Beast Boy's (Greg Cipes) song for Terra

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Re: Beast Boy's (Greg Cipes) song for Terra

Post by Xenophobic Sponge on 7/2/2011, 11:06 am

You know, it's times like this I'm glad I still come here and look at what's going on. This is really, really hilarious. Who is this guy? Near as I can tell it's just some unknown blogger with a broken website (seriously, redirects to some foum webring after two seconds and doesn't allow you to go back. You'd think he'd spend less time googling himself [seriously, who does that still?] and more time fixing things like that.)

And that last little essay repost was pretty much the best punchline. You know what other golden rule exists? Turn the other cheek and be the bigger man. If you think you were insulted that bad, what did you gain by saying anything back?

N8twing, I know you're "gone forever" or what have you, but we all know that means pretty much nothing on the internet. So I'm going to respond to you because honestly there's a good chance that you might come back and read this. You should learn how forums work. You always lurk before posting, you learn so many nice things. Like how the person you defended your honour against hasn't posted on this forum in ages. And, not only has he not posted anything in ages, his last post wasn't "This is my last post" so it's much more likely that he IS gone and won't be back.

Basically everything you've done involving this forum makes you look like quite a dink.

P.S Holy god The Happening was such a bad movie. No wonder Deschanel has taken up cookie cutter blogging.

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