sadly.

With tears rolling down her cheek, Starfire asked. “Friend, sure you sure there is not any safer way to undo this fearful deed?”

Garfield shook his head. “Sorry, Star.” he said. “But listen, I may be able to get out of this, but… well… just in case I don’t… I want to tell you guys something.”

“Robin… Terra has my communicator, and I want you to have it back if I don’t make it. You’re the best leader on any team I’ve ever had the privilege to be on.”

Robin smiled softly yet sadly.



Garfield paused a moment. “Of all the alien lives we’ve ever encountered… I think you’re the babe of the all.”

Starfire didn’t understand, but Garfield quickly told her. “That means… I think you’re the most beautiful.” Those words made Starfire want to cry.

Garfield looked up at Cyborg, and before he could say anything. “Yo’ man… don’t be getting all sappy on me.” he said trying to hold his tears back. “I think you’re awesome too.”

Garfield smiled, and then turned to Raven. “It’s all right Raven… you have to say it.” he said to her.

“Say what?” Raven asked trying to hide it well, but her tears showed them all everything.

“Listen guys… if I make this out alive, you can bet I’ll back on the team.” Garfield replied. “But look… if I don’t make it out… I… I want you guys to look after Terra for me. She’s going to need a place to stay.”

Terra felt as though her heart was breaking up right in front of her face, exactly the way Garfield must’ve felt when she turned to stone, and restrained from him.

“Terra.” Garfield said looking straight to her over the screens. “Just remember… you’ll never lose me. No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.” a tear rolled down his cheek. “I love you, Terra.”

Terra sniffled. “I love you too.” she sobbed.

“I got to go now.” Garfield replied and he was out, leaving Terra to burry her face into her hands, and cry.

Even though they all were emotionally unstable, the Titans had to get their act together. The ship was all out of fuel, and already starting to lose it’s lift, which was starting to send the rock downward.

They had to get the T-ship away, now!

“Titans… fire rockets!” cried Robin.

Cyborg clicked his controls, but the rockets only coughed, and choked. “Cyborg! I said fire the rockets.”

“Yo’ man… they’re not working!” cried Cyborg. “THEY’RE NOT WORKING!!”

Obviously, the stress from all the rocking, and rumbling, the T-Ship’s systems were shaken up, blocking the systems to the launch controls.

Down below, Garfield could see that the T-Ship still hadn’t gotten away yet. “What’s going on up there… why haven’t you guys split yet?” he called into his communicator.

“Something’s wrong with the controls.” Robin answered

Cyborg was already working hard and fast to make all the necessary repairs, but he had to hurry fast. If Garfield didn’t blow the rock up in another three minutes, the rock would be so close to the ground that the leftover rocks wouldn’t vaporize enough in time.

In other words… if he didn’t press the button in time, there would be huge boulders raining down from the sky everywhere.

Two minutes left, “You dudes got less than minute… don’t think I’m not going to blow this thing!” Garfield called, and then it got worse.

The caves had been so badly upset, and damaged, that it was starting to cave in and gas pockets were blowing everywhere. “Whoa!! You guys get out of here… it’s getting bad down here!”

Cyborg tried everything. The wires were all fixed, and there was no sign of any blockage, but still the motors wouldn’t work and the T-ship stayed-put.

Down below, Garfield could see the ceiling cracking up badly as huge rocks began to fall from above, and more air was leaking through. “Dudes… I mean it! GET OFF THIS ROCK!!” he yelled.

“Man! They’re not working!” Cyborg growled, and he began pounding on the panels. “Why… won’t… THIS… CRAZY… THING--” and the controls started to come-to. “…Work?”

“Fine, so it’s working, Can we please get out of here now?!” Raven complained.

Robin rolled his eyes. “Cyborg, take off… NOW!!”

“Here we go!”

He fired the motors, and the roared to life and blasted off from the rock. “Way to go guys.” Garfield called as he saw them soar towards the city below…

…and as the ship got further and further away from the rock, Robin turned to look over his shoulder back at the rock. “Thank you, Garfield.” he muttered under his breath.

Garfield smiled as if he actually heard Robin say his real name for once. He watched until the ship was at a safe distance, and with less than a minute to go, now was his chance.

He held the remote in his hands, and turned it on. The red button started beeping, but before he could press it, the room he was in began to go berserk. Rocks falling, and air blasting…

Suddenly, he could feel the floor below him quivering. “Uh… uh-oh!”

The floor exploded like a gas-pocket, causing Garfield to drop the remote and get thrown up through the ceiling. He quickly fired his grappling-hooks to latch back onto the rock before he flew away.

30 seconds to go… and the rock still hadn’t exploded. “What’s happening over there?” Robin asked, all concerned.

Garfield, flaying in the drat, retracted on his line and pulled himself back inside. “Dude… where’s the remote?!”

20 seconds…

The Titans were starting to consider going back and blow the rock up themselves. “He’ll do it… I know he will.” Terra said, and she looked back at the rock which was far away. “He never failed in school, and this should be nothing.”

15 seconds…

He found the remote, and it wasn’t damaged. “Sweet!”

10… 9… 8… 7…

He quickly picked it up and then lunged over towards the escape pods, even the though the odds were against him, he planned to go for it.


He could see the whole town down below, and he launched the pod, and held the remote tightly. “WE WIN, TERRA!!” he cried as he slowly laid his finger on the button.



The Spider-Ship in the center exploded in a fiery blast so large, that the flames began to spread all over the rock, and the escape pod barely got away far enough.

The Titans all looked back and shielded their eyes from the fiery explosions… KAPOW!! The rock exploded causing the T-Ship to rock about in its descent.

The town’s people looked up to the bright explosion that filled up the dusky pre-dawn sky. Then they all leapt into the air cheering.

The radiation, and brightness from the explosion began to dim-out. “Cyborg… report. Was the detonation successful?”

Cyborg checked his Wrist-computer, and the radar. “Worked liked a charm.” he cried with joy. “Most of the pieces have been completely vaporized, and there’s nothing left big enough to make you say “ouch.”

But suddenly he found something else on the radar. Something too big to be a rock and it seemed to be falling down towards the harbor. “Raven, can you see what it is?” Robin asked.

Raven looked out her window, and used her telekinetic-site to see what it was. “It looks like one of those escape pods.” she said.

Terra’s heart rushed for joy.

“But I can’t tell who’s in it.” replied Raven.

“You don’t have to.” Terra said in tears. “I know who it is.”

(Picture this exactly like on TROUBLE IN TOKYO)

They landed the T-Ship afloat on the water near the escape pod, and Raven used her power to drag the pod aboard. Terra rushed to it instantly, and opened it up. She pulled Garfield’s helmet off, he locked a little bruised from barley escape the fires…

“Garfield? Garfield?” she whispered.

He opened his eyes, looked up at her face and smiled. “Told you you’d never lose me.” Terra wiped her eyes, and Garfield got up just in time to see the sun rising up from the horizon.

The other titans got up out of their pods, but didn’t move towards them. Robin and Starfire watched them standing there almost like the way they did in Tokyo.

Garfield nervously, yet with a serious look on his face. “You know… I’m starting to think that maybe, I should become Beast Boy again.” he said. “I mean… I can’t change who I am, ever… but maybe… maybe I can…”


He turned, and looked deeply into her eyes. “Terra?”

Terra smiled at him. “Promise me… things between us won’t ever change again.”

Garfield smiled. “Well… except for the Beast Boy thing…” he paused. “I’ll do anything for you… Terra.”

Their faces slowly moved towards each other’s and their lips met.

Starfire held Robin’s hand, and they smiled at each other.

Raven was smiling too. “Well… would you look at that.” she muttered.

Cyborg put his fists on his waists proudly. “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now…” he said. “Well… it’s about time.”

Outside of the Story

Copy-Cat couldn’t help but aww at the story-line. “How incredibly romantic.”

Beast Boy let out a sigh of love. “Terra meant the world to me… I almost lost her many times over, and I swore… I’d never lose her again.”

(Music cue)

(Beast Boy)

-I’ve got one wheel on my motorbike,
and four toes on each foot.
I have six days in my week,
enough of this I will not put.
I’m a bath that has no plug,
And I’m a handle with no jug.
I’m a floor without a rug unless she’s near me.
I have three strings on my violin,
And I’m an only twin.
Something’s missing…
Something’s missing…
Something’s… --ing.

(Looks at his photo, half covered.)

-As a cat I’ve only got eight lives
I chase just two-blind mice.
On my birthday when I get three cheers,
they only cheer me twice
I’m an oil well with no oil,
And I’m a plant that’s got no soil.
I’m a kettle that won’t boil unless she’s near me.
Two and two make three when I ad.
and all that’s good turns bad.

Something’s missing…
Something’s missing…
Something’s… --ing.

(Uncovers the rest of the photo of him with Terra)

-But whenever she comes close to me,
my life is all complete.
For no longer do I have four toes,
No longer two left feet.
I’m a playground filled with swings,
And can be an Eagle with his wings.
Or a nightingale that sings because she’s with me.
Now I beg to don’t take her away,
Cuz only with her can I say.

Nothing’s missing…
Nothing’s missing…
Nothing’s Miii-iiissing.

He held the picture close to his heart, and hugged it gently.


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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Welcome Home Beast-Boy

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With his DNA back with Von-Richter, and the Machine fully prepared. Garfield would able to change back into Beast Boy really soon, but before he could… he and Terra had one last thing to do.

At the high-school, out in the field. All the senior students who were graduating that year were all gathered together, and accepted their diplomas, even Jackie and Jillian, who out of all the students there, graduated with the lowest marks of all.

Finally, before the festivities could begin, The Principal had one special awards to give out. A very special award, for a very special student. He asked that Terra stay on stage to present the award, and went through his short speech.

“This award is going to the finest student this school has ever seen in all it’s many years.” He said proudly. “A student, with outstanding grades, superb intellect, and the kindest of manners to ever be seen.”

“It gives me pride, and joy to present this award, to the student of the century… Garfield Logan!”

The crowds went wild, and so did the Titans, who were invited as guests, as Garfield proudly accepted his “Student of the Century” plaque from Terra. He pecked her on the cheek, and shook the Principal’s hand before taking the podium for a few words.

He cleared his throat. “This award really means a lot to me.” he said. “But even though I should feel proud that I earned this, and I should feel proud that I am the new Student of the century… I cannot fully accept all the credit for this.”

The crowd exchanged looks of confusion.

Garfield went on…

“I may have struggled through many hardships, including those in my otherwise, unbearable past and childhood, but I owe a lot to someone very special here…”

He turned around to gaze at Terra. “I knew Terra long before I came to this school… as Beast Boy!”

This made the crowd really gasp in shock, the fat that all this time they had inducted a superhero as a student. This was truly a great honor.

“When I first saw Terra, I could tell she was the lost Titan I had been searching for, but when she couldn’t remember me, I decided to take my leave and forget about my hero’s life.”

“As I came here, we began to pick up a little… it was shaky, but eventually, I found myself unable to stop being concerned, and I looked after her even when I was the Manimal, and I couldn’t remember her.”

“But what I’m getting at is…” he paused. “I may have earn this award, but I give most of my credit to you Terra. My inspiration, my life-line. My… EVERYTHING!!”

Terra blushed, but smiled brightly.

The crowd leapt up from their seats cheering madly, and all the students took of their graduation caps and threw them up in the air along with Garfield and Terra’s.

The Titan even cheered wildly too.

And then… Terra grabbed and pulled Garfield towards her. Their eyes met, and they kissed in front of the crowd making them cheer even louder.

That night…

After a whole day of festivities and celebration. The Titans were all gathered up in Von-Richter’s lab again, and the Machine was already powered up.

“Ready vhen you are, my boy.” he called to Garfield.

He was already stripped back into his old Doom Patrol outfit, but taking a minute to look at his body one last time. “So long, Garfield.” he said to his reflection. “You’ll always be a-part of me.”

Then it was time, as he got into the chair, and had the needles hooked into his arms, and the chair lifted over into the cage-sphere. The opening sealed.

“All right… ztand back everyvone.” Von-Richter said, and he started up the machine, and the cage started spinning around the chair. (Same thing agian)

The green DNA was being injected along the line, and into his arms, and his skin and hair began turning green. It didn’t hurt him much, but it was a little scary… for the others to watch.

The machine kept going, and by the time the music had come to an end, the machine stopped, and Beast Boy was back to normal. Green, skin, hair. Pointy ears, and fangs.

He was unhooked from the machine, but he was still okay. He hadn’t really changed so much, except that his IQ was no longer as high as it was before, but still higher than it used to be before the transformation.

“Beast Boy, you okay?” Robin asked.

Beast Boy looked in a small mirror at himself. “I’m green.” he said. “I’M GREEN!! YA-HOO!!”

Everyone smiled at him.

The Titans decided to head out for Pizza to celebrate having Terra and Beast Boy back with them, but on their way…


Beast Boy recognized those voices, it was those kids who loved to dress up and pretend to be Titans. “Go for it, Beast Boy.” Robin said smiled.

Beast Boy nodded, and then changed into a pterodactyl and flew away towards the danger zone…

There, he could see the kids down below, still in their costumes. They were playing near a vacant-lot, but some wreckage fell over trapping them in, and a leaking drum of Gasoline was leaking towards a burning cable-wire.

“HELP… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US!” one of the boys screamed.

The two girls screaming and crying, all a fright, but then the other boy looked up. “Hey look… what’s that?” he asked as he pointed up to the green pterodactyl, and their faces lit up…

“All right! It’s Beast Boy!”

He touched down, and changed into his regular shape. “Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Hop on, Titans.” and he changed back again. The kids all got on his back and hung on tight as Beast Boy flew them to safety, only moments before the lot went up in flames.

He flew them over to the park where he knew they could make it home safely.

“Gee… thanks a lot Beast Boy.”

Beast Boy winked at them. “You take care of yourselves.” and he flew off.

That night

Back at the Tower…

Beast Boy was standing up on the roof, and gazing into the town. He saw all the cars go by, the people walking up the streets... even those four kids he saved who were ALL wearing Beast-Boy costumes. He couldn't help but smile.

He was still adjusting to the fact that he was home where he belonged again, and he didn’t really feel very sleepy either, but soon someone came out to join him.

“Hey… you okay?” Terra asked as she walked up to him.

Beast Boy smiled at his girlfriend. “I’m just taking the time to convince myself if this is all really happening.” he said. “Like… first I met you… things were looking cool… then I lost you… you came back… and it happened all over again.”

Terra knew how he felt, during her life as a Titan, she did feel many loads of regret having had to turn against Beast Boy, and turning into stone.

“But hey… I owe you a lot.” she said. “I mean, sure I was little mean to you when I lost my memory, but… now look at where we are. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I’d rightly be right now.”

Beast Boy smiled at her, and they both looked up as a shooting star sped by.

“I don’t know where I would be either if it weren’t for you helping me out, either.” he said. “But all I know is… of all the places, in all the world I want to be, and of all the things I can and may do in my life…”

“All I want… is to spend them with you.”

Terra blushed, and her heart was beating like crazy. “I feel the same towards you.” she said. “I can’t think of anything else that can top what we have.”

The embraced each other softly, and shared a passionate kiss under the stars, and a few minutes later… well…

Let’s just say they were in Terra’s room, and enjoying their first ever game of “Make-out Madness.”

Outside the story

“Terra and I were together, and that was the way we planned to stay.” Beast Boy said.

“she and I were as close as Robin and Starfire were, not a week went by when there wasn’t at least one day or night we had fun, just the two of us.”

“A year later… we met you, and you joined the team and trained us to be stronger. Then when took us to your home planet, that’s where I popped the question to her, and the rest… is pretty much history.”

Copy-Cat smiled as he slightly nodded his head. “Of all of the stories I have ever heard of in all the years of my existence and knowledge… this was the most amusing tale I have ever heard of.”

Beast Boy smiled, and then he let out a huge yawn. Copy-Cat checked the clock-radio, and it was half-past One in the morning.

“This is it…” Beast boy said. “This is my big day.”

Copy-Cat nodded. “Yes… this is the day where you and Terra shall be joined.” he said. “But I suggest we adjourn to bed and rest while the darkness is still among us. There will be much to do in the morning that will require our strength.”

Beast Boy nodded as he got into his bed, and Copy-Cat got up to head back to his room.

“Night, Copy-Cat.”

“Sleep well, my friend.”

After Copy-Cat had shut the door, Beast Boy looked out the window and saw another shooting star in the sky.

As he lay down in bed, he could help but think about all that happened to him, and how nothing was ever so easy for him…

(Music cue)

(Beast Boy)
-It's not easy being green;
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves.
When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold...
or something much more colorful like that.

-It's not easy being green.
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.
And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're
not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
or stars in the sky.

-But green's the color of Spring.
And green can be cool and friendly-like.
And green can be big like a mountain or important like a river,
or tall like a tree.

-When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder...?
Why Wonder...?
I'm green...
and it'll do fine,
it's beautiful!
And I think it's what I want to be.

He lay down gently, and fell asleep as the song ended.


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Final Chapter: Finally Just Married

Post by Guest on 11/13/2008, 11:53 pm

Later the next morning, it was happening.

All the Titans and honorary Titans were gathered at Titan’s tower to witness Beast Boy and Terra’s marriage. Even some friends from school, Terra’s adopted Grandmother, and even Von-Richter was there.

This was a very honorable wedding which everyone had been looking forward too. Not only were Beats Boy and Terra a pair of Titans like Robin and Starfire… where they we’re waiting anxiously for it to happen…

They were also the second two Teen Titans to marry since Robin and Starfire.

Beast Boy didn’t bother to buy a new tuxedo, and did what Terra asked for. He was wearing his Manimal costume, which he had saved, and he wasn’t wearing his helmet either.

As for Terra… well… she look absolute gorgeous.

Ever since she had found out about the wedding, Terra’s adopted Grandmother spent all the time before the big day making Terra her dress, and it was perfect.

It was short-sleeved with ruffled shoulders, she worse a pair of beautiful long white gloves

The gown itself was full skirt which clung to her, accentuating her narrow waist. Her veil was held in place by a pair of beautiful white lilies in her hair of daises in her hair, which she styled to look exactly the way it did on the night of the prom.

She also had the four somethings too…

-Something New: That was her dress.

-Something Old: One of the lilies in her hair was the same one Beast Boy gave her at the prom.

-Something Borrowed: That was Starfire’s Tameranian necklace she wore at her wedding to Robin.

-Something Blue: Her bouquet was wrapped up gently in a shred of fabric from one of Raven’s old and worn out cloaks.

The Ceremony was held on the roof… after a little adjustments and re-decorating for the occasion. Beast boy and Terra were already holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, as Robin, as Team leader, performed the ceremony.

(Music cue)

-The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

(Robin begins the ceremony)

-I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide.

(BB, and Terra recite their vows, and Titan’s oath)

-I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

(The rings)

Don’t stop here,
I lost my place.
I’m close behind.

(The final vows)

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

(The Kiss)

You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I… colli-i-i-i-i-ide.

The crowd went wild, and some of the other titans used their power to make wild displays, like fireworks, or rainbows… all that stuff.

Beast Boy, scooped Terra up in his arms, and carried her down the aisle, past all the cheering fans, straight onto to a large boulder that was brought up.

The Stood on the boulder and waved goodbye to the crowd, because they had big plans for a honeymoon vacation. “I promised him… if he was nice to me I’d give him that grand tour of the world.” Terra joked.

The titans all shared a laugh.

Starfire sniffled, and wiped her eyes with a tissue. “Oh. My friends… I could never be so happy for you both.”

Cyborg smirked. “Yeah, BB… looks like you’re finally becoming a real man/” he said. “Here, have a guy noogie on me.” And he began rubbing Beast Boy’s head.

“He-he-hey!!” Beast Boy laughed.

Robin wished them both good luck. “Come back soon.” He said. “The team’s not the same without you two around.”

“Yeah… really not the same.” Raven mocked.

“Really?” Beast Boy said. “I don’t know Raven, maybe you’ll be eating those words when you and Copy-Cat get hitched.”

Copy-Cat and Raven’s heads snapped up, and their eyes bulged. Then they turned away from each other, both blushing and twiddling their fingers.

This made the Titans laugh again, and Beast Boy whispered to his bride another little idea he had, and slipped a pebble into her bouquet.

“You two fly high now.” Cyborg said. “And don’t get getting so messy that you can’t clean yourselves… if you catch my drift.”

The newlyweds nodded, and then bid their goodbye’s to everyone as Terra used her powers to lift the boulder up into the sky, but before flying away Terra waved her bouquet around for all the girls to see.

They all began to raise their arms up as Terra tossed her bouquet down. The girls went wild.

“It’s mine!”

“Hands off!”

“Let go!!

Then Terra sneakily used another bit of her power to move the pebble Beast Boy had slipped in, and made the flowers soar over into Raven’s arms.

Raven just gazed at the flowers in her arms and then looked nervously at Copy-Cat, who still seemed a little embarrassed.

Terra and Beast Boy laughed as the rock carried them off into the world with a banner on the side reading. “These two Teen Titans… JUST MARRIED!!”


Author’s notes:

So there you have it…

Now I really wish THINGS CHANGE was never aired, and that the series didn’t end it at that.

Still if ever BB and Terra do get back together (Which I know they will… they must) then it would probably be something like this.

Ah, well… until then.

(Places Manimal’s helmet on BB’s Statue)

Rest in peace Beast Boy… I’m so sorry.

(Plaque reads: BEAST BOY/ GARFIELD LOGAN… a Teen Titan. Turned to Stone by a broken heart.)


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Re: Musical: Some Things Never Change

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i remember this...
feels nice reading over it again. Smile

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Re: Musical: Some Things Never Change

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Re: Musical: Some Things Never Change

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