My Epic Fanfiction:Episode 1: "Pawns" Part 1

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My Epic Fanfiction:Episode 1: "Pawns" Part 1

Post by PurpleIsManly on 7/22/2009, 12:35 pm

First, an apology. I accedentaly posted this under a guest, Coocoo:)'s thingy. But, I wrote this fanfiction. This is completely fan-made. Teen Titans forever! Enjoy

Robin tried to get away. He ran as fast as he could, but it was no use. Red X was too fast. He scratched Robin across the neck and threw him into the wall. "Give up, kid. Give me the chip. Today, I'm not playing the good guy." Red X took Robin's utility belt and took everything out. He finally found the chip and used one of Robin's gadgets for a quick escape. Elsewhere, Beast Boy continued to pursue Terra. "Stop! Terra, it's me!" She finally stopped and looked at Beast Boy. "I'm a normal girl, I'm not Terra, I don't have any powers, I don't know you, name is Atlee." Beast Boy stared at "Atlee." "......I'll be back tomrorrow! You're going to remember!" With that, Beast Boy ran back to the tower.

Cyborg glared at Beast Boy. "Yo, where were you?! We lost Red X!" "Beast Boy glared back. "I was going after Terra! It's none of your bussiness!" Raven gave Beast Boy the usual glared and said, "It's pointless. She's gone, and there is nothing you can do to bring her back. So why don't you just stop worrying about her and actually HELP the team, you ignorant fool." Beast Boy finally snapped. He ran to Raven and punched her in the face with a T-Rex's strength. Raven flew across the room and landed on her face, but quickly got back up and made Beast Boy punch himself with the same amount of strength.

Starfire stepped in and said, "Please stop this! I do not wish to see my friends fight." Beast Boy gave Starfire a quick glance and said, "You can't always get what you want." He turned into a rhino and charged toward Raven. Raven quickly recited a spell. "Noris Melnorineh, Metrion ZaKOR!" Beast Boy quickly changed back to human form and started panting like a dog. "*Pant* What did you? *Pant* *Pant* What'd you do to me?!" *Pant* I can't.... *Pant*" Beast Boy fainted. Robin came inside the room with bandages on. The first things he saw were an unconscious green boy, and a four-eyed girl grinning a horrible grin. Raven laughed wickedly while the others watched in fear.

The Titans quickly held Raven down and sprayed her with sleeping gas. Raven woke up in the infermary. Robin glared at her and said, "What happened to you?! Why were you fighting?!" Raven glanced around to see if Beast Boy was in the room, then said, "I don't know. Something just...happened. I don't know why, but...we fought. I remember casting a spell on him, but....I don't know which one. I didn't want to, but something just....took over me. It was like I was watching someone else do it." Robin's expression didn't change. He yelled, "IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS SO WELL, THEN WHY WOULD YOU ATTACK ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU SAID?!"

Beast Boy walked into the room. "DUDES! Tofu hot dogs to patch up this hole in our friendship!" Beast Boy sat down by Raven. "What do you say? Friends?" Raven said, "Sure....I think I WILL try one of these tofu hot dogs." So, she took a hot dog, and ate it. But later that night, she knew something bad would happen. She knew what she was destined to do. She knew that this wouldn't last. She knew, deep down inside, that she would have to betray the Titans.

In her mind, Raven had a conversation with her father. "Your friends took back what I took from them, so I will take many things from them as well. And you are going to help me, wether you like it or not. You cannot conceal this for long. They will find out the truth." "Father, they are my friends. I don't want them to get hurt." "They are merely pawns, and once I am finished with them, they will be destroyed. Now, lead them to their doom. You cannot hide any longer. This is not your choice. It is mine. Now, GO!"

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Re: My Epic Fanfiction:Episode 1: "Pawns" Part 1

Post by Vandal on 9/5/2009, 9:42 pm

yeah.. plus the characters didn't act like the characters..

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