Musical: Some Things Never Change

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Musical: Some Things Never Change

Post by Guest on 11/11/2008, 9:34 pm

The 2nd fic in my chain, and it has somethign everyone's been waiting for.

Beast Boy and Terra are going to tie the knot at last,

But this fic goes on the night befroe the wedding, Beast Boy tells my Titan CopyCat the sad story of how he and Terra started, and how Terra came back after THINGS CHANGE:

I don't own any of the songs, I just made pariodes of some, but I will provide youtube clips of the songs and where they are ont he clip so you can understand more, and follow along.


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Chapter one: Copy-Cat's question

Post by Guest on 11/11/2008, 9:43 pm


Slade had been causing trouble in town again, and it was up to the titans to get him. They had chased him all the way into a construction-zone and split up to search for him.

“I know you’re here Slade.” said Robin. “Why don’t you come out and fight fair.”

“Should I really make it that easy for you Robin.” Slade hissed. “But you are right… I shall come out… HERE!!” he leapt out from above straight for Robin, but then…

WHAMM!! He got zapped by Starfire’s bolts. “Husband, are you all right?” she asked.

Robin shot her a smile and a thumbs-up. Then he turned back to face Slade. “Tut, tut, tut Robin… always letting you little wife fight your battles for you.” he hissed.

Robin withdrew his steel quarter-staff. “She’s not fighting for me… she’s fighting with me.”

The rest of the Titans hopped out from their hiding places. “And that goes for the rest of us too.” growled Cyborg.

Beast Boy and Terra stood hand-in-hand. “Dude, give us back those wedding plans.” snapped Beast Boy.

Terra nodded in agreement. “Beast Boy and I worked long and hard on them.” she said fiercely as her other first began to glow and a few rocks stood up.

“Ah yes… the wedding plans for your little celebration tomorrow.” Slade hissed as he looked at the box of valuable folders he had stolen. “You want them back so badly… here they are.”

The titans all charged forward. Robin and star missed their shots and Slade flipped Cyborg up over his head and out of the way. “Childish fools.” he hissed… but he spoke too soon.

Beast Boy changed into a Rhino and whammed him hard in the chest while he wasn’t watching. Slade got knocked back into a wall and the files all went flying, but Raven used her power to grab them all safely.

“Good catch.” said Terra.

Raven smiled a bit. “Thanks.”

She Gave Terra back the wedding plans and then they both rushed into the battle.

Slade had shoved Beast Boy off his feet, and then… e looked up just in time to see Copy-Cat swing his Wolverine Claws right for him. Slade quickly ducked and Copy Cat’s claws got stuck in the rocks.

He pulled and grunted trying to pull himself free. “GRR… Curse this claws!” he growled.

“My, my, my… the poor cat got his own tongue.” mocked Slade. He with drew his own fighting-staff and began walking toward Copy Cat who just couldn’t pull himself out.

But before Slade could attack, Terra crumpled the rocks around Copy-Cat’s claws freeing him quick as Raven began to power up.

“Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!”

She used her power to send more boulders crashing down onto Slade, but Slade just leapt up and hid himself in the huge dust cloud Raven had made with the Avalanche.

“I can hide from you titans anywhere at anytime.”

“Oh no you cannot.” said Copy-Cat as he leapt into the dust. “My Psychic Foresight shall lead me to wherever you are.”

For awhile the dust didn’t seem to settle… so Beast Boy changed into a Vulture and flapped his wings to blow the dust away. Everyone was most shocked. Copy-Cat was there… but Slade was gone.

“Yo man… he got away again!!” growled Cyborg. He punched the ground angrily “I hate it when he gets away like this.”

“Take it easy, Cyborg.” said Robin. “At least we got the plans back. So we can drop them off on the way back to the tower.”

“Yeah… lighten up, dude.” said Beast Boy. “After all, you know what night this is?”

This was Beast Boy and Terra’s last night of being single…. That’s right… they were going to tie the knot the next day. Ever since Beast Boy had proposed to Terra on Copy-Cat’s home planet, Psyconia. The Titans had been real busy planning the wedding.

Tonight, being their last nights before the big ceremony, the titans planned to celebrate. The girls planned to go out, and so did the boys.

Terra, Starfire… and even Raven went around quite a bit.

They even went to a strip bar, and Terra was asked to dance on stage with the men and even join in the band playing. She did learn how to playa pretty mean Bass Guitar while she was in school… with her amnesia.

Starfire giggled, as she did the twist with some other dancers. “Hmm, mm, mm… I believe I am having a night of my greatest time.” she said. “And Raven… you are enjoying this too.”

“Sure… whatever.” Raven simply said.

Actually, she just sat in the dark corners chatting to a Goth-man who thought she was cute, but Raven was already Copy-Cat’s girlfriend, and she wasn’t open for the taking guys off the street.

Across town…

The boys sure were rocking it up too at another Jazz-bar clean on the other side of town so Terra and Beast Boy wouldn’t see each other.

Copy-Cat even found the way Earthmen partied to be somewhat amusing.

Sadly… the Jazz band had a few problems. Their Main singer got delayed, and couldn’t make it, and their piano player was sick… but Beast Boy decided not to let this happen.

He offered to play and sing himself.

At first the band was hesitant. “Does this cat here even now how to Jazz it up good?” asked one of the band-men.

“Dude, trust me.” said Beast Boy. He sat himself down at the piano.

“Oh, yeah, man… play it good.” said Cyborg.

Then the whole band began playing “Lullaby of Birdland” and Beast Boy began to sing with a different voice to his own. (Go to 140)

(Beast Boy)

[i](Sounds like Kevin Clash)

Lullaby of birdland, that's what I
always hear when you sigh
Never in my woodland
Could there be words to reveal
In a phrase how I feel

-Have you ever heard two turtle doves
Bill and coo when they love
That's the kind of magic
Music we make with our lips
When we kiss

-And there's a weepy ol' willow
He really knows how to cry
That's how i cry in my pillow
If you should tell me
Farewell and goodbye

-Lullaby of Birdland whisper low
kiss me sweet & we'll go
Fliyin' high in Birdland
High in the sky up above
All because we're in love

The song kept playing and everyone in the bar was really getting’ in the groove.

“I got to say… Beast Boy really has a knack for all this.” Robin said as he passed by Cyborg in his dance walk.

“Boo’yah! You said it.” said Cyborg. “Terra sure is lucky getting a guy like him… and to think they almost didn’t make it.”

Copy-Cat had heard those words and wonder what they meant by that. “How could Beast Boy and Terra have almost not been able to rejoice their love?” he wondered.

Later that night …

Beast Boy was still wide awake… too excited about his wedding tomorrow, and to Terra. His Dream Goddess… his one and only love. The only person who seemed to like the things he liked, and even laugh at his jokes.

He just turned on his Electrical keyboard, and keeping the volume low, he began playing a slow sad song he remembered he played long ago. A soft somber song that had a paino and String vibe.

Copy Cat himself was also too wide-awake to sleep. He had been wondering about what Cyborg and Robin had said about Beast Boy and Terra all night.

Well… he did know Beast Boy was still up… so he decided he had to go and ask.

As he stepped in front of Beast Boy’s bedroom door, he heard the music he was playing on his keyboard, in piano-mode with strings in the background, and he could here him singing. (Go to 1:20)

(Beast Boy)

-Where am I goin' I'm not knowin'
Where have I been... "good question"
Nothing feels right.
I can't even find my light...

Who am I
So blue am I
Who am I
With no clue am I...

Am I doomed to be alone...
With my aching heart, head and bones
If only it were clear,
It'd be easier to cheer...

Ohh... Who am I
Miscunstrued am I
All A-Skewed am I
Pooh-Poohed am I
I feel like a dog that's gone a stray
Someone please help me to FIND... MY... WA-A-A-AY...

Ohh who am I
in a stu am I
Worn Through am I
Really unglued am I...

Copy Cat slowly opened the door and walked in as Beast Boy kept on playing.

Where am I goin' I'm not Knowi-i-i-i-in'

That’s when Beast Boy turned and saw Copy-Cat. He stopped playing… “Ooh… sorry dude.” he said in his regular voice. “Did I wake you up?”

Copy-Cat shook his head. “You did not… I was wide awake in any case.”

He came in and sat down, Beast Boy told him he was just singing an old song he always had sung when he was feeling bitter and depressed. Yet he was so excited about his wedding tomorrow, and Terra was even more excited than he was.

That’s where Copy-Cat brought up the subject involving what Cyborg and Robin had said. “Beast Boy… I wish to know… what was it that happened between you and Terra?”

Beast Boy’s expression changed. From all excited to looking pretty grim. “I don’t think you want to know that.” he said.

Copy-Cat had a feeling this was going to happen. “Beast Boy, I am your friend.” he said. “But remember that I am able to read minds. So you may as well tell me what had happened because I will just find out for myself.”

Beast Boy really wasn’t sure. “No man… I mean it’s a really long story.”

“Beast Boy…” replied Copy-Cat. “I am a Psyconian… I love long stories.”

Beast Boy sighed. “All right… you win. So get comfy.”

They got comfortable in their seats, and Beast Boy began to tell him the story… not just about him and Terra… but his entire background.


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Chapter two: What am I doing here?

Post by Guest on 11/11/2008, 9:56 pm

Before Beast Boy actually began… he had to tell Copy-Cat some things about himself first… His otherwise, unbearable past life.

For starters, his real name was not really Beast Boy, but most everyone was able to figure that out already. His actual name was… Garfield Logan.

As a child, Garfield contracted a rare, and fatal illness called Sakutia, and the only cure that would pare his life was a serum extracted from a green monkey.

This serum had the unintended effect of turning his skin and hair green, his ears pointy, and gave him the ability to morph into any animal of his choice.

From that point on, Garfield’s life was shaped by nothing but tragedy, and misery.

His parents died in a boating accident when he was no more than 10 years old. Ever since he still believed he could have prevented that event.

After he was saved from two kidnappers that tried to use his powers to help them in their crimes, he was left under the care of his despised guardian, Nicholas Galtry, who had embezzled funds from his inheritance. and plotted to kill the boy and have all the wealth for himself.

However, a bit luck began to shine on the young boy, as Galtry’s plans were foiled by the Doom Patrol who resuced young Garfield, and recruted him as their newest member. Which was where he donned his uniform, and his name… Beast Boy,

The Doom Patrol was like a second family to him. However, when it came to saving the Doom Patrol by letting the Brotherhood of evil escape… The Team Leader, Steve Dayton, also called Mentor had decided to expel Beast Boy from the patrol.

Beast Boy was most utterly crushed. He saves the team’s lives and they expelled him. Leaving him once again, all alone, unloved, unwanted… and as he was before… unhappy.

Beast Boy tried his best to look for employment but nobody would even give him the chance. Badly judging him with his Green Skin and his power to morph into animals.

He could only spend most of his time scraping for food from stands, or whatever he could find in garbage, and he slept those cold and freezing nights in the alleys.

But then things came for the better when he became part of the Teen Titans. He was giving a new home, with friends, food, shelter… and even a chance to use his powers to round up criminals again.

Beast Boy's assumed a role of a comic relief. Telling jokes that nobody thought was funny, and getting himself into mischief at times. However, it was only a façade.

The real reason Beast Boy liked to joke around, and be silly at times was to hide the deep inner pain from his life. All the hardships he had suffered. Losing his parents, to be raised by a horrible man who tired to kill him. Even being exiled from the Doom Patrol.

Beast Boy was likely considered to be the single Titan on the entire team who suffered the most heartache, most despair, and the most unbearable life of them all.

Still, he didn’t intend to let it slow him down.

After some time of being on the team, the Titan’s met Terra, whom Beast Boy really seemed to take a liking to.

At first, she was just a lone runaway learning to control her powers, then she finally joined the team, only to be unmasked as Slade’s apprentice, trying to gather information for Slade.

It hurt Beast Boy all the more to learn this… when he just realized he had fallen in love with Terra.

After a while of disabling Slade’s grip on Terra, she had helped the Titan’s stop him from destroying the town, but in the process… she had turned herself into the stone statue.

Beast Boy had visited the statue every day with his feelings for Terra still strong.

After the Titan’s had beaten the Brotherhood of evil… Terra had returned. Although only Beast Boy was the only one of the Titan’s to actually see her… she was just a high-school girl with no memory of her life, the Titan’s… her powers… or Beast Boy.

He tried all he could to help her remember, but it was no use, Terra had began to avoid Beast Boy as often as she could. Beast Boy himself had tried and tried to let go of his feelings for her, but he just couldn’t do it.

He ended up walking past the high-school every day hoping to at least catch a glimpse of Terra, but this began to creep her out and really make her feel disturbed.

So… What Terra did next was… She took out a restraining order against Beast Boy, and he was not to come within ten yards of her. Either at the school or anywhere else in the city.

And so… the story began of how Beast Boy and Terra got back together.

(Our story begins after THINGS CHANGE, and after TROUBLE IN TOKYO)

The Titan’s were chasing some Bank Robbers who had stolen a wide load of cash from the second national bank. Robin was on his cycle. “Titans… Report.” he said.

Starfire, who was carrying Cyborg as she flew. Both of them had a lockdown on the pickup truck the robbers had been using. “They’re heading East.” said Cyborg. “We got ‘em trapped, ya’ll.”

The robbers had only two roads with they could take. One lead to the exit out of town, while the other was a one way route into a dead end. “Put your foot down, we got to lose these creeps.”

They headed straight for the exit route, but as they neared it. Raven had used her powers to mash a whole bunch of boulders together to block their way out. They had no choice but to take the dead end way.

They only didn’t realize where they going until it was too late. There was the dead end up ahead and Beast Boy, as a Rhino charged right at them… Colliding into the truck and tipping it onto its side and spilling the gold from the trailer.

Beast Boy changed back to his regular form and pulled himself out of the truck parts and Gold bars. “Dude… that totally smarts!” he said as he rubbed his head.

The five robbers pulled themselves out of the Wreckage as the other Titans came onto the scene. “It’s the end of the line for you creeps.” Robin said sternly. “Beast Boy… come on.”

Beast Boy shot up. “Right…” he began to run forward, but tripped over a pipe and fell flat on his face.

“Yo man… quit foolin’ around.” said Cyborg.

Beast Boy got back up and rushed over. “Sorry about that.”

The battle didn’t last very long as the robbers didn’t have any supernatural strengths. They were brought over to the police station in no time and the gold was returned to the bank.

The owner of the Bank shook Robin’s hand. “Bless you Titans. What would we do without you?” he said.

“It’s our pleasure.” Robin said.

“Oh yes… we are deeply obligated into helping those in need f assistance.” added Starfire.

They all stepped down from the Bank and a lot of people who had witnessed the crooks being hauled away came forth to congratulate the Titans. Handshakes, or autographs and photos.

Except… No one came anywhere near Beast Boy, or even took any notice of him, or the fact that it was he himself who had pushed the truck over… though he didn’t really have to.

He hung his down a bit and began to walk away.

Starfire saw him and flew over. “Friend… why do you leave when the town’s people wish to congratulate us for our victory?” she asked.

Beast Boy didn’t even look at her. “Not all of us… just you guys.” he said and he kept on walking.

“But Beast Boy…”

But he was already out of earshot.

Beast Boy sat down up in a tree in the park and smiled as he watched all the happy people enjoying this beautiful day. Even… some couples on dates. That began to hit him hard again.

Then it got even worse…

Four kids were pulling a wagon full of things, including Teen Titan costumes. “Hey… let’s dress up like the Teen Titans and play.” said a boy. “I’ll be Robin… he’s brave.”

Two of the girls picked other Costumes.

“I’ll be Starfire… she’s really pretty.”

“And I’ll be Raven… she’s amazing.”

The last kid grabbed one last outfit. “I’ll be Cyborg… he is so cool.”

They all ran off playing together, and Beast Boy’s smiled completely faded as he gazed at the last costume none of the kids wore or even complimented on… the Beast Boy outfit.

He was still upset that night back in his room, in the tower. He hadn’t opened his curtains, or played his video games much for weeks.

Ever since they had gotten back from Tokyo, his life just seemed to becoming more and more unbearable.

The people in the city didn’t think highly much of him anymore, and he hadn’t received or so much as heard one nice compliment about from anyone in a long time.

Then there was the Titans themselves. Ever since Robin and Star had finally confessed their feelings for each other things had really changed.

Star and Robin had been spending so much time on their dates or training. That they were hardly ever around anymore..

Well, they were still in tonight, but what good was it. Beast Boy was sick of being kept in his dark room all my himself with nothing much to do except he was still muttering bits of his sad song...

Who am I...
Wearing shoes am I
Who am I
Got the blues am I

He found Robin in the evidence room trying to track down Slade. After all this time, they still couldn’t get him. “Hey Robin… need some help.”

“No thanks Beast Boy.” he said. “I really need to do this alone. Go find something else to do.”

Beast Boy frowned and walked away.

Starfire was in the bathroom giving Silkie his bath. “Mmm, hmm, mm, mm... you like the suds and bubbles, do you not, my little bongorf.” she giggled.

Silkie splashed happily.

Then there was a knock at the door. “Hey Star, it’s me.” called Beast Boy. “Do you need some help with Silkie in there?”

Starfire called to the door. “I believe it would be best if I accomplish the bathing of Silkie alone, Beast Boy. Perhaps you may find some other ways of to entertain yourself somewhere else.”

Again… he frowned and walked away.

Raven was meditating in the lounge.

Three years since Trigon ad been destroyed, and she was free from his grasp forever, but she still stuck to her old ways. Staying in her room, meditating, reading… or just being herself.

Suddenly, she was interrupted by the sound of the TV being turned on. She shrieked and fell on her chin. She got back up, and then hovered over towards the sofa, with fury on her face and her body glowing angrily.

Beast Boy looked up. “Hey, Raven.” he said. “Who’s it going?”

He could see the anger in her eyes. “Out… now!” she said very deeply.

“No way!” Beast Boy said. “Why don’t you just go and mediate in your room.”

Raven growled fiercely causing Beast Boy to run out of the lounge like a frightened mouse, Literally. Then he changed back to himself, and walked away for a third time.

Cyborg was in the hanger-bay giving the T-Car a tune up when Beast boy walked in. “I don’t suppose you want any help either do you?”

“Sorry man… I built the T-Car… and I’m the only one who gets to fix her up.” answered Cyborg. “Besides… it’s not like you know where everything goes anyway.”

Beast Boy grunted. “Man… nobody wants me around here.” he moaned. “You’re all treating me as if I’m not that important.”

“Yo man… of course we think you’re important around here.” said Cyborg.

Beast Boy began to lighten up a bit. “Really? You do?”

“Sure.” replied Cyborg. “Now please get out of here so I can get back to work.” he said sternly.

Beast Boy crashed again. “Fine… I’ll go!” he said.

On his way to the door, he was so incredibly upset that he furiously kicked down a metal-post… which happened to be the support for one of the shelves.

The shelves began to fall over like dominoes, and Cyborg came out from under the car just in time as a whole pile of tools, metal, and even some oil spilled all over him and really made a mess of the car.

Then... next thing… Beast Boy was kicked out of the garage. “Form now on… you stay away from my car!” said a very angry Cyborg. “No more rides for you!” and he slammed the door.

Beast Boy angrily pounded the floor with his fist. “What’s wrong with you…you’re bolts too tight.” he growled.

“I heard that!”

Beast Boy angrily walked back upstairs, but he was so lost in his anger and his misery, that he accidentally walked into the wrong room… Terra’s room.

The Titans never had the heart to take it out, in case Terra would ever want to come back, but only Beast Boy knew how that wasn’t going to happen.

He sat down on the sofa with the Heart shaped mirror box he had given to Terra, and a lot of flashbacks came back to him.

When he and Terra first met…

When she ran out on the Titans…and then came back.

They way he gave her the box and they went on that date.

“If you were really my friend…I could tell you anything… would you still like me?”

“Yes… I promised Terra … no matter what.”

(So close to that kiss and it breaks up)

Finding out she was Slade’s spy all along…

Having to battle her and lose her as she turns to stone.

Then, seeing her again as a school girl, with amnesia…

And that restraining order…

Beast Boy held his chest in great pain and despair… he had to get out, and Now. So he left the tower without saying anything to the others and headed off into town… Singing a real sad song in his head.

(Music plays) (Go to 8:05)

(Beast Boy, in thought)

How many times have I said and said.
How many time have I said in my head,
What am I doing here?

-Why must I be tortured by,
people, and crocks.
And I say “how I wish,
I could turn back the clocks.”
And have the fine life that I dreamt of before.
And again be an innocent guy once more.

-Living a sweet life
with people whom I love and trust
with no problems, no worries,
and no painful lust.

-What am I doing here?
It doesn’t matter much how.
Because I had a sneaky feeling,
Now that I feared… no one cares much for me now.


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Chapter Three: Beast-Boy's Casablanca night! PART ONE

Post by Guest on 11/11/2008, 10:09 pm

Copy-Cat shook his head in pity. “You really did felt utterly insignificant.” he said. “I could never have imagined anyone being treated so incredibly mean before.”

Beast Boy nodded. “But that was only the beginning… it was about to get even worse.”

Back to the story…

Beast Boy had gone to the café where he and Terra used to go, and eat pie. Now usually he just sat around to enjoy himself carefree. The Café had even recently added some new additions.

More seats. Vegetarian dishes… even a new karaoke night, which was tonight, and among some of the band-men was a man named Sam, who was a great pianist.

Beast Boy just couldn’t get enough of his song playing. His music was so wonderful, that it helped ease his pain of missing Terra, or perked him up when he was blue.

But tonight, however… and it had been this way for quite a while. Beast Boy had come into the café to drink his depression away on milkshakes and sodas. He didn’t dare to order any apple pi for all the great pain it would bring him.

And he had made a request…

He told the Manager of the café that as long as he was there… Sam was not to play anything romantic in the slightest, and both the manager, and Sam being two men who understood where Beast Boy was coming from, were obliged to agree to his terms.

At least Sam was able to play other songs.

The crowd seemed to be enjoying the show on the other side of the Café, while Beast Boy, sipping his sixth milkshake, was sitting in the dark on the far side of the bar… all by himself.

Pam, who was still working there gave him another refill. “With all the shakes you drink kid… you might as well put my grand-kids through college.” she said.

Beast Boy sighed heavily at the mention of that word. “Please, Pam… whatever you do… don’t mention college, school, or anything in that subject to me.” He said sadly, and softly.

Just the mention of anything in relation to school… brought on enough memories of Terra, to keep Beast Boy bummed out for at least a week

Pam never saw Beast Boy this depressed before, but she didn’t bother to ask him because he obviously really didn’t seem to want to talk about it. So she just left him alone, but kept on with his refills.

Beast Boy was really in misery, and despair…

Apart from all the pain from his former life really getting to him… Nobody in town thought highly of him anymore. The Titans didn’t appreciate him as much anymore, nor did they even seem to care.

But most of all… Terra… having not remembering him… shoving him off, and restraining against him. That put a scar on the heart of every animal he ever changed into.

“Why was I even born?” He asked himself. “Or why was I even saved from my Sakutia disease?” He began to horribly think that If had known he would’ve ended up this miserable, he would’ve just asked for them to let me die.

Somehow… all this depression made him wish he wasn’t himself anymore. Not Beast Boy anymore, but in fact… go back to the way he once was.

A regular kid, with no problems, no worries… and most importantly. A Second chance to start over… “Hmm… yeah right, no chance that’s going to happen.”

He could hear Sam still playing part of a sad song on the other side of the café, and he just couldn’t hold it in. (Go to 0:22)

(Beast Boy)

I wish I had a coat of silk, the color of the sky.
I wish I had a lady fair, and then a butterfly
I wish I had a house of stone that looked down on the sea
But most of all I wish that I was someone else than me.

He would’ve sang the rest of the song… but then thought, why should he if none of it was true with him, but he wasn’t the only one singing it.


Now I don’t have a coat of silk, but still I have the sky.
Now I don’t have a lady, but there goes a butterfly
Now I don’t have a house of stone, but I can see the sea
And most of all I know that I am happy to be me.

I’m happy to be me.

Beast Boy did think the song was nice, but it was no wonder he didn’t feel like singing the words themselves. He really wasn’t to be himself, and besides, no one really heard him while he was singing anyway.

He sighed and sipped his now, 12th milkshake. “There’s no way I’m ever going to make things better.” He said to himself.

“But, there is.” said a deep voice beside him.

Beast Boy turned around, and saw another depressed guy sitting right next to him. Dressed in rags, pale skin, and he looked like he was drinking a bit, but he still was pretty much sober.

“There is a way you can do everything you just said.” the man replied.

Beast Boy wasn’t sure if this guy even knew what he was talking about. Until the man said. “You must go to the old castle laboratory on Gotham mountain where you will meet a Dr. Nobel Von-Richter (Rick-ter)”

“He can help you.”

Beast Boy knew exactly who this Dr. Von-Richter was. He was a very ingenious man always trying to make exciting new discoveries, and invent new wild things to revolutionize the world.

He was also… the very person who saved his life! The very man who cured him from his Sakutia disease… the single being in the world that made him what he was that day. We’re it not for this scientist, Beast Boy would never have existed.

“You can do it kid!” the man cried out. “Just head to the mountain… see Von-Richter… CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!”

But Pam thought this guy had had way too much to drink, so she ordered some of the cooks to escort him out… by hard means.

“It’s not too late my friend!!” the man called as he was dragged out. “You can find happiness… YOU CAN!!”

Then he was tossed out the door.

While at the same time… in walked three school girls, and two strong boys. It was Terra, and her two friends from school, Jillian, the black girl, and Jackie the red-head.

(That's what I call them)

The two strong boys were also high-school students, who were taking the girls out for a bite to eat… and even impress them.

They sat themselves down at a table, and the boys went off to get some drinks.

“You okay, Terra.” asked Jill, but Terra didn’t respond.

“Yo! Earth to Terra.”

Terra finally snapped too. “Oh, sorry guys.” she said.

“Dang, what’s the matter with you.” asked Jackie.

Terra couldn’t shake off this feeling that this Café was bringing back something in her memory. Something… from long ago, but she couldn’t quite make it out.

As a waiter passed Terra asked. “Excuse me… could ask the piano play over there to come over here please?”

“Yes, of course.”

Sam was also allowed to move towards customers who really wanted to hear his music, and he knew Terra and her friends pretty well. “Hello, Sam.”

“Hello Terra…. Hello Jackie… Hello Jillian.” Sam said. “I haven’t seen you girls in here for a while now.”

“Sure has been a long time.” said Terra.

“Oh, yes… a lot of water under the bridge.” replied Sam. “So what’ll it be tonight girls?”

The girls agreed that Terra got the first choice in song picking, and she really didn’t know why she chose what she chose. “Play it Sam…” she said. “Play… As Time Goes By.”

Sam suddenly hit a couple of flat notes at the sound of that request. “Oh. Uh… well, I’m sorry, but… I can’t play that.”

The girls we’re most confused. “Why, can’t you remember it?” asked Jill.

“Oh, I remember it well… it’s just well… We’ve had this request, and we--”

“Hey come on man… just play it for us.” said Jackie. “Come on, just once.”

Sam sighed heavily, knowing fully well what could happen, “Why do I have a feeling I’m going to regret this.” He muttered, and he began to play the song, but there was one other thing.

“Come on, Sam.” Said Terra. “Please sing the words.”

Sam nodded and restarted.


-You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

-And when two lovers woo
They still say, "I love you."
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Terra didn’t know why, but when she heard that song, or anything that sounded like it. It brought back memories… memories of that Green boy who stalked her around claiming to know her from afar.

-Moonlight and love song
Never out of date.
Hearts full of passion
Jealousy and hate.
Woman needs man
And man must have his mate

That no one can deny.

-It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.

Oh yes, the world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.

That guy was in a way to her, kind of cute, and in a small sense she did sometimes think she probably did know him from somewhere

But it was all over… as long as she held onto that 10 yard restraining order, he wouldn’t ever go near her again.

Or so she was about to find out.

-Moonlight and love song
Never out of date.
Hearts full of passion
Jealousy and hate.
Woman needs man
And man must have his mate
That no one can deny.

Beast Boy who had his face buried in his arms… ears began to twitch when he heard the sound of Sam playing a romantic song. His face curled into a huge scowl as he got up from his seat.

Sam was in for it now.

-It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.

Oh yes, the world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by. (Go to 2:12)

Beast Boy angrily walked towards Sam. The girls looked up. “What’s that guy doing here?!” they muttered to each other.

Beast Boy reached them and Sam stopped. “Sam, I thought I told you never to play anything--” he stopped when he noticed… She was there.

Sam saw this as his cue to leave.

Jackie and Jillian got up. “What the heck are you doing here?” asked Jackie.

“I should be asking you all the same question.” Beast Boy said, but knowing he couldn’t stay there because he was within ten 10 yards of Terra, he went back to the dark corners which was just far enough.

Terra never thought Beast Boy was there at all, and that look in his eyes when he saw her. That look of pure anger, and misery.

“Terra.” said Jill. “Let’s do something about that kid once and for all.”

Terra didn’t think so. He was obeying the order, and neither of them knew he was actually in there. “It’s not all his fault I came in here.” She said. “I’m going to let him go this time.”

The other girls were most shocked. “What are you talking about?” asked Jackie. “This is our chance to get that guy to quit following you.”

Terra still refused to call to police.

“What’s going on here.” asked the boys when they got back. Jackie and Jillian got an idea, and was really awful.

Terra somehow didn’t like where this was going to go. “Hey, what are you guys going to do?”

To be continued...

(Sorry... the chp was too big to post all at once.)


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Beast Boy sat in his dark corner with all his empty milkshake cups, which by now totaled more than twenty. “This night just keeps getting worse and worse.” he said. “Of all the places in all the towns in all the countries in all the world… she had to come here.”

“What next?”

Then suddenly he was grabbed by his shirt-collar by one of the two boys. “H’ya doing pal?” and then… WHAAM!! Beast Boy got punched across the face and he skidded across the floor.

The whole café looked over in shock, and Terra was horrified. “Hey!!” she cried. “What are you guys--” then she caught Jackie and Jillian laughing. She couldn’t believe, her own friends?

Beast Boy shook his head. “Dudes! What’s your problem?!” he roared.

The other boy put his foot hard on his chest. “Nothing personal.” He said. “But we were asked to do this, so we’re going to beat the stuffing out of you!”

BOOT!! He went across the floor again.

“Guys… cut it out! Leave him alone!” cried Terra.

But the boys didn’t stop.

Most of the customers had already fled from the café, while to staff called the police, but Beast Boy was just getting pummeled and thrashed about.

“This’ll teach you to obey your restraining order.”


“And here’s for telling us what music we can’t hear!”


Jackie and Jillian Were enjoying watch Beast Boy get beat up, but Terra knew he didn’t deserve it. Sure she hated Beat Boy for Stalking her, but she knew he’d never hurt her.

After another hit… Beast Boy had taken enough. “Okay, dudes! That does it!!” he growled.

Later on…

The police had arrived just in time to see the two boys being thrashed about by a Green Ape. “Get the tranquilizer!”

They fired a row of darts into Beast Boy, and the tranquilizers knocked him out cold, and when Beast Boy woke up… he was in jail.

“Awe… dude.” He moaned as he got up. “My head is killing me.”

Then he could see clearly again, and he saw the Titans all standing on the other side of his cell. All of them looking very annoyed with him. “Uh, oh!” I think I’m in for it now.” he muttered.

They bailed Beast Boy out, but were still giving him that look. “What?!” he growled.

“Beast Boy… We’re very, very disappointed in you.” Robin said.

“Yo, man… what were you thinking of beating those boys up?” added Cyborg.

They did all know that Beast Boy didn’t start the fight, and was merely the victim of the fight, but he was also arrested because Jackie and Jillian had told the police that Beast Boy had violated his restraining order.

As an additional punishment, the Restraining order was moved up to 50 yards. “Now I can’t even occupy the same building as Terra.”

“Friend.” said Starfire. “You must stop this fantasizing that Terra is of this world.”

Raven nodded. “We haven’t seen here, and it’s probably not her anyways. But you have to get a grip.”

Beast Boy had taken about all this guff enough.

As they left the police station “Come on… let’s go home.” said Robin.

Beast Boy began walking the other way.

“Beast Boy?” snapped Robin. “You’re going the wrong way.”

He turned around and looked at all the titans Fiercely. “No!” he said. “Going the wrong way is back with you guys!”

For one single moment the Titan actual held their mouths open. “But, Friend…” Starfire tried to say, but he just brushed her off.

“Don’t call me that!” he growled. “What kind of friends are you anyways? You don’t care about me! You don’t appreciate me… and just now, you proved my point that you don’t want me around.”

“So you know what!” he grabbed his communicator and shoved it hard into Robin. “I’M THROUGH WITH YOU DUDES!! GOODBYE!!”

He turned and began running up the street. “Beast Boy?! WAIT?!” cried Robin. “Don’t go.”

Starfire had tears in her eyes. Cyborg hung his head low, and Raven… well… she was confused. “O-kay… that didn’t go well.”

No it didn’t… the Teen Titans had just lost a recruit, and a friend… and worst of all, they didn’t know why.


As for Beast Boy... he had stopped int he park near a ouddle of water, with nothing but his anguish and pain to keep him company. (Got to 8:16)

I might know my next of kin
if it weren't for this green skin

(Looks at his reflection on the water)

Ohh Who am I
Some Dude am I
In a bad mood am I

(Reaches up towards the stars)

Where do I go no-o-o-o-ow...?


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Chapter Four: You must help me.

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The next morning…

The Titans were all gathered at the table for breakfast, except Beast Boy, who hadn’t come back last night at all. “I guess the kid’s really left us this time.” said Cyborg.

“Tell me what I don’t know.” said Raven.

All of them still couldn’t understand it. Why was Beast Boy so angry last night. “Why would he think we don’t appreciate him?” Robin said. “Or that he’s not wanted around here?”

“You know…” replied Cyborg. “Yesterday, he did say to me something about not feeling important.” he paused for a moment. “When I… kicked him out of the hanger.”

Raven hung her head down a bit. “I guess… I was a little cranky too, when I forced him out of the lounge.”

The Titans suddenly began to fit it all together. “I told him I didn’t want his help in the evidence room.” said Robin.

“And I had insisted that he leave during Silkie’s cleansing in the room of the bath.” added Starfire.

Now the Titans all had lost their appetites. “Poor, Beast Boy.” Robin said. “No wonder he doesn’t think we care about him anymore.”

Cyborg nodded. “Poor little man just wanted to help out, and we cut him deep. Real deep.”

What they all were wondering now was, Where Beast Boy was, and what was he up to.

Beast Boy had spent the night in a cold dark alley, and he helped himself to whatever discarded foods he could find lying around, or in the garbage.

He didn’t bother to go look for a new job, because he had enough pain in his life already. Besides… nobody ever showed him any respect or gave a chance before because he was Green… why would they start now.

Nobody loved him.

Nobody appreciated him for his good deeds in the past.

He had no Family… he just lost all his friends whom didn’t seem to care about him, and his home at the Tower. Now to make things worse… his restraining order on Terra had been increased to 50 yards.

Boy, for a Green-Guy, he sure was one Blue-Boy.

“What am I going to do now?” he asked himself. He couldn’t just stay out there like this, but he didn’t really have anywhere else to go either.

Then suddenly, he remembered what that guy at the café told him. “You must see Von-Richter, on the mountain… he can help you.”

Beast Boy thought it over, and what else did he have left to lose, other than his life. So he changed into a bird and flew off towards the mountains.

Meanwhile, at the Tower…

The Titans really didn’t know what to do. Beast Boy was really pissed at them, and it didn’t look he was going to be able to cool off this time.

He had told everyone his story before, of how he became what he was that day. His life being filled with nothing but suffering and despair.

“Robin…. What are we to do about our friend?” asked Starfire.

For the first time, Robin felt absolutely stumped. Winning a battle was easy to him compared to this case. “I’ve never seen anyone this angry before.”

“Yo, even Raven never gets this mad.”

Raven’s lips curled to a growl.

“Well, no offense.”

“Why don’t we just go out and look for him instead.” she said. “We can work something out with him, and try to put this behind us.”

Everyone couldn’t believe Raven just said that. Usually she was all “Whatever.” or “Big deal.” When it came to Beast Boy, but actually… Raven did appreciate him a little, he was always there for her even when she didn’t want him to help.

H always helped her, and she usually growled at him or even slapped his face. She owed him more than he owed her.

“All right… Let’s go.” said Robin, and they all headed off.


Beast Boy had already made it to Gotham Mountain.

It sure was a dark and miserable looking place. Like most strange scientists, Dr. Von-Richter lived in one of those mysterious castle on mountain tops with thunder and lightning all around it.

The Lighting was much to dangerous for Beast Boy to continue his flight. So he changed into a mountain goat and began to leap his way up the mountain.

“Man… the alps sure have nothing on these mountains for climbing.” he thought to himself. “I just hope Von-Richter will still remember me and be willing to help me.”


The Titans were all in the T-car not having much luck searching for Beast Boy.

Since he gave up his communicator the only way to try and find him was through Cyborg’s electronic-scanner, and Raven’s spiritual sensing. The problem was they couldn’t pick up anything.

“Something’s wrong.” said Cyborg. “Wherever he is, something’s blocking his signal. I can’t track him down.”

“How about you?” he asked Raven.

Raven shook her head. “I can’t sense him anywhere.” she said.

Because Beast Boy was too far away on the mountain, and walking through a storm cloud. The distance and surge of the lightning made it hard for Raven to get through, and the lighting was interfering with Cyborg’s scanners.

Starfire had an idea. “Friends… perhaps we could all split apart and go searching for Beast Boy by ourselves?”

“And just how long do you think that would take?” Raven asked annoyingly.

“Raven has a point, Star.” said Robin. “Beast Boy could be anywhere in the whole city. We can’t just go off and waste time looking for him that much.”

Starfire knew he was right. “I just wish to know if our Friend is all right.”


It took quite some time, even a mountain goat can get tired from hopping up the mountain so much… but he finally reached the top.

He hopped up to the top, and he changed back to his regular state. He sure looked pretty beat, and he was panting quite heavily. “Dude…” he panted, “What, a climb.”

He looked on ahead… and there was the castle. It looked pretty old and decrepit. It looked even scarier with all the lightning flashing around.. “Well… I’m here.” He said shakily.

He walked up nervously to the door, and found it was already open, so… he decided best to just walk into the dark foyer… which was almost to dark to see clearly.

“Hello?” Beast Boy called out. “Hello?” his voiced echoed along the walls.

Suddenly a huge swarm of bats came right at him. He shrieked in fear and fussed about trying to shoo the bats off, and they flew out the door.

Beast Boy sighed heavily in relief, but then he could hear footsteps coming towards him. “Who darez to intrude on my zolitude!” shouted a man with a very unusual accent.

He began thrashing about as he scrambled his way towards Beast Boy. “Get out! GET OUT!!” he growled as he neared the cowering young boy, but then he stopped and smiled… “Garfield?” he asked. “Iz it you, my boy?”

Beast Boy opened his eyes, and then couldn’t believe them. “Dr. Von-Richter?” he asked. “Is it really you?”

It was him all right… the very man who made Beast Boy what he was, and who saved his life as a boy. He hadn’t seen Beast Boy for a very long time, yet in a way because they had such a close bond they felt like a father and son.

Von-Richter brought Beast Boy up to his main lab and living quarters. He fixed himself some tea, and he did have some said for Beast Boy.

“I am very zorry to ‘ave zcraed you like zat, my boy.” He said. “But I have been feeling qvite lonely up ‘ere.”

He told Beast Boy of how after he had saved him from his Sakutia disease, he had gone into complete seclusion. He too was a lonely man who never had much joy and happiness in his life.

Too buried in his research to have time to go out there and try at life, and by the time he grew ready, he was already old and seemingly unattractive.

Having given up all his hope of ever finding happiness with another. He traveled around the world, setting up lab somewhere else where he could be alone to work on his inventions.

But he really never expected to run into Beast Boy again… a lot of water had passed under the bridge since they last met. (that means “it’s been a long time”)

“Tell me, my boy… vat bringz you ‘ere?”

Beast Boy sighed heavily and told him about the man he had met last night, and told him to seek him out for help.

“Vell… vat iz it zat you vant?” he asked as he sipped his tea.

Beast Boy twiddled his soda can for a bit, and then he let it out. “I want…” he said. “… I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

Von-Richter swallowed his tea a little too quickly and choked a bit. “You… you… vat?” he asked.

Beat Boy nodded. He didn’t want to be who he was anymore. Not a green boy with the power to change into animals, but to become a normal boy, with a fresh start at life… one that he never had.

“But vhy vould you vant zuch a zing, my little Garfield?” asked Von-Richter.

Beast Boy got up and walked over to the window looking down at the whole town below. “You don’t know what it like to have been me.” he said.

(Music cue)

(Beast Boy)

-Where did I go wrong to get here?
This isn't where I intended to be
I could’ve had it all, but now don’t you see
None of that will ever be true (Well, not like this)
Things I love continue to disappear
Without these things I’ll never survive

-Deep in my heart I'm concealing
Things that I'm longing to say
The only thing I'm feeling
Is that I want it all to go away

(As the song plays, we see flashbacks of Beast Boy’s former, tragic life. The Titans being mean to him. Him being with Terra and losing her, and many, many more)

-I feel as though I’m dead deep inside
I just don’t feel alive now
I just want one last chance and I know how
Things that I'm longing to say
The only thing I'm feeling
Is that I want it all to go away

You must help me
Please, help me
You must… help me

A tear rolled down Beast Boy’s cheek.

Von-Richter felt so awful for him, he got up and out a comforting arm on the troubled boy’s shoulder. “Pleaze don’t cry my little von.” He said. “If you really feel zo lonely and mizerable… I vill ‘elp you.”

Back to the Present Day

Beast Boy was really struggling hard not to cry. That was one of the saddest moments of his entire story. Copy Cat even had a tear to shed himself… he too had once felt lonely and filled with despair before he met the Titans.

“Beast Boy…” Copy-Cat said. “If you wish to stop I can adjourn to my bedroom, and leave you to gather your thoughts.”

Beast Boy shook his head. “No… no, no… it’s alright.” he said. “I can keep going. I just knew you’d understand at least.”

Copy-Cat nodded. “Indeed, I can…”

He got up to look up into the nighttime sky. “I continuously remember all of the events that have occurred in my lifetime.” he replied.

“Having to live without my mother in my life. Never knowing the joys of companionship. Having to remain locked up in my sacred tower to guard the magic water, and wait for almost no one who could make it to the top.”

Copy-Cat hung his head low. “Despite the fact that, I have found what I have been longing for. Being apart of the Titans… having found deep feelings for Raven… becoming a hero whom many now look upon…”

“I still can feel lonesome.”

Copy-Cat did have a point. Being on Earth was nice, but he did miss his home planet very much, and thought of his father, the King… and all the other people he had left behind.



-The happiness of being me
is not what it’s cracked up to be.
It’s lonely, being ONE… of a kind.

-With all the known variety,
the gifts that life gave to me
It’s lonely being ONE… of a kind.

(Fast forward Flash)

-I wish… to be… like everyone I see.
Not special; just an ordinary guy
Who falls in love and leads the simple life.
At least… I wish to have a chance to try.

-The happiness of being me
is not what it’s cracked up to be.
It’s lonely, being ONE… of a kind.

It’s lonely… being--
ONE…Of a kind.

End of Flashback…

Copy-Cat nodded. “It is very important that other people know how you feel. It may very well be the only way to find help.”

Beast Boy smiled.

“So… will you continue with your tale, or shall I adjourn back to bed in any case?” Copy-Cat joked.

Beast Boy chuckled. “Okay, okay.”


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Chapter Five: bye bye Beast-Boy

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Von-Richter lead Beast Boy to a special control chamber in his room where a very large Machine and a load of control consoles were.

Von-Richter called this machine, the BIGRAT…which stood for Body, Intelligence, Genes Rearranging Auto Transformer.

(It’s too difficult, and long to explain and understand. So we’ll just say it’s the machine from the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation series, JOE 90)

Von-Richter spent twenty years of his life working on it, and it was built with some of the part from old machines he had, included the ones that injected the Monkey-Serum into Beast Boy.

What it was programmed to do, was alter the DNA of whoever sat in the center of the large spinning cage. By ejecting some of their DNA and injecting different, required DNA in it’s place their form and shape would change, and give them a whole new look.

For example… If Beast Boy sat in it, the machine would eject the green serum from his body. No, this would not kill him as he was cured from his Sakutia disease years back.

This would change Beast Boys body back to the way it once was, before he was green. He would be a regular boy again, and he wouldn’t have to worry about ever being rejected or treated meanly again.

“Dude… what are we waiting for then.” Beast Boy said early, but Von-Richter had to discourage him.

“Not zo vast!” he said. “You do not understand… I ‘ave only tezted it a vew timez, on plants und animalz. I am really not zertian it iz ready to experiment on ‘uman creaturez yet.”

This didn’t discourage Beast Boy in the slightest. This was his one ticket out of his unbearable life. He could be normal again, and no one would pick on him anymore. “Dude… I said I want to try it, and that’s that.” he said. “The sooner I change, the better.”

Von-Richter agreed then, at least he’d know for sure what would happen if Beast Boy was tested on. However, the Experiment had to be delayed until late that night. There was much he had to do.

In addition to actually preparing the machine, he also planned to help give Beast Boy the life he always wanted, and that of what he needed.

So he told Beast Boy everything, and he could also go out and enjoy himself while he worked, he wanted to save him everything as a surprise.

All that day, Von-Richter sat in the castle making phone-calls and filling out papers and stuff to the city. He was planning to give Beast Boy what he had lost and what he hopped to gain.

Von-Righter had an old apartment in the city that he still paid rent for. He was thinking of calling off the services as he didn’t use it much anymore, but instead...

He would continue to pay for it, refurnish it and give it to Beast Boy as his own place.

He also made sure that Beast boy was given a proper education, so he planned to enroll him in the High-School… Unaware it was the same one where Terra attended.

Beast Boy never really went to school in his life, mainly because no one excepted him due to his green complex, so he was merely tutored, and as laid-back and slacked as Beast Boy usually liked to be, he did always think about giving school a chance.

Von-Richter would do anything to help Beast Boy, after all, him being like a father to him, and all fathers cared for their sons.

[u](Music cue)[/u]


(In a plain voice)

-If I could save Time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
'Til Eternity passes away
Just to help out poor you

-If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them helping you

-But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I need to get
Through time with

-If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

-But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I need to get
Through time with

If I… could save time… in a bottle.


The other Titans were sitting in the lounge really feeling rather grim.

“We have searched for our Friend, on and on… and now the day has completely gone.” cried Starfire.

Robin felt the lowest of them all. “I shouldn’t have yelled at him.” he said. “I should’ve given him time to cool off first.”

“Yo man… it wasn’t all your fault.” said Cyborg.

“He’s right.” added Raven. “We all are to blame for this.”

As true as that was… nobody cheered up in the slightest. Beast Boy was gone, and it didn’t look as though he wanted to come back. This wasn’t just one of those things that healed over time.

Beast Boy had been trying to heal himself for years, and years, and not only did they open all his wounds, they threw salt in them.

If only they could just find him, and make it up to him.

Suddenly, the lights began flickering in the tower, and across the city. “Okay… and this is supposed to be normal?” asked Raven.

Robin checked the computers. “Strange… something’s generating so much electrical energy that it’s causing a few hiccups in the power lines.” he said.

“Hiccups?” asked Starfire. “I thought it not possible for power lines to get the gas.”

The others sweat dropped in sigh. “No, Star… it means whatever’s out there using that much power is shorting out the smaller power lines in the city.”

“Can you figure out where it’s coming from?” asked Cyborg.

Robin found it, it was coming from u on the mountain. “Whatever’s using that much electricity can’t be good.” He said. “TITANS MOVE!!”

… And off they went.


The Electrical energy was actually coming from Von-Richter’s castle. He needed this energy if the BIGRAT was to work effectively.

“Yes… YES!!” he chuckled with glee. “My beautiful creation iz coming to life.”

The machine was all powered up and ready to go, now all that was needed was the subject. “Are you ready, my boy?” Von-Richter asked. “Remember, you can change back venever you vant.”

Beast Boy, with no clothes except for underwear, took in a huge breath. “Okay… I’m ready.” he said as he climbed into the chair, and Von-Richter got him hooked up.

Strapping his arms down into the chair-arms, and then placed a band hook with wires around his head.

“All right now… zis may zting a little.”

He poked a couple of needles into his arms, connecting him from the machine to his body. Allowing the new DNA to be injected and the discarded DNA ejected.

Plus give Beast Boy some anesthetic to num the pain.

(It’s one of those… hurry before it’s too late swaps in scenery)

The Titans had followed the source of the signal which lead them up to the mountain. “Look! All the electricity is coming from this castle!” said Robin.

“Man… whoever’s doing it must be up to something pretty big.” said Cyborg.

“We’ve got to stop whatever’s going on in there… TITANS, MOVE!!”

Beast Boy was seated in his chair, and the chair was being lifted on an electronic-arm and placed in the center of the spherical cage.

“Hurry!! Hurry!!” cried Robin as they bounded up the stairs.

The cage close trapped Beast Boy, now asleep, inside, and Von-Richter pulled the switch. The lighting began to gather up and the machine started up.

“YES… YES!! IT’S VORKING!!” he chuckled hysterically.

Suddenly… “BOOM!” the door to the lab was blown down by Cyborg’s Sonic-Cannon.

“Uh?!, vat are you all doing ‘ere.” He asked angrily.

Robin looked him fiercely in the eyes. “We should ask you the same--” he stopped when he heard the sounds of the machine powering-up up, and strange music was heard.

(The Joe 90 theme) (From 0:34-2:05)

The spherical cage began to spin round, and around. Faster and Faster, and more humming and beeping sounds were heard as the music started.

“BEAST BOY!!!” cried Robin.

All the other Titans gasped in horror, but Beast Boy was knocked out from the anesthetic to hear them or see them.

While at the same time, the Machine began pumping green-fluids through his arm and into a flask, and the other side was injecting the DNA he required.

Then, like magic… Beast Boy’s skin color was beginning to change. From Green, to Fleshly colored, and his hair was turning dark brown, his fangs were vanishing, his ears went round, and his face looked much different that it did before.

Cyborg grabbed Von-Richter by the collar. “Yo man… stop this crazy thing, NOW!!” he roared.

“B-b-but… I cant!” cried Von-Richter. “Once it’s activated, it can’t be shut down. Y-y-you could kill ‘im!” He looked over his shoulder, and saw Starfire handling some of the control panels. “VAIT… VHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!”

Starfire hit numerous buttons and switches. “Friend, I will get you out of this menacing machine.” she cried, but suddenly, as the music continued to play and Beast Boy continued to transform.

Starfire sent way to many signals, that the Machine began spinning faster and began SPARLKING, and the wires around Beast Boy’s head began going crazy!!



Von-Richter fiddled with controls and also kept an eye on Beats Boy’s medical condition. His Brainwaves were going crazy, and the machine was starting to throw him into a small seizure.

But finally, the music song was finished, and the machine gently whirled to a halt. It was smoking very badly, and Beast Boy, now completely transformed into a regular boy slipped off the chair and out of his wires, he didn’t move or make a sound.

Von-Richter leapt down and scooped the young boy in his arms. “Qvickly…” he said. “Ve must get ‘im into the rezt area at vonce. ‘e may need medical care.”

No sooner had they got him and the flask with Beast Boy’s Power-Serum, did the machine have a big blow-out. “Ohh… the ‘umanity.” cried Von-Richter


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Chapter Six: Garfield Logan

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The young boy sat in bed, and slowly opened his eyes. “Are you alright?” Von-Richter asked.

The young boy held his forehead. “Ow, man… did someone hit me over the head with a dump-truck, or what?” he asked all groggily.

The Titans saw that he was up, and Von-Richter told them. “Vell, ‘e zeemz to be physically okay. I zink zat ‘e is going to be alright.”

“Well… that’s good to hear.” said Robin.

Starfire flew over and hugged the young boy. “Oh, friend, I am relieved to hear that you are not injured.” she cried, but the young boy wretched out of her grip and began inching away from her, as if he was afraid.

“Who… Who are you?” he asked as he looked upon her strange form. “More importantly… what are you?”

Starfire and the Titans looked concerned. “Friend… do you not recognize me. It is I, Starfire.”

The young boy raised an eyebrow. “Star… fire?” he asked. “That’s a strange name.” he gazed at her form again. “Especially… for a chick who has green eyes, and red dots on her head and can… levitate?”

The other titans approached him, and he looked them over too. “O-kay… something is really strange here.”

Robin stepped forward. “Beast Boy… it’s us, the Teen Titans. Don’t you remember us?” he asked.

The young boy scratched his head. “Teen Titans?” he asked. “What is that supposed to be… some sort of Football team?”

Raven removed her hood. “That isn’t funny Beast Boy, now stop joking around.” she said.

“Beast Boy?” the boy asked. “Who’s that?”

The Titans were really beginning to worry. “Friend… you have truly forgotten who you are?” asked Starfire.

The boy laughed at that. “Of course I haven’t forgotten who I am.” he said. “I’m Garfield Logan.”

In the next room, Von-Richter and Cyborg inspected Garfield’s brainwaves, and apparently when the machine overloaded it zapped at his memory. He now had no memory.

He didn’t seem to remember anything about the Titans or anything about his former life as a Titan, and that’s not all that had happened. “Juzt look at zis intelligence reading.” He said to himself.

Later on…

The sun rose up and Von-Richter made Garfield and the Titans some breakfast. Garfield still was a vegetarian, though he couldn’t remember why, and as he sniffed his hot food. “Ahh… the odor and high quality sensation of intellectual nourishment.” he said.

The other Titans looked as though they didn’t understand a word he just said. “Uh… whatever.” Raven said.

They huddled close. “Did anyone just understand a word he said?” Raven asked quietly.

“Remember what Von-Richter said.” said Robin. “The machine didn’t only blank out some of Beast Boy’s memories, but it also gave his IQ a boost.”

“Yeah… an amazing 170 boost to be exact.” said Cyborg.

Later on, back at the tower…

The Titans couldn’t possibly think of anything so disastrous before… well expect for Trigon’s curse. Beast Boy didn’t remember anything anymore, and they couldn’t just drag him back to the tower.

Besides… without his Green DNA, he couldn’t morph anymore, and there fore wouldn’t be too helpful to have on the team, and the only way he could change back was by the machine.

Sadly… the Machine was very badly damaged from the blow-out, and Von-Richter estimated it was going to take him many months to repair. That is, if he was able to work round the clock without breaking so much.

“What ever shall we do now?” asked Starfire. “Our friend requires aid that only we can provide. He must remember that we are his friends and he belongs with us.”

Robin shook his head. “It’s no good Star.” he said. “We can’t just go up to him and try to force him to remember all that.”

“Man’s got a point.” said Cyborg. “We might even end up making things only worse for the little guy.”

“Besides… we still have to look out for the city.” said Raven. “We can’t just ignore a crime happening just to help on person.”

Just then… the alarms sounded. Robin check the computers. “It’s Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx.” he said. “Their snatching the pirate’s treasure from the museum.”

(I was recently just told Jinx became a good Titan... I have noted it, but I just can't think of anything else better to use right now, and don't ask. Slade is out of it this time.)

“Yo , man… that Treasure’s worth big bucks.” added Cyborg.”

“Exactly.” replied Robin. “Which is why we have to stop them. TITANS MOVE!”

“But what of, Beast Boy?” asked Starfire.

“We can’t worry about him now.” replied Robin.

and so, they were off.


Von-Richter had given Garfield the keys to his new apartment, and sent him off.

After meeting his new landlords who explained everything to him, that his apartment was ready, furnished, and he had new clothes to wear. Not to mention Von-Richter had the rent taken care of, and the provisions… it was time for him to settle in.

Garfield’s apartment was on the 5th and top floor, in a building over looking a quiet neighborhood in the city, with a nice park and duck lake over looking the view in the back.

He opened the door, and looked around his new home. “Well, I guess this is it.” he said. “Home sweet home… or nearly home sweet home.”

All the furniture and things were still covered with white sheets. Garfield checked everywhere and began pulling off the sheets and opening the windows. “Let’s see… what have we got.”

(Music cue)


-In every simple home, there is no doubt.
There are some things they cannot do without.
Even if the plumbing’s not interior,
And the roof, and walls are painfully inferior.
With rich, and poor, with comfort or with smug.
Here’s the things that make this homestead snug.

-A chest of drawers…Some call it chevalier.
Is something every homeowner hold dear.
A carpet, sofa, plant all in their place.
Will put a smile upon a happy face.
And when he needs to throw out every care.
He’s going to need a real strong comfy chair.
And then some more…and a cozy bed so fair.

-A far delight this habit of content.
And he’ll forget that he’s still paying rent.
What pictures add to honor decency?
“Why of course here’s one of a staggered baize.”
“And a stormy sea.”
It’s just the place to make a young boy sneer.

But… Ultra-new… I’m going to like it here.

He had pretty much everything he would need.

A living room, complete with a sofa, armchair, TV… and naturally, all the usual refinements. Same with the kitchen, and bedroom too. He even had a small closet and a storage room.

Von-Richter sure made good on his word that he would help him. He even bought Garfield brand new outfits, and even got his new school uniform ready, and all the things he’d need for school tomorrow.

He had earlier gone for late entrance, but he did pass with more than flying colors. Once his IQ was determined to be rather impressive… he was promised to begin, in Grade-12.

He couldn’t wait to get started, but for now, he had to spend time getting ready. Including studying anything that he could so he wouldn’t be too far behind from his classmates.

Still, he couldn’t get over this funny feeling about those… those strange people. “Teen Titans? Yeah, right?” he muttered. “Since when would a kid like me be involved in a bunch of multi-functioning activities involving bravery, and heroism.”


Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth were still busy gathering up the treasure. “Would you look at all this loot.” Mammoth said as he tossed the gold dab looms around.

Gizmo was carefully loading up some of the priceless jewels. “This stuff has got to be worth millions. Maybe even billions.”

Jinx was trying on the necklaces and crowns “Glamorize, lovely… What am I going to buy first?” she giggled.

Just then, the wall smashed open, and the Titans stormed in. “How about a one-way ticket to prison.” snarled Robin. “Now put that treasure down!”

“In your dreams!” snarled Mammoth.

Jinx and Gizmo looked around, and only saw four Titans. “Hey, where’s your animal chump?” asked Gizmo. “Is he too… chicken… to come? Heh, heh, heh!”

Cyborg looked as though he was going to blow a circuit. “Don’t you talk about him like that!!!” and he fired his cannon at the troublesome trio, but they dodged, and the battle began.

Cyborg stared Gizmo down. “Don’t you go insulting, BB like that again!” he growled as he aimed his cannon at the little brat.. only to have Mammoth come up from behind, pick him up, and toss him.

“Forget about him… and worry about yourself Metal-man!” and they engaged in a huge wrestle.

Jinx started Raven and Starfire down. “Two for the price of one… I’ll have to find a sale like that.” she mocked. “After I deal with YOU-TWO!!” and she blasted at them with her magic.

“Azarath… Meterione… ZINTHOS!!” Raven quickly countered the magic wave with her own power, giving Starfire the chance to rush in for attack.

She began firing her Star-bolts, but Jinx just dodged them all and successfully gave her a good sock in the face. Robin saw her fall. “Starfire… I com-- OW!!” he got knocked out of the way by Gizmo’s machine-legs.

“Wrong… your not coming. You’re going… down that is!”

The Titans really tried their hardest, but without Beast Boy there to help, they proved to be no match for the trio now. If one of the trio was distracted, another member could be their to tip the match into their favor.

Suddenly, the police were closing in. “The cops.” Cried Mammoth. “Let’s get out of here!”

The trio all ran, actually leaving all the bits of treasure behind. At least the treasure was still secure, but the Titans were absolutely steamed.

Cybrog was still pounding the table that night back at the tower. “I can’t believe we let them get away!” he roared. “They played us like toys!”

“Enough!” growled Raven. “So we let them get away, it’s not the first time it’s happened.”

“Raven’s got a point.” said Robin. “We just weren’t prepared to fight without Beast Boy yet, and it’ll take some time to get used to.”

“Please… I do not wish to complain, but I do not wish to get used to the fact that we no longer have Beast Boy’s assistance.” said Starfire. “I wish to have him returned to us.”

But she knew of course she couldn’t get what she was asking for. Beast Boy didn’t remember anything about the Titans, or himself at that matter.

Even if he had he didn’t his powers anymore. So he wouldn’t really be much help on the team now, at least not until Von-Richter repaired the machine, but even though he was working on it that moment, it would take many months as he said.

Robin had suggested they just let go of Beast Boy, for the moment. They had to give him some alone, as well as train themselves to fight without him.

Still… they really were starting to wonder that if they hadn’t been so mean to Beast Boy, would he have stayed, and still be with them?

[i]Outside of the story[/i]…

Beast Boy shook his head. “So they finally began realizing how much I meant to the team, but as usual… they found that out too late.” he said. “I was gone, and they had to deal with it.”

Copy-Cat didn’t rightly know who to feel sorry for., but it didn’t matter to him. “So… on the upcoming day… it was your very first, ever, day of school? Was ii not?”

Beast Boy nodded. “I never went to school before, but I heard much about what goes on… but one thing I didn’t expect was what awaited me in there… or should I say…”



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Chapter Seven: Not who you think

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The next morning Garfield was up bright and early, and finished through his Vegetarian Breakfast of Eggs and Tofu. He got on his new school uniform. White shirt, necktie, and blue pants. “Hmm… not bad.” he said to himself.

Then he picked up his Book-briefcase and was off for his very first day of school. However… the school was about six blocks away and he didn’t have a ride, but he didn’t need one either.

It was such a beautiful day, perfect for running… and Garfield was one fast runner on two feet. He also had great gymnast skills, and was able to leap over high gates and dumpsters. Though he didn’t know how and why.

Actually… what happened was. Von-Richter’s Machine didn’t quite suck EVERYTHING out of the young boy. True he couldn’t morph into animals anymore, but a bit of DNA still remained within him.

In other words… he was able to do lots of things that other animals could do. Like run fast, jump high. Lots of things… but he didn’t realize that.

He made it to the Gotham High-school with about five minutes to spare. He also had his map and schedule with him, of what classes he was to attend. Eight each a day.

And after school, he was planning to look for a part-time job to help him earn money and make a living. Only he hadn’t any idea of which to choose yet.

“Well… here goes.” he said under his breath, and he walked through the gates and into the front yard. There were lots of teenagers everywhere. Some boys flirting with girls… others just sitting in groups.

Sadly, Garfield couldn’t see many students studying at all. This began to make him feel like maybe things weren’t going to be like he expected.

The First bell rang and it was time to head in.

There were about A-hundred different rooms at the school. Including a gymnasium, Green-House, Auto shop, cooking kitchens and more.

Garfield found his locker, and began putting away some of the books he wouldn’t need right away. As soon as he shut his locker and turned to walk up the hall… his book bag was shoved out of his hands, by a bully, and his books and pencils went everywhere.

People immediately began to laugh at him, but Garfield just calmly gathered up his things and continued on his route.

The bully, who was also one of the two dudes who beat him up as Beast Boy at the café, also took a good look at Garfield’s face. “I think I know that kid from somewhere.” He muttered.

The final bell rang and Garfield already found his first class, which was Math. Only he didn’t take a seat just yet as he was told by his teacher to wait a moment.

As he walked through the door, he accidentally bumped into a girl… it was Terra, though he didn’t recognize her at all.

They dropped their books, and both bent down to pick them up. “I’m… really sorry about that.” said the girl. Then her eyes met his, and her mind matched the young man’s face to Beast Boys.

The young man handed the girl her books. “No… I’m sorry.” he said politely. He then left to take his place on the side of the room.

Terra took her seat with that look in her eyes. “What’s HE doing here?” she thought to herself. “And what happened to his skin? Whatever he’s up to, I won’t let him do it.”

The class settled as the teacher came in. “Okay gang, settle down… I have a couple of announcements to make.” he said as he set his briefcase down.

“First up: … as you know the gymnasium is going to renovated in the midst of April, so I’m afraid we’ll have to push the… Springtime dance back a month.”

The class hung their heads low in an awe of despair. Even though it was only mid January (I don’t think it snows in Gotham) everyone was looking forward to April’s Springtime Dance.

Sadly… the Gymnasium… where the dance was usually being held, was going to be renovated in the same month, and this really put a damper on things.

“Now… if anyone has any suggestions of any other place where the dance can be held. Take it up with the front office, and we’ll see what we get. Then things might get better.”

Terra’s two friends who sat behind her winked at each other… believing they had all the answers.

“Okay then… secondly: we have new student with us today.” replied the teacher, and he motioned for the young-man to come to the front. “Everyone… I’d like you all to meet Mr. Garfield Logan.”

Garfield bowed to the class. “Pleased to meet you all.” he said. “I hope that we will get along together.”

The teacher nodded, “A very nice opener, Mr. Logan.” he said. “Now… you may take the seat next to Terra, over there.. and we shall get started.”

Garfield took his seat next to the girl whom he helped, and for Garfield’s first day, they started out by reviewing their geometry. Garfield immediately wasted no time in getting start to work.

As he jotted down the notes on the blackboard, and in his text-book, Terra slipped him a note. Which read: “What are you doing here?! You can’t take a Hint, can you?”

Garfield was most confused. What was she talking about? Still, he didn’t return the note or even look at her, he had to concentrate.

As Class went on. Jillian, and Jackie were also most disturbed about the new kid. They passed a small note to Terra, telling her… “We’ll see what this kid’s up to during class change.”

Near the end of the period… surprisingly, Garfield did pretty well. He already seemed to have caught up to the entire class, and just before it was time for classes to change. “Okay gang… Extra credit for whoever can answer me a bonus question.”

The class all looked hopeful, and then question was. “Define, Hypotenuse.”

Nobody raised their hand, as they didn’t really know the answer. No one… except Garfield who raised his hand. “Yes, Mr. Logan?”

Garfield cleared his throat… “The hypotenuse… of a right triangle is the triangle's longest side; the side opposite the right angle. The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle can be found using the Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two other sides.”

Everyone stared at Garfield like he was outer-space or something. Even the teacher, who even had to check his text book to confirm Garfield’s response. “… it is.”

Now everyone exchanged “Wow” expressions with each other.

The teacher didn’t only give Garfield extra credit, but that just earned him a quick easy credit on his High-School Credits, but he was most curious. “Mr. Logan… you know of Pythagorean theorem?”

Garfield nodded. “I read through this entire Text book last night, and already memorized most of it.” he said with a strange look in his eyes. “That and plenty of other books.”



He could hear those whispers, but he didn’t bother to retaliate, as the bell had rung, and it was time to go to the next class.

Garfield immediately got up, while Terra, Jill, and Jackie met each other in the hallway to talk about him. “This Beast Boy kid is up to something. I can smell it.” grumbled Jackie.

“Yeah… let’s get the boys to beat him up again.” suggested Jill, but this time, Terra wanted to take matters into her own hands. She was still pretty mad at the girls what they did to Beast Boy that night in the café.

She would talk to Garfield… but not now… she had Literature class to get to… Which surprisingly… Garfield was in that class too.

Meanwhile, at Titan’s Tower

Raven was sitting on the sofa with her nose buried in one of her books again, but suddenly, she stopped reading. “It’s quiet around here.” she said. “Almost, too quiet.”

Starfire who was sitting boringly at the table, nodded her head. “I would have to agree.” she said. “It is so quiet, that one could here the very sounds of a young Gorknorf hatching from its cocoon, light-years away.” (I made that bit with the Gorknork up)

Cyborg was sitting by the TV playing video-games, and he too was bored. “It’s not as much fun playing these games with no one to torture.”

Things had really gotten a bit depressing since Beast Boy left, and yet they still had no way of reaching him. Even they knew where he was, with his amnesia, it would be hard to make him understand.

Then suddenly… the alarm sounded.

Robin burst into he lounge. “Titans… trouble!” he cried. It was Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth again. This time they were trying to rob gold from the Gotham national bank… AGAIN!!

“We got to stop them.” said Cyborg. “Do you think we can manage?”

Robin wasn’t so sure. They had trained a little, so they could try and fight without Beast Boy, but they had to keep sharp. Now that the terrible trio knew about it, they could use it to an advantage.

Nevertheless… “TITANS… MOVE!!”… and they were off.

Back at school

Garfield and Terra were in the same literature class, and the teacher gave everyone them the assignment of writing a 200-word short story to match with a picture in their Shakespearian books.

Strangely, Garfield handed in three stories… which he was able to finish in less than 45 minutes of class time. The whole class was amazed, and a few were actually jealous enough to throw paper-balls and planes at him.

Still… keeping his cool. Garfield just went back to his book. Terra however, still on her first paragraph, was concentrating more on how to confront the boy without making a scene.

The next two classes before lunch were, Science, and History, and as was expected. Garfield, with his high IQ of 170 proved to be under no pressure form his first assignments.

By the time lunch had come, he had already complete a full week’s worth of work, and he still had four other classes to do that day, but right now… he was feeling just a little depressed.

He still hadn’t had a chance to get to know anybody yet, and if that weren’t enough, some of the kids already began to call him names just because he was smart, still… as expected, he ignored it.

He was just sitting in the corner of the cafeteria with his vegan lunch, and a couple of study books... When you’re lonely like he is, you have to find something to take your mind off things.

(Music cue)

(Garfield’s thoughts)

-One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Two can be as bad as one
It's the loneliest number since the number one

-No is the saddest experience you'll ever know
Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know
Cause one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
One is the loneliest number, worse than two

It's just no good anymore since she went away
Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday

-One is the loneliest, number one is the loneliest
Number one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
One is the loneliest, one is the loneliest
One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
It's just no good anymore since she went away
(Number) One is the loneliest
(Number) One is the loneliest
(Number) One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
(Number) One is the loneliest
(Number) One is the loneliest
(Number) One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Terra on the other hand was sitting with Jackie and Jillian. Both the girls pressuring Terra to go for it and tell Garfield off for the fraud he was.

“All right… I’ll go tell him off.” Terra said. “Anything to stop you two from doing something drastic.”

She got up and moved towards him. Garfield looked up. “Hello, Terra.” He said. “What brings you here?”

Terra drew in a huge breath. “No more games, Beast Boy. I know who you are.” she said.

Garfield roiled his eyes. “Mother a Bear… will this madness never cease?!” he said. “Why does everyone keep calling me this… this… Beast Boy… or whatever?”

Now Terra was the one who was confused. “Beast Boy, drop the charade.” she said. “You can’t keep following me around like this… you have to follow your restraining order.”

Garfield confusingly shook his head. “What are you talking about?” he asked. Terra explained to him about Beast Boy and all the ways he stalked her, but this only confused Garfield more.

“No… stop, please.” he said. “Look… whoever this Beast Boy guy is. I’m not him. I’ve never even heard of him before.” he went back to his book. “Now, if you please… I’m trying to study.”

Well that sure didn’t go well. Terra even got laughed at by a couple of kids, but Jackie and Jillian heard everything. “That’s it… this kid’s going down.” sneered Jackie.

She got out her cell-phone and was about to call her boyfriend to arrange another beating session, but Terra stopped her. She had a much better idea that didn’t involve violence and trouble… again.


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Chapter Eight: the Worthless and the rejected.

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The Titans had their battle with Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth, and sadly… they were able to save the loot, but they lost the three again, and this time their fight was even worse.

(Flashback, to the fight)

The Titans had the terrible trio surrounded, but those trouble makers, well aware that Beast Boy was no longer a worry to them, kicked the Titans cans.

Yes… without Beast Boy there to at least help in the slightest, one could only call the Titans one thing.

(Music cue as the fight begins)

“Here I come you over-grown tin-can.” Snapped Mammoth.


-I can't take this kinda pressure
I must confess to fight another day
Would be just a day too long

(Gets bashed hard into a dumpster)



(In shorter sentences)

-I just can't, I just can't
I just can't seem to get started!
Don't have the heart to fight all the pain
All that has passed and gone

(Gets knocked out of the sky by Jinx)



There ain't nothing you can do about it


Pardon me while I panic!
(Worthless! Worthless! (Worthless!

While that was going on… Lunch break was over at school, and Garfield was already hard at work in his Computer class… much to everyone’s surprise that he already knew so much.

(Back to the fight…)


-I come from a long line of heroes
And I got my kicks from canceling tricks
Every mountain and country and town.

And that time I never lost badly
But now every fight is not a pretty sight, cuz this team shortage’s getting’ me down.

(ZAP… right in the face!!)



“Oh all right… I’ll sing!”

-I admit I’m pretty grumpy
I must confess I'm impressed how I did
And I wonder how far that I’ve came
Now I get a sinking sensation
I’ve put the past all behind, out of site out of mind
And things are not going the same

“Azarath… Metrione… Zi-- AWE!!” (Gets smacked by Gizmo’s gadgets)

Time for another Class change, and Garfield was confronted by Jackie and Jillian. “Listen… kid… you quit following Terra around! You got that?” snapped Jill.

Garfield was really getting annoyed with all this. “For the last time… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He growled. “Now… please!!” and he walked off to his next class… Arts and Crafts.

(Back to the fight…)

The titans were really losing now… even the trio began singing.


-Never seen anything so stupid.

Never seen anything so stupid.
They kept forgetting, to their heads they keep letting
The thoughts that they stand up a chance.


-When will ever realize that,
Without poor Beast Boy, it's way more than hard
just to even do a posing dance.


The Art class was told to design a drawing of a landscape that expressed certain feelings, and Garfield already had the perfect idea.

Only he wished Terra’s creepy friends would stop making weird faces at him, as well as giving him the. “I’ll be watching you” expression.

(Back to the fight…)

The Trio decided to split… and leave the Gold behind, but the Titans weren’t about to let them get away this time. “TITANS… AFTER THEM!”


-Look at them trying to get at us
This escape is too easy, in fact it’s quite sleazy
Believe me, this I won’t forget.


-Come Titans we got to catch them

Come Titans we got to catch them[/center][/i]


We’ve lost them enough, and this is getting rough,

we must pull ahead or all hope will be dead.

(We cannot just let them escape once again.)

Garfield was almost finished with his picture.

It was a half-and-half portrait of a house in a field. On one side the house was in a meadow field surrounded by flowers and birds.

While the other side had the house looking like a hunted theater, with a nasty cold grey skies, a hunted forest, and bats, wolves, and cast everywhere.

“Hmm… very interesting Mr. Logan.” Said the teacher.

Back to the fight…)

The Titans had lost them… and both Robin and Cyborg were completely steamed.



-I worked on a reservation

(Ooh… Ooh)


Who would believe with a trick up the sleeve
they had slipped and had gotten away.

(Starfire and Raven)

Once we were such a great force
we played crooks like a toy, and now without Beast Boy
The only thing about us to say… is


"We're worthless"

(End of Flashback.)…

Back at school… Garfield had already finished his last two classes of the day. Gym, and Kitchen Baking and Cooking. Now the school day was up, but he had no time to slow down now.

He had homework to do… he still had to fin that part-time job. He sure had a busy schedule ahead of him.

However… the moment he began walking down the street, he was confronted by Terra, who was standing near a policeman. “Garfield Logan?” the man said. “Would you come with me for a moment?”

“What?” asked Garfield. “What did I do?”

“Sorry Gar…” Terra said. “I just need you to do this.”

Seeing as he had no choice, Garfield went with them to the police station. There, he was questioned, yet again, about being Beast Boy, and violating his restraining order.

Now Garfield was really getting aggravated, but being careful not to lose his cool in front of the police, he went along with the procedure.

He went through a lie detector… and was asked several yes and no questions. “Was he Beast Boy?”

“Was he stalking Terra?”

Well, since Garfield didn’t remember anything about that, all his answers turned out “Negative” He was telling the truth, but Terra wasn’t convinced yet.

Garfield was given a DNA test, and a Fingerprinting, and all the other matches to Beast Boy. All the results. “Mismatch” so the final result was true… he really wasn’t Beast Boy at all.

Actually it was because of his DNA change from Von-Richter. Everything had changed. That included his memory being fried of his Titan days.

“Okay Logan… that’s good enough.” said the cop. “Go on… get out of here. Sorry to bug you.”

Garfield left with a very sour look on his face. “Garfield… wait.” cried Terra. She followed him, but surprisingly he was already gone… halfway up the block already… thanks to his super speed.

He went back to his apartment, and threw his book bag down on the floor. “How could she do that to me?” he muttered to himself. “I am not this guy, or whatever.”

He was feeling a little too agitated to start his homework right away, so he decided to go out and eat something.


Terra… who had music class, as an after school program, was really starting to think she really upset Garfield. She was so mixed up she could barely play her base guitar.

Jackie and Jillian, who were trying to form a band club… if they could only find a keyboard player, and someone to help them with songs and stuff. Were there with her.

“So Terra… heard you took Beast Boy into the cops today.” said Jackie as she strummed her Electric-Guitar.

Terra didn’t respond to that, but she did ask them. “What do you guys think would be a way to apologize?”

“Bet they gave that weasel just what he deserved.” added Jillian as she pounded on her drums.

The Titans had gone out for pizza, and they sure had eaten a lot. Apart from missing Beast Boy, and their getting clobbered again… who would blame them.

“I can’t take much more of this.” Cyborg said. “We’ve become a total mess since BB split.”

“I agree…” said Starfire. “I do not wish to picture what would happen to us if we we’re to enter battle without our friend again.”

Robin nodded in agreement. “Even if we trained ourselves to beat the criminals… things just wouldn’t be the same without him around.”

They then all cast a look at Raven.

“What?” she asked grumpily.

“Come on, Rae… you know you want him back as much as we do.” said Cyborg. “Besides… you know you miss him.”

The titans kept glaring at her hoping to get her to pop. “Oh… all right.” She snapped. “I miss his stupid jokes. His stupid face.. and his stupid… stupidity.”

“Awe, Raven… lighten up. Will you?”

“And why am I stupidly starting to worry about him?”

At that moment, Garfield was halfway through his small vegetarian Pizza. His mind was still focused on finding that job, but where would he find it? What would it be like?

He just wanted a simple job where he could do what he liked, and help people as well. Most importantly… he wouldn’t have people breathing down his neck and accusing him of all sorts of things he never even heard of.

Still… decided to head on home and do his homework. It was a good thing that Von-Richter gave him a pension loan to help him provide for himself, but on his way out… who should he bump into, but Starfire, who was returning from the washroom.

Starfire took just one look into his eyes. “Beast Boy.” she said. Garfield just turned the other cheek and walked straight past her and out the exit. “Wait… wait!!” she called after him.

The other Titans, who were seated on the outside on the upper-level saw her confront Garfield at the corner of the street, and they quickly paid for their food, and joined her… much to Garfield’s dismay.

He sighed heavily and looked sharply at the Titans. “Will you people stop following me, already.” He said to them all. “What is it about me that’s got you so obsessed?”

“Beast Boy… we just want you to remember us.” said Robin. “You have to remember that we’re your friends, and that you’re one of us.”

“Yeah right.” Garfield snorted. “Seriously, this joke is over.” he replied. “Look I hope you all find your friend, but please... just stop bothering me, and let me live my life.”

He turned and walked up the street. Leaving the Titans feeling real low. “Somehow… they had to find a way to get through to him.”

Over the next few days

Garfield did feel much better after a good night’s sleep, but when he got to school… that’s where things went bad.

It all started when he got to his locker, and found someone had stuck a note on it which read. “GEEK!!” Garfield was laughed at by people in the hallway, and some people even pitched small pebbles at him from behind while he wasn’t looking.

He was even silently taunted at during class time, but he was able to ignore it all. The joke was actually on all those creeps and bullies when Garfield got his assignments from yesterday handed back to him.

All of them… Straight A’s

But then… the joke went back to him. Like most cases, or almost all of them, he was being picked on because of his high IQ, his studying skills, and his overachieving earning him more credits that a normal student made every two years.

At his rate… he could get all the credits he needed to graduate from High-School in the same year he started. This made him a perfect target for bullies, and yet he was still able to maintain a calm and cool attitude.

But that wasn’t even half of the bad stuff…

For the rest of the week. He tried and tried to find his part-time job, but every place rejected him. Either he was too smart and overqualified, or just because he was different than most people… some employers turned him away without even giving him a chance.

Terra did also see how mean everyone was treating Garfield, and now she was actually starting to think that he needed help, but every time she tried to come near him… Garfield and her didn’t really have anything to talk about.

He still hadn’t quite forgiven her for that embarrassing thing she did on Monday, turning him into the police for questioning, and in front of the whole school, plus that being another cause of his being bullied.

Terra clutched her books in her arms. “I really messed up bad.” she thought to herself. “He looks so alone… just like me.”

Garfield did tell everyone who questioned him about his family, that he had no family. He remembered that his parents were lost to him as a child, and he had a very bad foster upbringing.

Now he lived all alone in his apartment six blocks down, near the duck lake. All by himself, without a friend in the world.

Terra knew how he felt in ways. She was thought to have been orphaned as a baby, and then found on the street by an old lady who raised the girl as her own grandchild.

Actually, her amnesia was blinding her from the sad awful truth. (But more on that to cone)

How could she show Garfield that she was sorry, and that she understood him?


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Chapte Nine: Looking for Work.

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It was Monday, and time for a new week at school… and Garfield was already on his was... When suddenly, he ran into three of the schools toughest bullies in an alley shortcut.

“Well, well… lookie what we got here.” said one of them. “If it isn’t Geek-field Lose-gan.” said another messing up his name.

Garfield rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” he simply said. “I got to get to school.”

The three boys quickly blocked his way. “Yo, just a minute there.” said the third. “Seems to me like you don’t know who we are, do you?”

Garfield tapped his foot in annoyance. “All I do know is that your blocking my way.” he said. The three boys sweat dropped, and then stood in formation.

“We’re the THREE J’s!!” they all said.

“I’m… Justin!”

“I’m… Johnny!”

“And I’m… Jerald!”

They all stood together in formation, but to their surprise… Garfield just started walking off. “I don’t have time for this.” he simply said.

The boys growled and then blocked his way yet again. “Whoa, whoa… you’re not going anywhere chump.” said Jerald.

“Yeah… you’re going to do as we say first, and give us your lunch money.”

“I haven’t got any Lunch money!” snapped Garfield. “Now get out of my way! You’re wasting my time.”

The boys had taken all they could. “Okay kid… we tried being peaceful.” said Justin. “GET HIM!!”

The boys lunged their fists for his face, but Garfield quickly dodged their blows by leaping high up overhead. “Come on, let’s go get him!” snapped Johnny.

They chased Garfield all through the Alley, but he was just too fast for them to catch up to. He was even able to leap high up over the walls blocking his path, and he was able to scale the ladders and cross the pipe like he was some sort of animal.

“Can you believe this kid?” snapped Justin. “Why… look at him go. He runs like a Leopard… Leaps like a Deer… Climbs like a Squirrel… and is asNimble as a Monkey.”

They gave up as he was already too far ahead, but they still didn’t understand what was up with Garfield. What kind of kid was he?

Garfield’s school day was no better than him getting there either. As a lot more of the students began to tease him and pick on him badly, even Jackie and Jillian.

Terra seemed to be the only one who actually gave a damn about Garfield’s feelings. Yet, she still had no way of knowing how to help him out if he wouldn’t forgive her for that police stunt she pulled on him.

Still, Garfield remained as calm and quiet as ever as he continued to earn his way up to the top, but as the week went by, every time he walked home, he really wished people would stop picking on him.

“Why does everyone have such a big problem with me?” he thought to himself.

(Music cue)

“Why can’t they accept me for who I am… and not what they want.”

(Walking home)


-I’m… So… lonely. So lonely.
So lonely and sadly alone.
There’s no one, just me only
Living in my life of stone.

-I work very hard, and make up great plans.
But nobody listens, no one understands.
Seems like no one takes me seriousl-y-y-y-y

(In bed)

And so…I’m lonely.
(Sniffles) Really lonely…
(Walking down the school hall)
Poor little… Me.

(Gazes at happy couple through the bars)

-There’s nobody I can relate to.

(Feeding the ducks, alone)
Feel like a bird in a cage.
It’s kind of silly… but not really.
Because it’s filling my body with rage.

(Standing on the school roof)

I’m the smartest, most clever, most physically fit.

(In his kitchen)
But nobody else seems to care about it.
When I change the world maybe they’ll notice M-e-e-e-e-e-e!

But until then…
I’ll just be lonely…
Yeah… really lonely.
Poor little… Me.

(Standing on his balcony)

I’m… so… Lonely-y-y-y-y-y-y.

One week later…

It was bad enough Garfield was being bullied. On his way to school, he say two other Punk-boys holding up a pair if 3rd graders on their way to school.

“Leave us alone!” they cried. “Someone help us!”

Since no one else was around, for once Garfield decided to forget his calm natured ways, and save those two kids himself.

“There’s no one coming for you kids.” snapped one of the boys.

“That’s right… now hand over your lunch money and anything else you got in those backpacks before we get real mad!!”

The two young kids refused. So they bigger boys saw no choice. “Okay… you asked for it!!” they growled as they flexed their fists.

The two kids screamed, but before they got punched, Garfield came just in the nick of time and grabbed one of the boy’s arm.

“HEY!!” he snapped. “If were as dumb as you two… the one thing I could stay in school for is TO LEARN SOME MANNERS!!” using his… Bear strength… he shoved the first boy back hard into a garbage-can.

“Hey, kid… you want manners… I’ll give you some manners!” snapped the other one. He grabbed Garfield from behind. “Heh… wimp. I’m way stronger than you are.”

Garfield smiled wickedly. “You may be strong… but your not using your brain!” and he gave him a swift kick right in the middle of the stomach. He went down like a tree.

“Hey lets get out of here! That Cat’s a Tiger.” and the boys ran off. The third-graders thanked Garfield, and then walked off to school.

Garfield didn’t know what the heck he just did… but it felt good. Really good. The way he beat up those punks and saved those kids with his animal abilities.

When he got to school… he was starting to get picked on again, and as much as it urged him to fight off whoever did that. He just resorted back to being calm and quiet. After all, they were only words. No-Physical damage was done. So he let it go.

Besides… he still had work to do, and he also couldn’t wait for gym class either. They were doing Basket-Ball today and a great chance for him to test out some of his other abilities.

Garfield’s team really were hoping they would win. The other team was always so much faster and had higher reaches than they did… “Trust me… we’ll do just fine.” Garfield said.

The game began and the opposing team already got 12 points ahead in the first three minutes, and Garfield’s team was only up by 3.

The girl’s, who were spending the period watching the game. Some, especially Jackie and Jillian, were routing for the opposing team as their boyfriends were on it. Terra on the other hand, and a couple of other girls were rooting for Garfield’s team.

“How can you root for that kid?” asked Jackie. “There’s no way his team can beat them?” added Jillian.

“Come on guys… they deserve to win at least once.” Terra said. “Give them a chance.”

By half time… the score was kind of one-sided. Garfield’s team was only at 18, while the others were leading big by 48.

Garfield devised a plan. “Listen guys… no matter what you do, give the ball to me.” The team decided to trust him, and it was back to the game.

The opposing team got the ball fist, and they went for a three-point shot, but the shot was blocked, and Garfield got the ball. Using his leopard speed… he tore across the gym and past all the players.

Then with a mighty big leap… he slam-dunked the ball. To everyone’s amazement. “How did he do that?” snapped Jackie and she pounded her seat angrily.

During some of their breaks, Garfield even taught his teammates to use their brain power to outsmart the others, and did it ever work.

Even though they were shorter than most of the opposing players, Garfield’s team had huge advantages after all. Such as… grabbing the ball and sliding under the opposing players legs.

22 to 48

Some even faked their passes.

34 to 48

Sometimes the opposing team did manage to score, but Garfield came up with new strategies every time, and his team kept on bringing up the rear.

Finally… it was down to the last ten seconds, and the score stood. 49-50. Now the opposing team was really getting aggressive. All they had to do was keep the ball away from Garfield’s team long enough.

Garfield was standing on defense, waiting for the right moment. While in the seats, Terra was actually really hoping this would work. “Come on… you can do it.” she muttered under her breath.”

Five seconds left…

The opposing team threw the ball across the air, and Garfield jumped into the air and made the steal. Leaping over all the plays like playing leap-frog… he made pushed forward, he dove, he sunk it in.

BUZZ!! The time had run out, and Garfield’s team won, 51-50.

The opposing team was most ashamed and angry, while Garfield’s team went wild. All the players slapped high-fives with Garfield and gave him victory noogies.

Jackie and Jillian were really pissed. “Hey. No fair… he broke the rules!” snapped Jackie. “They ought to be disqualified… especially that kid.” added Jillian.

The Girl’s Gym-Coach told them to keep quiet, because… “There is no rule that forbids jumping to high!” she snapped.

Terra was very grateful that Garfield’s team won, but she still wondered… How was Garfield able to jump that high without the aid of anything else?

Suddenly, she realized he had been leaping and running like animals. Suddenly her head began to throb as a few flashes went before her eyes.

(Very blurry visions of her and Beast Boy.)

The visions were over in a flash, but Terra thought that was really weird. “You okay, Terra?” asked the coach.

Terra snapped herself out of her trance. “Uh… yeah, I’m okay.” she said.

After School…

Garfield was at the convenience store getting some groceries. He sure had a really exciting day though. He saved two kids from getting beat up, and he became the Basketball hero of his class.

… And it was all thanks to his animal capabilities. “I don’t know what’s up with me… but I can’t help but shake off this feeling that… maybe I have some sort of, super-natural powers.” he thought.

He suddenly got another idea… but it really didn’t feel too smart. Besides… her really needed to focus on finding a job.

Suddenly… the door burst open and in came a looter with a shotgun. “All right you…” he snapped as he pitched a sack at the clerk. “Money… in the bag… Now!!” he snarled as he clicked his gun.

The other shoppers held their hands up high as the clerk nervously began loading up the money, but Garfield, who hadn’t been seen my the looter, realized he would have to do something.

“MOVE IT!!” snapped the looter. “Move! Or I’ll blow your beans out of you!!”

“Beans?” Garfield whispered, then he looked over the grill in the middle of the store behind the Looter’s backside, and in the pot of Hot Baked beans for the hotdogs…. And he had an idea.

He ducked behind the shelves as the looter looked around. “Hey! Don’t anybody move.” He shouted. “Don’t make me hurt any of you!”

He turned back towards the clerk and was about to grab his money bag, when Garfield leapt for it, grabbed the hot tray and. “You, Dude… CATCH!!”

The loot turned around just in time to see Garfield fling the tray right at him… SPLUT!! The Rancid hot beans covered him from head to toe, and even right in the eyes.

He dropped his gun and SCREAMED in pain. “IT BURNS… IT BURNS!!!”

“Quick, get his gun!” Garfield shouted.

The Looter found his center again, and tried to run for the door, but Garfield, using his Leopard speed, and his strong jumps… he blocked the looter’ way., and fight was engaged.

The Looter tried all he could, but this kid was like some sort of animal. Dodging all his blows like a monkey and fighting with the strength of a lion!

The Looter was knocked unconscious, and he was tied up.

“Oh… you brave young man.” said the clerk. “How can I ever repay you?”

Garfield asked if it was possible for him to get a job, unfortunately the store staff was already full. “But I may know of a place where you can get one.”

He handed Garfield a card that had an address to a TV and MUSIC studio. There, they made all kinds of videos and stuff to air on TV. Garfield decided he would try it out.

He also had something else in mind too… of yet another job he could have. It wouldn’t pay pretty much anything, but he would first give it some thought too.

First… he needed to worry about money.


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Chapter Ten: Mysterious Theater.

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Garfield had booked a meeting with the producers of the TV-Studio, and the next day, after school he went there for his interview.

The inside of the Studio sure looked cool. Lots of different sets were everywhere, and lots of actors were doing their screenplay.

Then Garfield met the person he was looking for. Bob, The owner and manager. (Well he had a supervisor named Bob once… why not do it again.)

Bob took one look at Garfield. “Freeze.” he said, and then he began looking at him over from head to toe. “Perfect… just amazing.” he kept on going, “You’re just the kind of kid we’re looking for.”

Garfield felt a little embarrassed, but when Bob said that he would be going on TV, he felt most interested in the job already.

What he would be doing was… he’d be hosting their latest sketch called, “Mysterious Theater.”

(Yes… just like the Mysterious Theater from sesame Street)

It was supposed to be show that told tragic True-stories that were tragic and heartbreaking to the public. They already had a lot of stories, and now that they had Garfield as their host, all they needed to do was work on an intro.

Garfield thought about it, and he decided… that maybe it would be nice for other people to see the pain that others felt, and he even had an idea to show his genius to the world.

He knew pain, and misery all too well, and he even had some things to help them with the intro. They could use his picture he made in Art class.

The one with the two sides with the beautiful church, and the haunted theater. “I’ll do it.” he said, and he shook Bob’s hand.

“Wonderful… you work every Friday evening.” Bob said. “You’re going to be big, kid.”

After that was settled, Garfield left to head home. Now that that was taken care of, he had something else to deal with.

At his apartment…

Garfield had already finished his homework, and now he got out his pencils and his sketch book and began to draw possible costume-designs.

After all the people he had helped out, with his amazing capabilities he had decided to use his capabilities to protect the people of his beloved home-city. during the week he made certain to stay on top of his homework before concentrating on his design.

And next Friday... which was the first week of February it was time for his big gig at the TV station to begin.

At Terra’s Apartment…

Terra was concentrating far too much on her homework, she had been trying to figure out what those images during the basketball game were.

Then again, some pretty weird things had been happening since Garfield came to school. Something strange was with that boy, and Terra wanted to know what.

Then her grandmother came in with a small plate of cookies and a glass of juice. “Child… you shouldn’t be working so hard like that.” she said. “Here… have a snack, you’ll feel better.”

Terra decided maybe she should take a break. “Thanks Grandma.” She said as she took the plate and juice from her. “You do so much for me.”

Her grandmother smiled. “I just want you to be happy, dear.” She said as she shut the door. She suddenly began feeling upset and sad with herself.

“Terra… you poor child. If you only could remember.”

Obviously, she was hiding something from Terra… something that could very well break her heart and clean out all the pieces.

Something… that somehow involved her amnesia.

Meanwhile, at Titan’s tower…

Things were quiet as usual. Beast Boy’s absence was really becoming more and more hard to deal with.

Robin had called up Von-Richter to ask how the machine was coming along… but his dismay, Von-Richter had reported that it had only been about a month now, and he wasn’t even a quarter of the way done.

“I may not get zee Machine vorking again, not until… maybe the summer.”

That was a long was from now, and even still… With Beast Boy’s amnesia, that only made things all the more difficult.

Raven never even thought she’d miss him this much. She was even starting to miss his bad jokes. She also took the time once in a while to gaze into his bedroom, which seemed so empty without him in it.

Everyone had pitched in to clean it up a bit, after he had left, but to what good. Beast Boy wasn’t there to use it much.

Raven didn’t even feel much like meditating, or reading her books. She was really that bored…. So… for once, she actually decided to watch TV.

She sat herself down on the sofa, and clicked on the TV, and the moment the picture became clear this weird show came on. (Play this fromt the start to 1:06)

It started out with this picture of a beautiful church, with flowery meadows and clear blue skies… but with haunted, ominous music playing, and wolves howling.

Raven seemed most confused, until suddenly… BOOM!!

Thunder and lighting crashed, and flashed across the screen, an the picture had changed into a haunted burned out wasteland, with dark skies, and the church now looking old and creepy.

Giant blood-red letters appeared on the screen spelling out the title of the show. “MYSTERIOUS-THEATER!”

The music kept playing, wolves kept on howling, and even some cats began to meow in fear as the screen zoomed in to the building’s black window… the title words exploded, and the senesce changed.

Raven’s eyes widened when she saw who was on TV. “Hey! Everyone, come quick!” she called.

The other Titans burst into the lounge, and they saw it too…


“No way, man.”

“Please… tell me that it is not what I believe it to be.”

At Terra’s…

She had also tuned into the show, and almost choked on her cookie. “Awe… no way!” she said.

In the TV

The music was still playing, and now sounding more bitter, and depressing, as well as ominous and scary as the scene changed to the inside of a dark library.

Candles were light, and so was a small fire in the fire place, and there… sitting comfortably in a big armchair, looking out the dark window at the lighting and howling winds.

The young boy… dressed in a red bathrobe, a white suit, and a black bowtie, slowly turned his head and gazed at the audience.

“I am your host… Garfield Logan.” he said in a soft yet deep voice. “Welcome to Mysterious Theater. The show that brings you Tragic stories… with many broken hearts, and surprised endings.”

Thunder clashed as he spoke.

“Today, for our very first edition… we will present to you, a story of young man named, Vick Plain. Who recently had his heart broken. As our story begins… the very source of Vick’s unhappiness reenters his life, and the best and only way he can best care for himself is by listing to a song… which entitles tonight’s story as…”

“… The Alphabet of Despair.”

Thunder stuck again…

“Let’s join them… now.”

The scene changed and the story began…

The story, filmed in Black and White took, place in Café that had pretty much closed down for the evening. The only people who were till around, was a young woman named Lisa… who was listening to Dan, a piano-man, play an old song she and her ex-lover use to hear a lot.


-You must remember this,
an ‘S’ is just an ‘S’
A ‘Y’ is just a ‘Y’
The fundamental things apply…
To the Al-pha-be-e-et of Despair

-And you will always see,
It goes from ‘A’ to ‘Z’
On that you may rely
The world will always know you’re a prisoner…
Of the Al-pha-be-e-et of Despair.

He kept on playing the song, and Poor Lisa looked as though she was going to cry. “I haven’t heard it since so many years ago.” she cried. “Please… Say it again, Dan.”

Dan kept playing, and looked up at her. “But… Ms. Lisa, Mr. Vick said I wasn’t allowed to--”

“Please…” Lisa begged. “For old-time’s sake? Say it again, Dan. Recite, the Alphabet of Despair.”

Dan couldn’t say no to her sorrowing face. “Well… all right.” And he began to recite a version of the alphabet in which all 26 letters stood for something miserable or painful.

“A…is for Agony.”

“B…is for Bitter.”

“C…is Contempt.”

“D…is for Doom.”

“E…is Eternal Doom.”

“F… is Forgotten.”

“And G… is for Gruesome.”

Before Dan could continue, a tall skinny young man walked right over towards him. “Dan!” he snapped. “I thought I told you Never to say that!”

Suddenly, his gaze fell upon the eyes of… “What? Lisa.”

“Hello Vick.” the sad woman cried. “Oh… I must go. Goodbye Vick.” and she hastily got up and left leaving a trail of her tears behind.

Vick sighed heavily and sadly to himself, and slowly slumped down into the chair where Lisa was sitting. Dan looked up at him from his piano as he kept on playing. “Hey… what’s the matter, Boss?”

Vick sadly shook his head. “Of all the places in the world, she had to walk into mine joint!” he said sadly. “Finish it up Dan.”

Dan wasn’t sure he quite got that. Did Vick just asked him to continue the alphabet? “But, Boss… you just told me that--”

“Look… you been doing it for her… now you can do it for me.” Vick said. “I want to hear it.”

Dan nodded his head. “Okay Boss… from where I left off.”

“H…is for Horror.”

“I…is Isolation.”

“J… is for Junk heap.”

“K… is for Kicked out.”

“L…is Loneliness.”

“M…is for Misery.”

“N…is for Nothingness.”

“O… is for Oblivion.”

“And P… is for Pain.”

Dan stopped when he noticed Vick staring off into space with a sad expression on his face. “Aw… that brings back so many memories.” he said. “I always sang whenever she and I weren’t together, and again after she left me all those years ago.”

“Finish it up Dan.”

“But, but… Boss--”

“Fin-ish… it… up… Dan!”

Dan nodded nervously. “Sure… sure thing boss.”

“Q… is Quadruple the Pain”

“R…is for Rot.”

“S…is for Sorrow.”

“T…is for Terror.”

“U… is Unbearable.”

“V… is the Vastness.”

“W…is Worthless.”

“X… is X’ed-out”

“Y…is a Yell of fear.”

“And Z… is for Zoom, back to the beginning”

Dan was starting to get really tired. “Now Boss… please go home and get some sleep!” he begged.

“No.” Vick snapped. “I want to hear it again. Say it again Dan.”

Dan moaned under his breath and then started to recite the alphabet… right as the screen blacked out.

Outside the show

The Titans all were going through a mixture of feelings.

“That… is just…” Robin tried to search for words, but. “… I don’t even know how to describe that.”

Starfire wiped her eyes with her handkerchief. “Oh! That is more depressing than the blue Blubberwilcks on the Planet of Doom.” she sobbed.

Cyborg shook his head sadly. “Man, this is cold.” he said. “Yet, it’s sweet too.”

Raven was totally speechless. This was even creepier and darker than anything she had ever read in her books. “How can Beast Boy host such a terrible, depressing show?” she wondered.

Back to the show

The scene changed to sunrise, and the roosters were crowing.

Dan, who had been playing all night, looked exhausted. “Boss…” he begged, his voice all scratchy and hoarse. “Boss… it’s sunrise… please?”

But Vick just looked over his shoulder. “Say it again, Dan.”

“Wha-- A-Again?!”

Vick slumped into his chair. “Again!”

Dan gazed at the audience. “Oh, no!” and he turned back to his piano and began playing and hoarsely reciting the alphabet.

“A… B… C… D… E…”

(Dan: voiced over)

-And you will always see,
It goes from ‘A’ to ‘Z’
On that you may rely
The world will always know you’re a prisoner…
Of the Al-pha-be-e-et of Despair.

“…X… Y… Ugh… ugh… Z!!! Oh!” Dan collapsed as he played the last few notes, and Vick lay his head face down in his arms on the table.

THE END (Now go to 5:24 and play it to the end)

The scene faded back to Garfield. “And so ends, The Alphabet of Despair.” he said to the viewers. The wolves howled and that haunted music started up again as the credits popped up in front of him..

“Tune in next week, for more tragic tales of deep despair, moments of misery, and scars and bruises that will never heal.”

“Until then… I’m your host, Garfield Logan. Bidding you Farewell… from Mysterious Theater.”

He turned to look out the window as thunder crashed again, and he sadly nodded his head, and the program was over.

At Terra’s

She couldn’t stop starting at the screen, even after the program had ended. That was one of the most tragic, and depressing stories she had ever heard of… and it was Garfield was in the center of it all.

She had a feeling she knew why he was hosting the show too. Only someone who had tragic backgrounds, or depressing lives would want to do that. Now she knew for sure Garfield needed a friend, or maybe. Someone there to help him.

Meanwhile, at Titan’s Tower…

Robin had already jotted down the address of the studio where Mysterious Theater was filmed. “We’re going down there.” he said. “There’s no more time to wait. We have to talk to Beast Boy, now!”

“Man’s got a point.” said Cyborg. “All this is going to do is make things bad for him.”

Raven and Starfire agreed, and then they were off.

Outside the story…

“You did not enjoy doing Mysterious Theater that much, did you?” Copy Cat asked.

Beast Boy had to admit that he did enjoy it, but then again he didn’t really like being depressed all the time. “At least I found a job I could make money for.” he said. “But then… things in my life were about to get even more Mysterious.”


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Chapter Eleven: The Manimal

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The Titans arrived at the station, but the guards wouldn’t let them through, as they had no passes, nor an appointment booked, and as urgent as it was that they speak to Beast Boy… the Titans decided to wait.

They didn’t have to wait too long as they saw Garfield walking out the entrance with his first load of cash from his performance. “See you all next week.” he called to his employers.

He began walking down the street when he was confronted by the Titans. “Not you all, again?” he sighed. “I thought I told you all to leave me alone.”

“Yo, man… chill out.” said Cyborg. “We just want to help you.”

“Then help me… but not helping me.” replied Garfield. “Don’t you guys get it. The guy you want me to be isn’t who I am… and he’s probably not who I want to become either. He seem like… nothing but a real pain in the neck.”

“Almost no arguments there.” Raven muttered, but Garfield heard that.

“Beast Boy.” Robin said. “We just want you to get better... but you don’t have to worry. We won’t bother you anymore if that’s what you want.”

Starfire nodded. “Friend, if you truly wish to be alone… we will try and respect your wishes.” she said. “But please… we wish of you to have this.”

She handed him a Titans-Communicator... the same one he threw away at them.

Staring at the little device made Garfield’s brain go wild, crowding up with blurry memories… he almost could here the voices too.

It was his memory of him quitting the team, and throwing his communicator away… but the images were far to blurry and the voices were much too unclear.

He snapped himself back to reality. “No… I don’t need it.” he said and he walked right past them all.

“Beast Boy?” called Robin.

Garfield stopped in his tracks and held his book to his chest trying to ease his inner pain. “Stop CALLING ME THAT.” he snapped. "I'm not a hero... I'm like you guys... I’m just plain Garfield Logan… and right now, I have to go home and finish my homework for the weekend. Goodbye.”

The Titans all just stood there… they had lost who was once their friend, and while may not have been the brightest and braves member of the team… none was ever more loyal.

Garfield was still pondering over those weird thoughts that filled his head when he looked at that communicator. Something in his memory was trying to unfold, but what was it?

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts, that he didn’t see where he was going and he bumped into Terra, who was on her way home from shopping for her grandmother.

“Sorry… Terra… I didn’t see you there, I was miles away.” He said as he helped her pick up her stuff.”

“It’s no problem.” she said. “But I guess it’s okay you’re here… I want to talk to you about something.”

Terra told him that she was watching Mysterious Theater. She thought it was kind of bitter-sweet… as a compliment. “But… why would you host a show so bitter and depressing?”

Garfield sighed heavily. The truth was, he didn’t really like all the sadness and misery surrounding him. “It just makes my life ever more empty.” he said. “But I need this job. No one else gave me a chance.”

Garfield decided to walk Terra back to the building where she lived. She got a chance to tell him that she was going to ask Jackie and Jillian to stop picking on him at school.

Garfield did think that was nice of her… but he told her not to waste her time worrying about him. “I can take care of myself… I’ve been doing it for years. I’m used to it… I guess.”

This made Terra really worry about him. He had no parents, he lived all by himself with no social background at all. “Garfield…” she asked. “you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, but…”

She paused “…Why do you try and shove people away? What is it that you have against everyone?”

Garfield hated it when people asked him that. “That’s not it at all.” he said. “The truth is… I’m not the one who has the problem… it’s everyone out there who seem to have a problem with me.”

“Just because I’m different than they are, and I do things differently… People just tae one look at me and start laughing and calling me names!! And…” he sighed. “They don’t even give me a chance.”

He hung his head low. “They judge me before they even get to know me. That’s why I decided a long time ago that I’d be better off alone… that way no one can hurt me.”

Terra was speechless. No wonder he was so agitated and upset most of the time. “Garfield… just know this...” she said. “You can’t let all those people get to you… there will always be someone out there who wants to help you.”

“Maybe there are.” Garfield said. “But if there are any... I just haven’t met them yet.” He sighed again. “I better go before it gets completely dark.”

He walked up the street, and Terra never took her eyes off him.

(Music cue)


-You get blue
Like everyone
But one day that I know
That your troubles go away
Blow away
There they go...

-Cheer up Garfield
why wont you smile?
What happened you I wish to know
Don't you know a grin will always be a sunshine
Let that sunshine show

-Come on Garfield
No need to frown
Deep down you know the world is still your toy
When the world gets heavy
Never pit-a-pat 'em
Up and at 'em boy

-Someday, sweet as a song
Your lucky day will come along
Til that day you've gotta stay in strong Garfield
Up on top is right where you belong

-Look up Garfield
You'll see a star
Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
Pretty soon the sky is gonna clear up Garfield
Cheer up Garfield do
Cheer up Garfield

Just be glad... you're... yo-o-o-o-ou.


Garfield was doing his homework, not that it was too much of a challenge with his genius mind. He wondered if Terra was right… maybe there would be people out there who could help him one day.

Still… it didn’t change what he had now… nor what he planned to do. “If people can’t respect me for who I am… then I’ll give them someone.”

Now that he had a lot of cash on him… a smart brain… and a whole load of time… he began drawing up plans and potential designs for a costume.

He went and bought fabrics, tools, and other material. Then over the next few weeks… he spent all his spare time drawing up plans, sewing and welding everything he had into a costume.

(Music cue as he works… an Flashes of his regular school days)

The hour’s approaching, to give it your best
You've got to reach your prime.
That’s when you need to put yourself to the test
And show us a passage of time
Were going to need a montage (montage)
Ooh it takes a montage (montage)

(Working on the design)

-Sure a lot of things happing at once,
Remind everyone what’s going on (what’s going on)
And when every shot you show a little improvement
Just show it all or it will take to long
That’s called a montage (montage)
Ooh we want montage (montage)

(Getting picked on at school)

And anything that we want to know
From just a beginner to a pro,
You want a montage (montage)
Even rocky had a montage (montage)

(Doing Mysterious Theater)


(Working day and night on the costume and weapons)

Always fade out in a montage,
If you fade out
It seem like more time has passed in a montage

(Finally… working out in Gym)

Three weeks later

It was the last Friday of February, just before March, and Garfield was just wrapping up another weekly episode on the show.

Thunder crashed, the wind still howling… and the ominous music was playing as Garfield, seated in his haunted dark room wrapped things up

“And thus ends another disturbing episode from the world where hearts are never healed, and souls are lost forever. Join us next time for Mysterious Theater… until then, this is your host, Garfield Logan saying… Goodbye.”

Thunder stuck again and the show was over. “Okay... and we’re out.” said Bob. “Great work, kid… they loved you.”

Garfield smiled, and collected his pay for the week, and left, but the moment he began walking down the street he was just in time to see three police-cars whiz by, and a lot of people were running along with them.

“Hey! What’s going on?” Garfield asked.

“Yo… it’s the Teen Titans… their being held up in some sort of fight at the bank.”

Garfield saw this as a chance to finally use his new surprise. He quickly ran home, and opened up his special wardrobe. “This is where weeks of hard work pay off.” he said to himself. “Get ready world… there’s a new stranger in town.”


The Titans were once again being held up by Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth, who had been robbing children’s charity money from the local toy shop… and it was worth quite a bundle.

“TITANS… GO!!” cried Robin.

Robin chased Gizmo down one aisle and three his mini-bombs straight at him, but the crafty little genius evaded them all and then blasted him with silly-string guns. “Got to love this stuff.”

Cyborg kept his eyes peeled, his search light shining, and his Sonic-Cannon ready to fire. “Come on out now, and fight like a Mammoth.” he called.

“Hey, Tin-Man.” called Mammoth.

Cyborg saw him at the end of the aisle. He began charging forward like a bull with his cannon at he ready. He FIRED… and Mammoth simply moved aside letting the shot hit a tube of small super-balls.

The balls scattered all across the floor, and Cyborg slipped on them, stumbling about… and he fell flat on his face.

As for Starfire and Raven… well. They were facing Jinx, and had her surrounded. “Surrender… we have you outnumbered.” Starfire snapped.

“Just shoot her already!” snapped Raven. “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!”

BAM!! Jinx got tossed hard into a shelf full of stuffed animals, and Starfire went wild with her star-bolts, all of them direct hits…. But suddenly they realized that it wasn’t Jinx.

It was just a Mannequin dressed to look like her, and they realized that too late. The Real Jinx used her magic in a sneak-attack and fell down hard.

“Heh… losers.” Jinx mocked.

The Titans were bound and gagged, and Gizmo placed near them a motion-sensitive bomb that would explode as soon as they made a single move, or even used their powers.

Even if the Titans didn’t move, the timer set it to go off in ten minutes. “See you later… if there is a you to see later.” laughed Gizmo.

The Trio laughed as they took all the money and fled off. “Robin… they have gone.” cried Starfire.

“Careful, Star.” Robin said. “What ever any of you do… don’t move.”

Cyborg had an idea. “Okay Y’all… hold still.” he said. “I’m going to try and jam the motion sensors.”

“Be really careful Cyborg.” said Robin.

Cyborg aimed his Red-Eye… carefully towards the bomb. “Neutralizing… now!” and he shot out a small beam that wasn’t detectible by the bomb. “It’s going take me a bit.”

“Oh, do hurry Cyborg.” cried Starfire. “We must catch the bad ones.”

“And how are we supposed to do that?” snapped Raven. “They could be miles away by now.”

“Would Y’all chill out… I’m trying to concentrate.” snapped Cyborg.


The Trio’s only possible escape route was headed up to the roof, since the place had the ground floor surrounded. “We are out of here.” Gizmo said.

They began headed for the first rooftop, but suddenly they were confronted… by someone dropping down in front of their way.

He wore a black and white suit, with and Armored belt… shoulder pads… a black and red cape, and he also worse a complete black motorcycle helmet, with a removable mouth-guard, and metal horns on the head like a bull.

The trio sweat dropped in confusion. “Does anybody have any idea about who, or What… this is?” asked Mammoth.

“I don’t know… but I’ll bet he never asked to look for a fashion designer.” mocked Jinx.

The stranger stared them all down, and his eyes glowed red behind his helmet visor. “You may have succeeded in it this far… but you’re still not home free.” he said. “Now you face… “The Manimal.”

“The Manimal?” asked Mammoth. “Sounds more like a cheap burger name to me, Because that’s who your ABOUT TO BECOME!!” he charged forward.

Manimal just stood his guard and then thrust his own fists into Mammoth’s fists, halting him in his tracks. “Huh? What the.”

Manimal seemed to be using the strength of a real mammoth himself as he gave Mammoth a huge shove and send him skidding across towards the others. “Man… what hit me?

Gizmo and Jinx were shocked. “GET HIM!!” shouted Jinx.

Everyone down below in the street looked to the rooftops and saw the commotion.

Jinx fired her Magic-waves, but Manimal leapt like a Frog high up over head avoiding the blasts. Then using a device on his left gantlet he sprayed her with ink, like an Octopus.

“EWW… what is this… this… ugh.” the ink was a powerful sleeping drug and Jinx went down like a log.

“Nighty-Night… you filthy creature.”

Gizmo, was next. “Okay pal… prepare for a does of genius.” he growled. He clicked his remote, deploying his metal spider-legs, and began crawling his way towards him, and then armed his new laser goggles. “Take this!!” he fired…

…But Manimal began running as fast as a Leopard, running rings around Gizmo. “Hey! Hey… stop! You’re making me dizzy.” Gizmo cried.

Then, pulling some sharp quills from a small pack on his belt. Manimal tossed them at the spider-legs like a Porcupine and shorted them out.

Gizmo landed on his bottom… SPLAT… and still all dizzy, he fell out of it.

“Genius? More like, ingenious.” Manimal mocked. Then he and Mammoth engaged in a fist fight. “The bigger they are.. the harder they fall.”

POW!! Right in the middle of the gut. “UHN!! You… Got… me!!” and down he went with a huge KERSLPAT… just as the Titans, who had broken free and made it up to the roof to see it happen.

“Who’s that guy supposed to be?” asked Robin.

Whoever he was, to Robin’s surprise, he just took out all three fighters single-handed. Manimal looked at them… inside, he felt uncomfortable being near the Titans… and he turned on his heel and headed for the edge of the roof.

“Wait!” called Starfire. “I wish to know of who you are.”

“Who I am… is of no concern to you.” said Manimal and he began running and leaping across the rooftops, and use two grappling-hooks on spring loaded wires to cross larger gaps…. Like a Gorilla on a vine.

“O-kay… that was weird.” said Raven.

Across town

Manimal was standing up on the tallest building in town, his cape flying in the wind. “The world will never know that I… Garfield Logan, am… the Manimal.”


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Chapter Twelve: The power of music

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The children’s money was safe, and for once in a while now, the terrible trio was brought to justice… but not by the Teen Titans.

Instead, they were brought down by some stranger, who beat them all single-handed.

Robin and Cyborg did all the readings they could back at the tower, but whoever Manimal really was, his DNA didn’t match anything they had on file. “Whoever’s in that suit must really not want us to know who he is.” said Robin.

“Well, we know for sure he’s not our enemy.” said Cyborg. “Why else would he have beat those little creeps and return the money?”

Starfire thought the Manimal was really cool, but she also wondered why he would just leave, and not be interested in talking to the Titans?

Raven even thought he was mysterious also. Who was this guy? Would they ever see him again?... but most importantly, what were his true intentions?

Over the Weekend…

(Yes… this is just like on Spider-Man)

A lot went on in town… as the first printed edition of what had happened that night. A lot of reporters came and questioned the citizens of Gotham about the new Masked Stranger.

“This is no ordinary man. My brother saw him leap from the ground right up the side of the building.”

“Uh… I think he is a man… but he could be a woman too.”

Two looters were robbing the Gotham bank. “Move it pal!”

“Y-y-yes, yes… just don’t shoot.”

The looters grabbed their money bags, but before they could head through the door. WHAMM… Manimal came swinging down and boot them both hard into a dumpster, and also returned the bank its money.

The newspapers went wild…

“Masked Stranger Foils Robbery.”

“Stranger Strikes Again.”

“Another Sighting.”

“I just know that it’s a sign… and that it’s a word… the Manimal was really here.”

“He runs and swims, jumps, and climbs… pretty much does anything like an animal does.”

A jewelry store was being robbed, and the police just arrived on the seen to find the thugs bound up tightly to the walls of the store with Manimal’s new weapon… Bullhorn-Manacles.

Garfield designed those so they could drill into any surface and trap the villains like chains on a wall.

Up on the rooftops, Manimal saw the crooks being hauled away. “A good days work… but the day is far from over.” he said to himself, and he began leaping across the roofs again.

More reports came in about the Manimal.

True the city still had the Teen Titans… but Manimal as a great new improvement. He was not only providing the city with extra protection, but he was even doing most of the work the Teen Titans didn’t normally do.

Like, stopping every day robbers, and thugs on the street.

Some woman was being held at gun point by a punk. “Don’t make me hurt you and just give me your purse!!”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

“Hold it right there!” someone called.

The thug looked just in time to see Manimal charging at him like a bull, with the horns on his helmet pointed forward… WHAMM!! Right in the gut, and knocking him out cold.

Manimal gave the purse back to the lady. “You better not stick around when he wakes up.” he said to her, and he leapt out of sight.

“The guy protects us. He’s like some Super-Human from the stars.”

“A guy who can act like an animal… sounds cool.”

It was getting late on a Sunday night…

Manimal looked around to make sure no one was watching. Then he fired one of his grappling hooks and swung down through an open window to his apartment.

Once safely inside, he removed his battle-helmet revealing the face of Mild-Mannered, Garfield Logan. “Whew… what a night.” he said as he changed from his costume to his pajamas.

He yawned heavily as he climbed into bed. “The guys at school will never believe this… not even if I told them.” which he did not intend to do.

Super-Heroes kept their identity secret for good reasons.

First: Even though it can never be helped, and is necessary sometimes. Heroes like Manimal caused a lot of collateral damages… and he didn’t want to get sued.

Secondly: If his identity was revealed, then every criminal in the town would after him, or someone he really cared about… and that was a thing Garfield couldn’t let happen.

All he could do was lay low, under the guys of himself and Manimal, and help those in danger.

The next day…

As Garfield was walking to school, he found lots of people reading the news paper about the Manimal, and he ever heard a few words of them giving compliments or questions.

“Loves his cape, it’s so cute.”

“I wonder who he is?”

Garfield couldn’t help but smile. It was at least a good start… people were starting to like him, even though they had know idea it was really him to begin with.

The downside to this, was the fact that he couldn’t use any of his abilities, unless he was completely alone. It would blow his cover if he didn’t.

Still, he did take the usual shortcuts, through the alleys to get to school, which were now unoccupied as bullies had fear of the Manimal.

But when he got to school… things were starting to go wrong again.

The very first thing he heard was Jackie, Jillian, and Terra reading the paper.

“Who is Manimal?” Jackie said. “He’s got to be a criminal. That’s what.”

“Yeah.” snapped Jillian. “A vigilante… public menace.”

Garfield stayed out of sight, but at least in earshot.

“Hey come on guys, that’s not fair.” said Terra. “He pulled six people off of the subway before it crashed.”

“Sure… from a wreck he probably caused.” said Jillian. “Something goes wrong, and this creep shows up instead of the Teen Titans.”

“Yeah… and looks at this.” added Jackie. “He’s fleeing the scene. What does that tell you? Trouble, I say.”

Terra disagreed completely. “He’s not fleeing. He’s probably just going off to help someone else. He’s a Hero!”

“Then why does he wear a full suit and helmet?” asked Jackie. “What’s he got to hide?”

Terra didn’t need to hear anymore of this. “We better go, Class will start any minute.” and she left before they did, but Jackie and Jillian weren’t through yet.

“Hey, your dad’s a newspaper editor, right?”

Jillian nodded, and then she caught onto the scheme. “If Manimal doesn’t want to be famous.”

“Then we’ll make him infamous.”

The two girls sniggered wickedly. All they needed was to get a few good pictures of him, and then they could try and catch him in the act.

After School…

Garfield had volunteered to wash the blackboards in most of the classrooms… and it was a good thing he was all alone too because it meant he could use some of his leopard speed to get the job done quicker.

Finally… he was done his last blackboard in the music-room, and he wasn’t even tired. “Got to love this stuff.” he thought to himself.

He stopped for a minute to peek at the instruments in the rooms. “Cool.” He said to himself. “Wish I could be apart of this.”

Then he looked behind him at the different keyboards. It was those kinds of keyboards that could play several different instruments. In Garfield’s opinion one would be able to be one-man band that way.

He couldn’t help himself any longer. He sat himself down, turned one of the boards on, and began to softly play.

While outside… Terra was on her way early to her music group. As she walked through the hallway she heard the sound of someone playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

“Wow… that music.” she said. “Who’s playing that?”

She kept on walking towards the direction of the music until she made it to the music room, and she saw it was Garfield.

He finished playing, and Terra walked into the room. “Garfield?”

Garfield winced at the sound of her voice. “Oh… oh, Terra. Sorry I didn’t know you were there.” he said.

Terra walked over to him. “You can play the keyboard?” she asked.

“Well… sort of.” he answered. “I read this book on pianists at the library, and took all its tips and words to heart. Besides… it helps me get along with my day, and calms my spirit.”

He went on telling her that he believed that music had a great power. A power that soothed the pain, and brightens up your day… and most importantly. “To some like me… music is the voice of the soul and can describe feelings and emotion.”

Terra looked confused. “What does that mean?”

“It means that when I’m feeling happy… my music would sound something like this.”

(Plays the Mr. Dress up theme)

Terra was liked the way that music sounded, and she even applauded softly when it was over. “And when I’m sad, and lonely.” replied Garfield. “It’s like this…” and he played the same sad song from the Alphabet of Despair.

“Garfield.” Terra said. “I think I can understand all that.”

Garfield smiled. “Never underestimate the power of music… it always gives me a warm and comforting message.”

“…I am not alone.”

(Music cue)

He began playing two keyboards. One on piano-mode, and the other on a recording he listened to earlier, he pressed playback, and changed the keys to String-mode.

He began playing a song with many instruments.


[i](Sounds like Jerry Neslon/ Robin the Frog muppet)

-Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

-Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

-Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

-Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

The song ended, and Terra didn’t know what she was feeling, but she liked it. She felt so relaxed and so calm… like she didn’t have a care in the world.

“You know… you should sign up and join the music group.” she suggested. “We’ve been looking for a keyboard player, as well as someone who understands and can make up songs.”

Garfield thought about it, but he did remember that Jackie and Jillian were part of the group, and they really hated his guts. “Awe, gee… I don’t know… I’ll think about it.” He said.

Then suddenly, he heard the sound of sirens whining in the streets. Something was wrong, and he had to check it out. “I got go now… see you tomorrow.” He said quickly and he left like lightning.

Terra thought that was pretty weird. One minute they seemed to really be getting along, and the next, Garfield was out of there. “Strange… what’s got him so worked up.”


Across town, a larger apartment building was on fire, and the five top-floors were really blazing.

The firemen succeeding in getting most of the people outside safely, but there was one woman who was struggling to try and get past the. “I have to get in there, my baby’s inside.”

But the Fire Chief wouldn’t let her go through, as the roof was going to blow. “No, you can’t… I have to save my baby!” squealed the woman.

One of the witnesses looked up. “Hey! It’s the Minimal.”

The Manimal was leaping along the rooftops into the danger zone.

“SAVE MY BABY… PLEASE!!!” screamed the woman.

Manimal nodded, and since his suit was flame, water, and electrical-proof, he fired his grappling hooks and swung into the burning building

Terra, and her friends had arrived on the scene. “What’s going on?” Terra asked. The witnesses told her of what was going on, and that Manimal was up there.

Jackie and Jillian saw this as their chance, and got their cell-phone cameras ready.

Suddenly… BOOM!! The top of the building went crazy as the roof fell in. “NO!!” cried the woman not wanting to believe it was over, but just at that moment, Manimal leapt out of the window, and landed safely on the ground.

“It’s okay, you’re baby’s fine.” he said as he handed the woman her crying baby.

“Oh, my baby.” the woman cried. “God Bless you, Manimal. Bless you.”

Manimal nodded, and then he leapt back up into the building, and using his new built-in, aqua-spray gun on his other gauntlet, he began spraying water around like a whale, and put out the fire enough to get it under control.

The citizens down below began cheering. Manimal saved the day again and he stood on the top another building, with his cape flying in the wind. “Take great care Gotham city… you have no fear while I am around.” then he was gone.

The crowd kept on cheering and Terra, she was really amazed. “Wow… that guy’s really amazing.” she said to herself.

“Yeah he is.” Jackie muttered.

“And soon to be less Amazing.” added Jillian.

They both had snapped a lot of photos and already had some rotten ideas planned for Manimal. Whatever they were up to, it wasn’t going to be pretty.


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Chapter Thirteen: Just to be popular!

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The next day… as Garfield was on his way to school, when he passed by the newsstands and saw the latest copy of Manimal… and what he read made his blood churn.

The headline read: “The Manimal… Hero, or Menace.”

“Menace?” he muttered to himself. He picked up the paper to look at it more closely. The story explained of how he was at the fire yesterday, but local citizens were starting to believe that Manimal wasn’t what he was all cracked up to be.

“Hey, kid. You going to buy paper or not?” asked the clerk.

Garfield suddenly snapped out of it, and then realized he was going to be late.

When he got to school, he noticed that a lot of the students had a cut out copy of the story, and some even put it up all over the bulletin boards in the hallway.

Garfield was most outraged, but he had to keep his cool or he’d blow his cover.

When he got to his locker, he noticed the sing up board behind him for the school clubs, including the music group.

So far… there only three students. Jackie, Jillian, and Terra.

Remembering what Terra had said yesterday; now that he thought about it, he really could use another little bit of activity in his life. He’d be doing what he liked, and it would give him something else to think about other than the papers.

So he signed his name, and which role he’d play. He chose to do what he did for Terra, and play several keyboards at once, so there could be more instruments in the band.

He also made sure to exclude himself on Friday’s, as he had to head to the TV-Studio and do Mysterious Theater.

Terra came by just to see him add the finishing touches to his signature. “Way to go, Garfield.” she said. “I know you’ll just fit right in with us.”

Garfield and Terra walked to class together. “I don’t think it’ll all be that good.” he said. “I still have a bad feeling about this.”

Terra wasn’t going to take anymore “No’s” for an answer. “Garfield… you’ll be just fine.” she said. “You play music pretty well, you know how to sing great… you even know which song to sing for whichever feeling suits it best.”

Garfield smiled, but his smile faded in an instant. “As flattered as I am… that’s not what’s bothering me.” he said. “What are Jackie and Jillian going to say?”

At Lunch…

Terra tried talking to her friends, and you can bet your grades on it, that they didn’t like what was happening.

“Over our dead bodies.” Jackie sneered. “What does he think he’s doing marching into our little She-She club anyway?”

Jillian nodded. “What would he know about good music anyway? The little geek.”

Terra felt her blood boiling. “Jackie! Jillian! You both have No-Right whatsoever to insult Garfield like that.” she said strongly. “He has every right to be in the music club as we do.”

Jackie and Jillian knew they were licked. There wasn’t really any “Girls-Only” rule, and the club did belong to the school so anyone who wanted to join was allowed by all means.

They decided to give him a chance.

At the end of the Day…

Garfield made it for his first Music club meeting, and as he already seemed to be familiar and advanced with everything, they skipped all the basics and allowed him and the girls to star playing.

“Just one problem.” Jackie said. “We still haven’t got a song to play.”

Garfield cleared his throat. “Ahem… excuse me, but we have.” he said. He handed them a music sheets of a song he and Terra really wanted to go for.

“Sweet Betsy From Pike?” Jackie said, looking disgusted. “Yeah right… there’s no way we can play this.”

Jackie and Jillian were more into Rock and Pop, but Garfield’s song wasn’t either one of those. It was a old Folk song, but he promised them, they way they were going to play it.

(The way the Jukebox band plays it on Shinning time Station)

“This better be good.” Jillian muttered.

They got their instruments ready, and Garfield set two of his keyboards, one to piano-mode, and the other to Dark Moon. “You girls ready?” Garfield asked.

The girls nodded, and so they began.

(Music cue) (Go to 5:04)

They began playing the song in a sort of soft mystical tune, instead of a folk tune. Garfield began to sing, and Terra was his backup voice.


-Did you ever hear tell of sweet Betsy from Pike
Who crossed the high mountains with her lover Ike,
With two yoke of cattle and an old yeller dog
A tall shanghai rooster, and one spotted hog,

Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay
(Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay)

-One evening quite early they camped on the Platte,
'Twas near by the road on a green shady flat;
Where Betsy, quit tired, lay down to repose,
While with wonder Ike gazed on his Pike County rose.

Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay
(Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay)

Garfield then began playing a saxophone on one of his keyboards, as the song kept going. Then he and Terra began singing together.

(Garfield and Terra)

Did you ever hear tell of sweet Betsy from Pike
Who crossed the high mountains with her lover Ike,
With two yoke of cattle and an old yeller dog
A tall shanghai rooster, and one spotted hog,

Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay
(Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay)

Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay
(Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay)

Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay
(Sing toor-ali-oor-ali-oor-ali ay)

The song faded out… and Jackie and Jillian were… well… they didn’t know what they were feeling. It sure was different the way they had played that song, but they still didn’t know if Garfield was all that Terra said he was.

“Okay… so we misjudged you a little.” Jackie said deeply. “But next time, play something with…” she strummed an angry rock tune on her electric guitar. “… Bite back.”

“Yeah…” Jillian added as she pounded on her drums. “Something with style.”

Terra and Garfield looked at each other in confusion. “Well, I think it was pretty cool.” Terra said. “Why should we only have to play one kind of music.”

Garfield felt glad that at least someone was on his side, but Jackie and Jillian were not amused, but they decided not to argue over it.

Garfield leaned over. “Are they always this mean?” he whispered.

“Not really.” she answered. “They’re only in this club to try and get bigger in popularity.”

Garfield always had a sneaky suspicion that Jackie and Jillian were always like that. Not caring about much but their own popularity.

Still… at the end of class, Garfield decided to stay in the club for a while longer, despite the fact that Jackie and Jillian were still being a little mean.

Well… at least Terra was being nice to him. He didn’t tell anyone before, but he was actually coming to be quite fond of Terra. She was always being nice, she stayed on top of her grades, and she was willing to try new things.

Even though she was only just one friend he could say that he had, that was good enough. One friend was always better than none.

Meanwhile. At Titan’s tower…

Robin was reading the daily paper, and as expected, he cut out the column story about the people of the city starting to think less of the Manimal.

“Yo’ man… he wasn’t attack the city.” said Cyborg, “That guy’s actually starting to make us look like weaklings.”

“No offense.”

Robin knew Cyborg had a point. So far, the Titans were still having trouble rounding up the major villains in the city, but Manimal was able to save the day single-handedly. “If only we knew who he was, maybe we could talk to him.”

“But how?” asked Raven. “Every time people get near him, he runs off.”

“Yes.” added Starfire. “And he had also made it clear that he does not wish to be our friend, or join our team.”

Robin didn’t think Manimal was all that mean. “Maybe he’s just too embarrassed.” he said. “Or maybe he’s got something to hide that he doesn’t want anyone to know of.”

Still, whatever the reason. The only way they could find out, was to confront the Manimal, and talk to him…. “But, how?”

None of the Titans had a single idea. Usually, they first card a ridiculous idea from Beast Boy before they came up with a solution to anything.

Either they couldn’t think straight, or they were too preoccupied with the Gotham City annual festival coming up, celebrating the day that Trigon was destroyed and the world was saved.

The Titans, being the guests of honors, were personally invited, and they were planning go because in a big event and festivities, a great chance for a criminal to strike while the town was preoccupied.


Jackie was over at Jillian’s house… supposedly studying, when those two were really up to their little schemes to try and get the Manimal into even more trouble.

“It’s bad enough this Masked-Menace hadn’t been arrested yet, now Terra’s starting to think he’s incredible?” Jackie snarled.

“Chill out.” said Jillian. “We just got to catch that freak in a few more acts and he’ll be as good as boned.”

All this just become popular. Those girls were seriously in a loop of going nuts.

(Music cue)


-Whenever there is any sort of popularity
We have to make so certain that’s all on we


We’ll do what we can make the suckers fall in line
We won’t sleep a wink until it’s hers and mine.


We’ll slave it. We’ll crave it.
Through rain or shine


We’ll snag it. We’ll bag it.
Do it on a dime


It’ll haunt us, and taunt us ‘till the end of time.
We won’t sleep a wink until it’s hers and mine.

(Organ solo)

We won’t sleep a wink until it’s hers and mine.


(Terra is at home studying… while Garfield/ Manimal is out patrolling the city)


[center]Whenever something good happens to come round.
My friends both go crazy and like a rupture of ground.

(Garfield/ Manimal)

There has to be a way to stop those two from falling more behind
I won’t sleep a wink until it’s off their mind.


They slave it. They crave it.
And don’t care who falls behind.

(Garfield/ Manimal)

They snag it. They bag it.
With no care what’s on the line.


They’ll haunt us. They’ll taunt us ‘till the end of time.
I won’t sleep a wink until it’s off their mind

(Organ solo)

I won’t sleep a wink until it’s off their mind.

(Jackie and Jillian)

We’ll slave it. We’ll crave it.
Through rain or shine

(Garfield and Terra)

They snag it. They bag it.
With no care what’s on the line.

(Jackie and Jillian)

It’ll haunt us, and taunt us ‘till the end of time.
We won’t sleep a wink until it’s hers and mine.

(Garfield and Terra)

They slave it. They crave it
Through Rain or shine.

(Jackie and Jillian)

We’ll snag it. We’ll bag it
Do it all on a dime.

(Garfield and Terra)

They’ll haunt us, and taunt us ‘till the end of time.
We won’t sleep a wink until it’s off their mind.

(Jackie and Jillian)

We won’t sleep a wink until it’s hers and mine.

(Garfield and Terra)

We won’t sleep a wink until it’s off their mind.


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Chapter Fourteen: A change of heart

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The day of the festival… School was closed, and most workers had the day off.

The town square was just bustling with events, and fun for everyone.

Food stands with low prices. Stores having sales and street displays. Floats and big balloons hanging in the air, and lots of things going on in the streets.

A lot of the people were hanging around the huge podium where some rock stars were doing some of their best performances, and a lot of little kids were on the other side of the streets in the fun zone.

Balloons, Bouncers, Cakes, Juice… all the things a little kid could enjoy.

All this was to honor the Teen Titans who had two years since that very day, had defeated the evil Trigon and saved the world from total chaos and nightmares.

Some of the great merchandise featured the Titans faces on them, and some of the foods were even shaped like the titans.

Cyborg dishes… Raven-Popsicles… Robin Dolls, and even Starfire Balloons… and yes, there was pretty nest Beast Boy stuff, but nobody quite understood where he was.

The other four Titans had arrived. Still… they almost seemed to have taken no notice and overlook it. This made the titans really feel guilty as it reminded them of one of the reasons Beast Boy left…

…Because he didn’t feel appreciated, or loved!

Starfire kept gazing at a picture of all five of the Titans as they used to be and that brought back memories… memories of all the times Beast Boy tried to be funny… how he entrusted Starfire with Silkie… all that stuff.

Robin put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry Star… we’ll figure out something… somehow.” he said to her.

He spoke with Von-Richter the other night and he said that the machine repairs were already more than halfway complete, but it was still going to take another couple of months.

Most of the parts for the machine were very rare and hard to track down, so he had to repair the ones he had himself… and that was anything but easy.

All the others needed to be ordered and shipped off from foreign countries which would also take up more time. It was a very difficult job, but not impossible…

The only thing that had Robin puzzled was… “When I spoke to him, Von-Richter sounded all worried and concerned about something bad.”

Whatever this worry was… the Titans stayed on their strongest alert. For now… they were too busy enjoying the festivities… even Raven who just sat in the dark alleys reading.

…Typical Raven.

Jackie and Jillian were taking Terra out on a shopping spree. Terra wasn’t really much of a shopper, or a party-girl, but a little fun here and now never hurt her.

The girls were in a clothing store buying all the coolest T-shirts of the Teen Titans. Jackie ad Jillian didn’t mind the Teen Titans, but that still didn’t stop them from badmouthing the Manimal.

Jackie and Jillian each bought some new Starfire and Raven halters, with Robin, and Cyborg T-Shirts, but they didn’t even touch the Beats Boy stuff at all.

“Hey, Terra, look at this, it’s that weirdo who used to stalk you.” said Jackie.

Terra took one look at a Beast Boy shirt and then at each other Titian’s merchandise and her head went crazy again…

Her flashbacks of the Titans, herself, and Beast Boy, were becoming more and more clearer… but still not enough.

“Yo… Earth to Terra.” Jillian called.

Terra snapped out of her trance, but her eyes never left the Beast Boy T-Shirt. She never wanted to admit it, but she was actually becoming quite concerned of the little green guy.

He hadn’t been seen with the other Titans for months, and no one knew where he had gone. Well of course, Garfield looked an awful lot like Beast Boy, but it was proven that he couldn’t have been him.

Still… Terra felt most confused. “Every time I see Beast Boy, I keep seeing these weird images.” she thought to herself. “But why is this happening?”

She didn’t know why she was going to do what she did next, but she took the Beast Boy T-Shirt, much to Jackie and Jillian’s confusion, and she went into the fitting rooms to try it on.


“Girl, you can’t be serious.”

Terra was serious, she wanted to actually try on the shirt and maybe even take it. She stared at herself in the mirror, and the shirt actually looked good on her.

The whiteness of the shirt with Beast Boy’s picture on it. She sighed softly, “What’s wrong with me?” she asked herself. “Why am I acting so strangely these days?”

And while she thought about it, a weird song played in her head as if it was trying to tell her something about Beast Boy.

(Music cue)

All at once you feel like doin' cartwheels
There's someone you're always dreamin' of
Your heart is set aflame,
And you'll never be the same
Once you find first love, first love

First Love (First Love) makes you feel ten miles high
(First Love) First Love is a highway in the sky
It's nothing you could plan for,
Nothing you could have rehearsed
It happens all in an instant
Your first, first love (first love, first love)

What is it about him
You just can't live without him

First Love (First Love) makes you feel ten miles high
(First Love) First Love is a highway in the sky
It's nothing you could plan for,
Nothing you could have rehearsed
It happens all in an instant
Your first, first love (First love)

Your first, first love (First love)

Terra heard a knock at the fitting-room door, causing her to snap out of her trance and realize that she had been hogging the room for a while now.

After she had gotten out, she decided to pay for her new Shirt, and she didn’t even bother to take it off either, making Jackie and Jillian feel even more confused.

The girls decided to catch some lunch while the foods came fresh off the grills. Jackie and Jillian were already eating on the fifth, and top floor of a look out point, and Terra had just finished building up her tray of food.

When she suddenly turned around and bumped into someone and their trays went down hard. Terra looked up and realized she had bumped into Garfield. “Sorry Garfield. I didn’t see you there.”

“Nah… it’s my fault.” Garfield said. Then his eyes fell upon the Beast Boy T-shirt she was wearing… and his mind went nuts too… flashing him memories that were coming into picture, but still not clear enough for him to make out.

He helped Terra clean up as much of the mess as they could, and then he actually paid fore more lunch for them both.

“Terra, I thought you didn’t like that, Beast Boy guy.” Garfield asked. “The way I saw it, you always saw him a big bother.”

Terra wasn’t sure if she could answer that. She was just as confused as he was. “Maybe I’m just having a change of mind.” she said. “I mean… I haven’t seen him in a long time, and he has been obeying his restraining order.”

Still… she didn’t know what was coming over here. She just needed some time to think about it… alone. “I got to get back. Jackie and Jillian are waiting.” and then she left.

Garfield didn’t know why she hung out with Jackie and Jillian. Those two seemed to be nothing but trouble. “Oh, Terra.” he mumbled to himself, almost not believing he was that worried about her.

“Could I be…” he thought. “Nah… she and I would never work out. Not in this or any other life time.”

…Or so he thought.

Terra got back to the fifth floor and joined her friends. “Hey, what took you so long?” asked Jackie.

“We were starting to think that maybe you were attacked by that, Manimal creep.” added Jillian.

Terra really wished they would stop doing that. “What is it going to take you two to realize Manimal’s not a criminal?” she thought.

Down below, Garfield could see them from his table, and he knew whatever the girls were saying, it probably wasn’t nice.

Suddenly… he began to feel his feet rumbling softly. Then it began to grow. “Whoa! What’s happening?” he asked himself.

Soon the whole city began to feel the quake as it got louder and harder. The Titans all regrouped. “Cyborg, can you scan for what it is?” asked Robin.

“I’m on it.” answered Cyborg. He checked his scanners and read the motion waves of the rumbling, and it all added to just one thing. “Run!!” he cried to everyone. “It’s a… STAMPEDE!!!”

Everyone began to run amuck in panic just as… IT BEGAN!!

A whole swarm of animals began running all over the streets, and crushing everything in their paths. Even the sides of the buildings got damaged a bit.

The Titans could see that these were no ordinary animals. They were Green Animals. The exact same Green Animals that Beast Boy always changed into.

They didn’t know how this happened, but then they saw who was behind the stampede. “Gizmo! Jinx! Mammoth too!”

The terrible trio had escaped from jail, and now seemed to be in possession of all of Beast Boy’s animals which they were able to summon from inside a tiny flask and then recall them at will.

“What say Teen Tykes!” mocked Jinx. “How do you like our new toys?”

The Titans growled, and then the trio released more animals and ordered them to attack the Titans so they could do some damage to the city festival.

“TITANS MOVE!!” cried Robin and they rushed into battle.

As the Titans dealt with the animals, the trio went around attacking other things. Mammoth picked up a police card and hurled over on a pile of tables and stands making a real big mess.

While Gizmo headed straight for the building where Terra and her friends were. “Hungry? Heh, heh, heh… here’s a treat!!” and he threw a bomb straight into the building.

“No!!” Garfield cried.


The building began rocking about, and rocks began to fall everywhere. Terra screamed as she fell off her feet and found herself stranded on a breaking fragment of the balcony over a huge drop down to the streets below.

“Oh, My… GUYS HELP ME!!” she screamed.

“TERRA!!” cried the girls.

The Titan’s, far too distracted to notice, and no one could get close enough to help her, Garfield ran into a dark alley and changed outfits.

“Terra… hang on!” cried Jackie, but she was knocked out cold by a falling rock.. “Jackie!!” cried Jillian and then she was knocked out too.

The Titans were also not faring very well either. Robin got kicked by a Bull… Cyborg got hugged by a Bear, an don’t a friendly one at that. While Starfire and Raven got tail bashed by a Brontosauruses tail.

“They are too strong!” cried Starfire.

“We need help!” added Cyborg.

Terra looked over her shoulder and there was Jinx. “Hi, there!” she hissed. Terra screamed when Jinx powered up her dark-waves.

“Look!” cried a young boy. “It’s Manimal!”

Manimal came swinging in on his swinging-lines, and his feet collided right into Jinx sending her crashing down below. Too bad she survived the fall.

Then he leapt down into the streets below to help the Titans. “Get everyone out of here!” he said. “I can handle this by myself.”

The Titans decided to trust him, and then began helping everyone escape.

Suddenly, the animals disappeared, and Gizmo dropped down. “You may have beaten us once… but that won’t happen again.” he snapped.

Manimal was suddenly surrounded by all three members of the trio. “Give it up punk! We got you beat this time.” growled Mammoth, but Manimal wasn’t finished yet. What they had strength, he had in wit.

So he leapt up high onto the floats, but suddenly he heard Terra scream from way behind him. “TERRA!!” he cried.


He decided it best to forget about the trio and save her first, before she fell over. So he leapt from float to float and nearly made it to her when he was attacked by a Green Pterodactyl and slammed hard into the window.

“No!!” Terra cried.

The trio laughed, and they leapt over to finish the job.

“Azarath, Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” Raven snatched them with her Dark Magic and caused them to fall.

“You’re not going anywhere!” growled Robin. “TITANS… GO!!”

Jinx and Mammoth stayed below and released more animals to help them in the fight, while Gizmo retreated back to the building to make sure Manimal was finished off.

He stopped at the cracking Balcony and began to shake it vigorously. “No! Stop! Stop it!!” cried Terra, but her screams and cries only made Gizmo go harder.

Suddenly… KAPOW!!

The pterodactyl was punched clean through the window and slammed right into Gizmo. “Ow! Get off me you overgrown Turkey!!” he growled.

Manimal looked down at Terra. “Hold on!” he called.

Gizmo called the Pterodactyl back into the jar he released it from, and he was really looking steamed now. “Okay, Buddy… Get ready for the big guns!!” he growled as he shifted his Spider-legs to full power.

He was about to press FIRE… when Manimal used his ink-gun to spray Gizmo’s Goggles with black ink, blinding him long enough for Manimal to use his bull hors and… BOOT!!

Gizmo’s Machine was going Haywire. “Guys! Let’s get out of here!” he cried. Jinx and Mammoth nodded in agreement as they recalled their animals and they all rode away on the back of the Pterodactyl.


Well, that took care of them, but no sooner had they left, did Terra slip off and began plunging down below. “TERRA!!”

He leapt down after her, and caught her just before she hit the hard ground, then he launched his swinging lines and began to swing off with the girl on his back.

The crowd began cheering. The day was saved again, and this time, it was thanks to the Titans and Manimal. However, Robin asked Starfire to follow Manimal.

“That girl he’s carrying looks awful familiar.” he thought to himself.

Manimal swung through the city with Terra on his back, unbeknownst tot hem that Starfire was watching them from behind and she saw them land on the rooftop of the building where Terra lived.

Terra hopped down and smiled. “Wow… what a ride.” she giggled.

“Well… sure beats taking the subway.” Manimal joked.

Satrfire could see the girls face clearly now, and couldn’t believe her eyes. “I must tell Robin.” she cried and she flew off.

Manimal began to run off.

“Wait.” Terra cried. He stopped and looked deeply into her eyes. “Who are you?” she asked.

“You know who I am.”

“I-- I do?”

“I’m Manimal… and whenever you need me, I won’t be far.” Then he leapt off the edge of the building and began swinging his way through town.

Terra couldn’t stop looking at him until he was out of sight. “What a guy.” she muttered.


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Chapter Fifteen: First kiss

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That night, the Titians had actually been up fro quite a while trying to work out exactly what Starfire saw. She claimed that she had actually seen Manimal with a girl that looked just like Terra, and even sounded like her too.

The Titans went back to where Terra’s statue was supposed to be, and found that it was gone, just like Beast boy had said a long time ago. This did mean that it was possible for Terra to still be out there somewhere…

…but not enough evidence to prove if it was really her that Starfire saw.

All they were able to obtain was a tiny little thread of blonde-hair left over from the time before Terra turned herself to stone.

“Well… my scanners match the hair with Terra’s DNA.” said Cyborg. “But I can’t tell if it’s the same hair as that girl you saw with Manimal.”

Starfire shook her head in despair. “Please… tell me… might there be some way to determine what we wish to know about the girl?” she asked.

There was one way, but it wasn’t going to be easy. They would have to get a thread of the girl’s hair and then compare it to the thread of hair they had, and match it with Terra’s DNA… only then would they have their answers.

“In the meantime… we have to watch over the city in case of another attack.” said Raven. She was referring to Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth, and their animal stampede.

Robin had a sneaky suspicion of what happened, so he call Von-Richter that night, and their fears were answered.

Von-Richter had reported that has was nearing the final phases of repairing the machine, but it was still going to take about a month or so… however… even if he had gotten it fixed, he was robbed.

The terrible trio had infiltrated his lab, and forced him to hand over the green serum that was once Beast Boy’s DNA; which contained all his animal forms.

As a result, now even when the machine would be ready, Beast Boy wouldn’t be able to change back without his DNA.

Worse than that, the terrible trio had the DNA, and they were using it to threaten the people of the city, and they were only barley able to help everyone that day, even with Manimal’s help.

“We still don’t even know who the guy is.” said Cyborg.

“We will eventually.” said Robin, “For now we better concentrate on what’s most important… and that’s figuring out if that girl’s really Terra.”

The Next Day…

School was back in session, and now, it was getting close to April, which meant it would be time for the Springtime Dance soon, but still. No had any ideas of where to hold it.

Only, Terra seemed to be a little lost in her own mind, thinking about how incredible the Manimal was in saving her. She was thinking of it so much, that it distracted her from her open book Exam a bit and she got a tad-bit off her usual mark.

She still passed though.

When it came time for the music club, she and Garfield met up, but Jackie and Jillian called and said they’d be late coming.

Garfield noticed Terra was miles away in her own thoughts…

When he got her attention, she told him she was thinking not only about Manimal, but also those weird thoughts that kept flashing by through her head.

“I’ve been feeling kind of funny to.” he said, and he told her about him having were visions too, but he didn’t know what they were about either.

Jackie and Jillian, who had bandages on their heads from where the stones hit them, and they were found coming up with new stories ideas for the paper.

“Manimal Makes Mania.” Jackie said.

“The Manimal’s animal’s attack.” said Jillian. “What do you guys think?”

Garfield and Terra couldn’t believe this. “You guys… Manimal wasn’t attacking the city.” Garfield said, being careful not to blow his cover. “He was just trying to help the Teen Titans out.”

Terra nodded. “That guy saved my life, and both of yours.” she said. “Besides, the animals were also attacking him… that must prove to you something.”

Jackie and Jillian nodded. “You’re right, it does.” Said Jackie. “It proves we were right all along.”

“Yep.” added Jillian. “Manimal was just using those crooks, and those animals to get attention so the city could try and see him as a hero again.”

Garfield and Terra were really starting to get agitated. Worse than that, Jackie and Jillian refused to play Garfield’s newest song.

“Rebel Girl?!” Jackie asked.

“Why, what’s wrong with it?” Garfield asked. “It’s got the kind of rock music you wanted.”

“But that’s it.” said Jillian.

Garfield and Terra could tell that they were just looking for lame excuses when they knew that the only reason they didn’t want to play it, was because Garfield wrote it, and what if he got all the attention.

Once again, they were just trying to be popular and not giving a care about anything else.

“We’re not doing this and that’s that!” snapped Jackie and she threw the music sheets into the garbage.

“Hey!” cried Garfield. He dove after his sheets, but sadly, they had leftover paints drizzled all over them. “My music.”

Terra had a look of blue-Murder on her face as she stared at Jackie and Jillian unable to believe how cruel they had just been.

He grasped the remains of his ruined sheets, and ran angrily out of the room. “Garfield, wait!!” cried Terra, but he was already gone.

“Terra, don’t bother.” Jackie said.

“Don’t bother?!” cried Terra. “Don’t you guys feel the least bit ashamed. He worked really hard on that song, and I even liked it.”

Jackie and Jillian couldn’t understand why Terra was defending him. “Look, we’re better off without him.” said Jackie. “As far as I care, he didn’t even belong here in the first place.”

The more rude comments the girls made, the more Terra’s anger boiled inside her.

“We don’t need him coming in here, giving us music he wrote, or questioning us about Manimal.” Jillian said. “That geek.”

Finally, they had both gone two far, as Terra’s anger was so intense, that she narrowed her eyes at the ground beneath their feet… and suddenly…


The floor, and some rocks burst up everywhere like a geyser, knocking Jackie and Jillian off their feet and getting all filthy and dusty in the mess. Terra suddenly winced…. Was it only a coincidence, or did SHE really make that happen.

(It’s her powers, they’re coming back)

“Pah!! Aww, my shoes are ruined!” whined Jackie.

“You think you got it tough?” snapped Jillian. “It’s going to take truckloads of hairspray to fix me up.”

Terra really didn’t know how all this happened, but she saw it as her chance to run off to find Garfield.

Later on…

She found Garfield… he was sitting by the pond with his ruined music sheets in front the building where he lived, and was feeding the ducks.

She walked up to him “Garfield? You okay?”

Garfield turned around. “Yeah… I’ll be okay.” he said softly.

Terra sat down beside him and joined him in his feeding the ducks. She actually found it quite comforting. “This sure is relaxing.” she said.

Garfield nodded. “I come here and do this every night.”


Garfield nodded. “I just don’t know why it is… but people always seem to have some problem with me.” he said. He looked over at his reflection on the water. He sighed, and three a bread crumb at it causing the ducks to cover it up.

“It just seems that no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get on anyone’s good side.” he replied. “Why does the world have to hate me so much?”

Terra wasn’t so sure how to answer that… after all… people had been pretty rough on her too. Like Jackie and Jillian… always trying to force her to do things they like, to believe in what they believe… in hopes that people would recognize her.

“Sometimes… people just don’t care about others.” she said.

Garfield turned to face her.

“They just prefer to think what’s best for them and not for others… and that those who are different, are too different to even deserve a chance.”

They both got up and walked a little ways back to the building. “Terra…” Garfield said. “I don’t know too much of trying to changing things, but… one thing I do know is… you and I think alike.”

Terra knew he had a point there.

They both preferred to do things there own ways, they never jumped to silly conclusions without any real facts, or evidence… and they always tried to stay cool, even at times when they got mad enough to want to knock someone out cold.

Terra smiled. “It sure is nice to know there’s someone I can trust.” she said.

Garfield smiled. “You an I… we’re going to make it.” he said.

(Music cue)

(the way Stewie Griffin does it)


We’ve packed our bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour nine a.m.


And we’re gonna be high as a kite by then
we want to get there so much, and we will

(Garfield and Terra)

It's lonely out here
It’s such an endless fight


And we know it's gonna be a long, long time
Till the day brings us round again to find


We won’t be the ones they think we are at home
Oh no, no, no we’re a rocket team


Rocket Team burning out their fuse out here alone


School ain't the only place to raise your kids
In fact it can be cold as hell


And there's no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science we don't understand


It's just my job five days a week
A rocket team, a rocket team

The song ended… and suddenly it began to rain. “Awe no… I didn’t see the change in weather.” Terra said. “I better get home before it really pours.”

“Shall I walk you home?” Garfield offered.

“No thanks… I can make it.” Terra said, and she began to jog off. “See you tomorrow.”

Garfield kept on watching her as she ran off, not caring at all the he was getting wet. “Terra’s not like anyone else I’ve ever met.” he thought. “Then why am I always thinking about or… or worry about her?”

His thoughts were interrupted when he saw Terra being chased up the wet streets by a group of punks, and they looked like nothing but bad news.

He quickly leapt up to his apartment to… change outfits.

Terra ran as fast as she could go, but the punks caught up to her. “Go away!” she cried. “Leave me alone!”

“Heh, heh… we love’ em fiery!” one of the boys snickered.

Terra really got scared… so scared that when she shut her eyes really tight, she caused the payment below the boy’s feet to bash him, just like in the music room with Jackie and Jillian.

“I did it again… but how?” she thought to herself.

The boys got up and were really steamed. “Okay girlie… we tried to be nice. NOW YOU’RE GONNA GET IT!!” they roared as they clenched their fists, ad poised them at her face.

Terra screamed, and then suddenly…

BAM!! Manimal swung in on his line and bashed the boys away from her like bowling pins. “Now that’s what I call a perfect strike.” he joked.

Terra smiled… and she watched him beat up the thugs.

During the struggle, his helmet was knocked off and his face was revealed, but sadly… it was too dark and Rainy for Terra to make out his face at all.

Finally… the boys were all knocked out cold. Manimal quickly dashed into a dark alley. “No… Wait!” Terra cried as she followed into the alley, but to find he was gone.

She looked around then Manimal, with his helmet recovered. He dropped his cape, the let him camaflogue himself into the darkness like a Lizard, and caught her by surprise.

“My, my… you sure have a nag for getting in trouble.”

Terra giggled. “And you have a real nag for saving my life.” she said. “I think I have yet another Superhero stalking me.”

“Nah. I was just in the neighborhood.”

Terra found herself staring directly at his dark visor which hid his eyes. “You are…” she paused. “…Incredible.”

Manimal felt touched. “Some people don’t think so.”

“But you are.” replied Terra. “… at least to me.”

“Sure is nice to know there’s someone I can trust.”

Terra felt so touched by the way he used her own words with her, she just had to ask him. “Can I please “thank you” this time?”

Manimal paused for a brief, really brief moment. Should he do it, or not? That was what he asked himself, and then he decided. “Okay.” he said, “It’ll be our little secret.”

Terra smiled and she raised her hand to pull of his helmet. “Wait.” Manimal said quickly. “I’ll do it.”

He gently raised his hand up to his helmet and brought it up high enough so that only his lips and nose were visible… he still had to keep his identity secret.

Then he gently took Terra into his arms, and Terra softly placed her lips over his in a soft and warm embrace.

As they just stood there, embracing each other in the rain… For some reason, when their lips touch, more faded memories flashed by n both their heads.

They both could see two figures at an amusement park… on a ferries wheel, and about to make lip contact.

But it faded quickly… and then, Manimal replaced his helmet, and took off into the night on his grappling lines. “YEE-HAA!!”

Terra, all soaked from the rain just kept staring up at the dark sky with a smile of deep feelings on her face.

Outside the story

Copy-Cat smiled. “Your first kiss with Terra…” he said. “And yet she never knew it was you.”

Beast Boy blushed and shook his head. “Nope, that’s just the way it was.” he said. “I knew then and there I was falling for her… but little did I realize, that my feelings were about to cause me…”

“…Even more trouble!”


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Chapter sixteen: Falling for her agian.

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The next day, things hadn’t gotten as good as Garfield hoped for.

As he walked to school, he passed the newsstand and could see that he was going to be in big trouble now as the latest headlines read…

“Citizens call for Manimal’s Arrest”

“WANTED: Cash reward for the capture of Manimal.”

Garfield’s eyes narrowed into a sneer.

Worse than that, some people who were reading the paper, or heard the news were starting to agree with Jackie and Jillian, and badmouth Manimal, making it really hard for Garfield to keep himself from snapping.

Even the kids at school were starting to hate Manimal’s guts. Garfield realized that he’d have to be extra careful when he went out on patrol, as the police were out there looking for him.


In their new secret hideout. Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth were trying to work up new plans.

“This Manimal guy’s got more nerves than those Titans.” Mammoth said. “There’s got to be some way to flush him out of hiding.”

“Yeah, only one problem.” snapped Gizmo. “If we try that, even with these new animals we got, the Teen Titans will show up an make a mess of everything.”

Mammoth realized he was right. Just dealing with one hero, or a set of heroes was tough enough. “There’s got to be a way…” Jinx said. “Someway to flush out the Manimal, and keep the Titans from messing things up.”

“There is a way.” hissed a voice over the computer screen behind them.

The trio all turned around. “Awe, Slade… it’s just you.” said Gizmo.

“Yes… now listen closely.” Slade said. He went over plans to have the Manimal, and the Titans gather together in one place and then be weak enough for them to conquer.

“Bu remember… don’t any of you make a move until I give the word. Is that understood?”

The trio nodded, and then Slade signed off.

Later that day

It wasn’t long before the papers were restacked with a new front page.

“Titans Challenges Manimal!”

It was a story saying that Teen Titans had challenged the Manimal to a duel at the Gotham city bridge, 6 pm, Thursday night.

However… the Titans were given a different paper. It was roughly the same story except it read. “Manimal Challenges Titans.”

“Thursday night?” Robin said. “But that’s tonight.”

The other Titans weren’t so sure if they should take the challenge. “It doesn’t make sense.” replied Robin.

“You’re telling me.” said Cyborg. “Why would the guy want to challenge us to a duel?”

“Perhaps he is not really our ally.” Satrfire suggested. “Perhaps beneath his suit, he is in fact some horrifying creature in disguise?”

The other Titans raised their eyebrows. “Uh… not likely.” said Raven. “But still… we have to decide whether or not to accept his challenge.”

They thought it over, and they decided to take the challenge. “It may be our only chance to confront him, and find out what he’s really like.” Robin said. “We’re going.”

The other Titans agreed.

[i]Meanwhile, at school[/i]…

Terra didn’t bother to sit with Jackie and Jillian at her usual table at lunchtime. She had read the headlines in the paper, and even though they claimed not to be responsible for post the gossip up, she still was mad at them for starting the whole thing.

So she sat with Garfield, who also seemed pretty disturbed about the paper. “I think those two have really lost their marbles.” he said.

Terra actually agreed with him, and it wasn’t the first time she herself had ever though about it either. She even told him about her night after she left him… how Manimal came to her rescue and she got to thank him.

… Garfield had to pretend with all his might to be amazed.

“He really is amazing.” Terra said.

Garfield smiled. “He sure is.” he said. “Sometimes… I wonder what he’s really thinking. Like maybe he’s got problems just like everyone else does.”

Terra wondered that too. “I just hope the fight really doesn’t go on tonight.” she said. “I can’t believe the Titans would challenge him like this, and after everything he’s done to help them protect the city.”

She asked Garfield if he was going to be there to watch the fight… but Garfield said that he had too much to do that night. Homework and stuff. “I’ll just catch it on the live news.”

He had to lie to her on that… he was going, but not to watch the fight.

Terra understood, and it was a good thing the music club was called off because of the unexplainable damages in the music room, but Garfield had been trying to work out what happened there for days.

“It just doesn’t make any sense.” he said as he went over his notes. “The ground there is far to solid for it to just suddenly erupt and blow like that.”

This made Terra begin to worry again. She was beginning to believe more and more that she herself did that… as if she had some sort of magical power to move the Earth, and rocks.

…but she wasn’t sure she was ready to tell him yet, for fear of him fearing her. So she kept it to herself, and tried to work up reasons as to why she had this great gift.

As she walked home after school she suddenly remembered what Beast Boy had tried to tell her a long time ago.

“Wait… I know… you can move the Earth.” Then he tossed a big clump of dirt in her face and she couldn’t control it.

“Can it be?” she muttered to herself. “Am I really this girl he said I am?” she didn’t know. Her memory was still to foggy, and she was concentrating on it so much, she didn’t realize that she walked right into a construction zone.

“HEY KID!! WATCH OUT!!” cried a man.

Terra snapped up to realize that she was standing right near a rock wall with and avalanche crashing right for her. Terra screamed and shut her eyes really tight bracing herself for the impact… but it never came.

She opened her eyes and found the rocks neatly piled up beside her, and all the construction-men gazing at her as if they just saw a ghost… Which could only mean that those powers of hers did it again.

She got scared, and then braced herself in anger and focused her mind on the rocks. “This is really starting to get weird.” she said to herself as she walked off.


Garfield was finding it hard to concentrate on his homework. He felt so mixed up that he couldn’t think straight.

In just a few short hours he’d be in for the battle of his life. He’d be facing the Teen Titans on the bridge, and pretty much the whole town would be there.

He couldn’t shake off this feeling that something didn’t seem right. The Titans were heroes and they never challenged anyone in their life, unless forced to do so.

“Whatever’s going on… I got to find out what it is.” he said to himself.

That wasn’t the only thing on his mind. He was still thinking of Terra… and how he was growing fond of her, and they even shared a romantic moment last night… though she didn’t know it was him.

“Is it true…” he asked himself. “Am I starting to fall for her?”

He added everything up…

He liked being near her… he was always worried about her… when he was with her, she made these weird images play in his head… so it was true.

(Music Cue… just like Stewie Griffin)


Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

I've grown accustomed to her face.
She almost makes the day begin.
I've grown accustomed to the tune that
She whistles night and noon.

Her smiles, her frowns,
Her ups, her downs
Are second nature to me now;
Like breathing out and breathing in.
I was serenely independent and content before we met;
Surely I could always be that way again-
And yet
I've grown accustomed to her look;
Accustomed to her voice;
Accustomed… to her… face.

(Images of him and Terra at school play by as the music goes along)
But I'm so used to hear her say

"Good morning" every day.
Her joys, her woes,
Her highs, her lows,
Are second nature to me now;
Like breathing out and breathing in.
I'm very grateful she's a woman
And so easy to forget;
Rather like a habit
One can always break-
And yet,
I've grown accustomed to the trace
Of something in the air;
Accustomed to her face.

Garfield sighed to himself.

So, what if he had a crush on Terra… he wasn’t sure if she felt the same way about him. So he just decided to let it ride for a bit, and in the meantime be careful not to act like a fool near her.

Garfield finished his homework and saw that it was fifteen minutes to 6 pm. “Time to go.” he said to himself.

He shut all the blinds, and then opened up a secret compartment in his closet, and he changed into his costume. He climbed up to the roof and looked out towards the bridge all the way on the other side of town.

“All right Teen Titans…” he said. “I may not know what’s going on… but whatever it is you have against me will end tonight.”


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Chapter Seventeen: Manimal UNMASKED

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A lot of people were already gathered at he bridge, and the police were there to keep the crowds away from the battle zone… they were also secretly planning to capture Manimal if he lost the fight.

Terra was already there in the front of the crowd with her Grandmother, she was hoping that Manimal wouldn’t lose the fight. “Don’t worry dear… I’m sure he’ll be just fine.” said her Grandmother.

Only a few more seconds to go…

“Look… here come the Titans.”

The Titans all landed on top of the tall bridge steeples. “Well, at least we got a good fan crowd here.” said Cyborg.

“And look who’s coming…” Raven said.

Manimal swung in, and landed the other side of steeple. The crowd hushed up as it seemed the battle about to begin.

“So, you came.” Robin said.

“Yes… as was agreed.” Manimal said.

A cold win began to stir up blowing both their capes in the wind. Robin and Manimal stared each other down like cowboys ready to draw…then they leapt into action!!

They started things off with a Dragon Rush. (When fists and feet fly around… like in DBZ)

Both of them had their fist and feet flying like crazy, but neither of them landed a hit. Finally they both flew backwards a bit and Robin ordered a full frontal assault. “TITANS… ATTACK!!”

Now the battle was really on!

Jackie and Jillian had just found Terra in the crowd. “Is the battle over yet?” Jackie asked.

“No… they’re just starting.” Terra answered.

“Good.” Sneered Jillian. “I want to see Manimal’s downfall with my own eyes.”

“So do I.” added Jackie.

Terra gritted her teeth, but she had no time to worry about them. The battle had begun and the Titans were all ambushing Manimal at once, but it didn’t seem to do much.

(Music Cue)

I walked along the avenue.
I never thought I’d meet a girl like you;
Meet a girl like you.

Robin went after Manimal with his metal staff, but Manimal used his own gauntlets to counter them, and finally Robin Zigged where he should’ve Zagged giving Manimal his opening…


Robin got hit, then Manimal was confronted by Starfire, and she began to angrily fire her star bolts like crazy.

With auburn hair and tawny eyes;
The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through;
Hypnotize me through.

Manimal ran with his Leopard speed, but Starfire was catching up fast. “You dare to hit Robin again, and you will pay!” she roared.

Manimal decided it was time to use one of his newest gadgets and moves.

He tapped a switch on his belt and then he curled up and began rolling like and Armadillo. He was rolling so quickly that the star bolts just bounced right off of him… and then… KAPOW!! Right into her like a bowling ball.

And I ran, I ran so far away.
I just ran, I ran all night and day.
I couldn’t get away.

Jackie and Jillian couldn’t believe this. The fight was Four against One, and Manimal was making the fight look equal. “Come on you Titans!” growled Jackie.

“Get him already!” added Jillian.

A cloud appears above your head;
A beam of light comes shining down on you,
Shining down on you.

Cyborg armed his Sonic-Cannon. “Take this hot-shot!” and he fired.

But Manimal just shielded himself with his cape, and just like Robin’s, it was many times stronger than steel, so the blast couldn’t break through.

The cloud is moving nearer still.
Aurora borealis comes in view;
Aurora comes in view.

Manimal kept his Defense up and charged towards Cyborg with the horns on his helmet poised right at him. BAM!!

And I ran, I ran so far away.
I just ran, I ran all night and day.
I couldn’t get away.

Raven took a shot from up on the steeple supports. “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” and her blast actually got a slight hit, but all it did was make Manimal angry.

Reached out a hand to touch your face;
You’re slowly disappearing from my view;
Disappearing from my view.

Manimal leapt from place to place, dodging Raven’s fire, and then spring-launching himself from the support cables right towards her… BOOT!! Raven didn’t even have a chance to teleport.

Reached out a hand to try again;
I’m floating in a beam of light with you;
A beam of light with you.

“I don’t believe this guy.” snarled Jackie.

“Yeah, he’s tearing through those Titans like they’re made of paper.” added Jillian.

The Titans tried attacking him from all ends at once, but smart as he was swift, Manimal managed to escape without much harm, and he eve pulled one of his own tricks.

Using his grapple hooks to lasso two Titans on each line and CRASH!! Right into a pile.

And I ran, I ran so far away.
I just ran, I ran all night and day.
I couldn’t get away.

“Titans… I advise you to give up.” Manimal called. “This fighting is proving senseless.”


In their hideout

The terrible trio, were tuned into the battle from the live news. “Heh… I never saw the Titans fall so hard before.” said Gizmo.

After a while of watching, both the Titans and Manimal seemed to be getting tired, and Mammoth was growing irritable with all the waiting. “Awe, come on…can’t we go beat these guys already?”

“Stay put!” said Jinx.

“But come on I mean…”

“STAY!!” Jinx snapped. “You remember the orders. We wait for the signal from Slade.”

Suddenly, an instant message appeared on the computer behind them. “Here it is.” Jinx sniggered. “Let’s go.”

They grabbed their flasks of Beast Boy’s DNA, and headed off.

Meanwhile, at the bridge

The Titans regrouped, so far the battle had waged on quite a bit, and Manimal had taken some hits, but he was still ready for more, and the Titans were really amazed at how good he was.

“Yo… exactly where did we lose our touch?” Cyborg asked.

Raven peeled off some sticky goop off her mouth Manimal fired to stop her from reciting her spell. “We can’t let him get to us.” she said.

“Raven’s right.” said Robin, and he turned angrily towards Manimal. “He’s bound to have some weaknesses!!”

Manimal turned fiercely towards the Titans as they charged him again.

He caught Cyborg’s fist and tossed him back over his shoulder. He dodged Starfire as she flew right at him and she crashed into the cables spring launching herself into Raven.

“My deepest apologies to you, Raven.” Starfire cried, but Raven just lay there… with stars around her head and her tongue sticking out.

Robin was the only one who actually got close enough to engage with Manimal in a dragon rush, and both he and Manimal were really going at it.

Punches going here, kicks going there. Robin even found and opening where he hit Manimal hard in the arm with one of his blade-picks. Manimal growled in pain and then flipped backwards and pitched his explosive quills at Robin knocking him over.

Manimal grunted and groaned as he held his arm, and the other Titans helped Robin up. Then they stared each other down panting hard… but still not wiling to give in.

“Enough of this.” Robin panted. “Why did you challenge us like this?”

Manimal looked confused. “What?” he snapped. “What are you talking about? You were the ones who challenged me to this duel.”

Now all the Titans were confused.

Their stalling made the crowds get angry. They taunted and hooted for the fight to go on, but the fighters didn’t make a move.

“Come on! What’s happening!” Jackie growled.

“Fight already!” added Jillian.

The only people who seemed to be relieved about this was Terra and her Grandmother. The fight had gone on long enough, and it seemed Terra’s hunches were right.

The Titans and Manimal had also just realized that they had been set up. “What I’d like to know is, why, and by whom?” asked Robin.

Suddenly the ground began to rumble, and everyone in the crowd began to rumble just like before at the street party. “Oh no… Not again!” cried Cyborg.

A whole swarm of large Green animals lead by the terrible trio. The crowd began to run a muck in panic, and the police, now convinced that Manimal was not the criminal ran in to join the heroes and aid them.

“So it was you creeps who set us up like this!” snarled Robin.

“Duh! You think?” snapped Gizmo. “You guys are so gullible… it sickens me.”

“Hey don’t worry… we’ll get them soon enough.” Mammoth said.

The Attack began, and the Animals began charging. “TITANS, GO!!” cried Robin, and they all rushed into action.

There was only one problem… the Titans had been fighting Manimal for quite a while. So much in fact, that they had used up a lot of their strengths and energies. They had hardly any battle left in them at all.

Robin and Cyborg went after Gizmo, but Gizmo just summoned up a Green Brontosaurus, and made it give them both a huge tail whip. WHACK!!

Raven and Starfire went after Jinx. Starfire couldn’t seem to fire her star bolts fast enough, and Raven couldn’t summon up a big enough energy wave, which let Jinx blast them both back hard with her own magic.

“Ha, ha, ha! You Titans are easier to beat than stealing candy from a baby.” Jinx mocked, but suddenly she got hit from behind by Manimal’s explosive quills.

“Don’t you know it’s wrong to take candy from a baby anyways.” Manimal growled. He charged towards her, but he was confronted by Mammoth, and his Green Gorilla, and Green Elephant.

“Don’t you know when to go down already?” he mocked.

The Titans and Manimal were losing badly, even with the police aiding them, they still didn’t fair so well.

Jackie and Jillian were even more horrified to find out that this was mostly their fault. They pitted the city against Manimal, and therefore had to take most of the fault.

Terra, on the other hand, couldn’t bare too much more. “I wish I could do something.” She mumbled to herself, but then she realized maybe there was something…. Her powers to move rock.

“It’s risky… but I’ve got to try.” and at that she broke free from the crowd and began running past the crowd controls.

“TERRA!!” cried Jackie and Jillian.

“CHILD… NO!!” cried her grandmother.

The police had assembled their strongest weapons and stood in formation. “You three!” called the leader. “This is your only chance! Leave this bridge at once, or we shall be forced to use extreme measures.”

But the terrible trio didn’t bother, and just ordered an gaggle of crazed Green Monkeys to attack, and even the police were rendered defenseless.

“Heh! Whimps.” chuckled Gizmo.

The fight kept on going, and by this point the Titans really seemed tired, so was Manimal. All of them weak, but not ready to quit yet. Still… they had no idea of what to do.

The Trio and their animals all slowly proceeded towards the defenseless heroes. “Heh! That was far too easy.” Mammoth chuckled. “Now which of these suckers do we crush first?”

“All of them.” Gizmo sniggered.

Jinx nodded. “Take your pick and go for it!”

They charged forward towards them, but before they could attack, they were bombarded by boulders and bricks from the bridge.

All the green animals got hit and were shifted back to into their flasks and capsules. “Hey! What the--” cried Jinx.

Manimal and the Titans looked up and they saw Terra.

The trio looked at the girl and couldn’t believe it. “Hey. Didn’t Slade used to have that chick as his apprentice?” asked Mammoth.

“Never mind, that!” snarled Jinx. “Let’s get her!”

Terra just stood there, and tried to use her powers again, but she was still too unfocused, and out of practice to use them correctly. “Oh, no!” she cried. “It’s not working.”

Manimal looked up and saw the trio charging towards her. “Oh no… Terra!” he cried.

Jinx powered up… Gizmo had one of his Zapper-Rays ready… and Mammoth pulled out his new Bazooka, and poor Terra realized she was backed into a corner with no where to run.

“Ready boys…” snapped Jinx. “Aim…”

“NO!!” cried Manimal.


(Dramatic Slow-motion)

The blasts flew straight towards the defenseless girl, and just as it was about to crash into her… Manimal came into the scene and shoved her out of the way… and…

(Regular speed)

KAPOW!! He got hit hard instead in a huge explosion, which also knocked him, the trio, and Terra flat onto the ground.

The Titans all looked up. “Oh dear!” cried Starfire.

“Whoa!” added Cyborg.

Raven and Robin gasped hard when they saw that Manimal got hit hard. He was alive, but barley as he struggled to get up. His suit looked very badly damaged.

His cape was all tattered, his gadgets were all bent and squashed, and worst of all… the blast had broken the visor on his helmet revealing his eyes and parts of his short brown hair.

Terra, shakily got up and brushed the dust from her hair, but then her eyes met Manimal’s eyes, and she immediately recognized them. “Garfield?” she asked in shock.

“Garfield?” added Jackie and Jillian.

Manimal got up shakily, and then pulled off his helmet… revealing the face of Garfield Logan.

“Yo, it’s Beast Boy.” said Cyborg.

“We should’ve known.” added Robin.

The police came too and arrested the terrible trio who were still knocked out cold from the blast… but Garfield had decided he had had enough! And he began to stomp angrily away.

“Garfield… WAIT!!” cried Terra.

Garfield just kept on going, until Jackie and Jillian confronted him. “Garfield! What the heck’s going on here?” snapped Jackie.

“Yeah!” added Jillian. “You’re the Manimal?!”

Terra reached them. “Garfield?”

Garfield looked at her. “I wanted to tell you Terra… but I couldn’t.” he said. Then he turned back to face Jackie and Jillian. “Not with these-two trouble makers around.”

Jackie and Jillian’s jaws dropped the way he insulted them. “Just look at what you two have done!” Garfield replied. “You-two what you’re up to.”

“People are getting hurt… all because you two want to be popular! How much is enough for you-two?!”

Jackie and Jillian didn’t say anything. They had realized, as if for the very first time, they had gone way too far in their shenanigans.

“Well… you-two are going to get what you want after all.” Garfield said, and he threw his helmet down hard which made the crowd gasp. “I quit!” and he walked away sadly.

Terra picked up the damaged helmet, tears began to form in her eyes. “Garfield...”

The Titans were also in deep shock. This was indeed a very dark day.

Outside of the story

Beast Boy shook his head in shame. “It was the biggest upset, and shame of my life.” he said. “Unloved… unappreciated… and as I was before; unhappy.”

“Beast Boy.” Copy-Cat said softly. “I never had realized you would do anything of the sort.”

“Tell me about it.” Beast Boy replied. “With my Super-hero days behind me again. All I could do was surrender to my despair, and accept it was all I had.”


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Chapter Eighteen: Haunt you everyday!

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The next day, the entire tow was still in deep shame that Manimal had quit, at least the news reporters were kind enough not to post up his identity as Garfield Logan, so as not to cause more calamity, but it didn’t change much.

Garfield just went back to his being all alone, and feeling unappreciated. Even his earning straight-A’s at school didn’t perk him up.

If anything it should’ve… seeing as how he almost had enough good grades to graduate in just one year too.

Jackie and Jillian stopped picking on him, and so did everyone else, but even still he wasn’t feeling to great. He was just lost in his own thoughts.

“Being myself didn’t work…. Being a Superhero didn’t work…” He sighed heavily as he walked down the streets to work after school. “I guess I just wasn’t meant for happiness.”

Meanwhile, at Titan’s tower

The Titans were just as ashamed of everyone else in town. Only they were even more upset to find out that it was Beast Boy that they were fighting all along, and now because of the way things went… he had abandoned the hero’s life again!

“I feel ever so bad for our friend.” said Starfire. “He had not the deserving of such a cruel and unnecessary punishment.”

Raven actually agreed with her. “But it’s not all our fault.” she said. “We were set up by those creeps.”

“Besides… he was the one who jumped in the way to protect that girl from the blast.”

Robin and Cyborg came into the lounge.

They had been running tests on the girl from Cyborg’s scanning, and from the thread of the girl’s hair they found from where she fell on the bridge.

“It’s her all right.” he said. He showed them all his test results…

The Hair they had found was exactly the same as Terra’s hair exactly.

Cyborg compared a picture of both girls he snapped with his Red-Eye Camera. The Results came out. “Same Human.”

And in addition to all that evidence, they all had caught a glimpse of her using Terra’s old powers of moving rock, and Earth. So it was final… that girl really was Terra.

“But what would happen that would cause her to lose her memory?” Robin wondered.

None of them knew if it was certain, but it may have had something to do when Tirgon was destroyed.

Raven’s pure magic, and mixed in with Trigon’s dark power to restore the Earth to normal must’ve done it. It must’ve released her from her stony prison… but even still, that didn’t explain how she lost her memory.

“Whatever it is… she seems to have regained her powers.” said Robin. “It might be able to help her, but for now, we better not try and interfere.”

Robin had a bit a point. Just like Beast Boy’s Amnesia, they had to let them work it out themselves. Any strong enforcement on them could end up damaging their brains forever.

Even with all that, they had other things to worry about.

The also just received word that Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth got out of jail again. “Someone’s let those three out, and I’ll bet I know who.” said Cyborg.

The Titans nodded, as they had a good feeling of who was behind all this.


Back in their hideout… the trio were brought before Slade himself.

“Slade, believe us, it wasn’t our fault.” Jinx said softly, but to all their surprises, Slade was pleased with what had happened.

“You have all presented me with a singular opportunity.” he hissed.

The trio was confused, until Slade revealed his newest plan to crush the Titans for good. “Thos poor pitiful Titans… they are in for quite the surprise.”

Meanwhile at the mall

A light Thunderstorm had broken out, it was slightly dark in the mall, and the lighting made things no better for some of the shoppers who were down in the dumps.

…Like Terra.

She was hanging out at the mall, all by herself. She also was having a pretty bad day.

The kids at school were scared of her, and her powers. This made her feel isolated, and crushed again. She was also still upset that Garfield had quit being a hero, and after he worked so hard to try and earn the cities respect.

But something else really tore her up inside…


She decided to come forth, and ask her Grandmother why she had this power, and why did she feel as though she knew this and was keeping it from her all along.

And to her surprise, and shock… her Grandmother decided to come clean.

“My child… I am very sorry, but…” she paused and summoned up all her courage. “I am not your Grandmother.”

Terra had almost forgotten how to breathe, and could feel her heart breaking inside her chest.

The old lady told her why she did what she did:

Her husband died shortly after they had gotten married, and the never had any children, she was never able to bring herself to love another, and had been alone for many, many years.

One year ago, when that awful Trigon monster was beaten, the old lady had been set free, but from where she had awakened from being turned to stone… she found Terra lying unconscious near the destruction of a cave.

(Only she didn’t see the pedestal her statute stood on)

So she took the poor girl home, and nursed her back to health, but the girl who seemed to have no home, no family, and also no memory of her former life… the old lady did the next best thing.

She raised Terra as her own Grandchild, and cared for her ever since, even though it was all a lie.

(End of Flashback)

Terra now knew that much… but she still didn’t remember the titans or anything.(One more big shock ought to do it)

She looked inside her bag, at Garfield’s broken battle helmet, and that hurt her even more. “I wish there was something I could do for him.” she said to herself.

Garfield wasn’t like other people she’d met. Sure, he worried about her at times, and as Manimal, he saved her life over, and over again. He also never did anything bad to people who didn’t deserve any harsh punishment.

Not even to Jackie and Jillian, who were responsible for his whole quitting thing.

Terra didn’t want to admit it out loud, but she kept it to herself that she was starting to actually like Garfield… and maybe, even more than just a friend.

Suddenly, she looked up from where she was sitting and could see a lot of cameramen up ahead with all their equipment. Then she remembered that Garfield and the TV crew were performing an episode of Mysterious Theater live from the mall.

Garfield really looked like he was in the gloomy mood, and in his episode, he and his crew were filming around all the gloomy people in the mall who wrote in to be on the episode. (From the start to 1:03)

All over the mall there were teens who’s girlfriend, or boyfriend just dumped them. A couple of them even got dumped and were fired from heir jobs. All of it, one big unhappy mode of despair.

Then, there he was, lookinginto the cameras "Good evening and welcome agian to Mysterious Theater. I am your host, Garfield Logan."

"Tonight, we come to you live fromt he Murakami mall... where behind me now, all of these troubled souls have had their hearts broken. None can predict their ultimate fates, but rest assured... they will be HAUNTED EVERY DAY!"

The Thunder Stuck and the music changed.

(Music cue)

-I don't feel the joy
I don't feel the pain
You were just a toy
I am just insane

Walking on my own
Leaving you behind
You were crying out
That you need to speak your mind

So alone in love
So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday

-I am gonna kill
When I need a thrill
Eating at the heart
until I've had my fill

When will stupid learn?
Fire’s gonna burn
Think of consequence
Then you move when it your turn

So alone in love
So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday

(Guitar Solo)

Walking on my own
Leaving you behind
You were crying out
That you need to speak your mind

So alone in love

So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday


(Another Guitar Solo, right to the end)

Terra thought that song was really painful, so painful she didn’t realize a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks. (4:19 to the end)

The ominous music was playing and Garfield was wrapping things up. “And so ends another episode of, Mysterious Theater. This is your host, Garfield Logan saying; Until next time… until next time…” he paused. “If there ever is a next time.” The thunder and lighting from the storm crashed.

“And we’re out.” Said Bob. “As always, great work kid.”

Garfield took off his bathrobe, revealing his regular clothes underneath. He collected his pay, and decided to just chill out at the mall until the storm ended.

So he just got himself a salad and a soda, and began doing his homework while sitting alone in the food court… where Terra was watching from.

She saw how upset he looked. In fact, the place he was sitting was so dark and gloomy, that his head seemed to be bathed in a shadow… indicating he was really lost in his bitterness.

She decided that right now, they could both really use a friend.

“Uh… Garfield?”

Garfield looked up. “Hey.” he said.

Terra sat down. “I thought you might want this back.” she said holding out his battle helmet, still damaged.

Garfield just shook his head. “Oh, that’s okay… you can keep it, I don’t really need anymore.” he said sadly. “All it does is bring back bad memories of my failed attempt to earn appreciation.”

Terra knew how he felt, in a way.

“By the way. Where did you learn to move rocks like that?” he asked her about her powers.

Terra really didn’t know. She assumed it was something she was born with, and only recently discovered it. “But for some reason… I feel as though I’ve known these powers from somewhere before.” she said.

“That makes two of us.” Garfield said. He was referring to his Animal capabilities, and he thought the same thing. “Still… I don’t know why I should bother to keep going.” he replied. “Everything I try to do to gain something nice just blows up in my face.”

“They may as well put me out of my misery.”

Terra thought Garfield was talking nonsense. “Just look at what you’ve become.” she said. “You get more Straight-A’s in a month than three genius get in a year. You work on TV, and you were even a superhero who saved people… and me.”

“Garfield, you even have the greatest music talent I’ve ever seen.”

The storm ended and the moon was out. Garfield was starting to perk up. “You really think so?” he asked.

“I know so.” replied Terra. “Why, if you and I could, we could form a band of our own and make great music together.”

That gave Garfield a big thought.

He had earlier that day asked his boss, Bob if he could have a raise in his pay check since he worked hard and good.

Bob told Garfield he did indeed deserve a raise, but unfortunately the TV ratings still needed to go up by a little more to pay that kind of money, but he also told Garfield…

“If you can figure out something that may get us more ratings, and it works… then you’ll get your raise and maybe even more.”

Garfield quickly gathered his stuff and almost zapped away, but he stopped for just a moment. “Thanks, Terra.” he pecked her on the cheek and was gone.

Terra blushed. “He kissed me.” she thought warmly to herself.

She also wondered what it was Garfield had in mind. Whatever it was it had to be big.


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Chapter Ninteen: Rebel Girl

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Only a couple of weeks to go before the end of April, and still, none of the students had any idea where they could hold the springtime dance.

Many suggestions were made, but all were dismissed either due to the number of students, or the straining of the school’s budget to organize the dance.

Garfield and Terra however were already busy making Garfield’s plan for a raise come true. Not to mention, help Terra become popular again.

What happened was, the Studio where Garfield worked also dealt with music videos, and they had been searching for new songs and stuff for weeks.

Garfield decided to take the job, but only if Terra would work by his side. Terra immediately jumped into it. She always had wanted to make her own music videos before.

So Bob hired her, and entitled her the same amount as Garfield earned.

Then, for the rest of the week, Garfield and Terra met at the garage near the building where Garfield lived, and began putting together a song, and the decided to do Garfield’s song… “Rebel Girl!”

Now what they were doing was…

Since there was only two of them in the whole band. Garfield decided to use his multiple keyboard-playing talent to pay many instruments and record it all one tape, because the video they had in mind to make was a nighttime rock video performed outside Garfield’s apartment.

Many things had to be done before the night of the filming.

The song was all recorded over the next couple of days. Terra had combined her Base Guitar with Garfield’s keyboards that played. Two Electric guitars, a rock-organ, and heavy-metal drums. Even a bit of Dark Moon sounds

Garfield also told his neighbours, and people who were close enough to hear the music, what was going to happen. Everyone in the building asked to be in the video, and those who didn’t made sure they had their earplugs in.

Terra was so excited. She couldn’t wait for the tapping on Friday night, the only problem was, she had nothing suitable to wear.

If she was going to be in the song as a Rebel Girl, then she would need something that made her look wicked.

She even asked her… well… she still called the old lady Grandmother. She never would know how to call her anything else after all she had done for her.

“I’m not sure I’ll look to good.” she said. “I know Garfield’s counting on me, and I--”

“Now, now, Dear.” The old lady said. “He is counting on you, but all he really is counting on is for you to be there. I’m sure that whatever you find will be just perfect to him.”

Terra knew she had a point. Garfield wasn’t shallow like others. He respected everyone, no matter what they wore. Even if it was repulsive and disgusting. “Everyone needs to wear something, and there’s nothing entirely wrong with that.”

Terra was finding herself becoming closer, and closer to Garfield. He was kind, gentle, and he even had great tastes, and was also the hero who saved her life several times.

She stared out of her bedroom window, stared off into space, and sighed warmly to herself. “If only I could show him.”

A few days later…

It was Friday night, and after Garfield had finished Mysterious Theater, the TV crew had gone to the building where he lived, and set up everything.

This got the neighbours really excited.

Once it was dark enough, and everything was set up; all that was left was to wait for the stars, and Terra had phoned Garfield saying she was already on her way.

Sadly, she also said that she still had no luck finding anything good enough to wear. “Hey, don’t worry about it.” Garfield said. “Just come over, I got something for you.”

Terra made it to Garfield’s apartment. “Hey!” she called out. “Whoa! You look cool in that.” she complimented him on his clothes.

(Refer to Episode BETRYAL for their outfits)

Garfield was wearing a black leather jacket over a white T-shirt, a golden chain around his neck. Sunglasses over his eyes, blue jeans, and white sneakers

“I got to say, I look pretty like money in this get-up.” he said.

He also noticed Terra was still wearing her school uniform, but like he promised, and he handed her a yellow box tied with a blue bow on it.

Terra giggled. “What is this?”

“For you.” Garfield said. “I heard you said you couldn’t find anything, and well… when I passed this I just kept thinking about you.”

Terra opened the present and inside was the coolest looking outfit she ever saw. (Her outfit from BETRAYL)

Brown hiking boots, and matching gloves and belt. Short yellow pants, blue lenses goggles, and the bets part was… the Black shirt with a “T’ for Terra in the middle.

Garfield did not tell her however, that when he saw it and thought of her… it brought on more images into his head. The picture was trying to become clear but he still couldn’t make it out.

“Cool!” she said. “And it’s exactly my size too. Thanks a lot Gar.” she pecked him on the cheek, Garfield blushed.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” he asked playfully. “I didn’t buy you a cool outfit just so you could look at it.”

Terra went into the bedroom to change, and she did look amazing as she gazed at herself in the mirror, but suddenly… she gazed really hard at herself.

“Something about this outfit seems familiar.” she thought to herself. “Like I’ve worn it somewhere before.”

She shut her eyes, and began to see those images again…

Almost everything was clear to her know. The Titans, Beast Boy… everything except one image that was still to blurry to make out.

Terra snapped out of her trance when she heard Bob call her, “Come on, kid, it’s Showtime.” he said.

Terra nodded and everyone took their places.

Meanwhile, at Titan’s tower…

The Titans were all tired with frustration.

It had been a whole week since the duel at the bridge, and Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth hadn’t made a move since they escaped from jail.

Robin had been trying to figure out where they were hiding for a while, but so far he had no leads to that, but he knew that if they were working for Slade, there was going to be loads of trouble soon.

That was the main problem one.

Main problem two consisted of Beast Boy, and Terra.

They both still had amnesia, and they both weren’t out to saving the city anymore. Worse than that. Von Richter called and said the Machine would be fully operational in just a few more weeks.

That was a good thing, but even if there was a way to get Beast boy to remember who he was, and get him to come back to the Titans. Slade and his minions still had his DNA. So there was no way he could change back without it.

Right now, the Titans were all just hanging in the lounge on a break from all the frustration.

Raven was buried in her book, Cyborg making a snack, Starfire slumped down on the sofa missing Beats Boy, and thinking back to all the good times, and Robin was channel surfing.

His mind was so wrapped up in his own thoughts, that he didn’t realize he had made five complete surfs around all the channels.

Raven did notice however, from all the static sounds. “If you keep that up, you’ll break the remote.” she said.

Robin pulled himself together, and just put the remote down. “I just wish I knew what to do.” he said. “So much is happening, and it’s almost as if we’re powerless to make anything happen.”

Starfire put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Robin… do not think that way.” she said. “We have been faced with very gravest of challenges before, and we have never failed yet.”

“Girl’s got a point.” Said Cyborg as he sat down with his sandwich and soda. “We’ll figure this out somehow. We’ll get the kids back, and make those slime-balls pay through the nose.”

Robin knew they were right. The best thing for them to do was not give up.

Suddenly, heavy-metal music came from the TV, and when the Titans looked up, the saw Garfield in his home lying in bed, dressed as a Rebel too.

“O-kay… really not what I needed to see.” said Raven.

(Music Cue)


(Sound slike Kevin Clash/ Billy Idol Muppet)

Last night as I was lyin'
Just loungin' in my bed,
Heard such a loony howlin',
Stood my hair up on my head.
Lunged over to the window,
Flipped the floodlight right on.
Hey, there's a strange girl on the loose
Leapin’ across my lawn!

(Garfield in the window, and Terra on the lawn)

I heard the rebel girl
Let out a…



The little rebel girl,
She cried,




I heard the rebel girl
Let out a…




The little Rebel Girl,
She went…



(Music goes REALLY wild!!)

(Screen flips round and around Horizontally as Terra SCREAMS)


(Screen flips round and around Vertically)


She said…


"You gotta listen,
See, I'm a lean, mean lass.
And if I cannot have you then,
I’ll kill you at the pass
Just wanna live for you and me
And don't say I'm too young
I was born to scream for love
At the top of my lu-lu-lungs!"

(Screen flips round and around Horizontally)




The little rebel girl,
She cried,




I heard the rebel girl
Let out a…




The little Rebel Girl,
She went…



(Music goes REALLY wild!!)

(Screen flips round and around Vertically as Terra SCREAMS)


(Screen flips round and around Horizontally)


[i]Leaned out a little lower,
"Leapin' lizards!" I yelled,
You gotta learn a lesson,
Hey, it's late, get lost, Rebel Girl
You're wakin' up the neighbors.
Please leave us in peace.

(Police Sirens and Lights)

Looks like you're outta luck, Rebel girl,
Here come the pol-luh-luh-lice!"

(Screen flips round and around Vertically)


Hey, little Rebel Girl,
You're too loud, loud, loud.
We know you're lost and lonely
Without a crowd, crowd,

(Garfield runs out to join them)

But listen, Rebel Girl,

(All the neighbors open their windows and stick their heads through)

We got laws, laws, laws!


I'm just a rebel girl
Without a cause, cause, cause!



(Music goes REALLY wild!!)

(Screen flips round and around Horizontally)



(Screen flips round and around Vertically)


“You know I’m just a Rebel Girl!”

(Screen flips round and around Horizontally)


“You know I’m just a Rebel Girl!”

(Screen flips round and around Vertically)




The song faded out, and the Titans… they all had their jaws hanging wide open.

Finally Cyborg broke the salience. “I have seen some pretty mean things in my days… but MAN THAT WAS AWE-SOME!!”

Starfire giggled. “That was truly… What s your Earth phrase… Out of this world!”

Robin nodded. “That was amazing.”

Even Raven complimented with. “Not awful… not awful.”


Bob reported that the Ratings were sky rocketing. “You were awesome kids. They loved you both.”

Terra and Garfield smiled.

Bob did indeed give Garfield his pay check, which was worth at least five times more than what he used to earn. Terra was amazed herself too, all she ever earned was no more than ten dollars a week for doing her chores.

“This is incredible.” Terra said. “Garfield, thanks a lot.”

Garfield milled but shook his head. “Terra, I wasn’t the one who did this. You should be thanking yourself just as much.”

Now Terra was the one who shook her head. “No… you gave me the chance where no one else would.” she said. “Garfield, I really owe you this time. There’s got to be something I can do to thank you.”

Now that Garfield thought about it. “Well, there is something, but… No, no, you wouldn’t be interested.”

“No, no… I mean it, just tell me.” Terra said.

This was it!

Now or never!

“Uh… would you want to… hang out with me tomorrow night.”

Terra felt herself almost about to faint. This was the first, absolute first time in her life she had ever been asked out on a date. She never thought she would ever have any boy like her before, so she decided.

“Sure. I… I’d love to.”

They both shared a giggle, and then bid each other good night.

Outside the story

“I could barely believe it.” Beast Boy said. “I had a date with Terra, and it wasn’t the first time either, but little did Terra or I realize that tomorrow night, something big was going to happen.”

Copy-Cat looked tensed. “What was that something?”

Beast Boy narrowed his eyes. “Something… from the past.”


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Chapter Twenty: Finish what they started

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All the town couldn’t seem to get the Rebel Girl song out of their minds. That song was an absolute killer-seller.

Bob even took the time to let radio stations play the song, and the music stores to play the video of it. Almost no one in town could go without hearing it once in a day.

Even a lot of the teens from school thought Garfield and Terra total rocked the world. Things were certainly going to look a little better for them on Monday, but it was still Saturday, and Garfield was just staying at home getting as his homework and chores done.

He had a date that night.

He never had actually been on a date before, or so he thought… and he was a little nervous too, but at least he and Terra spoke on the phone about what to do that night.

It wasn’t going to be anything all that fancy. So at least they didn’t have to dress up in formal clothes and all that stuff.

By Six that night, Garfield, dressed in his leather jacket outfit from the video, picked up Terra from her apartment.

Terra was wearing the outfit he bought for her.

“Hey, you ready to go?”

Terra smirked. “Just try and stop me.”

So they were off, on Garfield’s new bike that he bought with all the extra money he saved up, but he still had loads, and loads of it left.

The city sure was a big place for two teenagers, even if they had powers, all kinds of trouble could be lurking around every corner of the street, but Garfield had a little trick up his sleeve.

See, in all his years, at least those he could remember, he learned how to make it in the outside world during his time in the streets… before he became a boy-genius.

“I know what it’s like being alone. So you have to learn the ways of the world.” he told Terra. “I know you can read books… but can you read the street?”

As smart as Terra was. “How can you read a street? I don’t get it.”

Garfield smirked. “I didn’t think you would.” he said. “But never mind… we’ll take some shortcuts, and I’ll explain everything.”

(Music cue)

As the rode down dark alley ways, Garfield pointed out all the things the city had to offer, and what could be done to watch out for them and how to keep your cool.

It was also how Garfield got to be so tough, but was able to always be gentle, and never get violent.


-If you wanna get along in the city
You gotta be pretty shrude.
It’s the only way to learn ropes in the city.
It’s all in your attitude.
See the way I strut as a swagger.
Show ‘em all you’re sharp as a dagger
Let ‘em know I own this town,
Cuz you can’t back down,
And run my-pet,
And let ‘em see you sweat…

-You gotta be STREET-SMART!
Quick and sly and STREET SMART!
You’ll get by, your STREET-SMART!
Don’t be shy and STREET-SMART!
You can change the code.

Terra was starting to get the message a bit. She even saw how a couple of school-kids were able to overcome two big bullies.


-Let ‘em know you got your own way of walkin’
Your own way of talkin’ tough
If you wanna make ‘em shake in the city,
You can’t be a powder-puff.
Never flinch, and wince, or flutter,
Or you’ll find yourself in the gutter.
When they try to crush your toes,
And steal your clothes, and eat your bread,
Just keep one step ahead…

-You gotta be STREET-SMART!
Quick and sly and STREET SMART!
You’ll get by, your STREET-SMART!
Don’t be shy and STREET-SMART!
You can change the code.


Later on

The first stop on their date was just outside of town across the water. They were parked on a small rocky hill with a perfect view of the city. They watched sun as set below the horizon, it grew dark, and the stars and moon were out.

“Whoa, this looks even cooler than a night at the duck pond.” Garfield said.

Terra smiled. “This is my special place.” she said. “It’s where I go when I need some time to myself…. but I never told anyone.”

Garfield wasn’t sure why, but something about this place seemed familiar. He felt as though he had been here before, but he couldn’t work out where, and when.

Still, he wasn’t going to let those crazy images in his head bother him tonight.

They kept on looking on at the glistening lights. Then suddenly, their stomachs began to rumble. “You hungry?” they both asked each other at the same time. They shared a laugh and decided to head off.

They stopped off at Ben’s Café… pretty much the only place in town you could drop in without reservations for a date.

“You sure you want to eat here?” Terra asked. “I don’t think they have vegetarian meals for you.”

“Oh don’t you worry kids.” said Pam, “We got something special for you today.”

Couldn’t argue with that, so they just sat themselves down near the window. “I didn’t know you knew Pam, here.” Terra said.

“Actually, I didn’t know her at first.” Garfield said. “The first time I came in here, she also mistook me for that Beast Boy guy. I told her I wasn’t, but she kept insisting That I look much like him.”

Terra knew where he was coming from. After all, she thought the exact same thing the first day Garfield came to school. Just like way Beast Boy kept insisting that she was his long lost friend.

“So… Garfield, what’s the coolest place you’ve ever been to before?” Garfield asked trying to change the subject.

Terra thought hard. “Don’t know.” she said as he looked at her faded reflection in the window, “I’ve never really been to that many places before… at least, none that I can remember.”

Garfield knew how she felt. He too hadn’t been to that many places. This was partially due to the fact that no one gave him any chances, or accepted him, or anything.

“All I can say is… anything is as cool or as lame as you make it out to be.” replied Terra.

Just then Pam came over and place a special pizza on their table. Half vegetarian for Garfield, and half meaty for Terra… No Anchovies. “Here you go, kids.” said Pam. “Eat hearty.”

Terra and Garfield never knew Pam actually could did that, but they eat up anyways.

Once they were finished, Terra asked. “So like… how come you don’t eat any meat?” she asked. “You know it’s good for your bones.”

Now it was Garfield’s turn to stare at his faded reflection. “I don’t know.” he said. “I know I should be eating meat… but I just can’t bring myself to do that. It’s like I owe the animals my life or something.”

Saying that brought them both back a couple of visions. The picture was still faded, but they could someone say, “Dude… I’ve been most of those animals.”

The image faded as quickly as it came.

Garfield and Terra decided to head out while the night was still young.


The Gorham amusement Park had been repaired and was now better than ever before. With new attractions, more rides, and naturally, all the usual refinements.

The Titans were there to take some time of from all their frustrations trying to find Slade.

Cyborg was pigging out on all the snacks he could fit into his stomach. Candied apples, lost of popcorn, cotton-candy, “Man… this is the stuff.” He chuckled

Robin and Starfire were enjoying the tunnel of love, one the newest attractions. It helped add on to their growing relationship since they came back from Tokyo.



They gazed deeply into each others eyes, and then shared a soft kiss just like they did in Tokyo. It was so romantic in the tunnel. Too romantic to even put into words.

Raven was just sitting on one of the lonely benches near the game stands. She remembered that time when Beast Boy was playing and won her the giant stuffed chicken.

As lame as it was, he did win it for her and that was what he promised. “See… I told you I’d win you something.”

She sighed to herself, and never thought she would ever be saying or thinking, but she really did miss Beast Boy, and actually wanted him to come home. Sure his jokes weren’t funny, and he wasn’t always the smartest team member.

Still… none was ever more loyal, and he always had his heart in the right place when it was needed most. Which just went to show that even the comic-relief of the team can also be there when needed.

Speaking of him…

Garfield and Terra had taken their date to the theme park as well, and where taking the roller coaster for a real great run. They both felt like little kids.

They stopped to rest on the benches for a bit. “This place is awesome.” Garfield said. “I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.”

Then he noticed Terra was acting a little funny. “Yeah… me too.” She said as she stared off into space. “So you want to ride the bumper-cars or--”


She turned to face him “Yeah, what is it?”

“Is everything okay?” Garfield asked. “I mean, I’m having fun… but I just want to know if you’re having fun… you know… with me.”

Terra smiled. “Totally. Garfield, you’ve become my definition of fun.” She grabbed him by the arm. “Come on… let’s go.”

So they continued their date, and they did quite a lot.

Bumper-cars, the Whirling rides, Snapshots, the Tunnel of horror, they even played some games. Terra didn’t do so good however, until Garfield took over for her and used a little geometry to knock over all the pins with one ball.

He even one Terra a huge Teddy-bear. She hugged Garfield tighter than the bear.

The fireworks lit up the skies, and as they walked along, Terra slipped her arm around Garfield and rested her head on his shoulder.

Yet, both of them kept thinking the same thing. They had done this somewhere before, and not only that but now the images were still in their heads. They were ignoring them as best as they could, but the more the date progressed, the clearer the images got.

Still, they kept on going… Garfield and Terra even had a cool idea. The theme-park was big, it wouldn’t cost too much, and it would be a great place.

They agreed to talk to the school counsel, and see if the school dance could be held at the park. There would be rides, snacks… lost of things to do. They could even bring in tables and chairs for refreshments.

Still… right now, they were in the big ferries-wheel, and enjoying the view. Garfield inched over towards Terra, and she rested her head on his shoulder again. “This sure was a great night, Garfield.” she said to him.

“Yeah, me too.”

They stared off into the night sky. “Terra, I got to know…” Garfield asked her. “What was that made you agree to wanting to go out with me?”

Terra looked down at her shoes, feeling a little embarrassed. “Well, I guess it’s because… of all the things I could’ve done tonight I realized that all I wanted to do was spend time with you.”

Garfield’s jaws dropped slightly.

“Garfield, you’re not like other guys I’ve met.” Terra went on. “You actually appreciate me just for who I am, and you can actually understand things that I know of.”

She sighed. “When I’m with you, and I think of what you said about the Power of Music… I don’t feel so… so…”

“Yes… go on.”

“Alone.” Terra said.

Garfield knew how she felt, he felt the same way when he was near her. “I used to think that sometimes it was better to be alone.” he said to her.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” replied Terra. “While it may hurt you emotionally, at least when you’re alone… nobody can hurt you.”

Garfield stood beside her and turned her to face him, their eyes met. “Terra… all I’m saying is; You’re not like other girls I’ve met, and I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.”

“And I don’t ever want hurt you.” Terra said softly. “So, maybe we should promise each other. Their faces moved slowly towards the other. “Before… we…”

Their lips met, and as they just stood there… something very, very mysterious happened.

Their thoughts were all coming back to them, FULL BLAST!! They saw and remembered everything.

Garfield, having his Sakutia disease cleared. Him becoming Beast Boy and ending up with the Titans, and even all the bad stuff that happened came back to haunt him as well.

Terra being out on the road with her powers, meeting the Titans, being Slade’s apprentice, turning herself to stone, and then becoming a school girl and telling Beats Boy, her one true love to leave her.

“You’ll always be my friend, won’t you Beats Boy?”

“Yes, I promised Terra… no matter what.”

The broke away from each other, and their eyes snapped open. “I… Remember!!” they both cried at the same time. “You remember?” they both asked each other in confusion.


“Beast Boy.”

Outside the Story

“You both had gotten your memories back.” Copy-Cat said.

Beast Boy nodded. “Both of us were so shocked, that we both needed some time by ourselves, so Terra took off, and I headed home.”

“We didn’t know if this was good thing, or a bad thing. Remember, we still forgot our lives for a reason.”


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Chapter Twenty-One: Show me the light

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Garfield and Terra now remembered who they were, and everything else, but ever since their date on Saturday, they didn’t even move towards each other that week in school. They were still emotionally unstable with the situation.

When they saw each other in the hallway, they quickly just pretended not to see each other and walk the other way.

Terra especially felt bad because she also remembered all the things she had said to Garfield… when he was Beast Boy, and when she didn’t remember him.

How she tried to tell him to move on, forget about her… and worst of all, how she got that restraining order on him. She felt like such a brat, and a monster.

Beast Boy was more than just her friend now, she was growing to have strong feelings for him, but now she didn’t know what to do.

She was so mixed up that she couldn’t think straight and it slowed her down in class. She even got a C-Minus on a Pre-Exam test.

The end of the school year was only a month away, and Final Exams were slowly approaching, and what was more was more than that… the school dance would be going on after all at the end of the week.

Garfield, despite his emotional, seemly depressing state, he had presented his idea to the school counseling about holding the dance Friday night at the Amusement park, and things were already being set up.

The park had agreed to let the school have a chance, and were more than happy to lend any help they could.

The whole school, unaware of his alias, were really giving Garfield their thanks and praise for saving the school dance. Bullies no longer picked on him, some of the girls started to see him more than just a school-nerd.

Still, Garfield didn’t know what to feel. His mind was really getting mixed up. He still had his amazing IQ of 170, but he was finding hard to concentrate with all his memories coming back to him.

He still got good grades, but not a moment went by that he didn’t stop to realize how he got to be where he was, and most importantly… he didn’t know if could ever find it in himself to confront with Terra again.

This was a big problem with him because he knew now that Terra was in his heart, he loved her more than he used to love Video Games and Chocolate as Beast Boy. More than Studying and getting good grades as Garfield Logan.

He really wanted to see her again, go out with her again. Even ask her to the prom, but the both of them were too embarrassed to look at each other. What were they going to do?

They were both thinking about each other that night at home as they slept.

(Music cue) (Go to 3:04 and play until 4:47)

(Garfield’s thoughts)

I'm out here on my own
To face the day alone
I need you to get me through the night

I'm lost out in the cold
I want someone to hold
I feel you're near, though you're out of sight


And even though we're far apart
I search the moonlit sky
I make a wish to be home with you
Can't you hear me cry?


Show me the light
Someone to lead and guide me


Show me the light


A love to stand beside me


Show me the light
When I fear the dark


A ray of sunshine,


a rainbow's arc


Show me the light


I'm reaching for a star
Wondering where you are
Where is the love searching for me too?
Oh, beyond the mountain top
The dream will never stop
Give me a sign
I'm running out of time

Oh, I know someone is on their knees
Praying for me now
Won't you come and hear my pleas?
Save me somehow


Show me the light
Someone to lead and guide me


Show me the light


A love to stand beside me


Show me the light
When I fear the dark


A ray of sunshine,

a rainbow's arc


Show me the light

Meanwhile, and Titan’s tower

Von-Richter had phoned and said the Machine was finished. “But I tell you… you try and vork zevereal monthz flat, and you vill zink you vasted avay.”

The Titans were grateful that the Machine was fixed. “at least that’s out of the way now.” said Cyborg. “But were no where near out of the woods yet.”

He was right too.

Even now that the machine was ready, there was still the little matter of getting Beast Boy’s DNA back from Slade, which they still were not having much luck on.

Even if they could get it back, there was still the biggest and most difficult task of persuading Beast Boy to come back to the team. Only they had absolute no idea how to show him how much they wanted him back, or that they missed him.

“Well we have to do something.” Robin said. “If Slade’s going to strike soon, then we’re going to need all the help we can get.”

Raven decided to tell them something she should have awhile ago…

When she was finished, she felt all their eyes piercing into her, and she felt a little embarrassed. “Raven, why didn’t you tell us this before?” Robin asked.

Raven blushed. “Uh… it slipped my mind?”

She had actually seen Beast Boy and Terra at the theme park on Saturday, and had been keeping a close eye on them with her emotional-sensing. She even realized that the two of them now remembered everything.

With their amnesia’s lifted. It would probably have been much easier to confront them now. but they decided to wait until morning.

Sadly, when the next morning came, The Titans were able to find Terra’s location. sadly, Terra wasn’t really up to joining back with the Titans… not yet. So she just made her excuses.

The Titans left her. “I believe that did not go at all well.” said Starfire.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Raven said, but then she quickly took it back… you know they way Starfire would react.

“Something big is on that girl’s mind.” said Cyborg.

Robin nodded. “She’s probably still too emotionally fragile.” he said.

“Or she really just doesn’t want to rejoin the team.” added Raven.

They decided to go and try talk to Beast Boy, maybe by now he’d be ready to come back to the team.

Terra however had a bad feeling that the Titans weren’t going to make things good. So she followed them silently all the way to Garfield’s apartment.

They tried talking to him, but Garfield just sat at his table with his back turned to them all. “My mind’s made up.” he said with a deep tone. “I’m not going back with you guys, and that’s that!”

That was cold, but the Titans had expected he’d be that way. It turned out that he hadn’t only remembered everything, but also why he left the team to begin with.

“Yo’ man… look were sorry all right.” Cyborg said. “But look if we don’t get your DNA back, Slade’s going to crush the whole city.”

Garfield sipped his soy-milk. “Dude… that’s your problem. Not mine.” he snapped. “I’m through with being a hero. All it does is get you nothing but trouble.”

Starfire approached him “Friend… Beast Boy--”

Garfield slammed down his fork, causing them to wince. “For crying out loud! Will you STOP CALLING ME THAT!!” he roared.

He calmed down a bit. “Look… sorry I yelled, but you guys got to get a grip already. Maybe I remember who I was, and everything with it, but that’s all behind me now.”

Robin tried to talk to him, “But Beast Boy…”

“Dude! I just told you, I’m not Beast Boy and I don’t want to be him anymore. My name’s Garfield.” He got up pointing at things. “This is Garfield’s Apartment… That’s Garfield’s Neighborhood… Garfield’s Vegetarian breakfast--”

Raven held up her hand. “I think… we get the message.”

“Eh… Whatever.” replied Garfield. “This is Garfield’s life; and it’s not the good I hoped for, but at least now I’m accepting the awful truth.” He slumped back down into his seat and sighed. “I’ve lived my life as an outcast… and I’ll die as an outcast.”

“Yo’ man… quit beating yourself like this.” Cyborg says. “We don’t think you’re outcast.”

Starfire nodded. “Friend… you have done so many things for us all.”

Garfield turned. “Oh yeah? Name one thing I’m good at that doesn’t involve being a hero, but just for being me!”

The Titans were all silent with empty answers. “There… you proved my point.” he replied. “As far as I’m care, you guys don’t need me, and I don’t need you either.” He turned back to his breakfast. “Now… Beat it, all of you… and don’t come back!”

The Titans all feeling cut real deep decided to leave, but Starfire stayed for a few more moments. “Please, Friend… do not take this wrong…” she said as she placed a small wrapped gift on the table. “If ever you feel the need to… please use this gift.” then she was gone.

Garfield folding his hands onto his forehead and slammed face-down onto the table, surrendering to his despair. The morning sunlight was shining on everything but his heart.

In the hall way, Terra, who was hiding around the corner saw the bummed Titans leave. “Maybe it’s time we just let him go.” Cyborg said. “Hire a new recruit.”

“Please…” cried Starfire, trying to hold back her tears. “I do not wish to find anyone to take Beast Boy’s place.”

Robin and Raven agreed with them both. No one in the world would ever replace Beast Boy. No one could, and no one ever would.

Terra waited until the Titans were out of sight before she headed to Garfield’s apartment. She needed to talk to him… now, and get to the bottom with what was going one with him and the Titans.

Garfield was just getting ready to head for school. When he heard a knock at the door. He gritted his teeth. “Some dudes just never learn.” he mumbled. HE swiftly opened the door. “I thought I told you--” he stopped. “Oh… Terra.”

He blushed of embarrassment, but Terra had a feeling he’d mistake her for the Titans. “Garfield… you mind if I walk to school with you?”

Garfield’s insides began to go crazy, just the way they used to. “Uh… well… I uh? Sure.”

As they walked to school, Terra asked if Garfield could tell her what really happened with the him and the Titans, and figuring he should tell her, he began telling her everything.

About his true Past life with his Sakutia disease, and how becoming Beast Boy made a mess of everything for him. Having his legal guardian wanting to kill him, being mistreated by everyone, and getting booted off the Doom Patrol.

Terra thought it was no wonder he was always so gloomy and depressed all the time. “But wait… it gets better.” Garfield said with sarcasm.

He told her the Titans didn't banish, or fire him… he just got up and quit.

He told her about all the horror and misery he went through after she, with her amnesia, told him to go away, and getting that restraining order on him. Nothing went right for him.

So he went to see Dr. Nobel Von-Richter, and was put into a machine that changed him from Beast Boy to a regular kid… it was Starfire’s fiddling with the controls that caused the machine to overload, and give him his amnesia.

“There, you got it now.” he said. “I’ll be you think I’m nothing but a big wimp.”

But Terra did think anything like that at all. “To be honest, you’re way more braver than I am.” she said. “ever since I woke up from being stone… I just felt so alone.”

She went on saying how she felt so scared, not remembering who she was, where she came from, and being someone who was left out, felt so completely different from others.

“Now that Final exams are coming, I don’t really know what I’m going to do.” She said. “I feel so nervous that I don’t think I can make it.”

Garfield put a hand on her shoulder. “Maybe I can help you.” he said.

Terra looked at him. “Really?”

Garfield nodded. “Come on.” he said as he lead her into the school.


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Chapter Twenty-Two: Date with Dagner approaching

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“So… what was it that you did with Terra?” Copy-Cat asked.

“Well… I helped her study that week.” Beast Boy answered. “Like I said, I did have my memory back, but I still had my 170 IQ. So I helped her work the nerve to take the exams and it meant that we got to spend a little more time together.”

Back to the Story

(Music Cue)

(Garfield and Terra in the library)

-I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day

(Garfield and Terra studying in Garfield Apartment)

-Oh yes I can make it now, the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I've been prayin' for
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day

(Taking a break at the duck pond)

Look all around, there's nothin' but blue skies
Look straight ahead, nothin' but blue skies

(Terra rests her head on Garfield’s shoulder)

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Here is the rainbow I've been prayin' for
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day

Thursday afternoon… and the results were in. Garfield aced his exams perfectly, and Terra, she may not have gotten the perfect score on her exams, but she did pass wonderfully.

“You did it, Terra. Way to go.” Terra suddenly hugged him. “You said I could do it… and you were right.”

Garfield hugged her back. “But Terra… I only helped you a bit… you were the one who did most of the work.” he said. “You really earned the grades.”

It didn’t matter to Terra, she was happy that she passed her Exams, and more than that, she finally had all she needed to graduate, so did Garfield. Imagine that, only one year of school and he was ready to graduate.

“Hey, Garfield…” Terra asked. “Not that it’s my business, but… what do you plan to do once you graduate?”

Garfield never really thought of it before. It wasn’t like he had any plans, or anywhere to go. He still had his job doing Mysterious Theater, but that job was starting to get dull, and he needed something more.

“Maybe I’ll just live it n the edge, and see what waits for me beyond the world.” He said. “other than that… I don’t rightly know what I want to do.”

Well… he secretly kept it in that one thing he really wanted to do, above everything else in the world… he wanted to be with Terra, but he wasn’t sure if he should tell her.

So he decided to change the subject. “What about you?”

“Me?” she asked.

Garfield nodded. “Yeah… don’t you have any plans?”

Terra looked down at the pavement. “Don’t know… I may have my powers back, but I’m really not up to using them.” she said. “All they ever did was cause nothing but trouble.”

She spoke on the memories of the past… when she was having trouble controlling her powers, and unintentionally caused Earthquakes and Landslides. Then Joining Slade and being used for his dirty work.

She placed her hand on her forehead, and softly shook her head. “All that was because of me, and my power. I can’t imagine how other people must’ve thought of me.”

Garfield placed a warm hand on her shoulder. “Terra, you shouldn’t let it get to you.” he said. “And besides… remember what I told you the other night? I would never, ever let anything happen to you.”

Terra looked up. “You meant that?” she asked.

Garfield nodded. “And know of a great way to prove it to you.” He pulled out two small prom tickets from his pocket and waved them in front of her face. “Want to give it a shot?”

Terra’s mind was going at a-hundred miles an hour. She was really hoping he’d ask her out. She wasted no time in answering. “Only on one condition…” she said. “You have to wear a tux.”

Garfield smiled, and they shared a soft hug, sealing the deal. They both went home to start getting ready. The prom was tomorrow night.


In their secret hideout… wherever and whatever it was. Slade and his gang were finally ready to launch their nasty plan into action.

“Uh… are you sure we’re not going a tad bit overboard here?” Mammoth asked.

Jinx rolled her eyes and sighed. “Look… we have huffed, and puffed… and now we’re going to tear that city down.” she said.

With the Titans still without Beast Boy, and the Minimal no where in sight… this was the perfect time to launch their plan. All they needed was Terra.

“Heh, heh, heh… locked onto the girl.” Gizmo chuckled. He was ready to slam the capture switch, “Ready or not, here we--” Slade suddenly stopped him.

“No Gizmo… not yet.” he hissed.

Gizmo was most confused. “But… I thought you said--”

“No.” Slade growled. “Now’s not the time.”

He told them he planned to capture Terra the next night at the prom. This way all the kids would be far too busy occupying themselves, and there would be plenty of space to escape.

“Sleep tight while you can child… you’re time is of the essence.”

The next night

Garfield couldn’t seem to stop staring at himself. He never looked so slick and cool before in the white tuxedo he had on. Good thing he finished work early that night and had enough money to spare to get his tux.

He was feeling a bit nervous, this was going to be his very first prom date ever, and the only positive thing about it was the fact that he was going with Terra. Still, he really hoped nothing would go wrong tonight.

Tonight, he was planning to ask her to come away with him. Since he never planned to return to the Titans, and he didn’t really have other plans, one thing he did know, that with Terra things could turn better from the worse.

He took one last look at himself in the mirror, and everything seemed ready. His tux was all clean, he even had a cane and top hat to go with it, and even got Terra a small flower to put on her.

With all that settled, he was ready to head off and meet here at the fair where the prom was. However, he stopped a moment and stared down at the little present Starfire had left… which he had been ignoring completely.

He had however been having the rough urges it open it and see what was in it, but then he just kept reminding himself of all the bad times the Titans had made for him, so he let it be.

Right now, he had no time to worry about that. “Well… ready or not… here I come.” He said as he grabbed his cane and fitted his hat on.

(Music Cue) (go to 1:11)


-I am… putting on my top hat,
tying up my white tie, and brushing off my tails.

(Tap dances)

I am… duding up my shirt front,
putting in my shirt studs, polishing my nails.

(Dances out the door)

(The neighbours)

He’s stepping out, my dear,
To breathe an atmosphere that simply reeks with class,
And he trusts that you'll excuse his dust when he step on the gas,

(He arrives at the prom, and his schoolmates cheer)


-For I'll be there putting down my top hat,
Mussing up my white tie, dancing in my tails.

(Tap dances on the band stage)

(More of the boys tap dance behind him)

-For I'll be there…
putting down my top hat…
Mussing up my white tie…
dancing in my tails…
dancing in my tails…
dancing in my TAILS!!

(Crowd Applauds)

The whole Theme park looked wonderful. Lots of Balloon all clung together to form large arch ways. Tables spread out along half of the huge space for the couples to just sit at and relax.

There were even other long tables off to the sides, with foods and snacks, and like all proms… there was some punch, only, and would you believe there was some students behind the tables to guard the food and make sure no one tried to spike it.

Garfield waited near the front gates, softly talking to himself. “My, my, Terra… only thirty more seconds.” he said playfully. “Oh, how could you stand me up like this?”

He kept on counting down the remaining seconds in his head, and indeed when he reached zero… “I hope I’m not late.” Terra asked.

Garfield looked around, and what a site…

There she was dressed in a silky, shiny, Cerise-Pink gown. It had long sleeves, and a sparkly tulle pink scarf was wrapped around her shoulders and curling around one of her arms.

Half of her long yellow hair was piled up hair in a pretty design, and the rest hung lose, and curly in front. She even had a white lily in her hair too.

She wore a pair of white pearl earrings, and to complete the picture, she had applied a soft bit a shadow to her eyes, peach lipstick, and even sprayed herself with vanilla scented perfume.

He smiled at her and kissed her hand sweetly. “Nope. You’re dead on time.”

Terra blushed and giggled as Garfield pinned the flower he got for her to her gown. Then they walked into the fair arm-in-arm… unaware that trouble was lurking around the corner.

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Captivating and Captured.

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Slow songs played and soft twinkling lights floated gently about, as the couples began to dance, as well as Terra and Garfield.

“You know… in all my memories of seeing you, I never thought could see you like this.” Garfield said.

“Like what?” Terra asked. “Cool… amazing… or maybe--”

Garfield shook his head. “Beautiful.” he whispered into her ear. Terra’s cheeks blushed madly, and turned to look away from him.

“I always wondered what it would be like to be beautiful.” she said. “But I was always on my own, and I really couldn’t make that happen.”

She went on saying that she never went to any fancy school events. She always had this fear that she could never make herself look nice enough, and she just stayed at home and caught up on her reading.

“I’ve never gone to any dance or prom in all my school girl days. I didn’t know what people would think of me. Would they think I look beautiful, or just plan okay?”

She suddenly felt silly. “Listen to me, rating on like this.”

But Garfield shook his head. As another Slow song began to play, he turned her to face him. “But Terra… any smart kid you and I would be well aware that true beauty is not what you see with your eyes alone.”

He was giving another one of those “Beauty is on the inside” lectures, and it seemed to catch her attention. “You… you mean that?”

Garfield nodded, and held her close to him. “Why do you think I fell for you in the first place.”

She smiled and rested her head on his cheats as they began to dance to the romantic song.

(Music cue)


-You are not your clothes
You are not your hair
You are not the dress
That tonight you chose to wear
Rich or even poor
I couldn’t really care
You’re still simply beautiful you

(Spot light focuses on them as they dance)


-You could be a prince
With the finest clothes
But it wouldn’t make you any nicer
I suppose
If you looked down on us
While turning up your nose
You would not be beautiful you


-It’s not how much you sparkle
That makes you like a star
It’s what’s inside your heart
That tells you
Who you are


Clothes don’t make the kid
It’s the other way around

(Stares at her reflection)

This is what
I’ve finally found


That it’s not about the way you look
It’s about the things you do


That make you beautiful you


I am not my clothes
nor have I a crown


And I mat wear street clothes
‘but in my heart
I wear a gown


So let’s go out today
Like we’ve never had a care
About the things we think
We’re supposed to wear


‘Cause it’s not the way you look


It’s the things you say and do


That make you beautiful
That make you beautiful
That make you beautiful you

They ended their dance with Terra curtseying, and Garfield tenderly kissing her hand, and the crowd applauded.

Later on that night

Terra and Garfield were taking a rest break and decided to get a swig of punch. As Garifeld tenderly poured the cups, he began to playfully flirt with here again.

“Who are you really, and what were you before? What did you do, and what did you think?”

Terra giggled. “We said no questions.”

They clinked their cups. “Here’s looking at you kid.” Garifeld said, and as they sipped he couldn’t help notice that everything was going perfectly that night, and he even asked Terra earlier again if she liked spending time with him.

And she answered with the same line again. “You’re my definition of fun.”

Garifeld couldn’t help it any longer. “Uh… Terra?” he asked sounding a little shy. “There’s something I want to ask you something.”

Terra blushed softly. “Yes… what is it?”

Garifeld rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Well remember when you asked me… what I wanted to do when I finished school?” he paused and then stared deeply into her eyes “I think I figured out what it is.”

Terra’s eyes began to sparkle like the stars. “Yeah… go on.”

They held hands, and still gazed into each other’s eyes. “Well… what I want to--” Garfield paused. “What I’m trying to say is…”

“Yes… yes…” Terra peeped.

But before he could finish, the ground softly began to rumble. Everyone paused and looked around in confusion as the rumbling got stronger… the lights were flickering in the stress, and the punch was wobbling.

“What’s happening?” cried Terra.

“Whatever it was, could it have waited maybe ten more seconds?” Garifeld asked angrily.

The rumbling got even worse, and suddenly up there in the sky was huge Spider, slowly coming down towards them all. Just the sight of it was enough to make all the girls scream blue murder.

“That’s the biggest bug I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Yeah… that’s thing’s big enough to crunch us all up.”

Garfield looked closely at the use arachnid. “Wait a minute. Look!” he said. “The eyes… their glowing red, and the legs are all moving in patterns.” Which could only mean that that Spider was mechanical.

Suddenly, a big tube of light shot out from the Spider’s belly, and there coming down through the beam were Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth.

As soon as they had touched down, they released more Green Animals from their capsules. “Okay nobody move!” growled Gizmo. “I got a T-Rex here, and I’m not afraid to use it.”

The teens all got down on their knees quivering in fear. “Look them all. It’s like taking candy from a baby.” Mammoth joked.

Suddenly, a large TV screen on the Spider-Ship’s back clicked on. Garfield and Terra narrowed their eyes “Slade.”

“So sorry to ruin your festivities.” Slade said. “But I can assure you, if you cooperate and give me what I want, no one will get hurt.”

The beams of light began focused on Terra.

The trio began moving towards her, but Garfield stood in front of her.

“Come on kid… there’s no way out of this.” Jinx hissed. Terra and Garfield began backing away, but there wasn’t of a place to run. Jinx hopped down from the Elephant she was riding on and began stepping towards them.

“You don’t want any of this kid, now get out of the way.” she hissed. He hands began glowing madly.

Garfield could feel his anger boiling, and just because he didn’t want to be a hero anymore didn’t mean he could still fight. So he let out a cry of battle and gave her a swift kick in the face.

Jinx fell flat on her back.

“EVERYONE RUN!!” cried Garfield.

The teens all began running in panic, and out the front gates like a wild stampede. No sooner did the teens all clear out when the Teen Titans entered.

“Yo’ man, what’s going on here.” asked Cyborg.

“TITANS… LOOK OUT!!” cried Garfield, but not only had the trio begun to fight with their animals, Slade unleashed some of his Robo-minions to keep the Titans occupied.

“TITANS… SPREAD OUT!!” cried Robin, and the battle was on.

Robin whipped out his metal rod. “Welcome to my nightmare.” He growled and her began to make short work of the robots.

While Cyborg was dealing with Gizmo. “Why can’t you just be a good little boy, and give up already?” he mocked.

“Ha! You first, Tin-man.” Gizmo snarled.

They began to do battle along one of the Roller coaster tracks.

Raven was busy dealing with Jinx, and some of the animals. She used her powers to send the tables flying towards them. Some of the animals tripped over their feet, but more were still coming.

“Ha, ha… is that the best you can do?” Jinx mocked.

“No… this is!” Raven snapped. “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” Her power blast knocked the other animals off their feet, but not Jinx who blasted Raven with her own attack.

Starfire was busy attacking more of the Robots, which weren’t very difficult for her to crush on her own. “You evil creatures stand not a chance against my star-bolts.” she growled.

“Maybe not… but I sure can.” called Mammoth. “Have some rock candy… heavy on the rocks!!” and he threw large boulder that she was barley able to dodge or negate.

Garfield just stayed near Terra and protected her from the remaining robots. Terra thought that was really brave of him, and she wished she could help, but she hadn’t had time to refocus her powers and it was best she didn’t.

So far the battle seemed to tipping in the Titans favor, as the animals had all gone back into their capsules, and the trio was starting to look tired, and now stood all together with each of the Titans and Garfield circling around them.

But strangely, they were all smiling wickedly.

“Man you Titans are as dumb as you look.” Gizmo chuckled.

The Titans didn’t understand, but suddenly they heard Terra scream. They all turned round and saw Slade with his arm wrapped round her neck.

“Terra!” cried Garfield.

“Stay where you are, Boy.” Slade hissed. “The girl is mine now, and very soon the city shall be mine as well.”

“Let her go!” Robin growled. “What could you possible want with her anyways?”

Slade sneered at Robin. “You’ll know soon enough, until then…” The beams of light shone on the villains and beamed them up to the Spider-Ship, and then they took off into the sky.

Garfield kept watching to his horror until they were out of sight. He walked over to where Terra and Slade were standing, and all that was left was the flower he had given to her.

He clenched it tight in his fists, and collapsed to his knees “TERRA!!”

Meanwhile, on the Spider-ship…

Terra, dressed in another one of Slade’s evil suits, was placed in a strange glass tube, with wires attached to her outfit. “What are you doing? Let me out of here!” she demanded.

Slade just stood there with his arms folded. “You’re in no place to make threats, child.” he hissed. “Now that I have you in my grasp, I can use you to bring my plan into action.”

Terra’s eyes blazed with anger. “No! I won’t let you use me again!” but suddenly she was being shocked by some of the wires.

“Silly girl… it’s not as if you were given a choice.” replied Slade. “Those wires will not only render you weak, but they will focus your powers and grant me access to do as I wish with them.”

Terra, already weak, but not out of it yet, struggled to gaze at Slade’s evil mask. “You won’t get away with this.” she said wearily. “Garfield will come to save me.”

“Ah, yes… Garfield Logan, alias; Beast Boy.” Slade hissed. Obviously he knew of everything that had been going on the past months since Beast Boy transformed. “I thought you had given him up… you know… Things change.”

Terra hated being reminded of that, how she hurt Beast Boy and forced him to become a regular boy. “Well some things never change.” she said. “He’ll find me, I know he will.”

“And when he does…” Slade cut in. “We’ll be waiting.”


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