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Rianna's Fanfictions

Post by Riaaanna on 8/11/2009, 4:46 am

Just posting my fanfiction account here. Please read and review! I accept anonymous reviews! Warning: Most of my fics will be Rob/Star. Some of them are BB/Rae.




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Re: Rianna's Fanfictions

Post by Riaaanna on 2/25/2010, 12:48 pm

This is a fanfic I wrote last Christmas. Kinda late, but whatever. xDDDDDDDD enjoy!


Secret Crush

It was the last day of school before winter break. Kory Anders walked down the hall, carrying her books close to her chest, with Rachel Roth walking along with her.

"So Rachel," Kory started. "What are you going to do this Christmas?"

"Reading, meditating, reading," Rachel said with a little more excitement than her usual monotone. "Nothing special, I guess, but I still can't wait for winter break."

"Me too," Kory sighed.

"What plans do you have?"

"Oh, not much," Kory smiled. "I'm just going to visit some old friends and family back at Tamaran, and perhaps trying to improve my ice skating skills."

"Good luck with that," Rachel laughed a little, knowing that Kory was never good at skating.

"We never had snow back at Tamaran," Kory remembered. "Therefore, I never learn how to do ice skating."

"Well, this is the third time you have winter on Jump City," Rachel smiled. "You'll skate better than in previous years."

They stopped at their lockers and got ready for their next class. Kory unlocked her locker and threw in her books, but something that caught her eye stopped her from doing anything further.

"You know, Kory," Rachel said as she spun her locker combination lock. "If you want, I could probably spare some time to drop by your house this afternoon."

No reply.

Rachel opened her locker and turned her head towards Kory. "Kory…?"

Kory was in trance. Her eyes were locked on the handsome figure of Richard Grayson, Kory's long time secret crush. They knew each other, she wasn't a complete stranger to him. They've been friends, and it brought her to this. Having a crush on him.

He walked down the hall, carrying his backpack, while his two friends, the tall, muscular Victor Stone and short, green-haired Garfield Logan, walked next to him.

Rachel rolled her eyes and nudged Kory with her elbow.

Finally Kory blinked.

She turned to Rachel, and Rachel shook her head.

"Good thing your lower jaw is attached to the upper one," Rachel muttered.

"Sorry," Kory blushed.

Rachel slammed her locker shut. "You gotta stop doing that. When will you just go and talk to him?"

"Probably never," Kory muttered and slammed her locker shut as well. Her eyes gazed back towards Richard, who was entering his next class. "How am I supposed to talk to him? What am I supposed to say?"

The bell rang loudly, warning the students that the next class was about to begin.

"I guess you'll find out soon, don't you think?" Rachel smirked and walked away.

Kory blinked again, and realization hit her.

Richard was going to be in her next class.

"Darn it," Kory muttered under her breath and rushed to the class.


History lesson couldn't get any worse, but Rachel seemed to be the only person who stayed awake during the lesson. Rachel scribbled on her notebook, and cocked an eyebrow when she felt someone approaching her. She looked to her side and found Garfield leaning his head towards her table, peeking at her notebook.

Gar looked to Rachel when he realized that she was looking at him. "Eheh… Hi," he said nervously.

"What?" Rachel asked, her left eyebrow still arching up.

"I… was… just… trying to complete my notes," Gar said and returned to his normal sitting position. "Yours looked really neat and… Sorry."

Rachel tried hard to suppress her urge to smile. "It's… It's alright," she said and offered him her notebook. "Here you go."

Gar beamed and took the notebook. "Really? Thanks!" He immediately noted down Rachel's note to his book. When he wasn't looking, Rachel smiled to herself… smiling at his cuteness.


Kory immediately sat down on the last empty seat, silently thanking God that the teacher hasn't arrived yet. She set down her books on her table, and sighed. She glanced around to see where Richard was sitting, and she was sure that her heart skipped a beat when she found out where he was.

She almost took back her thank to God – he was sitting right next to her.

She looked down at her table, shock was still all over her face.

'Calm down, calm down…' she thought. 'Okay. Focus on the lessons. Don't get distracted.'

Things got "worse" for her when her hand accidentally swept away her pencil case from her table. It slammed down to the floor, her stationeries jumping out from it.

"Oh no," she muttered.

She bent down and started collecting her pencils when she heard a voice.

"Let me help," Richard suddenly bent down and helped her gather her pencils. He collected them one by one and handed them over to Kory.

"Here you go," he smiled.

"Thank you," she said softly and took her pencils. For a moment, they just stayed in that position, and they seemed to be lost in each others' eyes.

The door slammed shut and the biology teacher slammed his books to his table, announcing his arrival. Startled, they immediately sat back down and prepared their books. Kory glanced one last time at Richard and smiled. Richard smiled back and got ready for the lesson.

Victor, who was sitting two seats behind Richard, smirked to himself and shook his head.


Lunchtime finally arrived. Kory swiftly exited the class and almost bumped to Rachel.

"Rachel! There you are! Let's get something to eat!" she exclaimed, and before Rachel could say anything, Kory dragged her to the canteen for lunch.

Richard walked out from the class and grinned to himself. His eyes followed Kory, who was dragging Rachel out to the canteen. He smiled to himself once again. He was heading for his locker when someone grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.

It was Victor.

"…what?" Richard said in confusion.

Victor merely arched an eyebrow, his eyes gesturing to Kory, who was heading for the canteen for lunch, then back to him.

Richard tried to hide his expression. "What?" he repeated.

"Ya made a move there, man!" Victor exclaimed and slapped Richard's back. "Ya finally did it!"
"I-I was just helping her…" Richard muttered.

"No need to hide it," Victor laughed. "Come on. Gar and I know from the beginning that you have a crush on…"

"Don't say it," Richard whispered dangerously.

"Say what?" Garfield suddenly popped in to the conversation.

"Kory," Vic smirked.

"Cool!" Gar said in excitement. "Did you ask her out?"

"What? No!" Richard shouted.

"C'mon, dude," Gar chuckled. "How long are you gonna stay like this?"
"Probably forever," Richard mumbled.

"Well, at least you talked to her, now you can get to know her." Victor advised.

"But what if she doesn't…"
"Don't think about "what if"," Victor snatched the books from Richard's hands as Gar pushed him towards the canteen. "I'll take care of your books, you go get some lunch."

"But I don't want to…"
"Just GO!" Gar and Vic both shouted and gave him one last push towards the canteen, sending him stumbling forward and almost falling.

Richard looked back at his friends as they strolled away. They got a point, though. He can't stay like this forever. He took a deep breath and walked in.

The students queued for their lunch. Richard picked up a lunch tray and spotted Kory at the end of the line.

"Perfect," he muttered and queued behind her.

"Hey Kor," he greeted.

Kory almost stopped breathing when she heard his voice. "Oh, hey Richard," she smiled.

Rachel, who was queuing in front of Kory, looked back. Richard was having a talk with Kory. 'Finally,' she thought.

"Thanks for your help earlier," Kory said as she put her meal on her tray.

"No problem," Richard replied.

Rachel made sure Richard wasn't looking at them and softly patted Kory's shoulder. Kory turned and Rachel mouthed, "Lunch. Together."

Panic was suddenly filling Kory's head. Lunch? Richard… and HER?!

"Um… Richard?"

Richard collected his meal and looked up. "Yeah?"
"Would you like to… join me and Rachel for lunch?" Kory asked nervously.

'No, if everyone else is seeing me… with her…' Richard thought. 'But then again, this is my only chance."

"I… Are you sure it's alright with you?"

"Of course," Kory smiled.

Richard moved his eyes from Kory to Rachel. Rachel smirked.

He should've known.

"Well… alright," he said and smiled back.

The three of them walked towards an empty table, but quietly, Rachel slipped away from Kory and Richard and hid herself, blending with the crowd.

Rachel walked away and positioned herself far away from Richard and Kory's table.

"Hey Rachel!"

Rachel turned, looking for the source of that familiar voice. Her sight was set on a table, Garfield and Victor sitting there. And… Garfield was waving at her.

"Hey," Rachel responded and walked to their table.

"You seemed to be lost," Victor chuckled.

"Not exactly, Vic," Rachel smirked. "I was… accomplishing a plan."

The boys displayed confusion on their faces, until Rachel gestured to Richard and Kory at the distance, who were sitting together on the same table.

"Oh," they nodded in understanding.

"You were helping Kory and Richard," Vic chuckled. "I didn't know you knew about them."

"I didn't know you were the matchmaker type," Gar laughed.

"I was just helping," Rachel shrugged.

"Si' down, Rae," Vic offered.

"Sit and enjoy the show," Gar grinned, referring to Richard and Kory.

Rachel smirked in agreement and took her seat.

'This is gonna be interesting.'


Richard sat down, his heart beating like crazy. He noticed that Rachel has already left them – on purpose – and now it was just the two of them.

"Damn it," he whispered to himself.

"Where's Rachel?" Kory asked while taking her seat, looking at her surroundings.

Richard looked away, and Kory could've sworn that Richard's cheeks reddened for a moment.

Kory blinked as she realized what actually happened. "Oh," she muttered. "Uh…"

'This is awkward,' she thought.

"So, Kory," Richard started, trying to get their conversation flowing. "Where are you going this Christmas?"

"Probably just visiting some family and friends back at Tamaran," she answered. "You?"

"I'm just staying home," Richard smiled.

Kory sipped her drink. "You're not going back to… Gotham or something?"

"Nah, I don't really have any relatives there," Richard replied. "Well… I do, but… I'm not going back this year. I got all my friends here in Jump."

"I like it here, too," Kory sighed. "There's no snow back in Tamaran. I never experienced winter like this before I moved here."

"No snow?" Richard asked in shock. "That must've been… plain."

"Tamaran is a tropical country," Kory smiled.

"Oh, right."

"And that's why I was never good in ice skating," Kory laughed.

Richard laughed with her, "Oh, I remember that. We were with Rachel, Gar, and Vic at that ice skating competition."

"I don't know how I got myself in to that one," Kory giggled. "I kept slipping and everybody was watching…"

"Yeah," Richard chuckled. "I still remember that."

"I would probably practice again tomorrow," Kory mumbled.

"Maybe I can teach you," Richard offered, almost absent-mindedly.

"No, I…"

"No, really," Richard said. "If… you want to, that is."

Kory stared at the table. "A-are you sure?"


"Then I'd love to."

"Great," Richard beamed.


"Look at those two," Vic laughed and shook his head.

"So obvious," said Gar.

"Yet they are so blind," Rachel added.

"So," Victor straightened up and started. "Holiday plans?"

"Nothing special," Rachel shrugged.

"Snowball fight at my place," Gar smirked, and then looked over to Vic. "Are you up for it?"

"You're on, green bean," Vic smirked back.

"Wanna join us, Rae?" Gar suddenly asked.

"Why would I be interested in snowball fights?"

"Because… you haven't even tried it?"

Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Come on, just once?" Gar pleaded.

Rachel sighed in defeat. "…fine."

"Awesome!" Garfield grinned. "My place, tomorrow."

Victor stared at Rachel and Garfield and chuckled softly to himself.

'Right,' he thought. 'So obvious, yet they are so blind.'


Richard ate his lunch as he occasionally glanced at Kory. Her face, her cherry red hair, her emerald eyes…

The school bell rang again, alerting everyone that it was time to get back to class.

Kory got up immediately. "I'll see you later, Richard."

"Yeah," he replied and got up as well. "Thanks for the… uh…"

"You're welcome," Kory cut in and smiled.

Richard smiled back when something suddenly hit him. "Hey, you think I can uh… have your number?" he asked and pulled out his phone.

Kory was in a state of shock.

"If you don't want to…"

Kory smirked and snatched Richard's phone, quickly typing in her number.


"I'll call you for the ice skating lesson," Richard smirked.

"And I'll be waiting," Kory smirked back.

She quickly dashed away, leaving Richard still on the canteen. His eyes were fixed at her figure, and he smiled again to himself.


Rachel and Kory sat down on the mat. They were at Kory's house, and school was finally over this season.

"I can't believe you did that," Kory moaned.

"I was giving you a chance," Rachel defended herself. "In fact, you're supposed to be thanking me."

"Thank you, Rachel, for leaving me with my secret crush sitting together at the canteen this afternoon," Kory sighed.

"That's better," Rachel smirked.

"Whatever," Kory rolled her eyes. She reached for the remote and switched on her television.

"So what else is new?" Rachel asked and leaned back, her palms supporting her.

"I… gave him my number."

"…whoa," Rachel chuckled.

"And he said something about teaching me ice skating," Kory added. "But he probably didn't mean that anyway."

As if on cue, Kory's phone beeped, alerting an incoming text message. Kory checked the message, Rachel joining in.

Hey Kor, how bout 2morrow 4 ice skate Gar's place?


"Looks like he meant what he said," Rachel smiled.

Kory beamed.

Ok, text me his address, I'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

Kory pressed send and threw her cell phone back to her bag.

"See? That wasn't so bad," said Rachel.

"I can't believe this is happening," Kory mumbled.

Then, Rachel's phone rang. Arching an eyebrow, she pulled out her phone and looked at the caller ID. It wasn't in her contacts.

"I gotta take this," she mumbled to Kory and walked outside, stopping right in front of Kory's front door. "Hello?"

"Hey Rae!" a familiar high-pitched voice exclaimed.


"You recognize me. I'm touched," Gar chuckled.

Rachel couldn't help but smile. Good thing they weren't standing face-to-face. "How did you get my number?"

"Uh… I got it from a friend."

Rachel raised an eyebrow once again. "…Riiiight."

"Anyways," Gar continued. "Are you with Kory right now?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well… Richard texted her just a few minutes ago," he said, a little nervously. "He's teaching her ice skating at my place tomorrow. And… I was wondering if…"

Rachel's smile widened a bit.

"I was wondering if… you could… come over here tomorrow with her," Gar finally finished.

She saw it coming. And she wasn't making it easy. "I don't think I can make it tomorrow…"

"But… but…" Gar pleaded. "You promised to join our snowball fight!"

"Oh, that."

"Come on, it's gonna be fun!"

"Well… alright."

"Yes!" Gar exclaimed. "Meet ya tomorrow, Rae!"

"Rachel," she muttered in warning.

"Bye Rae!" he exclaimed again, obviously ignoring her warning. Rachel ended the call and rolled her eyes. She turned around to head back in and bumped with Kory, almost giving her a heart attack.

"Who was that?" Kory asked innocently.

"Nobody," Rachel mumbled and passed Kory.

Kory blocked Rachel's way again. "Who? Garfield Logan?"

"No," Rachel insisted and passed Kory again.

"Did he ask you out?" Kory asked, blocking Rachel's way once more.

"NO," Rachel repeated with a louder tone.

"Rae…" Kory said in an I-know-you're-hiding-something tone.

"Ugh…"Rachel moaned in defeat. "Fine. He asked me to go with you to his house tomorrow."

"How does he know that…" Kory's eyes widened. "He knows about me and Richard…?"



"It wasn't me, okay? It was Richard. They know Richard's been having a crush on you, too."

Kory blinked. "He has a… crush on…?"

"You two are SO blind, you know that?" Rachel shook her head.

"Wait, wait, I still don't get it," Kory mumbled.

"I left you on purpose with Richard at lunch and joined Vic and Gar and they told me about Richard having a crush on you and I told them about you having a crush on Richard and basically," Rachel took a deep breath after her speech, "We're working together to get you two together."

Kory blinked again.

"I wasn't supposed to reveal that," Rachel mumbled to Kory.

"So… are you going tomorrow or not?" Kory finally asked.

"…Yes," Rachel smiled.


The car screeched to a stop right in front of Garfield's house. It was quite large, but not too big. It displayed simplicity and elegance altogether. Kory and Rachel stepped down from the car and slammed the door close.

"Ladies!" Gar waved from the front door. Victor stood next to him and smiled.

"Hey Gar," Kory greeted and walked to the front door, Rachel following her.

"Nice place you got here," Rachel complimented.

"Thanks," Gar beamed.

Victor stepped in and pointed to the backdoor, "Richard's already waitin', Kory."

"Thanks," Kory smiled and ran to the back of the house.

"Well," Gar laughed. "She's pretty excited."

When she arrived, Richard was already skating on the ice rink, his hands were in his pocket, and he seemed to be skating in circles.

Kory's smile widened. She slipped on her skating shoes, tied the laces and ran straight for the ice rink.

"Richard!" Kory shouted and ran towards him. Richard turned around and Kory slipped on the ice, but luckily Richard caught her immediately.

"Whoa," Richard chuckled. "Slow down, Princess."

"Sorry," Kory blushed. "A little too excited."

'He called me "Princess",' Kory thought.

'Where the heck did "Princess" come from?!' Richard thought in panic. 'I hope she's not going to bring that up…'

"Uh… You okay?" Richard asked.

Kory nodded. "Yeah."

Richard pulled her up and stood behind Kory, his hands on her shoulders.

"You know how to do this?"

"Maybe," Kory shrugged.

Kory tried to glide as Richard followed her, his hands still guarding Kory in case she slipped again. And yes, before she could glide further, she slipped again. Of course, Richard caught her.

"Ouch," Kory grunted. "Told you I'm not good at it."

"You're being too excited," Richard chuckled.

"Excited or not, guess this isn't really my thing," said Kory.

Richard pulled Kory up again. "You'll just have to try again."

He held her shoulders and straightened her back. He spread her arms to her side, and she was ready to go.

"Have you tried walking on ice?" Richard asked. "With skating shoes?"

"That's the only thing I could do on ice," Kory laughed.

"Hey, that's already something, okay?" he reassured her. "Alright. Stand straight first, try to keep your balance steady."

Kory did as she was told.

"Okay, now you can bend your knees a little bit," he muttered and pushed Kory down slowly, until her knees were bent.

His mutters became whispers as he tightened his grip on Kory's shoulders. "Now let's try it."

Slowly, Kory glided on the ice with Richard behind her. She glided ever so smoothly, and her movements formed into a silent rhythm.

Richard's arms stretched from Kory's shoulder to her arms, his palms joining hers. "You're doing it," Richard muttered.

"I… yeah," Kory beamed.

She was enjoying the feeling. The feeling of skating, gliding on the ice, the wind rushing through her…

…and Richard holding her tight.

"You're ready to go," Richard said and slowly released Kory's hands. "For real."

"I… what?!" Kory shouted in shock. She was skating, gliding… all on her own.

"Richard…!!" Kory panicked, still trying to keep her balance straight.

Richard shouted back, "I'm right here, you're doing great!"

Kory breathed, and she realized she really was doing it all on her own now. She continued gliding, and now she was already turning and swirling a bit.

"Richard?" she shouted. "How do I stop?!"


"I can't stop!" she shouted, panicking again. Her movement was uncontrollable now, her rhythm was broken and she was gliding to random directions.

Richard chuckled to himself and made his way towards Kory. Kory couldn't hold her balance any longer with her mind being panic. She stumbled and almost fell, but you know what happens next – Richard caught her just in time.

"Thanks," she whispered.

"Wanna try that again?" Richard offered.

Kory smiled.


"C'mon, Rae, you promised you were gonna join us!" Gar complained and sculpted a snowball on his palms.

"Yeah, you gotta have some fun every once in a while," Victor agreed as he flung a snowball towards Gar and it landed on his face with a 'flop'.

"Hey!" Gar shouted and responded with a hit of snowball towards Vic.

Rachel was sitting on the short stairway in front of the house's front door. "Snowball fight isn't my thing," she shrugged.

"Come on, you said YES when we asked you to join in," Vic pleaded.

"Yeah, and besides," Gar added. "It's Christmas season!"

Rachel just sat there and landed her chin on her palm. Gar finally ran towards her and pulled Rachel up, forcing her to stand up.


"You're going to play snowball fight, and I don't wanna hear any excuses," Gar smiled.

Victor finally threw snowballs at Gar and Rachel, trying to get the game started. Gar smirked and threw snowballs back at Vic, and another to Rachel.

Rachel smirked, more to herself, and scooped up some snow on her palms. She flung them at the boys and they turned around in astonishment. Rachel finally decided to join in!

"What?" She asked, her smirk was still on her lips. "You don't think I'm letting you get away after throwing snowballs on me, do you?"

The boys cheered and flung more snowballs to each other as the snowball war officially started.


"It's getting really late," Rachel said as she sat down on the couch with Gar and Vic next to her. "Where's Kory?"

"Still skating with her prince charming," Vic muttered and rolled his eyes.

"Well, I'm getting her back in," Rachel sighed as she stood up. "It's time for us to go home."

She walked out the backdoor and spotted Kory and Richard, still gliding together on the ice. Kory seemed to be doing quite well with her ice skating and with her bonding with Richard.

"Am I interrupting something?"

They turned to see Rachel. "Rachel, hey!" Richard greeted.

Rachel crossed her arms and smiled. "Looks like you two are having fun."

"Rachel!" Kory grinned. "I did it! I can ice skate on my own!"

Kory glided on the ice, turning and twirling and creating her own rhythm, but though she did well, she lost her balance in the end. Richard caught her in time – again.

"Nice catch," Rachel chuckled. "Come on Kory, it's getting late."

Kory stood up and walked off from the ice. "Yeah, we better go home now."

"I should probably go, too," Richard said as he glanced at his watch. "My dad's gonna kill me if I don't get home in time."

As soon as Kory slipped off her skating shoes and put back her own shoes, the three of them went back inside Garfield's house.

"Hey, thanks for today," Kory told Gar. "It's getting kinda dark, we're going home."

"No prob, Kory," Gar replied.

They all went outside, Kory and Richard stopped at the front door.

"Thanks for the skating lesson, Richard," Kory said.

"Happy to help," Richard smiled. "Let me know if you want me to teach you again."

Kory smiled back and nodded.

"Oh, guys," Victor suddenly shouted. "Before I forget, I'm having a party at my house for Christmas. I wanna see y'all there, alright?"

"Great!" Gar beamed.

"We'll be there," Richard responded.

Rachel started her car, and before she could call Kory to get in, Gar suddenly appeared outside the car window.

"So Rachel," Gar smirked. "Enjoying today's snowball fight?"

"Let's just say I had my fun," Rachel smiled. "Thanks, Gar."

"You're welcome," Gar responded.

Rachel honked the car horn and shouted, "Kory, come on! Let's go!"

Kory turned to Richard one last time. "I'll see you at Vic's party, then."

"Yeah," Richard smiled again. "See you there."

Kory smiled one last time and gave him a peck of kiss on his cheek before running away to Rachel's car, leaving Richard standing there, dumbfounded.

She entered the car and Rachel gave the boys a "goodbye" honk with her car's horn. The boys waved goodbye as the car exited Garfield's yard.

"Nice move," Rachel smirked.

"Shut up," Kory mumbled and blushed.

Vic and Gar now turned to Richard, giving him a smirk.

"Well done, Prince Charming."


A few days have passed, and it was finally Christmas day. Kory succeeded in pursuing Rachel to go Christmas shopping with her, and Richard has gained a little more confidence after what happened at Garfield's house. They were all gathering at Victor's house, ready to celebrate Christmas.

"Glad y'all could make it here," Victor beamed while walking towards his living room, holding cups of hot chocolate. "Now, who wants hot chocolate?"

They all took the cups and Gar managed to put up some loud and hard-beating dance music. Disco lights were lit and the party officially started.

"So Rae," Garfield grinned and scooted closer to Rachel. "Since you're not going anywhere for Christmas and I'm not going anywhere for Christmas and that means we both will have some free time on our hands and…"

"Gar," Rachel cut in, suppressing a smirk on her lips.

"I-I was wondering," Gar stuttered. "Would you like to… Maybe… Sometime later… Would you like to uh… go out somewhere? Together?"

She couldn't suppress it anymore, and her smirk now widened to a smile. "I'd love it."

Gar's grin widened as he cheered and screamed "YES!" to himself… mentally.

Richard smiled as well, looking at Garfield and Rachel. Vic was suddenly standing next to Richard, and he nudged him with his elbow.

"What?" Richard asked, shooting up an eyebrow.

Victor shifted his head and gestured to Kory.


Victor rolled his eyes, an annoyed look was now on his face.

"Do it, man," Vic whispered, giving Richard a slight push.

Richard hesitated before his eyes gazed towards Gar. Apparently, Garfield was gesturing towards Kory, too.

Richard finally sighed. He left his cup of hot chocolate at the table and walked over to Kory, who was still sipping her hot chocolate and silently watching Gar and Rachel sitting on the couch.



Richard slowly sat beside her. "I need to tell you… about something…"

"What is it?" she asked, putting down the cup she was holding.

"I… don't know how to say this."

Kory waited patiently, her eyes trailing over his face. He took a deep breath.

"You know we've been friends for a while, right?"

Kory nodded.

"And… It brought me to…" Richard continued. "Having a crush on you."

Kory's breathing was now shallow and her heart was racing.

Richard looked down. "You won't probably feel the same, and I can understand that, but now that I have the chance…"

He fell silent for a few seconds before his lips curved up to a small smile and he took her hands on his.

"Kory," He started again. "You've been my best friend, you've been my secret crush…"

Kory bit her lower lip.

"Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Kory smiled and flung herself towards Richard, wrapping her arms around him.

"Yes," she whispered. "Yes I would."

Richard hugged her in return. "Thank you," he whispered back. After a few moments, they pulled away.

"You know, now that we're together," Richard smirked. "You think we can extend that kiss on my cheek to somewhere else?"

Kory giggled, and before they knew it, their lips were on each others', their arms were embraced around each other, and their Christmas became warm all of the sudden.

"Aw man," Victor whined, looking at Richard and Kory while his hand was holding mistletoe on his side. "I was gonna make them do that!"

"Hey," Gar whispered to Vic. "Think I can borrow that for…"

"Don't even think about it," Rachel said, suddenly appearing next to gar with her arms crossed.

Garfield's face fell.

Rachel laughed. "No, I was just kidding."

Gar beamed again as Rachel scooted closer to him and gave him a peck of kiss on his lips.

"Aw, that's it?" Gar complained.

Rachel gave him a look.

"Okay, that's it," Gar muttered.




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Re: Rianna's Fanfictions

Post by Riaaanna on 2/25/2010, 12:54 pm

A tragedy fic. Kinda weird and stupid, but whatever. xPPP


Reaching Out

He didn't know where he was or what he was doing. He was in the middle of nowhere, and doing nothing. Suddenly, his surroundings came alive. Trees and birds and grasses suddenly appeared. The blue sky had shown its face and the breeze ran around the environment. He heard a few giggles and chuckles behind him. He turned around to see none other than his teammates. He smiled. There was Cyborg and Beast Boy playing stankball, Raven reading a novel under a tree, smiling to herself, and Starfire, who was floating around the area, enjoying the cool fresh air.

He joined them and stood beside the tree, watching the boys playing and Starfire floating. But then, all of the sudden, the sky became darker. Lightning stroke and drops of rain fell to the ground. Cyborg and Beast Boy stopped playing. Raven's book was all wet, she couldn't read anything anymore. And Starfire was…


Where was Starfire? He looked around frantically, calling out her name. He searched left and right to find nothing. Then, he looked to the sky. There she was, flying in the rain. She was floating towards the sky, getting higher and higher. He called out her name, loud and clear. She looked down and stopped flying for a moment. She frowned, but then a sad smile played on her face. She looked upwards again and continued her journey. He screamed with all his might to stop her from flying. To stop her from leaving. But he couldn't do anything. He turned around for his teammates, but they weren't there. They were gone. He looked at her again; she was flying through the gray clouds, over the chilly wind.

And she was gone.

"No!" he screamed. "Don't go!" He wished that he could fly. His name was Robin, but why couldn't he fly like one? His hand reached out towards the sky, but nothing had changed. She flew away from him. He had lost everything. He had lost everything…


Robin sat up wide-eyed, and gasping repeatedly for air. He looked around, but it wasn't the same as before. He was sitting on a bed. Around him were a wardrobe, a window, a desk, and hundreds of crime files spreading on the floor.

He blinked for a few moments before lying back unto his bed. He pulled the blanket closer to him and tried to sleep, but he couldn't. That dream…that nightmare…it felt so real.

Raven sat on a meditating position in her room, trying to keep her emotion in control. Today was the day she needed most meditation. She tried to concentrate, but she couldn't. There was a strong emotion in the tower. So strong that it disturbed her from concentrating. She thought about Robin for a while. Maybe it was him, after what happened. She decided to let him be alone and tried to concentrate in her meditation.

Cyborg was about to go to his room, after fixing the T-Car. He heard a few noise, like someone screaming softly. The voice sounded familiar, but it wasn't clear. He was starting to worry about Robin. He changed his direction to Robin's room, but then he stopped. Whatever it is that he was going to do with Robin, it won't change a thing. It happened, and there's no reverse to it. Cyborg sighed and turned back to his room.

Beast Boy hadn't crack a joke all day. He knew better than doing that, he had a heart. He finished up piling the dishes and cleaning up the main room. He knew the team couldn't handle anymore missions right now. He felt sorry for Robin. He wasn't the leader, but he made his choice. He deactivated the tower's crime alarm, so no one and nothing would disturb them tonight. He closed his eyes for a few moments. He inhaled, and slowly exhaled. He opened his eyes again and made his way to his room.


The sun rises and the birds chirped. Robin's eyes flickered open as he realized morning has arrived. He sat up and quickly took a shower. He got dressed and got out from the room. He was walking down the hallways, but his mind wandered somewhere else. That night, he had a nightmare. It was a nightmare where the girl of his dreams was flying away from him, leaving him with nothing. But it was just a nightmare, just a dream…right? So he shrugged it off and entered the main room. Cyborg and Beast Boy were awfully quiet, cooking their own breakfasts without fighting over meat and tofu. Raven neither reading a book nor meditating, she was staring down at her cup of tea, and was as quiet as the others.

Robin looked confused for a few moments. Why were they all so quiet? They were usually fighting over breakfast, and Raven would yell at them because they were acting like idiots. But this morning was different. They were all quiet.

"Morning, guys," Robin decided to break off the silence and smiled.

Everyone looked to him with hints of shock on their eyes. Cyborg smiled a little and replied, "Good morning. Want breakfast?"

"Sure," Robin said and took a seat between Cyborg and Raven.

"You're being cheery today," Raven half-smiled.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Robin shrugged. He took his spoon and fork, and started eating breakfast.

'Did he just shrug?' Raven thought.

"Are you, uh…feeling okay, Robin?" Beast Boy asked.

"Sure," he said simply.

Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy looked at each other in confusion. They didn't believe that Robin could recover so…fast.

"Hey, where's Star?" he asked and looked around the room.

The three of them froze, their hearts stopped. Didn't he remember? Didn't he know? What did actually happen?

"Uh, guys…?" Robin waved his hand in front of them.

Raven decided to start, "Robin, she's…um…"

"She's…not here," Cyborg said carefully.

"Where did she go?"

Raven handled the next one, "She's…gone somewhere."

"Oh," was all that he said. "I gotta work on a few crime files, I'll be in my room," he declared and walked out from the main room.

"Dude," Beast Boy muttered after Robin was gone.

"This isn't normal," Raven said.

Cyborg couldn't take it anymore. Something wasn't right. "I'll go check up on him," he said and headed towards Robin's room.


Robin sat in front of his desk and started scanning a dozen of files on the table. There was Cinderblock ruining the city last week, Plasmus broke into a secret lab five days ago, Overload at another electronic store three days ago, and more Cinderblock yesterday…Stop. Cinderblock…it reminded him of something…

"Robin?" a voice called from outside after a few heavy knocks on his door.

"Come in," Robin answered.

The door opened and Cyborg stood there, looking at him with concern.

"Hey Cy," Robin greeted, not looking away from his desk. "What do you need?"

"Nothing, actually," Cyborg stepped in to his room. "I was wondering if…you need anything."

"No, not really," Robin said. "Why are you suddenly asking?"

"Well…" Cyborg stuttered, trying to find a reason. "I uh…thought I heard a few noises last night. And I think it was…your voice…"

Robin looked down, "Oh, that."

"What? What happened last night?" Cyborg asked curiously.

"I just had some sort of nightmare, that's all."

"A nightmare?"

"Yeah," Robin answered simply.

"What…what was it about?" Cyborg asked again.

"Well, we were all on a picnic together at the park, and the sun was shining…but then the clouds went gray…and you're all suddenly gone," Robin explained.

"Is that all?"

"No…Starfire. I saw her in that dream. She was flying towards the sky, in the rain, and…she's just gone like that. Flying to the sky…and it felt so real," Robin said. "But it was just a dream, there's nothing to worry about."

Cyborg's face fell. He needed to tell him that it wasn't a dream. It felt so real, because…it happened. He had to let him know…but how?

"Well…that's…all I need to know," Cyborg said in a low voice. "Just call me if you need anything, okay?"

"Sure," Robin smiled.

Cyborg returned it with a small smile and left the room immediately. He went back to the main room to meet Raven and Beast Boy.

"What did he say?" Beast Boy asked.

"He had a nightmare last night. It was about Starfire leaving him. He said it felt so real," Cyborg explained. "But he didn't realize that it was real."

"He wouldn't forget, right? I mean…that was…unforgettable," Raven said.

"I'm not sure what's going on here, but I think that dude got a little too stressed," Beast Boy added.

"He'll be fine. He's just trying hard to cope with it," Raven stated.


"Why is everybody acting…different?" Robin muttered. He sighed and tidied up his desk. He was about to got out from the room when another knock was heard.

"Who is it?" Robin called out.

"Beast Boy," a voice replied.

"Come in."

The green teenage boy slid the door open and stepped in his room. "Hey, Rob."

"Hey," he greeted back. "What's up?"

"I'm just…checking if you feel okay," Beast Boy said nervously.

"I'm fine," Robin said in a convincing voice. "Why are you all suddenly so concerned about me?"

"Nothing," Beast Boy said simply. "It's just…uh…Cy told us about your whole nightmare thing and…um…"

"It's just a dream, there's nothing to be afraid of," Robin said.

Beast Boy had to tell him. Tell him that it was real, it wasn't a dream, and she was really leaving him. But the same question was asked, how would he tell him?

"Well…if you need someone to talk to, then…we'll be there for you, dude," Beast Boy said in a friendly tone.

Robin hesitated before answering, "…sure."

Beast Boy smiled. "You want lunch?" he asked.

Robin smiled back, "Sounds good." They both walked out from the room, Robin first, and then followed by Beast Boy. Just before Beast Boy got out from the room, he kicked something that clanged on the floor. He looked down, and found a small bottle half-full of pills. Robin wasn't there, so Beast Boy took it with him, shoving it in his pocket.


"Where did Starfire go, anyway?" Robin asked innocently while eating his lunch. They tried to think of a way to tell him, but they couldn't. It would hurt him too much, they just couldn't do it.

"Maybe she's…gone for a long walk or something," Cyborg muttered.

"I'll check if she's okay…" Robin started and tried to pull out his communicator. But his communicator was held back by a black energy before Cyborg convinced him. "She's fine, she's…right…there…" he said heavily, pretending to point at a certain location on his cybernetic arm.

Robin sat back down quietly and continued his lunch. He finished eating faster than the others, and got back to his room again, leaving the other three titans.

"You…lied to him," Raven said to Cyborg.

"I don't wanna hurt him. I had no choice," Cyborg mumbled.

"We can't keep doing this forever. He has to know, sooner or later," Raven stated.

"Maybe…" Beast Boy started. "There was a cause to all of this."

"Of course there is," Raven said. "What are you trying to say?"

"I found this on the way out from Robin's room," he answered and pulled out the small bottle. Raven took it and examined it for a while. "What is it?" Beast Boy asked.

"Some kind of medicine, but I'm not sure what," Raven replied.

"Let me scan that stuff," Cyborg said, taking the pills out and scanned it with his arm. The results popped out, and his lips curved down into a frown.

"What is it?" Beast Boy asked.

"It's a drug. It's supposed to make you feel better, but on the other hand…" Cyborg trailed off. "It makes you lose some memories."

"Maybe only bad memories," Raven added.

"But…why would he use this stuff? It's dangerous," Beast Boy questioned.

"To forget about her," Raven muttered. Her eyes narrowed and she finally stood up. "I'm gonna have a word with him."


She lifted up her hand and pounded on his door.

"I'm working," Robin's voice replied.

"This is important," Raven interrupted.

"I got work to do. It'll have to…"

"It can't wait, Robin. I need to talk to you, now," Raven half yelled.

A few seconds later, the door slid open. "What do you want?" he asked.

Raven stepped in and sat on his bed. Robin noticed her twisted facial expression and decided to ask, "…what's….what's wrong Raven?"

"I have to tell you something," Raven sighed. "About…Starfire."

"I…thought she was going for a walk," Robin replied monotonously.

"No, she's not," Raven looked down. "You've been drugging yourself the whole time, Robin. That's why you forgot."

"Drugging myself? Is this some kind of joke?" Robin accused.

"I'm not the joking type, Robin, you know me," Raven stated as she pulled out the tube that Beast Boy had found earlier. "You drank this. This is a drug. A drug that makes your pain goes away for the while, and erases those bad memories in your head."

Robin's memory slowly regained. He now knows what happened, but he refused to accept it. "I don't know what that is," he replied quickly.

"You're lying, I can sense that," Raven stood up. "Robin, you remember now. You know what really happened. Please, don't do this to yourself."

Robin turned away as a tear rolled down his cheek. "I never wanted to remember," he whispered. "But now that you found out…"

"This is a dangerous medicine, you can't keep taking this forever," Raven threw the tube to his bed. "You have to face the truth, Robin. No matter how much it hurts."

"You don't know how much it hurts!" Robin faced her and yelled. "You don't know my feelings, you don't know what's inside my head, even if you're an empath!"

"I KNOW how much it hurts, Robin!" Raven yelled back. "I know."

"No…You don't. It wasn't a dream…it was…real…" he choked.

"She was my best friend, Robin. A sister to me," Raven spoke softly.

"No one can ever miss her as much as I do," Robin replied with the same tone.

Raven sighed. "Don't go on drugs, Robin. You're a team leader. You're not that kind of person."

Another tear rolled down his cheek as he turned facing the wall. "Get out of my room," he whispered.


"Get out, Raven!" Robin yelled.

Raven looked down before started to walk towards the door. "Call us if you need anything," Raven informed and walked out of the room.

Robin fell to his bed and sunk his head to the pillow. He cried again, and it seemed that it couldn't stop…


"What happened? I heard yelling," Beast Boy asked with Cyborg next to him, as soon as Raven reached the main room.

"It was true. He was going on drugs," Raven looked down. "But as soon as I made him realize what he did, he also realized what truly happened."

"So…he remembers that Star is really…gone?" Cyborg questioned.

"Yeah," Raven replied and nodded.

"What now? That dude is really stressing out," Beast Boy reminded Cyborg and Raven.

"We need to give him time to rest…let him deal with this for the while," Cyborg advised.

The others nodded as they went into their own rooms.


Robin sat on his bed, tears still falling softly from his unmasked eyes. He sat quietly for a few moments before he clenched his fist and stood up abruptly.

He rushed into his special drawer where he kept more and more of the drugs. He pulled out a few tubes and put them inside his utility belt. He took a few weapons and a pair of clothes, shoving them inside his backpack. Stopping for a moment, he thought about what he was going to do. Robin sighed and took out a piece of paper. He started writing on it, and dropped the pen to the floor. He didn't forget to put on a new pair of mask.

Staring out at the sunset-filled sky, he jumped out through the window and went away…


Cyborg knocked on the door. "Robin?" he called out.

No answer.

He knocked again. "Rob, do you um…need anything I can help? Or maybe you uh…just wanna talk?"

No answer.

"Must've fallen asleep," Cyborg muttered as he prepared to leave. But then he turned back and curiosity filled his mind. He faced the door once again and decided to break in. He entered Robin's code, and the door slid open, without any "invalid code" interruption. Cyborg scanned the whole room. It was empty, and the window was wide open. His eyes widened as he saw a piece of note and Robin's communicator next to it, on his desk.

"Raven, Beast Boy! Get to Robin's room, now!" Cyborg called through his cybernetic arm.

A few seconds later, the door swooshed open as Raven and Beast Boy rushed in the room. "What's wrong?" Raven asked worriedly.

Cyborg handed them the note and Robin's communicator. Raven narrowed her eyes in confusion. "What…?"

"Don't go look for me, don't try to stop me. I'm gone away for a while, but I'm not sure if I'll ever get back. Chances are I won't. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Take care of yourselves," Beast Boy read the note aloud.

"What is he doing?" Cyborg muttered.

"He sure packed well for his trip," Raven said as she pointed to Robin's opened and empty closet.

"He might do something dangerous," Cyborg reminded.

"Then we better catch up with him," Raven said.

"How? We have no idea where he went or what he's up to," Beast Boy interrupted.

"There's a possibility that he went to the crime scene. But I'm not sure either," Raven said.

"Then we'll look everywhere," Cyborg answered as he walked out, heading towards the garage to fetch his T-car.


Robin skidded down the hills, right beside the cliff. That cliff that made him lost his love. He landed on the ground and stared at the wide blue ocean. He took off his clothes, leaving his shorts on, and splashed into the water.

He swam and swam in an incredible speed, with no certain destination. He had to find her. She had to be alive. He needed to be with her…somehow…


Cinderblock attacked fiercely, but the titans managed to dodge all of them.

"We need a plan," Cyborg suggested.

"We can lure him there," Robin instructed as he pointed to a cliff. "Then we'll push him off."

"Sending him to deep water," Beast Boy agreed.

Just then, Starfire flew to them, "I shall be his bait and lure him to the cliff."

"And we'll push him off in time," Raven added.

Robin hesitated for a moment. There was a small voice, telling him that there was something wrong. Something was not right with his plan. But Cinderblocks' attacks brought him back to attention as he ignored the small voice.

"Alright, we'll go with that. Titans, GO!" he commanded.

Starfire flew over to the cliff and fired a barrage of starbolts to Cinderblock. Cinderblock turned around and started attacking the alien princess. Starfire flew away from his attacks as Cinderblock started to get closer to the cliff.

"Just a little more…" Cyborg muttered as the others watched in suspense.

Starfire threw another round of starbolts, and dust covered the sight as her powers hit the soil as well. The dust cleared off, but Cinderblock was nowhere to be seen.

Starfire was looking around, "Where did he…"

Suddenly, a hard impact came to all of her body. Consciousness drifted off of her as she felt her body falling…and falling…and falling…and there were voices that she could hear before she completely left. Cinderblock was evilly laughing…Her friends were calling her name…one was the loudest and most painful to hear…

"STARFIRE!!" Robin reached out as she fell to the water with a giant splash.

Cinderblock had hit her. He escaped after the titans' attentions were thrown to Starfire.

And that was when Robin knew everything was lost.

End Flashback

His head popped out of the water, and he was gasping sharply for air. He looked around. All he could see was the wide blue ocean. There was nothing unusual…No sign of ocean creatures, no sign of ships or boats….And there was no Starfire there either.

He kept on swimming for hours, until it was past midnight and the water became really cold. He shivered in the coldness and swam back to the shore. He walked off to the dry land and put on his clothes back.

He checked his surroundings. The cliff, the ocean…and there was something else.

"The woods," Robin mumbled. "Could she be there?"

It was impossible for someone who was dead and fell into the ocean to be in the woods. But maybe…there was still hope…


The T-car screeched to a halt nearby the shore. Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg stepped out from the car.

"I can't sense him. He's blocking his thoughts," Raven informed them.

"I can't track him either. His only locator is his communicator," Cyborg added.

"I'll check if I can get his scent," Beast Boy morphed into a detective dog and started sniffing around. He walked as usual, his nose inhaling near the ground. After a few steps, he stopped. He sniffed again, and turned around. He resumed human form and said, "He was here. I smelled his scent somewhere over here."

"But where could he be? The only possible place is the shore and the cliff. And he's not at the cliff," Cyborg threw his arms beside him.

"Probably the ocean?" Raven asked.

"He's not doing something stupid, isn't he?" Beast Boy asked worriedly.

"Only one way to find out," Cyborg muttered. "Let's check the deep six."

They got back into the T-Car as it started to hover above the ocean.


Robin walked through the trees. He knew that it was no use to look for her here, it was far too impossible. At some minutes, he would run as fast as he could when his mind is playing the terrible scene at random moments. And at other times, he would walk really slow, thinking of how his life would be without her.

It was three hours before dawn. He had been looking for her everywhere for more than six hours. His mind never wanted to stop, but his biological body forced him to. He stopped and sat down under a tall tree. He pulled out a few pills and swallowed them into his throat. He leaned to the tree and started to drift off to sleep, his eyes wet with small tears once again.

"Why…" he muttered. "Why now? I'm not ready for this…I need you here…"


"Any sign of him?" Beast Boy questioned.

"So far, no," Raven answered.

"And I've scanned the ocean as wide as my scanner range could reach, there's no sign of human around here," Cyborg announced. "Not even boats or ships."

Raven's mind started to think negative, "Do you…think that he's already…"

"No," Beast Boy interrupted her. "He's a strong person. He's better than to decide committing suicide."

"His drugs…they were incredibly dangerous," Raven looked down.
"All we can do is hope that his strength can last until we find him," Cyborg added.


He felt a warm ray through his body. He heard the birds started to sing and greeted the morning cheerfully. He could feel light shining towards his body. He knew he had to wake up, but again, his body refused to do so. He was too exhausted, too tired, to do anything. He snuggled and fixed his position, once again floating to sleep.

As Robin fell into a deeper sleep, he heard faint swooshing sounds, a little louder than the wind. Then, he heard footsteps.

Robin was about to wake up, but his exhaustion forced him to go back to sleep.

After a few minutes, he fell asleep again. But then, a female voice called to him.

"Robin!" she shouted. His consciousness didn't go well, he shifted from his position, but his eyes were still closed. He was still asleep.

There were running footsteps, and it stopped abruptly. A pair of palms landed on his left arm, and they shook his body lightly. It was Raven.

"Robin," the voice called. "Robin, wake up."

Robin groaned softly and rolled over from his previous position, still lying on the ground.

The girl sighed and shook his body once again. "Robin, get up."


Starfire giggled as Robin buried his head under his pillow.

"Robin," she called out, still shaking his sleeping body. "It is almost 8.00 in the morning, the sun is shining, please wake up!"

He rolled over to another side and sleepily replied. "Five…more minutes…Star…"

She giggled again, but she wasn't going to let him sleep. She was going to wake him up. She wiggled her fingers and tickled him, until he sat up, screaming.

"Starfire," he said between laughs. "Stop that!"

"You would not wake up," Starfire giggled again. "And I could not think of any other way to wake you up."

"Okay fine," Robin sighed, still laughing a little. "I'm waking up, see?"

"Good," Starfire smiled. "Now we can go for breakfast together! Would you like a sandwich, cereal, waffles, or…"

"Anything is good," he cut in, and touched her nose with his. "As long as I'm with you."

They smiled, and knew that as long as they had each other, everything is perfect.

End Flashback

Robin groaned again, and sub-consciously replied, "Five…more minutes…Star…"

Raven froze. Her eyes widened a bit, and she felt her cheeks started to become a track for a drop of her rolling tear.

"I'm…I'm not…Starfire," Raven choked. "Now wake up."

"I…don't want…breakfast…yet…" he replied again, his eyes are still closed.

Raven finally stood up and wiped away her tears. She spotted a river nearby, and using her powers, she sent a wave of water towards him. He was soaked. And then, he wake up, gasping for air.

"What was that for?!" he instantly yelled.

"You're in the middle of a forest," Raven said quickly, trying to sound steady. "I had to wake you up."

"What are you doing here?" Robin asked coldly. "I told you not to come and look for me!!"

"We were all worried, Robin! Something bad could've happened to you!!" she yelled back.

"I'm perfectly fine!!"

"No, you're not! Not with all those drugs you're using right now!!"

"Don't you understand English?! I said I'm fine!!"

"You're not fine if you can't get over it!!"

"What makes you think I can't get over it?!"

"YOU CALLED ME "STAR" WHEN I TRIED TO WAKE YOU UP!!" she yelled with all her strength.

They both froze, and they were panting after all those yelling. "She's gone, Robin," Raven whispered and knelt next to him. "You have to deal with that."

Robin shook his head slowly as his eyes started to become wet with tears. "I can't, Raven…" he whispered back.

His eyes were shut and he started to sob softly. He fell to Raven's shoulder as she hugged him lightly. She didn't cry anymore, because she cried enough. She had let all her emotions out on her yelling.

She slowly reached to her belt and pulled out her communicator, sending a signal for Beast Boy and Cyborg so they could pick them up.


The T-car slowly drove across the street. They were very quiet. Robin sat at the front seat with Cyborg, leaving Raven and Beast Boy sitting at the backseat.

"Is he gonna be okay?" Beast Boy whispered to Raven, not too loud so Robin couldn't hear him.

"I hope so," she whispered back.

The car hovered across the ocean, and stopped at the tower's garage. It was mid-day, but they didn't have any energy left to do anything. They went into their separate rooms and decided to get some nap.

Robin entered his room and saw that nothing had changed, except that his note that was on his desk was gone.

"Robin?" Cyborg called from outside the room.

"Come in," Robin replied flatly, staring at the window and leaning on the wall.

"Get some rest, man," he tried to comfort him. "I'm sure you're really tired."

"Thanks," he replied, still in a monotone.

Cyborg sighed, "She wouldn't want you to be sad like this, Robin. You have to move on with life."

"I don't have any life without her."

"Yes you do," he convinced him. "You're still Robin, leader of the Teen Titans. You still have many things that you can do in your life."

Robin turned to face Cyborg, "She means so much to me."

"I know," he replied softly. They both looked away until Robin spoke up. "I'll be at the roof," he said and walk passed Cyborg. "And don't worry, I won't kill myself."

"Swear it," Cyborg crossed his arms.

"I swear," he said. "Thanks for everything."

Robin left the room and went upstairs, towards the roof. He opened the door, and was quite shocked to see Beast Boy sitting there, under the blazing mid-day sun.

"You'll get burned if you sit there for hours," Robin said, walking towards Beast Boy from behind him.

Beast Boy, in a shocked state, quickly stood up and faced Robin. "Rob," he quickly said. "Watcha doin' here?"

"Couldn't rest," he shrugged. "I uh…decided to come up here…and just…think."

Beast Boy caught his point and looked down.

"I can't believe she's really…gone," Robin mumbled, looking at the sea.

"He's staying in your heart," Beast Boy pointed out. "And that Starfire there can never die."

Robin smiled a little and continued staring at the view. "I love her…I really do…Do you know how much it affects you…when you lost someone you really love?" he asked.

"I do," Beast Boy answered softly. "But I went on with my life, Robin. Terra left but I moved on and got over it. She's happy…even if she doesn't remember me."

"Do you think…Star is…happy…up there?" he moved his gaze towards the sunlight-filled sky.

"Of course," Beast Boy smiled weakly. "Heaven is filled with happiness."

Robin smiled a little, too. "I'll always love you, Star," he whispered. "No matter where you are."

"And she'll always love you," Beast Boy patted Robin's back, softly. "I'm gonna get some rest."

"You do that," Robin nodded. "I'll stay here for a while."

Beast Boy nodded back and smiled in satisfaction that Robin can finally see that Star will be happy, and their love will always prevail.


He stayed there until the sun sets, and at that time, he remembered those happy moments with Starfire. They would usually sit together on the roof, watching the sunset. They would hold each other close, never wanting to let go, and make sure that they always have each other.

He smiled sadly at all the memories of her. The orange sky soon turned dark, and tiny twinkling stars started to appear. He switched his position from sitting to lying on the floor. After a few hours, his eyes slowly closed, and he drifted into peaceful sleep, after consuming the scene of the beautiful stars that always remind him of her…

The door opened slowly and Raven got out to the roof, a blanket was held on her hand. She could sense his emotions now. It was peaceful, relief, and love. He was dreaming of her. She was there in his dreams, making him not as lonely as in real life. He would always be with her every night. They would meet and be together in his dreams.

Raven wrapped the blanket around his body, keeping him warm from the cold air. She smiled and went back inside, not bothering to call Beast Boy or Cyborg to carry him back to his room. If she did that, his dream would be ruined.

She died in reality, but she lives within his heart.

He is somewhat feeling alone without her, but they'll be together, every night in his dreams.

He loves her and always will, and he knew, that she loves him back, and always will.

And somewhere in heaven, Starfire smiled for her one true love.




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