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ADDTITIONAL RULES AND PUNISHMENTS:Rules:Rule 1- Post with respect. Flaming, abusing, ect. is prohibited and will result in a strike. This includes derogatory racist, religious, or otherwise hurtful jokes or statements. Doing so will result in the editing/deletion of the offensive post and will result in a strike. There will be no such thing as ''Putting someone in their place'' or ''Dressing down'' a member. We don't need any forum vigilantes. If you believe someone is out of line and is stirring up controversy, leave them to the administrators/ complain to the admins about said member. Remember to respect one another. Do not talk down to anyone. No one is better than anyone. We are all equal.Rule 2- Antagonizing other members to incite a negative reaction is not allowed, and will result in a strike.Rule 3- Be respectful when sending private messages. If you have nothing nice to say, please don’t say it. This includes harassing the Administration for doing their jobs. Doing so will result in a strike and consideration of a no-contact agreement.Rule 4- keep it clean, people. This is a site for minors, and if it isn’t meant to be seen by a minor, don’t post it. Breaking this rule will result in deletion of the material and a strike. Rule 5- Fighting in the chatbox will result in immediate temporary banishment(24 hrs) to all arguing parties, as well as a strike. Fighting on the boards will result in a strike and possible deletion of the argumentative posts. A no-contact contract will be considered in both events.Rule 6- NO SPAMMING. This is the rule in which the most strikes are given. Spaming is defined as:-posting the same thing over and over in the chatbox-posting something with absolutely no relevance to a topic (There are topics that have exceptions to this)-This also goes for chain letters, asking if someone wants a free flatscreen, ect. Spamming will result in a strike.Rule 7- Online dating is not permitted on this forum or the chatbox. This is NOT a dating/matchmaker site. There are plenty other sites for that purpose, but this site is not one of them. If you happen to be in an intimate relationship with another member of this forum in ''real life'' (Not the ''forum life''), then good for you. But in high school, PDA'S(Public displays of affection) are not allowed. The same rule applies for this forum. Keep your love life off this forum. If you came to this site looking for ''Love'' , someone gave you the wrong directions. You were supposed to make a left at the intersection of ''There is no such thing as love at first '''site'' or sight when you can't even see the person while they sit behind their keyboard, pretending to be 18 when they are 65'' Rd. and ''Whats love got to do with a Teen Titans Fanbase?'' Dr. In short, online dating isn't welcome here. Rule 8- MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDEN! If you are found with a second account, the alternate account will be terminated immediately. Further disciplinary action is up to the admins, but more than a strike should be expected.Rule 9- If you are found guilty of hacking this site or a fellow member, you will immediately be banished. period. Any accessories/assistants that had a part in whatever malignant endeavors to hack this site or its members will also be permanently banned.Rule 10-Behave. That’s all. No impersonating other members, no jokes about other members, none of that. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.These rules Don't cover everything, and the Admins can and will intervene if a situation arises that incites negativity on the site. Admin discretion will be excercised depending on the situation.Punishments for breaking rules3 strikes- Immediate 24 hour site banishment upon reception of a third strike.6 strikes- Immediate 72 hour site banishment upon reception of the sixth strike.9 strikes- Immediate permanent Chat Box banishment, and 4 day site banishment. A final warning will be issued to the affected user.Upon reception of any strike after the ninth, the affected user will be banished for 10 days and termination or permanent banishment of the user will be considered, depending on the severity of the offense. If there are 2 subesquent, consistent arguments between two members within 3 weeks- an automatic ''No communication contract'' will be in effect for the length of 5 days. A ''no communication contract'' can also be put in effect if there is any situation going on between any members that the admins believe is detrimental and will have a negative effect on the atmosphere of the forum and/or chatbox. (This includes ''Rivalries'', Hate petitions, etc.)It is possible for strikes to be lifted after an acceptable amount of time has passed in which the disciplined individual has behaved. CB banishment will not be lifted in this method, however.At any point the administrations use ''Admin Discretion'', it will most likely be based on how many times the user has broken the rules(repeated offenders) and the severity of the rules they have broken. (Some rule infractions may result in an automatic account suspension, no questions asked. Admin discretion, seeing as these rules do not cover every aspect of proper forum conduct and what is expected of the members, may be used in a generous amount of situations.)
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